Felino, Super Crazy, and Voldaor

Felino, Super Crazy, and Voldaor Jr. wish us a variety of holiday wishes. Check with Meltzer’s site if you need more details.

Next we have Juvie/Averno/Mephisto vs. Felino/Crazy/Volador. My, that’s quite a collection of high flyers. Another primera caida with a lot of chain wrestling this week, although Volador looked a little rough in patches (certainly nothing serious, though). It also looked a little rough when Felino didn’t get enough air on a leapfrog and Juvie’s head rammed into his crotch. Juvie uncles to a Trailer Hitch type submission seconds later. Segunda caida is super fast action, as you’d expect with Volador and Crazy. Volador pulls out the “counter the flapjack by backflipping off the guy” spot again, which still looks pretty but could get silly if he does it every match. Juvie catches Felino with a pumphandle into a facebuster and the rudo rout is on. Juvie tries to unmask Felino while they’re standing on the top rope and it did not look safe. Tecnicos make a comeback and Volador tries a pescado into a ‘rana and it was ug-lee. “A” for effort, though. Mephisto and Crazy hit dives, leaving us with Felino and Juvie. Juvie hits the Towerhacker bomb, but Felino blocks the facebuster, so Juvie simply rips his mask off for the DQ. BOO to the ending and no tercera caida. YAY for the match we did see.

We see BLOOPERS. We see Gran Markus, los Talibanes, and Rayo flub lines. Then we see the weirdest thing ever, as apparently Satan makes Mascara Ano Dos Mil fall on his ass. Shocker blows some lines. Pierroth screws up and swears. Averno and Mephisto…don’t blow their lines. Alright then.

Momentos Estelares: Shockercito hits a SCARY asai moonsault. Mascara Ano Dos Mil falls on his ass, with silly cartoon sounds. You know, when I visited my parents this weekend I slipped on the ice and fell on my face. It wasn’t funny, but may have been if there were funny sounds added. Mascara blaming Apolo was great. Ultimo Dragoncito and another mini hit some wacky dives. Ultimo ends up in the front row. The Stones win with submissions. Same match, Sangre Azteca and Rammstein hit a sidewinder on a Stone. Well, that’s our five second limit for this two.

Wrap it up tomorrow.

Welcome! In the contiuning effort


In the contiuning effort to present the world (or at least the 12 people who read this site) all the CMLL talk you need, Joe and I present you our new CMLL blog.

This is kinda meant as a replacement/upgrade over the ezBoard – same workrate reports and commentary, no ads, and a big picture of Atlantis once I get around to it. Adding the archive of posts from the message board over here some place is on the big list of projects to do, too.

The downside, of course, is that we’ve currently got no way for you to reply to what we’re writing. I’m hoping to add a folllow-up post system (I wanted to what the Cubs Reporter is using, but that service isn’t taking on new sites at the moment – any suggestions?) but until then, you can reach the blog at [email protected] . And if you’re some who posted on the message board more than three times and wants to say something on a regular basis, we’ll think about giving you posting access.

Anyway, we got rolling earlier this week, sorta as a test to see how it all worked, and I’d check back every couple days to see if we’ve got anything to say. If we don’t, I’ll just steal KrisZ’s news and comment on it, which should be fun.


Thoughts on 1/12 show in

Thoughts on 1/12 show in multiple parts

Arkangel, Olimpico, Sangre Azteca, and Ramstein wish us Merry Christmas. Did Olimpico turn rudo on us. Wagner shows up and he’s pissed. Maybe rudos shouldn’t wish people merry christmas. Wagner throws his jacket down and everyone poses.

Up first we get Mr. Power/Genetico/Terrible/Marshal vs. Ramstein/Sangre Azteca/Arkangel/Olimpico in a Torneo Cibernetico match. Actually, we clip ahead to the end as Ramstein and Sangre have already been eliminated. DAMNATION. Will I ever see either one wrestle for more than 5 seconds at a time? Actually, it dawns on me that I have no clue which Guapos are which. I think it’s Genetico in the purple pants and Terrible in the black, but don’t hold me to that. We see Arkangel hit a dive on Genetico, but eats a HYUGE hiptoss off the top rope. Funky Pinning Combo #1 ends Angel’s night. But Genetico gets hit with a dropkick and a dive from Olimpico and tags out to Terrible. Terrible hits some dropkicks both both guys miss sentons off the top. Olimpico gets the win after Funky Pinning Combo #2. Genetico’s back in, they exchange nearfalls, Olimpico goes for his pinning combo and Terrible falta’s him for the DQ. Only saw three-and-a-half minutes, show the whole thing with a better ending and you would’ve had something.

More later.