Results from the 8/1 Arena

Results from the 8/1 Arena Mexico Anniversy Show, via Ernesto.Ocampo on the board.

1. Tigre Blanco y Neutron d. Loco Max y Hooligan
2. Marcela y Azumi Hyuga d. Commando Bolisho y Amapola
3. Virus, Volador Jr., Ricky Marvin d. Havana Brothers
4. Perro Aguayo Jr. [debut], Lizmark Jr., Mr. Niebla d. Damien, Halloween, Super Crazy
– Perro Aguayo Sr. and Universo had words, punches, post match.
5. CMLL Trios Titles: Dr. Wagner Jr., Black Tiger, Universo 2000 d. Infernales to retain the title
(previous matches were better)
6. Cage Match, Losing Wrestler loses his hair: Guapos d. Taliban, Terrible small packages Bestia, Bestia loses his hair.

The Legend of the Blue

The Legend of the Blue Mask – well, more or less, a tournament in Blue Demon Senior’s honor – will be held next Friday, August the 8th. It was first held in 2000, but not since. I do remember this being talked about last year, but it seems they finally got everything in order for it this year. Full list of particpants are listed, and you could probably make a case that it’s about 2 or 3 from the top 16 in the company: Ultimo Guerrero, Vampiro, Rey Bucanero, Rayo de Jalsico, Tarzan Boy, Mr. Niebla, Black Tiger, Shocker, Mascara 2000, Villano IV, Pierroth, Lizmark Jr., Dr. Wagner, Takemura, Violencia, Blue Panther. It’ll be Cibernetico style, winner takes the trophy. Panther won this back in 2000.

Perro Aguayo will be seconding his son on his Arena Mexico debut (as part of that hyped show), later today. That can only lead to bad things.

As bad as Tarazn Boy was hurt, he got a rematch against Vampiro the following week. I hope that means he just wasn’t hurt bad.

Recap of the Grand Prix show is up elsewhere – though I think I have to go back and change some finisher names now – and I did the week before too to get all caught up..

It only took a month, but I also finished proofreading the second half of the GdI Comp. (a whole TWO! new matches). You can compare my thoughts on the match with what Joe posted in March.

CMLL from 7/27/2003 The main

CMLL from 7/27/2003

The main crux of the show was the Japan vs. Mexico Grand Prix. We start with a skit showing rudos and tecnicos training together to get the “we must unite to fight the evil ferners” message across. The teams, for the record, were Ultimo Dragon, CIMA, SUWA, Don Fuji, Taru, Takemura, Nosawa, and Masada vs. Shocker, Dr. Wagner, Negro Casas, Blue Panther, Felino, Virus, Mephisto, and Averno.

–This was chopped up pretty bad. If you watch lucha or tapes from Japan you’re used to heavily edited matches, but a machete was really taken to this one. And I’m talking about guys transforming into other wrestlers and skipping numerous eliminations, which is pretty inexcusable.
–Averno got a lot of facetime, which is good. He also dumped the Satanico look and went back to his old outfit, which is very good.
–What was up with Nosawa breaking up a pin and the ref still counting? Did he just not notice?
–Averno countering SUWA’s FFF (Pedigree) with a ‘rana was neat, although it relies on SUWA doing more of a powerbomb than a Pedigree.
–CIMA, who I thought looked the best in the match, had a really nice sequence with Averno, the one that ended with CIMA hitting the Schwein for the pin.
–Shocker hulking up on Nosawa was pretty awesome.
–Any clue why Shocker got himself DQ’d against Dragon? Is he just being a dick?
–Wagner plants Dragon with the Wagner driver for the win. Mexico always wins these kinds of matches.
–Clipping hurt this a lot, but I’m glad I saw it. I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to see it. Maybe if a full version pops up somewhere.

We get a wacky skit with Los Boriquas. Man, their ranks are thin. What happened to Killer, Bulldog, and Veneno (did he turn tecnico)? The unmasked Violencito lloks like Jean Pierre Lafitte, complete with eyepatch.

OK get this. We have Pierroth, Saddam, and Violencia vs. Porky, Gran Markus, and Cien Caras. Yikes. I can’t come up with a worse combo if I tried. Is Saddam still Scorpio? Didn’t really look like him and he was pretty spry in the ring. Markus is whipping Pierroth with his belt, so Pierroth bops Gran with brass knucks and gets disqualified. So belts are fine but knucks are not. Segunda caida is really short as Caras powerbombs Pierroth and pins him with his feet on the ropes. This may have been the worst match I ever saw on CMLL. Really, it was just that bad.