Maximo & La Mascara fired by CMLL for smashing Ultimo Guerrero’s car

La Mascara & Maximo have been fired from CMLL for their roles in destroying Ultimo Guerrero’s car on Friday morning in incident captured by video, according to SuperLuchas. (I was told the same this morning, but was unable to confirm it.) Maximo is currently the CMLL heavyweight champion. La Mascara is CMLL’s current CMLL Light Heavyweight champion. Neither of those belts mean all that much. Both are free agents and would be obvious signings by AAA, but pending civil and criminal lawsuits may stand in the way. CMLL has made no public statement on this situation as of Saturday afternoon (and may not until Monday).

Mascara is still being advertised for tonight’s show in Arena Coliseo, but will not work that or any other shows for CMLL. Maximo is additionally advertised as being on the annual DragonMania show next Saturday, a tag match with Marco opposite Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero of all people, but probably will not work that show either. AAA has a previously scheduled TV taping on Friday in Mexico City, and they theoretically would be free to work that show.

This all stems from the death of Brazo de Oro and the future of the CMLL in house union. While the organization is usually quickly referred to as a wrestler’s union, it’s kind of not either: SuperLuchas points out it technically represents a different group of people and the head of the union is led by someone appointed by CMLL head Paco Alonso (instead of actually controlled by the people who work there, like a normal union.) Brazo de Oro had run the union for the last couple decades, and there had always been quiet rumors of corruption and favoritism, but no one wanting to speak publicly about it for fear of reprisal. Those who disagreed with the union felt it supported management more than the wrestlers, took bribes to get around drug tests, and generally stole from the wrestlers, but there was nothing they could really do about it.

Nitro is currently technically head of the union – he had a role with the group and was next in succession when Brazo de Oro passed. La Mascara wanted to take over his father’s role in the union, fitting the dissenter’s sense that the union was more a Alvarado family business than something representing them. There was a meeting on Thursday where the future of the union was talked about, and Ultimo Guerrero said negative things about Brazo de Oro, maybe voicing some of those complaints, and possibly said some negative things about La Mascara replacing him. La Mascara and Maximo were there. The Alvarados were angry, and smashed up Ultimo Guerrero’s car.

It’s not clear Ultimo Guerrero even wanted to be head of the union himself, but saying negative things about the union and paying a price was the reason everyone had stayed quiet about it until now. In the end, it’s still Paco Alonso who gets to decide who’s head of this union and it’s not clear who he’ll pick. It’s also Paco Alonso who gets to pick who’s working for CMLL, and he’s decided La Mascara and Maximo will no longer work there.

Ultimo Guerrero indicated on Facebook he’s going to press charges. That’s a fair response to what happened, but also complicates the next step for La Mascara & Maximo. AAA is absolutely going to want to sign them. They desperately want names. Latin Lover revealed he was contacted by Vampiro about coming back a few weeks ago, and it’s been clear they’ve been looking to bring in starts this year to offset the losses with not a lot of success. It would be perfect timing for Maximo & Mascara to debut this coming Friday on their Mexico City taping, but would risk very bad press given this situation. It’s unclear if AAA is really worried about bad press at this point. (There were also rumors of WWE being interested in La Mascara last year. That might be something he’ll be looking into again.) Psycho Clown may also be facing legal charges since he was part of the incident.

CMLL owns the trademarks to La Mascara, Maximo Sexy and Los Ingobernables. They were in a protracted fight for simply “Maximo” with a non wrestling business, did not get it, and that’s why Maximo Sexy had the awkward name change. He could make another change, and La Mascara had already suggested changing his name to something Brazo de Oro related.

This situation may end up sucking in a lot more than these three people. He’s not been identified because he’s not as big a name as his cousins, but I’ve been told Robin was part of this as well. He may be fired, or he may just quit to go along with his family (that sort of jump worked out a lot for Argenis & a little bit for Argos.) Brazo de Plata is unlikely to return to CMLL, as had been his plan – he’s going to stay loyal to his family. You can keep spiraling it from there – how does this affect La Mascara’s great friend Rush? The rest of Rush’s family? Negro Casas with his son in law involved? Two main event CMLL luchadors being fired would be big in itself, but this has the potential to really change the landscape of lucha libre.

That video out there changes everything. It’s no surprised it got passed around and leaked after it was taken, but it was taken in the first place. I made a mistake yesterday – CMLL’s parking garage is public, but there are private restricted areas in there, and that’s where the incident looks to be taking place. Whoever took that video probably had a good idea it was going to happen, and wanted it on film for their own reasons. This is just a story, maybe even an urban legend without that video.

CMLL (FRI) 05/19/2017 Arena México [CMLL, CultIcon, thecubsfan]
1) Magnus & Sensei b Akuma & Espíritu Negro CMLL 2017-05-19 (posted by thecubsfan)
11:05. Tecnicos took 1/3.
2) La Jarochita, Princesa Sugehit, Silueta DQ Amapola, Dalys, Zeuxis CMLL 2017-05-19 (posted by thecubsfan)
14:47. Tecnicas took 2/3, the last by DQ when Zeuxis unmasked Princesa Sugehit
3) Drone, Guerrero Maya Jr., Stuka Jr. DQ Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Sagrado CMLL 2017-05-19 (posted by thecubsfan)
15:52. Tecnicos took 2/3, the last by DQ when Polvora fouled and unmasked Stuka. Sagrado replaced Bobby Villa.
4) Cavernario b Titán [lightning] CMLL 2017-05-19 (posted by thecubsfan)
9:17. Cavernario submitted Titan to a cavernaria.
5) Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, Valiente b Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero CMLL 2017-05-19 (posted by thecubsfan)
7:22. Tecnicos took the match in straight falls. Niebla Roja tripped up UG to cost him the first fall, then superkicked UG in the second fall. The Guerreros were rolled up while beating up Niebla Roja. Angel de Oro helped his brother. UG kicked out Roja out of the group and demanded the mask back. Roja dared UG to take it, and UG attacked and took the mask. Roja ended up wearing an Angel de Oro mask.
6) Carístico, Marco Corleone, Mistico b Ephesto, Mephisto, Negro Casas CMLL 2017-05-19 (posted by thecubsfan)
11:16. Tecnicos took 2/3. Marco Corleone replaced Maximo.

