La Mascara wins Leyenda de Plata, Caristico out at least a month, CaraLuchas tonight

Mistico toss

CMLL (FRI) 07/22/2016 Arena México [CMLL, CultIcon, thecubsfan, Yahoo Deportes]
1) Robin & Sensei b Artillero & Cholo
14:38. Tecnicos took 1/3.
2) Astral, Eléctrico, Último Dragóncito b Demus 3:16, Mercurio, Pierrothito
15:14. Tecnicos took 1/3.
3) Golden Magic, Sharlie Rockstar, Súper Crazy DQ Rey Bucanero, Shocker, Terrible
10:25. Elite (working as tecnicos) took 1/3, with Bucanero fouling Crazy for the DQ.
4) Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Stuka Jr. b Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto
12:07. Tecnicos took 2/3.
5) Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr. b Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero
12:25. Sky Team took 2/3.
6) La Máscara b Negro Casas [Leyenda de Plata]
8:20. La Mascara took 1/3, the last when he hit Tiger (Casas’ second), Tirantes stopped Tiger from coming in, and Mascara fouled Tiger.

Semimain and second match were both worth watching. Main event wasn’t that much. Mascara probably could use more real wins to be taken seriously, but they decided to go with another heel win to get him booed more. I’m not sure the fans were that bothered (but they do generally seem more on board with cheering and booing who CMLL wants of late.)

La Mascara explained Rush wasn’t booked last night because he was scared of La Mascara.

The Pequeno rudos want a cage match for the minis 24th anniversary. Good luck on that. They might actually do a title match.

Black Terry Jr. has photos from a show last night in Mexico City’s Bajo Circuito, and +LuchaTV has highlights of a Mr. Electro vs Leon Dorado Jr. main event. Golden Magic wrestled in Arena Mexico, maybe hoped onto the Metro, and wrestled in the semimain on that show.

Caristico will be out at least a month, after the injury he suffered a couple weeks ago on an Elite show. The interview doesn’t seem to specify exactly what the injury, only Caristico saying he couldn’t move his lower body immediately after he was hurt. Caristico says he’ll retire in 3 or 4 years so he doesn’t keep hurt. Me too.

AAA’s preview for today’s Sin Limite show has these matches:

  • Big Mami, Faby Apache, Mary Apache vs La Hiedra, Lady Shani, Taya
  • Aerostar, Bengala, Drago vs Averno, Chessman, Ricky Marvin
  • Damián 666, Nicho el Millionario, Pagano vs Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown

The Titan promotion in Tijuana is threatening to sue Cibernetico for not appearing on their June 3 show. That missed match was explained as plane trouble at the time, but I guess it wasn’t just that if they’re still angry about it. Most of the promotion’s recent Facebook posts are angry comments about Cibernetico and the local commission for not suspended him.

In promoting the tag match at TripleMania, Chessman explained women were not capable of doing two things: be professional wrestlers and drive a car. Chessman says women were instead made for mopping and washing dishes, and doesn’t care if people get mad at him about it.

CaraLucha has Hechicero & Diamante Azul vs Herodes Jr. & Trauma I as the main event today. The undercard is heavy on Neza versus Guadalajara matches, as the Muchas Luchas promotion (and a bus full of their fans) come to town.

Pentagon and Fenix are on AAW’s show today outside of Chicago; tickets seem close to be sold out for that show. They’re facing each other in New York tomorrow.

For a few hours on Friday, Triton was listed as appearing on the 08/27 ROH card. His name was later removed. There was no announcement of him being on the show, his name was just on a list, so also nothing when he was taken out. Triton is understood to be spending a while in the US, starting soon, so it wouldn’t be too strange for him to show up there. The CMLL/ROH relationship does not appear steady at the moment; maybe ROH went thru whoever’s booking Triton while he’s in the US, then changed their mind and decided they needed to wait and go thru CMLL to keep the relationship solid, or maybe Triton was supposed to be a surprise for later. I dunno.

You may want to skip this paragraph unless you’re interested in masked man confusion. On Twitter, someone pointed out a Facebook post from May: Bombero Infernal was very proud of his son winning the Mexico State trios championship. The twist is he’s posted photos of Tortuga Ninja Mike, who was the former Alan Extreme last we knew. No one’s been paying much attention to IWRG, so they could’ve changed the turtles around, like they did with Leo/Latigo.

Escorpion Negro unmasked Black Killer in Pachuca.

Segunda Caida says Black Terry vs Barbaro Cavernario is the best match they’ve seen this year so far.

Wrestling with Words reviews last week’s Elite show.


ELITE (THU) 07/28/2016 Arena México
1) Astral & Último Dragóncito vs Pequeño Warrior & Pierrothito
2) Blue Panther & Hechicero vs Heddi Karaoui & Pantera
3) Jinzo & Rocky Lobo vs Puma & Tiger
4) Rey Escorpión vs Máscara Dorada [Liga Elite]
5) Ángel de Oro, Golden Magic, Volador Jr. vs Diamante Azul, Hijo De Dos Caras, Magno
6) Teddy Hart vs Xtreme Tiger [cage, Liga Elite]

Teddy Hart in a cage with Xtreme Tiger is going to be a thing. Teddy has a history with cage matches which isn’t always good. This is a really good show – that third match sticks out, the second match is supposed to be a mat match, Dorada/Escorpion is a pretty good use of both guys – but again without a lot of names. They totally seem OK with it so I’m not sure how much I should worry about it. Hope they air a lot of the matches.

Elite continues to book Diamante Azul as a rudo. I don’t know, but if I was Diamante and I was going to France in a few months for another long period of time, maybe I would’ve offered to lose my mask to someone before I leave because who knows when I’d be back or how I’ll be used if I’m back. Make the money while you can.

