When I watching the late

When I watching the late night lucha, there was a commerical that kept airing for a weekend sports wrapup show called Accion. Among all the normal things you’d expect on a Mexican sports show, they’d included lucha highlights. That’s all it takes for me to TiVo things now a days.

They did in fact air about 30 seconds of CMLL footage – and it was up to date stuff, from Friday’s Arena Mexico show. Quick clips of the Blue Demon Cibernetico, finishing with Shocker pinning Ultimo Guerrero (so that fued doesn’t die), Shocker having a pin attempt on Tarzan Boy but Ultimo messing it up from outside, and Tarzan Boy getting the cradle victory on Shocker to win the tournament (and what looks like a belt, with a Blue Demon face.) Intrestingly (or not), Alfonso Morales did the annoucing for both this and the AAA clips (which featured Lizmark Sr. among others).

So, if you’re desperate for clips of up to date stuff, there you go – watch Accion and don’t blink. And enjoy the many futbol highlights.

I *think* this was a

I *think* this was a repeat of the AAA from earlier today and Sunday – they had the same bit where Hijo del Solatiro gets his masked pulled but they blur it out. Which probably means I’m staying up to three to see the opening match of last week’s CMLL again…

Hey, what do you know, it IS Last Sunday’s episode. So are they moving the replay here? Are the moving the Sunday episode here? Are they up to something else and it was just too late to advertise it? Will they do this for two weeks and never mention again?

Like *I* know.

There are things conspring against

There are things conspring against any chance of decent sleep tonight, so I’m staying up and watching this. AAA is on first. I tried to go through KrisZ’s results to figure out when this aired, but nothing matched the Ray Man/two people I’ve already forget vs Pimpenla/two other transvestites we got. I don’t even remember the match – I flipped over to an IROC race I think I’ve seen twice already instead of it.

AAA sure kills a lot of time with the Nitro Girls. I mean, I’d heard that before but I’m not sure I really believed it till now. What’s the point?

They’re actually airing ads for lucha libre tommorow (well, later today) with the lineups for the two big matches: GdI vs Atlantis/Lizmark/Vampiro and FdT vs Satanico/Casas/Porky. And that actually matches what I’ve got! That’s pretty good work – I wonder what’s up?

Oh man, I wonder if they’re only showing CMLL in those ads because now AAA is at this wacky hour and then CMLL is during the day? That’d be awesome! So let’s assume no.

More in a half hour or so, when I figure out what hour two will be.