This show was good. I’m so not going to remember this show from this weekend.

FULL’s tour started in Puebla, though it started more than an hour and half late. They posted some results and some videos from the show, but seemed cautious to avoid crowd shows. The floor seats seemed reasonable full as Alberto and Jack Swagger (wrestling in something like basketball shorts and looking in less than great shape) brawled thru them. A photo about an hour after it was supposed to start (and 40 minutes before it did) showed the building around 10-15% full. It must’ve gotten better, but I suspect it didn’t get a lot better the way they were showing it. FULL tries their luck in Toluca tonight, and has the biggest show of the tour in Mexico City on Sunday.

Diosa Quetzal lost her mask to Keira in their mask match last night.

Vampiro, in a since deleted Facebook post, mentioned he was really unhappy and loud with unnamed wrestlers at the TV taping in Pachuca.

Besides the Coliseo show, RIOT has a show in Arena LLF in Monterrey with Ultimo Ninja vs Flamita.

Silver King & Santo Jr. are in Guatemala, and teased a fight at the press conference to build up the match.

Mr. Niebla still wants Atlantis’ mask on the Anniversary show.

Kcidis draws luchadors’s wants for the Anniversary show.

RobViper has a music video of 10/28/16 ELITE.

+LuchaTV put up the Rush/Masada cage match from MDA complete.


CMLL (FRI) 05/26/2017 Arena México
1) Flyer & Oro Jr. vs Cancerbero & Raziel
2) Fuego, Star Jr., Stigma vs Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Virus
3) Blue Panther Jr., Rey Cometa, The Panther vs Puma, Sam Adonis, Tiger
4) Stuka Jr. vs Pólvora [lightning]
5) Ángel de Oro, Mistico, Niebla Roja vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero
6) Carístico, Marco Corleone, Valiente vs Mr. Niebla, Pierroth, Rush

Niebla Roja is still listed on the rudo side the rest of the week, but starts as a tecnico here. Mr. Niebla being the fill in for someone missing the show is weird.

CMLL on 2017-05-19 


Recapped: 05/19/2017


All matches aired live from Arena Mexico and can be seen on YouTube. My feed was iffy for the start of third match, and I had to restart the stream.

Magnus & Sensei defeat Akuma & Espíritu Negro (11:05 [4:12, 3:06, 3:47], winning falls 1/3, good)

La Jarochita, Princesa Sugehit, Silueta defeat Amapola, Dalys, Zeuxis (14:47 [6:54, 3:09, 4:44], 2/3 DQ, good)

Drone, Guerrero Maya Jr., Stuka Jr. defeat Sagrado, Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora
(15:52 [4:02, 2:44, 9:06], 2/3, good)

Cavernario defeated Titán in a lightning match (9:17, cavernaria, good)

Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, Valiente defeat Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero
(7:22 [4:55, 2:27], 1/2, ok)

Carístico, Marco Corlone, Mistico defeated Ephesto, Mephisto, Negro Casas
(11:16 [4:51, 2:06, 4:19], 2/3, good)

What Happened:


Niebla Roja and Los Guerreros finally split. Niebla Roja had been refusing to participate in rudo tactics and wanting to wrestle only cleanly since March 28th. On this show, Niebla Roja would not fight his brother Angel de Oro, and tripped up Último Guerrero to cost him the first fall. The Guerreros confronted Niebla Roja, who still refused to work with his partners and cut off Último Guerrero with a superkick as he was going for his over the barricade elbow smash. Gran Guerrero immediately attacked Niebla Roja. The Guerreros brought Roja back to the ring to rip his mask off, but were cradled for the straight fall win.

Angel de Oro saved his brother after the match, and the two sets of brothers faced off. Último Guerrero kicked Niebla Roja out of the group, and demanded Roja return the mask and make his own name if he truly believed he was good enough to go on his own. Roja dared UG to take the mask and UG did, storming in the ring and ripping it off Niebla Roja in a scrum. Roja ended up wearing an extra Angel de Oro mask.

The big outside the ring storyline saw Marco Corleone replaced Máximo, following the incident between the Alvardos and Último Guerrero’s car earlier in the day. CMLL made no statements about the incident and Último Guerrero passed on the usual post match interview.

Sagrado also replaced Bobby Villa.

The second and third matches both ended in mask pulls. Zeuxis unmasked Princesa Sugehit in their continuing rivalry, while Pólvora fouled and unmasked Stuka for no particular reason.


the dropkick!

The crowd was well into the main event, but it felt like it pushed the guys into it to do more than just coasting on. Carístico was moving really well and had a smooth match. Casas had fun playing opposite of Marco Corleone. Mistico looked super. It was just a better version of the usual show closing match, but it came off as definitely a better verison.

It really didn’t matter how good the semimain was, it was just great to finally have Niebla Roja (apparently, hopefully) broken up with the Guerreros. What they did here was good, and would’ve been more appreciated if it didn’t take so long to get there. They had a good brothers versus brother direction to come out of it, they know what they’re doing, it’s just been a little bit slower

many Misticos, many dives

The lightning match was a fun match with the old rivals breaking out a lot of the usual tricks but doing it well. It was the best of the group of good matches to me. They pushed the time limit pretty far while keeping in a pace, and it felt more creative than the usual lightning match. Titan’s timing on his moonsault was incredible and needed Cavernario to be ready for him. Cavernario is really good and I hope he gets moved onto Soberano sometime this year.

The tercera was pretty fun until the finish, which didn’t make any real sense in the context of the match or with it having just happened about the same way in the last match. Sagrado was at his best being a jerk to everyone and the getting kicked in his head. All the big dive spots got over, and the técnicos generally had a lot of good offense. Dragon Rojo seemed to almost take himself out with a double stomp but everything else went ok. I like all the first three matches about the same and can’t decide if that means they’re all good or all OK.