CMLL (FRI) 07/29/2016 Arena México
1) Eléctrico & Último Dragóncito vs Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro
2) Oro Jr., Pegasso, Soberano Jr. vs Fujin, Okumura, Raijin
3) Bobby Z, Rey Bucanero, Vangellys vs Golden Magic, Sharlie Rockstar, Súper Crazy
4) Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas
5) Dragón Lee vs La Máscara
6) Marco Corleone, Máximo Sexy, Volador Jr. vs Shocker, Terrible, Último Guerrero

Dragon Lee back in singles matches against La Mascara, which is probably another way to build up the rudo. Another almost-Sky Team match int eh fourth should be fun. Bucanero/Crazy continue to feud randomly, and maybe this will be on NJPW World with their guys in the second match.

The video preview has Polvora and Mr. Niebla on the show. Maybe Niebla was on the Peste Negra team and Polvora was in Vangellys or Bobby Z’s spot.

CMLL on 2016-07-22

Ultimo Dragoncito drives Demus into the barricade
Ultimo Dragoncito drives Demus into the barricade

Recapped: 07/22/2016

What happened: La Mascara won the Leyenda de Plata. Rey Bucanero and Super Crazy have issues.

What was good: The Sky Team/Guerreros match was superb. The minis match was strong, and everything was (but the main event) was better than it seemed on paper.

Where can I watch it: I’ll have it on my channel Tuesday. The main event is on Claro’s website. (more…)

Elite results, Leyenda de Plata final tonight


ELITE (THU) 07/21/2016 Arena México [+LuchaTV, R de Rudo]
1) Amapola & Muñeca De Plata b La Jarochita & Marcela
2) El Bandido & Emperador Azteca b Heddi Karaoui & Príncipe Orión
Orion was stretchered out
3) Golden Magic, Metaleón, Titán b Argos, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Magnus
Magno was originally announced, but Magnus replaced him on the poster update.
4) Teddy Hart DQ Rey Escorpión [Liga Elite]
Teddy fouled Escorpion, ref missed it, Escorpion fouled Teddy, ref did not miss it
5) Groon XXX & Súper Crazy b Mr. Electro & Sharly Rockstar
Grond XXX replaced Xtreme Tiger in the card update
6) Diamante Azul b Xtreme Tiger [Liga Elite]
Xtreme Tiger replaced LA Park in the card update

Not updating the Liga Elite standings because I’m not sure what is going on and won’t until I watch the TV show.

Attendance was poor, predictably so. CMLL’s stopped reporting results for this show on their own Twitter and lineup for the show was not ever posted on their website. At the same time, they’re booking an Elite trio on the show tonight, so it’s not like CMLL has decided to ignore them completely.

I wonder if Electro knew he was going to return to Arena Mexico bald. The way Elite runs, it seems more likely they only told him after he already agreed to the IWRG match.

Tonight’s CMLL show is main evented by this year’s Leyenda de Plata final. Negro Casas is in the final match for the third straight tournament, defending the trophy for the second year. Casas beat rising stars Titan and Dragon Lee in past years, but has a different challenge this year. La Mascara was one of the least interesting possible winners from last week’s contender’s tournament, but he appears to be the most important luchador to CMLL’s short term plans. CMLL needs people to get interested in La Mascara now, a problem they’ve had with him for pretty much his entire career, and the most immediate route is thru this tournament. Mascara’s probably winning tonight (he’s only losing if someone else costs him the match), but this is going to be as much about his performance to get that win.

There’s nothing obviously important on the rest of the show. The Sky Team face the Guerreros and the Hijos del Infierno fight Stuka, Atlantis and Diamante Azul, both of which could set up trios titles feuds if CMLL was interested. They often aren’t. The aforementioned Liga Elite trio of Super Crazy, Sharlie Rockstar and Golden Magic taking on Vangellys, Terrible and Rey Bucanero in an unpromising match. Crazy & Bucanero feuded last week. Electrico & Demus make their return from Canada in the second match, teaming with Astral, Ultimo Dragoncito, Mercurio and Pierroth in one of CMLL’s biggest name possible minis matches. The show begins with a thoroughly unremarkable 2v2 fight between Robin & Sensei and Cholo & Artillero.

The show begins at 8:30pm and will air on ClaroSports as normal. The live show will also air on NJPW World, which has seemed to affect the performance level in the past. The NJPW World broadcast (live and VOD) is IP blocked to Japan only, but it was not too difficult to circumvent the block with free VPN software last time they tried it. The only difference between the two feeds is the on screen logo bugs, and you’re still better off watching the ClaroSports version live. (Only NJPW World will have the show available after it airs, but it doesn’t immediately seem like a show you need to watch later.)

Culticon also previews today’s show.

CMLL’s website has a few changes for next week. Sanely makes her main roster debut on Monday, replacing Estrellita. She’s been wrestling since late last year; she looked like she needed more work when she wrestled on Monterrey TV a month ago. Caristico being pulled from Tuesday’s Guadalajara show means Mascara Dorada replaces him to get a home game, and Rey Cometa takes Dorada’s place in Arena Mexico. Starman is also off the show, with Robin moving up to replace him and Bengala opening yet another Tuesday show. Starman’s still listed on Saturday, so maybe it’s a scheduling conflict and not an injury.

On Sunday in Monterrey, Rush, Pierroth and Mr. Niebla lost by DQ to La Mascara, Volador and Caifan. Rush & Caifan were there after wrestling in Coacalco earlier in the day, and the match only went six minutes.

