Barnett says Tarzan Boy got

Barnett says Tarzan Boy got fired this past week. CMLL needed someone to take his place in the hair/hair match vs Vampiro (though, it sounds as though it’s pushed back to 4/4), so…Shocker turned rudo on Vampiro!

So…I wonder what this means as far as Mascara Magica and the Guapo U. Assuming they still exist.

I wonder if Shocker and Emilio are friends now.

Hey, Ultimo gets to keep the LH title, I bet!

I wonder if they’ll turn someone to fill the space on the face side? Or fill the empty spot within GdI – they probably could get away with only Ultimo and Rey if they wanted to, and there’s no obvious replacement for Tarzan that I can think of (without stealing say Aguilla from AAA.) Shocker being with the group would probably be concentrating too many main players in too small of a group, but I guess we’ll have to see how it goes down.

At least with this rivalary, things should stay intersting while Ultimo and Rey are in Japan – they’ll still be a lack of intersting main eventers if Santo doesn’t show up or no one intersting comes in, but they’ll have a strong and new rivalary to work with for a while. I’m not totally enthused about this turn (Shocker was too good as tecnico) but it does make sense.

Edit: Maybe I should remember to publish these things when I edit ’em. EH. Hey, you know, that comments link lets you make comments and all. You could pretend to be reading this!

The site being down wasn’t

The site being down wasn’t even my fault this time! But, because of it, I never got around to getting lucha times done – and by the looks of the show on right now (West Coast Feed: 9pm to 11:30, FWIW), I wouldn’t have been right anyway. This is a replay of #33…which should’ve been on Sunday (2pm everywhere), if they were still doing reruns there.

And they still might, you know, but the matches, as advertised on are this:
– Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis
– Rey Bucanero vs Santo
– Scorpio Jr. vs Mr. Niebla

A quick look at my index, and the best I can figure is that it’s a rerun of #54, that itself had a lot of reruns included
– Los Guerreras vs Virus/HsN
– Rerun: Rey/Ultimo vs Santo/Casas (#38)
– GdI/FdT vs Atlantis/Niebla/Warrior/Lizmark (#42)
– Dr. Wagner/Emilio/Mascara/Universo vs Silva/Magica/Shocker (#41)
– Dantes/Tailban vs Silva/Niebla/Porky

I couldn’t find any new episode that’d fit that lineup, and the lineup was dead on last week, so that’s my guess.