The segunda one of the better women’s matches in a while, with the six women working well together. Silueta had a really good match, asked to cary a lot of action and doing it smoother than usual. Zeuxis was very good as always, the dropkick was as awesome as always and her partners did well. Jarochita wasn’t a big presence but her dive went well and she’s willing to get killed by big moves. Sugehit had some odd moments but was overall positive.

The opener was a bit better than usual. Espíritu & Magnus aren’t around much and were fresh. Espíritu does enough weird things – the flip bump especially – that he sticks out in these. Maybe I wouldn’t feel that way if he didn’t disappear for six months a time. Magnus was sharp. He’s also much thicker than he used to be – not out of shape, but he’s put on weight without it hurting his flying, bigger than most of the técnicos (especially at this level.) Third key to this match was it was under 12 minutes; I’d much prefer time limits than move limits on these, just to force them to go at a good pace. They don’t all need to go 15.

and we’re out


video captures Alvardo family members destroying Último Guerrero’s car

Ultimo Guerrero’s car was torn apart by members of the Alvarado (Brazo) family. About a minute and a half of the incident was captured on video. The video is from this morning and took place in the Arena Mexico parking garage.

The video includes Maximo, La Mascara, Brazo de Platino and what appears to be an unmasked Psycho Clown among others, though some of them appear to be only watching during the incident. Maximo is watching the incident for the video, and then reaching inside Guerrero’s car as the video ends. Ultimo Guerrero is never seen. Whoever shot the video appeared to be hiding while recording it, at least not giving the impression that they’re part of the attackers. The parking garage is a public area, and it’s at least plausible someone might have happened and saw what was happening. The video started to be passed around privately by midday and leaked out onto Facebook soon after.

No one directly involved in the attack has talked about what or why it happened. The story going around, unconfirmed, is the issue stems from the thorny issue of who will take over CMLL’s wrestler’s union after the passing of Brazo de Oro. His family members felt someone from their family should inherent the position. SuperLuchas said the position was instead given to Ultimo Guerrero and the Alvarado’s attack on the car was in response to it not being handed over to one of them. The scattered reports on this have some differences: Ultimo Guerrero’s daughter on Facebook bemoaned the attack on Facebook and claimed her father didn’t even want to be head of the union, which would make it confusing why the Alvarados would attack his property. We really don’t know even if know for sure if Guerrero is head of the union or just potentially in line for that position and being warned to back off – we don’t know a whole lot here.

I don’t have the confidence we have the full story, or if we’ll get the full story. The video is compelling and weird but we really don’t know exactly what happened before it or after it. It’s only 90 seconds. It does not look good for the people involved. This also has all the making of being something like the Trauma II story, where it’s a big thing for one day and then we never hear about it again.

This took place in Arena Mexico’s parking lot, a facility connected and adjacent to the building. SuperLuchas says CMLL security did not get involved to stop it. There’s no sign of security in the video and it looked like the Alvardos had been working on the car for a few minutes already. Security on a Friday morning isn’t going to be what it is when a show is running, but someone probably should’ve been in the picture unless they were choosing to not get involved. CMLL should be involved now, but there’s no telling if they will and we may not even hear about it if they are.

Maximo and Ultimo Guerrero are both scheduled for tonight’s show (as is Ultimo’s brother Gran Guerrero but not La Mascara), though in separate matches.


CMLL normal show tonight tonight, two match night for Caristico, FULL tour stars in Puebla


Today’s CMLL show is another collection of random matches. Last week didn’t seem to set anything in particular for this week. There are a few decent matches. The main event is Mephisto, Ephesto, Negro Casas versus Maximo, Mistico and Caristico (who has a busy night ahead of him.) That should be a good simple match. The semimain will be more complicated, as Niebla Roja once again reluctancly teams with Gran Guerrero & Utlimo Guerrero and Atlantis, Valiente and Angel de Oro. UG told ESTO that he’s just confused by Niebla Roja – Roja talks about wanting to be a tecnico, but he did unmask Angel de Oro on Monday so maybe he just has a problem with Los Guerreros Laguneros.

The best match will probably be Titan & Cavernario in a lightning match, bringing back their good feud. The third match might be good too: Los Revolucionarios versus Stuka, Guerrero Maya and Drone. The lucahdoras return to Friday shows with Silueta, Jarochita and Princesa Sugehit against Amapola, Dalys and Zeuxis, which might again be built around Sugehit & Zeuxis. Magnus & Sensei taking on Akuma & Espiritu Negro in the opener.

Caristico’s double booked in Arena Mexico and Arena Naucalpan on a Friday night again. He main events the Lucha Libre Boo show, teaming with Black Taurus against Hijo de LA Park and LA Park. That show is supposed to start a little bit earlier than Arena Mexico, but it’ll probably go longer just so Caristico can work both places. The whole show is the usual mix of indie names. It’ll probably not air on TV, but will turn up in YouTube in some form.

Volador, Dragon Lee, and Titan were announced for NJPW’s US shows in Long Beach, California on July 1st and July 2nd. They’ve announced a lot of people and they won’t have IWGP Junior championship defense, so the CMLL guys may not have a big role on the show, but it’s a nice chance for them. It’ll be Titan’s first US match.

Tonight’s also the start of the five show FULL/Alberto el Patron/Distromania tour. They kick off in Puebla with Alberto, Hijo de Dos Caras and Tinieblas Jr. versus Jack Swagger, Roy Knight and Zak Knight (Paige’s brothers.) They’ll be in Toluca on Saturday and Mexico City on Sunday. Tinieblas and others have done a lot of press, and a fair bit in the mainstream, to sell these shows. I’m skeptical about how well these are going to do, but it comes off as if they’re trying hard to get people to notice them.=

Alberto said he’s going to retire in two years. A year ago, Alberto said he was retiring in two years. He’s going to be on a soap opera soon. Like a scripted one on TV, as opposed to the unscripted one he seems to be living in.