Also Sunday, in Tultitlan, Mexico State, SuperLuchas notes Terry 2000 lost his hair without wrestling. Terry 2000 was scheduled for a three way cage match with Mr. Potro & Sepulturero, but needed surgery on his forearm on Tuesday. He was still in a sling and could not wrestle, so his nephew Super Terry took his place, with the idea Terry 2000 would lose his hair if his rep lost. Sepulturero escaped, then Potro, and Terry 2000 indeed got shaved.

On Twitter, Fenix said his new home is San Diego. It was a surprise to find he’s moved out of Mexico (if that’s what he meant.) Taya also recently moved to California, and it’s since been said she’ll be working less in AAA (still a lot of TV, but less spots shows.) I’m not sure if this means the same for Fenix.

Dr. Wagner Jr. met people who won a contest sponsored by Schick Razors. People were chopped, apparently. Dr. Wagner explained he could go back to CMLL if he wanted, because he always leaves wrestling companies on good terms and respects the policies of those companies. (This does not appear to be a true statement.) He gave no indication he would actually switch companies at the moment, saying he was currently staying with AAA.

Brian Cage and Ivelisse action figures are coming, which is a little surprising since Lucha Underground would figure to hold their rights. They may have signed the deals before coming to LU, and it’s not as though LU appears to be advancing on that front.

LuchaWorld has the latest Lucha Report.

Segunda Caida reviews Lucha Underground episode 2×18. I have hope they’ll catch up (before season 3.

Cross Armbreaker reviews Hijo del Santo vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo on 08/13/2014.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 22nd



I haven’t actually found out what’s on LATV and Titanes en el Ring in a while, so I may be way off and should drop those if I don’t figure out soon.

CMLL Azteca should have the US TV of Sam Adonis and the NJPW guys appear the next few weeks.

AAA is a new taping, so check their YouTube later Friday evening.

No idea how they fit both the tag team tournament and Mistico/Mephisto on 52MX.

Caristico wrestles (briefly) in Guadalajara, Elite 2 shows today, upcoming DTU

crazy splashes all over the place
crazy splashes all over the place

CMLL (TUE) 07/19/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Esto es Lucha (FB), Martes de Glamour]
1) Magnum & Vaquero Jr. b Diplomático & Mr. Apolo
tecnicos took 1/3
2) Arkángel de la Muerte, Canelo Casas, Sangre Azteca b Magnus, Starman, Tritón
Rudos took 2/3.
3) Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, Skadi b Amapola, La Comandante, Reina Isis
Reina Isis replaced Seductora (MIA). Tecnicas took 1/3.
4) Atlantis, Máscara Dorada, Valiente b Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
Tecnicos took 2/3, Dorada Driver on Casas.
5) Carístico, Dragón Lee, Mistico b Euforia, Mephisto, Último Guerrero
Tecnicos took 2/3. Mephisto gave Caristico with a martinete. Caristico was stretchered out, with Diamante Azul appearing to replace him. Caristico came back at the end to distract Mephisto to give Azul the win.

I guess Caristico should get credit for the win because he still caused it? The idea appeared to be to set up a Caristico/Mephisto issue, but that’s not happening if Caristico is out for now. Given CMLL, they might just do nothing instead.

IWRG (WED) 07/20/2016 Arena Naucalpan [The Gladiatores]
1) Fly Tiger, Magic Dragón, Último Caballero b Bambino, Canario, Rey Flecha
2) Skanda & Vampiro Metálico b Ángel De La Muerte I & Black Dragón
Black Dragon replaced Angel de la Muerte II
3) Omega b Vardeus, Keshin Black, Osiris, Keiser Drago
moved to the third match. Osiris suffered a shoulder injury.
4) Araña de Plata, Demonio Infernal, Guerrero 2000 b Alas de Acero, Aramis, Dragón Fly
Dragon and Demonio continue to feud.
5) Eddy Santos, Juana La Loca, Lord Phantom, Rey Profeta, Rosario Negro, Vengador, Viajero Extremo, Viajero Jr. b Adrenalina, Aramis, Blue Monsther, Emperador Azteca, Galaxy, Hijo del Alebrije, Kanon, Power Bull [Copa Higher Power]
Gym FILL (Black Terry) vs Gym Infierno (Judas). Aramis replaced Shadow Boy. The ‘road’ team had a significant amount of fans in to cheer for them. Match came down to Emperador and Viajero, with Judas sneaking into hit Emperador with a chair and foul him while the referee was checking on possible a Hijo del Alebrije neck injury. Usual challenges followed.

Seems like it’s been quite a while since one of these have ended cleanly.

Tonight’s one of the most low star power Elite shows. Diamante Azul versus Xtreme Tiger is the main event, a first time match but one with no obvious reason to happen. Rey Escorpion versus Teddy Hart is the fourth match and both matches might be good, but they’re not the level of stars as previous weeks and definitely have a hard time following Park vs Rush. The semimain tag match is the brother team of Mr. Electro & Sharly Rockstar vs Grond XXX & Super Crazy. The original was a big draw a decade plus ago and he occasionally works as a main eventer on small shows, but he’s also been ravaged by injuries and illness (including ones which had been described as career ending) and his matches are generally a struggle. This probably won’t be much different.

LA Park was originally on that show. It appears he’s off because he’s working the Elite show in Aguascalientes instead, replacing the originally scheduled Caristico. I only know of three shows today, and two of them are Elite cards. Thursday is the usual day for Aguascalientes shows, but running a spot show the same as a taping leaves Elite strapped for name power – Mistico Volador & La Mascara are all away from Mexico City because they’re working this show.