In promoting these shows, Blue Demon Jr. says he’s actually talked to the new owners of the NWA and will meet them in July to see if they can work on something together. He had issues with the previous people running the group.

Other shows today include AAA in Tijuana with an unusual main event of Ayako Hamada & Dr. Wagner Jr. versus Kevin Kross & Kobra Moon, AAA in Neza with Parka, Psycho Clown and Texano against the Traidor Clowns & Pagano, AAA in Valle Victoria with Elegido & Fantasma vs Mesias & Parka Negra and Keira & Diosa Quetzal in a mask match in Ecatepec (where Keira is expected to win)

Dorian Roldan talked about AAA/LU business with El Economista, as he does from time to time. As an aside in the article, Roldan mentions the possibility of taping season four in Los Angeles, Austin, Mexico or Colombia. I don’t think they’ll end up taping any place except LA and would not be too concerned with that at this point if it somehow affects you. I think this – just like the LU/Impact thing – is including unlikely possibilities just to talk up the potential. The article is the usual bit of unchecked hyped: some Pentagon, Drago, Fenix, Angelico and Vampiro appearing on a single WXW show is said to be a Lucha Underground tour of Germany here.

AAA posted the moment of remembrance for El Apache from Tuesday’s TV.

Angelico’s listed on AAA shows in mid July. I’m not sure if he’s back before then.

Jvuentud Guerrera match update: he’s debuting in AAW to face Sami Callihan for their title on 05/25 and he’s facing Dragon Lee on June 22nd in Mexico City. Juvy’s been good when I’ve seen him this year.

Tickets are on sale for Hijo del Santo & Santo Jr. in Spain on June 17th. They’re running from 16 to 40 Euros ($18 to $45 USD).

LuchaWorld has the latest news report.

+Lucha posted the LA Park vs Ultimo Guerrero match from the recent MDA show, and an interview with Latin Lover.

This week’s Fuego en el Ring includes an interview with Rayo de Jalisco.


The Crash (FRI) 06/02/2017 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California
4) Flamita © vs Rey Horus [The Crash CRUISER]
5) Penta Zero M & The King vs Black Terry & Skayde
6) Daga, Garza Jr., Rey Mysterio 619 vs Damián 666, Mr. Águila, Nicho el Millionario

Top half of the card for the Nicho benefit show. The tag match is a unique and interesting match, and Flamita/Rey Horus should be really good. Wish they were selling this show.

LI (SUN) 06/04/2017 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Estrella Explosiva & Súper Estrella vs La Pantera & Princesa Tiger
2) Avispón Negro Jr., Flash I, Flash II vs Évola, Ráfaga, Ráfaga Jr.
3) Payaso Cocolores, Súper Muñeco, Súper Pinocho vs Canek Jr., Hijo del Fishman, Villano III Jr.
4) Hijo del Lizmark, Rayman, Súper Astro vs Cien Caras Jr., Máscara Año 2000, Mr. Águila
5) El Fantasma & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs Canek & Máscara Sagrada

Leyendas inmortales is back with the usual names.  That second match is kind of an Antrax memorial match.

Lucha Memes MDA (SUN) 06/04/2017 Arena Puebla
1) Alas de Acero, Aramis (Estado de México), Arez, Belial, Impulso, Iron Kid (Estado de México) vs Arkalis, Millenium, Mini Multifacético, Prayer, Rey Apocalipsis, Rey Samuray
1) Felino & Fuerza Guerrera vs Bobby Jack & Toro Bill Sr.
2) Keira & Lady Maravilla vs Marcela & Zeuxis
4) Black Terry & Negro Navarro © vs Blue Panther & Octagón [Arena Coliseo TAG]
4th defense
5) Rey Horuz & Xtreme Tiger vs Ángel de Oro & Soberano Jr.
6) Satánico vs Hechicero (CMLL)
7) Último Dragón vs Último Guerrero

Ultimo Dragon versus Ultimo Guerrero is the last added match and that’ll get over great.

The one big change here is Jeff Cobb is off the card and Hechicero will face Satanico instead. Lucha Memes posted emails indicating Cobb was booked for the show, Lucha Memes booked a flight for him, and then Cobb backed out of the show because he only belatedly realized it was a CMLL thing and he didn’t want to risk losing any bookings with The Crash. In a video, Lucha Memes promoter said he tried contracting both The Crash promoters to see if they would OK it and contacting Cobb to post a video apologizing for not making the show, and didn’t hear back from either. This went on a week before they decided to book Satanico (who will have a different but still interesting match with Hechicero)

The Crash, via the WON, has said CMLL’s not allowing them to book CMLL wrestlers, but implied they’d not have the same issue going the other way. Cobb obviously thinks there’d be a problem if he took that date, it’s just unclear if he’s right or wrong since no one’s talking. I assume we’ll hear about this on a podcast sooner or later, but lucha libre politics are confusing.

I’d still like to be able to see this show complete without traveling to Puebla.

MDA (SUN) 06/18/2017 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Mystique & Súper Estrella vs Chik Tormenta & La Pantera
2) Joker & Sádico vs Brian Villa & Willy Banderas
3) Esfinge, Star Black, Vaquero Jr. vs El Divo, Galactar, Vazco Jr.
4) Mr. Águila & Rey Horus vs Hijo de LA Park & Xtreme Tiger
5) Atlantis, Máscara Sagrada, Octagón vs Fuerza Guerrera, Mr. Niebla, Satánico
6) Carístico & LA Park vs Rush & Último Guerrero

The woman’s match was the last one added to the show. This is an interesting match even being all tag matches.

06/19/2017 AAA TV Lineup (Nuevo Laredo)


AAA TV (MON) 06/19/2017 Poliforum, Nuevo Laredo, Texas
1) Máscara de Bronce, Soul Rocker, Venum vs Carta Brava Jr., Lanzeloth, Mocho Cota Jr.
2) Pimpinela Escarlata vs Estrella Divina, Mamba
3) Aerostar & Drago vs Australian Suicide & Bengala
4) Killshot & Marty The Moth vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
5) Pagano vs El Mesías
6) Argenis, La Parka, Ricky Marvin vs Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
7) Faby Apache, Hijo del Fantasma, Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Kevin Kross, Taya

Air Date: 07/15 & 07/22

Previewing this lineup – a lineup three tapings down the road, after a major show – is probably a waste of time. I have no understanding why they’re advertising matches and not just only the people who will be on the show

What we can learn from this: Killshot & Marty are coming back even though they were too hot for TV. I wonder if Killshot will wear his mask this time. Johnny Mundo, the guy who holds every title in AAA, appears as if he’ll miss five straight TV tapings and counting. (And I’m not sure it matters, which says something about something.)

Next taping after this would be on 06/30 in Puebla.

lucha TV preview for weekend of May 19th

full size

AAA starts the Tlaxcala taping, so we won’t know exactly what airs until they post the preview. The matches which set up the Verano main event probably should be first priority at this point, but it’s hard to tell in advance

IWRG should have two shows airing this week (and the Friday show that’s not airing.)

CMLL is all in mid feud, or no feud mode.

2017 watch later catch up, part 3 of ∞

More reviews of selection matches not on my usual TV recap list.

Rush vs LA Park (BARACAL at Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México on 03/11/2017, via +LuchaTV, 22:46, GREAT): Another fun Park/Rush brawl, both great at beating each other up and willing to take punishment and bump big for the other. It never got quite to the anything could happen place of last year, but it was still worthwhile in watching their own. The two own the crowd as well as anyone. Park got beat up for about eight minutes, but they didn’t lose the fans and they were fired up when he fired up and fought back. The spear near fall looked awesome, and a lot of stuff looked good, though there was more messy than the other stuff. I’m willing to forgive messy more in a brawl like this. A DQ finish for a mask pull in a match which featured full boxes of bottles of beers being thrown and the referee being punched in the face is a little bit weak, but it’s about normal for LA Park.

they always seem to find these containers
LA Park old man tope
and a plancha!
and a spear! He was feeling it.

Juventud Guerrera vs Arez vs Rico Rodríguez © vs Laredo Kid for the win the Llaves y Candados Cruisereweight Championship
(Llaves y Candados at Arena Coliseo Monterrey on 04/09/2017, via LlavesyCandados, 9:28, GOOD) a fun four way exhibition match, with everyone having moments and maybe suffering for everyone having their moments. There’s not much more to it than everyone cycling thru to take their turns for moves. It definite puts everyone as equals, which is probably as best Rico can ask for if he’s going to lose his title here, but I kind of wanted more of Laredo being awesome and there wasn’t really a stretch where anyone could take over for much. They all looked good and it was entertaining while it lasted.

Arez should’ve just broken up the pin
Laredo Asai moonsault

Daga & Rey Fénix (US) vs Sammy Guevara & Último Ninja (LyC in Arena Coliseo Monterrey on 04/09/2017, via LlavesyCandados, 16:26, GREAT) – a total fireworks show for 16 minutes. It was limited only by not giving the crowd a clear rooting interesting, so they were only ooohing and aahing to the big spots but not really invested in either side winning. This felt like the most complete Guevera match I’ve seen of him, coming across as more consistent than usual and an equal to Fenix – when Sammy almost had him beat, it felt like it something was happening. Fenix & Daga were surprisingly efficient as a team, though this leaned more heavily to a long string of one on one matches with the other guys wiping out. They could’ve changed the other or dropped some things, the seemingly obligatory Canadian Destroyer spot is treated as a big moment but the match just goes on, but the quality of the moves was really high. Definitely worth checking out.

It takes 10:42 for them to get to the match here – some of that is a Santo promo to sell that upcoming show, but there’s a lot of introductory video packages that don’t add anything. All the LyC videos are still being produced like it’s a TV show and not YouTube, which feels like not understanding the format. You don’t have to sell people on the concept for three minutes when they click on a YouTube link, they’ve already gone out of their way to find you, they’re there. You do have to get it to quick, people are going to drop off quick if you don’t give them something to watch.

I don’t know how he keeps up with the flips
no one gets more destroyed by superkicks than FEnix
everyone down
Daga quickly destroying Ultimo NInja

Garza Jr., Penta El Zero M, Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Bestia 666, Damián 666, Nicho el Millionario (LyC & Arena Coliseo Monterrey in 04/09/2017, via LlavesyCandados, 16:45, OK): crowd really dug it, but it went too long for me and was just kind of the Tuesday touring trios match going off the novelty of seeing these guys together in this environment. Standard técnico showcase (most with Bestia, since he’s the only rudo who could move), rudos bringing in weapons, and the técnicos hitting all their trademark spots. Monterrey still hates Garza. Mysterio’s black and gold Rebellion gear did look cool. The reactions may make this more watchable than I’m giving credit here.

Bestia knee smash
this goes less well for Bestia

Diablo Jr. vs Black Dragón (IWRG at Arena Naucalpan on 03/22/2017, via thecubsfan, 5:08, OK): a shortage CMLL lightning style match, which is decent when it starts but hard to recommend when they so obviously get lost and started restarting spots two minutes in. Diablo Jr. is more experienced and it’s hard not see it. Black Dragon isn’t bad either, this is just not his strongest match. In pure AYM form, the names of the announcers are displayed on screen but the luchadors are not similarly identified.

the end

Pantera vs Demonio Infernal (IWRG at Arena Naucalpan on 03/22/2017, via +LuchaTV , 6:09, BELOW AVERAGE): Pantera takes most of the match, Demonio Infernal bleeds, Pantera dropkicks the referee and immediately submits Infernal, but loses on the ref attack DQ. This was useless, a bad choice to watch, and missing the point of having youngsters work with veterans. Demonio Infernral looked bad until the post match brawl, which should’ve been the match. This set up a title match that the crowd audibly didn’t want to see after this match. That title match sounds like it went better, but it’s probably not worth the time investment. This one definitely wasn’t.