Mascara Dorada replaces Caristico on Tuesday in Guadalajara. I’m not a doctor, but I’d guess Caristico probably shouldn’t have tried wrestling this past Tuesday. Dorada is booked in the semimain in Arena Mexico, so something will have to change there. Last year, it seemed like Sombra must’ve informed CMLL he was leaving in mid August but didn’t actually report to WWE until early November and worked a regular schedule until that point. It’s probably going to be no different for Dorada. (Diamante Azul is also another guy who’s being plugged into main events but will be gone sometime in the fall; there are going to be holes to fill.)

CMLL talked about Titan’s loss in the Super J (saying NJPW officials called it one of the best matches of the year) and again mentioned he’d be going back in August. They also mention Negro Casas defeating La Mascara to keep the tag titles as a prelude to Friday’s Arena Mexico show, and Stuka & Electrico talk about their recent international trips and where they’d like to go next. They specifically note a return date to ROH for Stuka has not been agreed upon, but that the public is demanding it.

The Mexico City Metro newspaper had a story that Blue Demon Jr. was looking for a heir. Blue Demon Jr. took to Twitter to say he’s not. I wonder if the truth is maybe Demon himself is not, but other members of his family might be; it’s not clear. There’s certainly other people in control of the identity if they’re able to make a Blue Demon TV show without the current Demon’s approval, and it’d make some sense to have a new, easier to control Demon to get booked off the interest in the show. But I don’t know this as fact, just throwing an idea out.

Reyes del Biutiful interviewed Nino Hamburguesa back February, which LigerFever now translated in one two three four five six parts.

The Rudo Can’t Fail zine will now be available digitally on the Magzter app (android, ios)

TKD, CultIcon and Voices of Wrestling have reviews of Ultima Lucha 2, Part 3

WMC’s 08/20 show (3rd Anniversary) will have a six way mask mask with Fly Star, Fly Metalik, Centrvrion, Toxin Boy, Fly Warrior and Latigo. Of the six, Fly Metalik is the one who hasn’t been around as much and is in the most danger of being unmasked.

Chilanga Mask 08/21 show in Coacalco
1: Black Terry vs Wotan
2: Caifan 3 vs Solar
3: Roberto Paz Jr. vs Jeque
4: Laredo Kid vs Extreme Tiger vs Jason Kincaid
5: The Platino & Mr. Maldito vs El Sagrado & Bobby Z
6: David Crist & Jason Gory vs Akon (Arez) & Impulso
7: Dorado Jr. & Mr. Leo vs Fulgor I & Chicano vs Fulgor II & Sangre Dorada

Cross Arm Breaker reviews LA Park versus Hijo del Santo from 2001.

Hijo de Dos Caras says he’s not a rudo, just smarter.


IWRG (SUN) 07/24/2016 Arena Naucalpan
1) Omega vs Araña de Plata
2) Demonio Infernal & Hip Hop Man vs ? & ??
same people are listed on both sides of the match
3) Leo, Mike, Rafy, Teelo vs Killer Jr., Picudo Jr., Skanda, Violencia Jr.
4) Chicano, Emperador Azteca, Freelance vs Diablo Jr., El Hijo del Diablo, Imposible
5) Hijo del Pantera, Pantera, Pantera I vs Cerebro Negro, Relámpago, Toscano
6) Canis Lupus, Danny Casas, Máscara Año 2000 Jr. vs Hijo De Dos Caras, Mr. Electro, Trauma I

The same guys in the main event as usual. The hair match did seem like it drew pretty well.

DTU (THU) 08/04/2016 Arena Aficion
1) Charly Madrid & Oscar Sevilla vs El Gio & Jr.
2) Gallego & Mr. Cóndor vs Jimmy & Kevin
3) Tony Iron & Zeuxis vs Lady Maravilla & Lokillo
4) Diva Salvaje, El Exótico, Yuriko vs Ángel o Demonio, Black Fire, Corsario Negro Jr.
5) Aero Boy, Pesadilla, Rocky Lobo vs ?, ??, ???
6) Flamita & XL vs Drastik Boy & Ronnie Mendoza
7) Sharlie Rockstar vs Cíclope vs Ovett

Main event is “barbed wire cobwebs”, which doesn’t sound fun. Semimain sounds very fun. No hints at the fifth match mysterio trio. I haven’t thought about Charly Madrid & Oscar Sevilla in a while; nice to see them, surprised they’re working so low. Gallego & Mr. Condor are an equally unexpected cameo.

DTU LLB (SAT) 08/13/2016 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Hijo Del Mosco, Niño Cobre, X-Zafiro vs Fly Danger, Hijo De Dr. Pólux Jr., Toto
2) Shadow & Yoruba vs El Gio & El Jr. and Fly Star & Toxin Boy and Kastigador & Vengador
3) Freelance & La Magnifica vs Chik Tormenta & Fly Warrior and Corsario & Felina Metálica
4) Carta Brava Jr. (IWL) & Fantasma de la Ópera vs Misterioso Jr. & Pierroth and Ángel o Demonio & Ovett
5) Drastik Boy & Ronnie Mendoza vs Arez & Belial and Mike Segura & Sádico
6) Pesadilla & Rocky Lobo vs Stuka Jr. & Titán (CMLL) and Cerebro Negro & Dr. Cerebro

It appears to be a Lucha Libre Boom show (they’re the ones selling tickets) where they’re bringing DTU & CMLL luchadors, but the difference is only academic. So many multiteam matches.

Lucha Underground 2×26: Ultima Lucha Dos-Part 3



Aerostar, Fenix, Drago vs Jack Evans, PJ Black, Johnny Mundo (11:49, Fenix Fire Driver Johnny Mundo, great)

Dragon Azteca DQ Black Lotus (4:11, Pentagon attacks Dragon Azteca, OK)

Matanza defeated Pentagon Dark (11:35, Wrath of the Gods, great)

Taya defeated Ivelisse (6:46, northern lights suplex to double stomp, good)

Rey Mysterio defeated Prince Puma (16:40, off the top rope huracanrana, excellent )


guess we need a name for this
guess we need a name for this

Most of the big story points revolved around Pentagon. For one, he’s no longer “Pentagon Jr.”, but “Pentagon Dark..” Vampiro forced Pentagon to destroy his own past self, the self that was not enough to defeat Matanza, to finally become strong enough to beat Matanza. Pentagon Jr. had to be extinguished so Pentagon Dark could live. (That appeared to reference back to the season 2 slogan of “a much darker place”.)

Pentagon was not interested in waiting for his title match, interrupting the Dragon Azteca/Black Lotus match (where Azteca seemed to be winning) by attacking Azteca, then breaking both Lotus and Azteca’s arms as new sacrifices for his maestro. Pentagon indeed was much stronger against Matanza, taking the fight to him from an opening dive and dominating Matanza much more than anyone has yet. Dario seemed concerned and desperate thru most of the match, while Vampiro was unabashedly rooting for his student from the desk. Matanza did put up a fight, but seemed done or very close to it after a Mexican Destroyer. Pentagon did not pin, but looked over to Vampiro, who handed him the same barbed wire bat Vampiro had used earlier in the season. Pentagon took the bat and prepared to swing, only to be stopped by Dario. Pentagon easily stopped Dario and attempted to break his arm once again, only for Matanza to smack Pentagon in the back with the bat. One Wrath of the Gods later, it was over and Matanza had retained his championship once again. (The crowd was not happy with this finish, one of the more noticeable negative reactions.)

crazy splashes all over the place
crazy splashes all over the place

Vampiro tried to console Pentagon after the failure, but Pentagon angrily shoved him away and yelled at Vampiro, blaming him for the advice to use the bat. A disconsolate Vampiro rejoined the announce both, took his medicine, and eventually returned to his normal personality over the course of the following Taya/Ivelisse match. As Striker was closing out the show, Pentagon came thru the crowd behind them and hit Vampiro with the same bat, then took out Striker with a superkick. Pentagon grated the bat across the forehead of a defenseless Vampiro, destroying him while again blaming him for the loss and declaring himself to now be the real maestro. The in-ring season ended with a stare at Vampiro’s face covered in blood.

Dario did keep the title, but his future is less certain. The closing shot of the season was Dario (and only Dario, no Matanza or even Black Lotus) being loaded into a police van and taken away in handcuffs. Dario looked distraught about the situation, but was smiling as the show came to an end, in a repeat to how the first season ended.

springboard imploding tope con giro
springboard imploding tope con giro

There was a bit of unexpected super natural magic in the Taya/Ivelisse match. Ivelisse appeared to be close to victory (though, like Dragon Azteca, it didn’t seem certain) when the lights went out. When they came back on, Catrina had taken the place of the referee. Catrina took out Ivelisse with a Rosa DDT, then the same lights off/lights on trick put the referee back in the ring in time to watch Taya finish Ivelisse off.

The rest of the show was normal wrestling matches, by comparison. The Prince Puma/Rey Mysterio match was previewed with a long look back at how Puma got to this point (with much more Konnan old mic work than we’ve gotten the rest of the season combined), noting Puma was found fighting on the streets by Puma. Puma himself was somewhat darker in this match, both in costume and attitude. His normal arrogance seemed to betray him at moments, especially near the end: Puma paused on the top rope and told Rey Misterio he was sorry before going for the 630, which might have given Rey just enough time to roll out of the way. Rey won with an incredible huracanrana, and generally looked about half his age much of this match.

bad times for Dragon Azteca
bad times for Dragon Azteca

The only unusual thing about the opener was referee Rich Knox throwing a mild fit and demanding both sides start obeying the tag rules. It came after an extended period of the Worldwide Underground swapping in and out without tags, but he acted in time to stop a técnicos triple dive. The match calmed down for a while, but eventually got out of control again, culminating with Jack pulling out Knox as he was making a three count (and maybe knocking him out in the process, since Knox was down for a long time.) Worldwide rudos made copious uses of belt shots in attempt to keep their belts, but their actions were countered by the surprise return of Angelico. Angelico showed up on crutches, but they were more there for offense, as he hit Mundo repeatedly with them as he went for the Fin de Mundo. (Our impression is Mundo was the one who attacked Angelico – Angelico seemed to think so, and Mundo did take his spot on the team with Havoc & Ivelisse the week after he was gone – but Mundo didn’t have time to admit to it.) Fenix plucked Mundo off the top rope and dropped him with the Fire Driver to win the match and the trios titles. Fenix becomes the first and only person to win all three Lucha Underground championships.

End of Season 2 championship

  • Lucha Underground Championship: Mtatanza
  • Gift of the Gods Champion: Sexy Star
  • Lucha Underground Trios Championship: Aerostar, Drago and Fenix

(Of note in the real world, Lucha Underground’s Twitter specifically noted the wait between seasons would not be as long this time. From Dusk till Dawn, El Rey’s other original show, premiers on September 8th, which may factor into the date. )


seems familiar
seems familiar

Ultima Lucha 1 had some matches didn’t work at all, and some segments which wouldn’t great. Nothing on this show was as useless as the Texano/Demon/Chavo truncated segment from last season, but some of the highs didn’t feel as high as last season.