Just barely over. Other stuff looked better.

Indy Nation invasion of IWRG, La Llave de la Gloria, LU/Impact/AAA

photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG FILL (WED) 05/17/2017 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), The Gladiatores]
1) Bambino & Satán X b Fly Tiger & Puma de Oro
2) Águila Enmascarada, Atomic Star, Guerrero 2000 b Blue Monsther, Shadow Boy, Voltar
Aguila Enmascarda replaced Picudo Jr. (moved up)
3) Eterno & Máquina Infernal b Acero & Picudo Jr.
Picudo Jr. replaced Kanon (double booked on the same show!), Eterno replaced Tackle
4) Hijo del Alebrije, Mike, Teelo b Lunatik Xtreme, Skanda, Vórtize
5) Ángel Oriental, Aramis, Black Dragón, Demonio Infernal, Diablo Jr., Kanon, Keiser Drago, Power Bull b Aspirantito Jr. (Guerrero), Boxter, Fandango, Kilvan, Kronoz, Toxin, Tromba, Yoruba [Copa Higher Power]
Gym Fill (Black Terry) vs Gym Lucha Libre Boom (Fantasma de la Opera). Said to be a good & evenly matched one of these. Aramis beat Toxin. After the match, a masked team ran in and attacked the IWRG team. They revealed themselves to be Centvrion, Fly Warrior, Latigo, Arez, Mr. Leo, Septimo Rayo (or Glenn Calavera or maybe both), Fly Star and the Fulgores, calling themselves Indy Nation

This sounds like one of the best FILL shows in a while. The cibernetico went well, the undercard has some good stuff, and the angle at the end is something people who might read this site would particularly enjoy. Some of the best young indie guys, some of the best IWRG students from recent years who’ve moved on to other places, coming back an invading group should at least produce a memorable cibernetico down the line. Hopefully a lot more.

SI talked to Vampiro, who repeated that Lucha Underground wrestlers will not appear on Impact, but luchadors who are in AAA and want to work in the US will have another place where they can work. I suspect this includes anyone who works for LU no matter what character they work (or Ricochet would’ve been free to appear in Ring of Honor.) I suspect this is a lot of concern for what will be not that important appearances anyway; AAA will send a match to Impact’s PPV and maybe they’ll work some adjacent TV and that’ll be it.

Vampiro’s also asked if he thinks Lucha Underground’s momentum will be hurt by disappearing for five months. Vampiro not only evades answering the original question, but says the decision to go on hiatus makes sense when you explain it, and then doesn’t explain that either. It’s rock and roll, man. (The correct answer is “Yes! Obviously! But we didn’t have any choice in it and don’t want to cause problems with El Rey.”)

AAA announced the winners of group three of their La Llave de la Gloria tryouts. The biggest name is Muncea de Plata, daughter of Super Porky and sister of current AAA luchadors Goya Kong & Psycho Clown. She actually wrestled on AAA spot shows with her sister in 2008, before they had their masked characters, and turned up on CMLL’s old Ras de Lona program later on as someone who coming soon (but never did) even before that. She wrestled shows for Elite last year. The other women who advanced are Sexy Angel, Hahastari, Black Fury,  Lady Dragon, Diosa Atenea, Ashley and Andromeda. That’s eight women in total, out of the 15 who were shown in matches. Only five men advanced. Angelikal, a standout flyer from Torreon and El Bandido’s brother who looked the most impressive at the tryout to me, was among them. The other four are Ciclón Infernal, Royer Boy, Pequeño Petroneo and Pardux (who you might have seen in one of the early matches on the DTU iPPV last December.) As has been the case all along, we don’t what advancing to the next round actually means, or when the next tryout is, or if there’s other ways to advance besides being in a tryout.

This week’s Zona Ruda has an interview with Lady Shani.

La Parka told Vamos Deportes (mentioned on R de Rudo) that Joaquin Roldan was a great boss, so great that he told Parka that his youngest son could use the name La Parka if he wanted. That seems like a thing that never works out ok.

Masked Republic is selling new licensed lucha libre shirts over on 80s tees.

Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. are on Impact tonight, challenging for their tag team titles. Laredo Kid debuts in AAW a week from today in a four way match.

Ludark will be part of IWA’s King of the Deathmatch on 05/20 in Memphis, Indiana. I believe she’s the only woman in the field. She previously won the 2015 Queen of the Deathmatch for the group.

Lucha Memes/MDA on 06/04 in Arena Puebla

I have no idea how that tag title match is going to go but it’s going to be interesting.

DTU is running on 06/29 in Arena Aficion with the wrestlers in from Game Changer Wrestling.

In Cuernavaca, a main event hair match ended with both guys being shaved after they were attacked by their (former) mentor.

+LuchaTV says they’ll release the LA Park vs Ultimo Guerrero match from the MDA show in Monterrey tonight at 6pm CT.

Lucha Libre In Japan

05/18 NJPW: Dragon Lee [4] defeated Marty Scurll [2] in the Best of the Super Juniors. Dragon Lee is the only wrestler in his block to start off 2-0. NJPW likes to book people getting off to good starts and slipping back, but he has 2 wins and they can’t quite take those back. Dragon Lee is now regularly using the Rush corner dropkick spot. Everyone would flip out if he pulled off a La Mistica in a big spot.

Dragon Lee’s next tournament match is on the 21st (Sunday) against Taichi. Volador Jr.’s next match is against Ryusuke Taguchi on the 2oth (Saturday.) Both of those are taped delayed airings on NJPW World (don’t stay up for them.)

Something to watch here is Jushin Liger announced this would be his Best of the Super Juniors, lost his first two matches, and then declared he would not lose again.