Let’s gett the complaints out of the way first. All Pentagon can seem to do of late is feud with luchadors who paint their face, are mostly bald, and need to do hardcore wrestling as a crutch to get thru matches. The Pentagon Dark video was superb (and also probably a surrogate for a longer end of the season video), but the prospect of more with Vampiro and Pentagon does not fill me with anticipation. My hunch is it was something to save face for Pentagon, after even the transformation wasn’t enough to get him the championship, and made sure we wouldn’t be thinking of Pentagon Dark as a failure during the offseason. (Vampiro as booking sacrifice, more or less.) The thing is, this totally felt like the moment to do the title change, the crowd was ready for it, and instead they’re going with Matanza a while longer with no clear next direction for the champ either.. (That, and the ending scene with extremely small amounts of useful information, did not give me much to ponder during this indeterminate break.)

Mexican Destroyer
Mexican Destroyer

The disappointing ending also hurt the Ivelisse/Taya match; the live crowd didn’t seem to get into it, and it couldn’t follow what we had seen on TV either. Maybe that’s fort he best, it’s never too wise to get into a match which ends via ghostly deportation. The show did strongly foreshadow Catrina getting involved, showing the previous run-ins with Ivelisse this season, but it didn’t quite remind us why they were angry with each other in the first place. (The trios titles? That neither of them care about the moment?) It was a very whatever moment, but at least there’s a direction there.

Dragon Azteca versus Black Lotus got as bad as reviews live as any match I can recall; even months later, when I was back there live, people still felt strongly about how not strong it was. You can’t totally tell by watching it; there’s obviously some edits, and some stuff slipped thru that didn’t look good (or was just plain weird – let’s not go into the chairs!) but they did manage to salvage it enough it where neither character were ruined by the match itself. The ending of the match didn’t do them any favors, but is a bit about how they follow up on it.

Ivelisse German suplex
Ivelisse German suplex

That, buried here many words into this review, is the big difference with Ultima Lucha 2. There were stories set to carry over to the next season, but Ultima Lucha 1 went for a lot of endings, or a lot of ends of acts at least, possibly because it could’ve been the end for all they knew. They know they’ve got at least one more after this one, so a lot of stuff is left waiting for some reaction from the people involved, as if participants were paused in the middle of sentences. Maybe this one will feel stronger in retrospect when there’s about 39 episodes that’ll air, but it definitely feels different right now.

The trios title match was one match which didn’t feel like it totally clicked on Ultima Lucha 1, but did much better this time around. It was a fun, active, high energy lucha trios match. The good guys were really good, the bad guys were not, there were a billion crazy spots, and we got a little bit of unexpected story advancement by the end. The past trios champions have gone their separate ways after losing the titles, but Worldwide Underground obviously should not, they’re too good together, and probably won’t. More matches between these teams would be cool too.

Catrina Special
Catrina Special

The expectations for Rey & Puma were very high, and they exceeded them. Maybe Puma’s just amazing (and he is), but Rey was wrestling like he was half his age. Just unbelievable both the moves he was pulling off and the crispness of the execution, all the way into the finish. This was a battle that build greatly to the finish, both guys wrestling their matches at their best. Puma paying up his arrogance worked great for the end, and gave him an out losing. Not that it totally mattered, with how insanely strong Striker was putting him over by the end. They clearly teased a rematch someday, and I guess we’ll see. I don’t even know what to say about this, this was just incredible.

Season 2 didn’t have the amazement of Season 1, the slow but shocking realization that they were going to pull everything off. Not everything was pulled off as well this season, and there’s definitely bits I could argue long against (and probably have already.) Still, this season had plenty of great moments, was a worthwhile expenditure of 27 hours, and I can’t wait for season 3.

it’s on
Misterio works it out
springboard spinning DDT
this was different

Ultima Lucha 2 tonight, Super J, LA Park off Elite card


CMLL (TUE) 07/19/2016 Arena México [CMLL, thecubsfan, Yahoo! Deportes]
1) Apocalipsis & Camorra b Bengala & Flyer LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 19 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
13:11. Rudos took 2/3.
2) Cancerbero, Metálico, Raziel b Metatrón, Oro Jr., Soberano Jr. LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 19 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
20:08. Rudos took 2/3.
3) Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso, Star Jr. b Fujin, Okumura, Raijin LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 19 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
12:06. Tecnicos took 2/3.
4) Fuego DQ Virus [lightning] LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 19 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
6:53. DQ for Virus unmasking Fuego.
5) Kráneo, Olímpico, Ripper b Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther, Robin LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 19 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
8:40. Invasors took straight falls. Robin replaced Super Porky
6) Pierroth, Rey Escorpión, Sam Adonis b Johnny Idol, Marco Corleone, Máximo Sexy LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 19 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
13:01. Rudos took 1/3.

There have been shows with worse matches, but not shows with less going on. Monday’s show was more disappointing, but this one simply had nothing going on. On some level, when you’re running 156 streaming events a year, not every one is going to be a success. The thing is, this wasn’t a failed effort. CMLL is a promotion with two dozen title belts and over a hundred luchadors who have no particular direction but probably desperately want something to do. There’s no reason there should ever be a show without a feud or a direction, and that only can happen if people are dedicated to making shows as dead as possible. They succeeded here.

No Super Porky booking should be taken seriously at this point. He could work, or it could be anyone else, there’s absolutely no way of knowing and CMLL’s surely not going to say so. No one’s said anything, but the easy guess is health issues might have finally caught up with him to the point where he can’t get the ring.

Hints suggest Rush missed Monday due to injury, though I could be misreading them. (LA Park equally being now off Elite’s show at least suggests another explanation.) Missing shows due to injury is fine, but not advertising changes is not fine. It’s not hard.

CMLL’s recap of Stuka’s visit to ROH emphasizes he had a visual pin off his torpedo splash and that he demanded a rematch against evil Kamaitachi.

Tonight is Lucha Underground’s second season final, the third part of Ultima Lucha 3. Matches advertised on the show, in the order they

  • Black Lotus vs Dragon Azteca Jr.
  • Taya vs Ivelisse (Ivelisse promo, Taya promo)
  • PJ Black, Jack Evans and Johnny Mundo (c) vs Aerostar, Fenix, and Drago for the Lucha Underground Trios championship
  • Matanza (c) vs Pentagon Jr. for the Lucha Underground Championship (Vampiro training Pentagon video)
  • Rey Mysterio vs Prince Puma (entrances)

There was a brief 6th match taped, though it’s possible it was a dark match or something only to air if they were short on time or needed something to break up commercial breaks. You don’t miss much if it doesn’t air.

There’s also a half hour season 2 recap and a Dario Cueto State of the Union address

There’s stuff outside the matches worth anticipating, in different levels of importance. Lucha Underground has said we’ll get more about the limo guy. (Last year, we got a little bit more about Matanza, a glimpse of him, and I’d set my expectations the same for limo guy.)

Last season’s finale ended with a two minute closing video. That existed for a specific purpose, to leave open the possibility of the show moving to a different taping location. It was also memorable and iconic enough that they probably have to do it again to end this season.

In the biggest picture, getting some sort of estimate of when Season 3 might start airing would be the best news. Lucha Underground has suggested it be sometime in the fall, but I’ve heard enough different dates for both when it might air and when they might start on season 4 that I don’t really trust any of them. El Rey’s only other active original show, From Dusk till Dawn, is supposed to air a 10 episode Season 3 also sometime during the fall. A trailer for that show will air during tonight’s Lucha Underground; perhaps the two will air together, or maybe LU doesn’t come back until after that show finishes. Or maybe it’s on some other strategy.

SB Nation’s Spencer Hall wrote the best thing on Lucha Underground that any one’s ever written. And wrestling, and inter-gender wrestling. I think I met the guy with the Wrestling is An Art sign, but not at that taping.

On Friday’s Martinez Promociones show in Texas, Mystique took Chik Tormenta’s hair in a battle of masked women, and Low Rider lost his hair to Silver Tiger.

Lucha Memes says there will be a Chairo vs IWRG FILL cibernetico soon.  That sounds like a fun time.

The latest Winter Palace podcast interviews Sam Adonis.

Black Terry Jr. has plenty of highlights: Los Traumas vs Drako & Corsario Negro, Sadico vs Rey Celestial vs Fandango (said to be really good), Wotam vs Terremoto Negro, Yoruba, Kilvan, Shadow vs the Fulgors & Andy Boy, Fly Warrior vs Ludark and Impulso, Arez, Belial vs Latigo, Centvrion, Rayo Star vs Prayer, Brole, and Mini Multifacetico

RobViper has a music video of 07/13 & 20/2010 CMLL C3

Segunda Caida reviews La Sombra, Marco Corleone, Shocker vs Dragon Rojo, Ultimo Guerrero, Volador Jr. from 2012.

Mala Hierba talk about their Innova Aztec Power show.

Cross Arm Breaker reviews Charly Manson versus Negro Casas

Marco Corleone is among many ex-WWE wrestlers who are part of a lawsuit suing the company. His statement in the suit is here.

Lucha Libre in Japan

07/20 NJPW: Will Ospreay defeated Titan in the first round of the Super J Cup, as expected. Match was good, if not great. Esfinge has a better spinny kick than Will Ospreay.


ELITE (THU) 07/21/2016 Arena México
1) La Jarochita & Marcela vs Amapola & Muñeca De Plata
2) El Bandido & Emperador Azteca vs Heddi Karaoui & Príncipe Orión
3) Golden Magic, Metaleón, Titán vs Argos, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Magnus
Magno was originally announced, but Magnus replaced him on the poster update.
4) Teddy Hart vs Rey Escorpión [Liga Elite]
5) Mr. Electro & Sharly Rockstar vs Groon XXX & Súper Crazy
Grond XXX replaced Xtreme Tiger in the card update
6) Xtreme Tiger vs Diamante Azul [Liga Elite]
Xtreme Tiger replaced LA Park in the card update

LA Park is off the card, which leaves this as a really weak card. Park might be suspended, he might have left, who knows. Third match is still the best looking match.

Sharlie & Electro talk about teaming up, while Grond talks about returning to Arena Mexico.

CMLL (MON) 07/25/2016 Arena Puebla
1) Asturiano, París, Zaeta Roja vs Guerrero Espacial, Rey Apocalipsis, Toro Bill Jr.
2) Flyer, Pegasso, Tigre Rojo Jr. vs Cancerbero, Fuerza Chicana, Raziel
3) Estrellita & Lluvia vs Dalys & Zeuxis
4) Máximo Sexy, Stigma, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpión, Skándalo
5) Black Tiger & King Jaguar vs Ares & Disturbio [relevos suicidas]
6) ? vs ?? [mask, hair]
7) Volador Jr. vs Último Guerrero

Both men are champions but neither title is on the line in the main event

Relevos suicidas usually team rivals so the resulting apuesta match – whichever teams loses faces each other – is a feud people want to see end. I’m guessing they’re ending Black Tiger & King Jaguar

They could’ve done that same women’s tag match if Esterllita wrestled instead of Isis this past week. Fourth match is a rematch too.

Tigre Rojo Jr. is back for the first time six months (right after appearing on the Arkangel show.)

There’s going to be some short matches or this will be a long show.

CMLL (TUE) 07/26/2016 Arena México
1) Robin & Sensei vs Apocalipsis & Cholo
2) Hombre Bala Jr., Magnus, Starman vs El Cuatrero, Sangre Azteca, Sansón
3) Blue Panther Jr., Fuego, Tritón vs Puma, Tiger, Virus
4) The Panther vs Luciferno [lightning]
5) Ángel de Oro, Máscara Dorada, Stuka Jr. vs Euforia, Felino, Hechicero
6) Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Máximo Sexy vs Ephesto, Rey Escorpión, Ripper

A show! A better looking show than this past week.