IWRG (SUN) 05/21/2017 Arena Naucalpan
1) Keiser Drago vs Atomic Star
2) Shaolin vs Lunatic Xtreme
3) Oficial AK47 & Oficial Fierro vs Apolo Estrada Jr. & Taylor Wolf
4) Aramis vs Villano III Jr.
5) Black Dragón, Dinamic Black, Veneno vs Cerebro Negro, Heddi Karaoui, Hijo de Pirata Morgan
6) Freelance vs Dr. Cerebro
7) Danny Casas, Imposible, Mr. Electro vs Black Warrior, Trauma I, Trauma II

Black Warrior scheduled back here after appearing in Rey del Ring. Freelance/Cerebro sounds like it’d be good.

UWE AULL (SUN) 05/21/2017 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Shibata & Spider Boy vs Holkan & Ironía
2) Ángel Del Amor, Terry 2000, Yakuza vs Dr. Cerebro, Sádico, Yoruba
3) Gallego, Rocky Santana, Romano García © vs Ángel Mortal, Bronco (UWA), Marabunta [AULL TRIOS]
4) Hijo De Dos Caras & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. © vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. & Silver King [UWE TAG]
5) Blue Demon Jr. vs LA Park, Canek, Pagano [Copa Universo]

Another card as part of the promotion’s 49th Anniversary.

FULL (SAT) 05/27/2017 Plaza de Toros Monumental el Paseo, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí
1) El Divino, Reyna Dorada, Shadow Boy vs Ludark Shaitan, Luzbel, Pequeño Warrior
2) Pibe Alfajor & Saru vs Hip Hop Man & La Mosca (Argentina)
3) Garza Jr. vs Mr. Águila, Extreme Tiger
4) Alan Stone, Mr. Elektro, Zumbi vs Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Intocable, Universo 2000 Jr.
5) Blue Demon Jr., Cibernético, Tinieblas vs Pirata Morgan, Rey Escorpión (Elite), Zorro
6) Alberto el Patrón & Hijo De Dos Caras vs Jack Swagger & Silver King and Roy Knight & Zak Knight

The last lineup to come up for the Alberto/FULL tour is the one in his home town. He’ll team with his  brother in the main event.

Latin Lover is doing press for these shows and will be the host on them, and says he never said he was retired from lucha libre and “ponders” a return. He had three years of health problems but he says he’s in good shape now and would be open to wrestling if the people wanted it (if a promoter is willing to pay whatever high price he’ll want.) Latin says he doesn’t watch wrestling, citing the deaths of his friends Hector Garza & Perro Aguayo Jr. as some of the reasons.

great match roundup, week of 2017-05-06

Soberano over the top

shows watched

Let’s put the 02/25 Crash recap here too so it can be found again later. This was a week full of matches that were just there; even the best match had it’s falws. The following week is not a whole lot improved

rating matches TV Show taped
great Rey Cometa © vs Soberano Jr. for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship 2017-05-12 CMLL Claro (posted by thecubsfan) Campeonato Nacional Welter Rey Cometa Vs Soberano Jr. (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL on 2017-05-12 2017-05-12
good Aero Boy & Mojo Mcqueen vs Trauma I & Trauma II Aero Boy & Mojo Mcqueen vs Trauma I & Trauma II (posted by thecubsfan) Miscellaneous Live Recordings: 2017-05-07 2017-05-07
good El Gallito & Microman vs El Perico Zakarías & Mije LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 8 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-08 2017-05-08
good Fuego, Pegasso, Stigma vs Disturbio, Puma, Tiger Disturbio Cmll Arena México CDMX 09.05.2017 (posted by Princesa Dorada) Disturbio Cmll Arena México CDMX 09.05.2017 (posted by Princesa Dorada)LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 9 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-09 2017-05-09

Other matches watched

rating matches TV Show taped
ok Monsther Clown & Murder Clown vs El Mesías & Pagano AAA Worldwide desde Tijuana Parte 1 - Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide - Mayo 2017 (posted by Lucha Libre AAA) Monsther Clown & Murder Clown vs El Mesías & Pagano (posted by thecubsfan) AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-06 2017-04-21
ok Chessman vs Ricky Marvin AAA Worldwide desde Tijuana Parte 1 - Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide - Mayo 2017 (posted by Lucha Libre AAA) Chessman vs Ricky Marvin (posted by thecubsfan) AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-06 2017-04-21
ok Hijo del Fantasma vs Kevin Kross [tables] AAA Worldwide desde Tijuana Parte 1 - Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide - Mayo 2017 (posted by Lucha Libre AAA) Hijo del Fantasma vs Kevin Kross [tables] (posted by thecubsfan) AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-06 2017-04-21
ok Latin Dragón & Movado vs Bandolero & Mano Del Diablo Latin Dragón & Movado vs Bandolero & Mano Del Diablo (posted by thecubsfan) Miscellaneous Live Recordings: 2017-05-07 2017-05-07
ok Barry Right vs Fly Star, Gavin Quinn Barry Right vs Fly Star vs Gavin Quinn (posted by thecubsfan) Miscellaneous Live Recordings: 2017-05-07 2017-05-07
ok Silueta vs Chik Tormenta Silueta vs Chik Tormenta (posted by thecubsfan) Miscellaneous Live Recordings: 2017-05-07 2017-05-07
ok Meyer, Vega, Zaeta Roja vs El Perverso, Fuerza Chicana, Rey Apocalipsis LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 8 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-08 2017-05-08
ok Lestat, Oro Jr., Star Jr. vs Canelo Casas, Nitro, Toro Bill Jr. LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 8 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-08 2017-05-08
ok Ángel de Oro, Johnny Idol, Stuka Jr. vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 8 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-08 2017-05-08
ok Máximo Sexy, Mistico, Negro Casas vs Diamante Azul, Ephesto, Mephisto in a relevos increíbles matchLA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 8 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-08 2017-05-08
ok Acero & Aéreo vs Mercurio & Pierrothito LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 9 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-09 2017-05-09
ok The Panther vs Misterioso Jr. in a lightning matchLUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 9 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-09 2017-05-09
ok Blue Panther, Johnny Idol, Rey Cometa vs Bobby Villa, Cavernario, Pólvora LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 9 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-09 2017-05-09
ok Atlantis, Carístico, Mistico vs Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 9 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-09 2017-05-09
ok Astral, Príncipe Diamante, Robin vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus 2017-05-12 CMLL Claro (posted by thecubsfan) CMLL on 2017-05-12 2017-05-12
ok Drone, Esfinge, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón 2017-05-12 CMLL Claro (posted by thecubsfan) Los Nuevos Dinamita Vs Guerrero Maya Jr., Drone y Esfinge. (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL on 2017-05-12 2017-05-12
ok Ángel de Oro, Dragón Lee, Valiente vs Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas 2017-05-12 CMLL Claro (posted by thecubsfan) CMLL on 2017-05-12 2017-05-12
below average La Jarochita, Marcela, Skadi vs Amapola, Reyna Isis, Tiffany LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 9 DE MAYO DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL) CMLL YouTube: 2017-05-09 2017-05-09
below average Leono & Sensei vs Artillero & Hijo del Signo 2017-05-12 CMLL Claro (posted by thecubsfan) CMLL on 2017-05-12 2017-05-12
below average Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Stuka Jr. vs La Máscara, Pierroth, Rush 2017-05-12 CMLL Claro (posted by thecubsfan) CMLL on 2017-05-12 2017-05-12
watch later Climax Jr. vs Aramis Climax Jr vs Aramis en la Arena Naucalpan (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Climax Jr. vs Aramis (posted by thecubsfan) Mano a mano: Aramis vs Climax Jr. en IWRGTV (posted by IWRG tv) IWRG Zona XXI: 2017-05-06 2017-05-03
watch later Freelance vs Eterno Freelance vs Eterno (posted by thecubsfan) IWRG Zona XXI: 2017-05-08 2017-05-07

05/16 AAA TV Results (Aficion) – Fantasma, Suicide turn rudo


AAA TV (TUE) 05/16/2017 Arena Aficion [AAA]
1) Bronco González Jr. & Hijo Del Vikingo b Concord & Guerrero de Plata
Vikingo got the pin with a 630 senton
2) Lanzeloth & Máscara de Bronce b Dalton Bragg & Joe Lider
Added match. The last time Bragg was seen, he was attacking Joe Lider, so of course they didn’t get along here.
3) Faby Apache b Ayako Hamada [Reina De Reinas, #1 Contenders]
Bonus match two. Faby earned a title shot at Taya at some undefined time.
4) Aerostar, Australian Suicide, Bengala, Drago b Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, El Mesías, Pagano
Drago got the win over Scoria. Suicide attacked people on both teams (his partner Begnala last), apparently snapping and turning rudo.
5) Big Mami & Lady Shani b Goya Kong & La Hiedra
Mami & Goya replaced Pimpi & Mamba.
6) Argenis, La Parka, Pimpinela Escarlata, Ricky Marvin b Averno, Chessman, Mamba, Súper Fly
Pimpi and Mamba were added to the match. Mamba may be a OGT member; it was unclear. Pirata Morgan, who also may be an OGT member, distracted the tecnicos.
7) Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown b Carta Brava Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Soul Rocker
The Psycho Circus were reunited for one night, with Murder fouling Psycho but Wagner fouling Murder for the win. Mocho Cota attacked the non-Poder del Norte people with a chair after the match.

Air Date: 06/03 & 06/10

The amount of matches added, subtracted and combined left me confused about how many matches actually took place on this show until I put the results together this morning. It’s seven, the same number announced, though only the opener remained unchanged. This another show where the card was public for months and one where they sent La Parka & Psycho to Pachuca recently to promote the original specific lineup, and then gave a different card. I don’t have anything new to say at this, except I’m starting to wonder if maybe AAA doesn’t actually book TV now until the day of the show, because it’s the only reasonable explanation of why they would continue to risk a backlash from advertising matches they’re not going to run. It didn’t hurt AAA on this night, they filled the 2000 seat Arena Aficion, but they continue to play with fire.

Anyway. Seven matches, which probably means the dark match gets dropped and the other two get split up into two TV. 4/6/7 probably should air on the 3rd, since that’s the night prior to Verano de Escandalo and they all tie into (announced) matches there. On the other hand, AAA’s not been so strict about that since these big events are no long on iPPV and a TV show with 2/3/5 would be a bit low on star power. (Can’t think of the last TV taping with two women’s matches where one hasn’t fed into another, by the way.) AAA’s recap doesn’t mention the Ayako/Faby match for what it’s worth, probably indicating even the people who work for AAA are having trouble keeping track of what AAA is doing, but I guess could mean someone changed their mind on it.

Suicide’s turn is not played up much in the recap bit looks like a big deal on video. Suicide turning was teased on TV this week, but it doesn’t seem like great planning to do that turn and the Texano turn within an hour of each other. It really doesn’t seem like a great idea to do the Suicide turn, the Texano turn and have Psycho’s partners turn on him in the same show – and have Joe Lider & Dalton Bragg have issues early in the show. I think – and I may be completely out to lunch – there’s an actual plan and even card for TripleMania and they’re trying to get all the pieces in place for it. The problem is it’s such a big shift from where they were and it’s going to be hard for anyone to keep all the pieces straight, and they’re not helping the situation by distracting from the really important storylines with a lot not so important ones either. Suicide could use a character change, but unless they’ve got a big match planned for him at TripleMania (seems highly unlikely), maybe that’s something that could’ve waited a few months for it to have a wider birth. No one even know who Dalton Bragg is at this point and feuding him with Joe Lider is only going to make them about the 9th most important thing going on. Maybe there shouldn’t be nine things going on, at least not while there’s this big overarching change in direction and your fans are still catching up to it.

Faby/Ayako could be good. I want to see the 630 senton. I’m not really sure I want to see much more from this show.

The next taping will be 05/26, next Friday, in Mexico City.