Mascara Dorada is still around and probably will be for a while still.

CMLL (TUE) 07/26/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Mágico & Neutrón vs Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno
2) Aéreo, Astral, Shockercito vs Demus 3:16, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico
3) Esfinge, Guerrero Maya Jr., Star Jr. vs Misterioso Jr., Okumura, Sagrado
4) Johnny Idol, Titán, Valiente vs Sam Adonis, Shocker, Vangellys
5) Carístico, Marco Corleone, Volador Jr. vs Gran Guerrero, Mephisto, Niebla Roja

Caristico listed again this week, though what he’ll be able to do is a question. Maybe more on this when official results turn up, but the deal last night was Caristico did show up for his match as scheduled. However, during the match (seemingly early in the match), Mephisto gave him a martinete, Caristico was stretchered out and Diamante Azul (not booked but miraculously in Guadalajara and in his gear ready to go) took his place. Caristico came back to distract the rudos, and probably set up this feud with Mephisto. Caristico was in the match long enough to be noticed as not wrestling well, so he’s probably working thru the injury to some extent. It’s better than him just not showing up due with no explanation, though it reads like still a bit of bait and switch.

Anyway, THIS show: they’re setting up a Caristico/Mephisto match soon, I’d guess.

great match roundup, week of 2016-07-02

Lots of not good matches this week. I really didn’t like a lot of that Tuesday show. I probably underrated Havoc/Cage. It didn’t occur to me how great the midcard matches have been on Friday until putting this together.


rating matches TV Show taped
great Máscara Dorada, Rey Cometa, Titán vs Cavernario, Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpión CMLL on 2016-07-08 2016-07-08
great Volador Jr. © vs Kushida for the NWA World Welterweight Championship CMLL on 2016-07-08 2016-07-08
good Astro, Centella Roja, París vs Guerrero Espacial, Mini Joker, Saurón CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-07-04 2016-07-04
good Esfinge, Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa vs Bobby Z, Okumura, Virus CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-07-04 2016-07-04
good Kushida, Máscara Dorada, Michael Elgin vs Felino, Tama Tonga, Tangaroa CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-07-04 2016-07-04
good the Mack vs Cage [falls count anywhere] and in a tournament semifinal match Lucha Underground: 2016-07-06 2016-01-30
good Son of Havoc vs Texano Jr. [bar fight] and in a tournament semifinal match Lucha Underground: 2016-07-06 2016-01-30
good the Mack vs Son of Havoc in a tournament final match and [falls count anywhere] Lucha Underground: 2016-07-06 2016-01-30
good Esfinge, Fuego, Tritón vs Bobby Z, Hechicero, Virus CMLL on 2016-07-08 2016-07-08
good Xtreme Tiger vs Rey Escorpión in a Liga Elite match Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-07-08 2016-07-07
good La Jarochita & Lluvia vs Keira & Muñeca De Plata Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-07-08 2016-07-07
ok Damián 666 & Nicho el Millionario vs Joe Lider & Pentagón Jr. and Monsther Clown & Murder Clown AAA on Televisa: 2016-07-02 2016-06-16


Casas & Shocker keep tag titles, Cibernetico out, Rush vs LA Park in Monterrey

Zeuxis double knee smash
Zeuxis double knee smash

CMLL (SUN) 07/17/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Domingos Familiares]
1) Quca b El Tapatío
2) Sky Kid & Smaker b Diplomático & Relámpago
Hermanos del Aire (Sky Kid & Smaker) return in their return to the building, taking 1/3.
3) Carlo Roggi, Exterminador, Gran Kenut b Johnny Dinamo, León Blanco, Randy
Rudos took 2/3. Exterminador & Randy are not feuding, the rudo winning when Roggi helped turn over a pin and helped hold the pin.
4) Frezzer, Neutrón, Reyko DQ El Chakal, Mr. Apolo, Sádico
Tecnicos took 1/3. Sadico unmasked Reyko for the DQ.
5) Flash II, Magnum, Nautilius b Maléfico, Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno
Tecnicos took 1/3.

The feud turns out not to be in the main event, but new ones in the undercard.

CMLL (MON) 07/18/2016 Arena Puebla [CMLL, thecubsfan]
Arena Puebla 63rd Anniversary
1) El Heredero, El Malayo, Hijo del Signo b Arkalis, Meyer, Rey Samuray LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 18 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
18:35. Rudos took 2/3.
2) Ares & Disturbio b Black Tiger & King Jaguar LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 18 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
8:50. Straight falls for Ares & Disturbio, cheating to win fall 2. This set up a relevos suicidas for next week (though sides weren’t clear.)
3) Dalys & Zeuxis b Lluvia & Reyna Isis LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 18 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
8:31. Vaquerita didn’t make the show, so Estrellita didn’t wrestle and Isis moved to the tecnica side. Rudas took 2/3.
4) Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpión, Skándalo b Máximo Sexy, Stigma, Valiente LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 18 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
10:04. Rudos took 2/3.
5) Marco Corleone & Volador Jr. DQ Atlantis & Último Guerrero [Relevos Increíbles] LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 18 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
9:12. Marco Corleone replaced Rush. Marco & Voaldor took 2/3, the last when UG fouled Rush. This set up a singles match next week.
6) Negro Casas & Shocker © b La Máscara & Sharlie Rockstar [CMLL TAG] LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 18 DE JULIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
13:10. Casas & Shocker took 2/3 to keep the titles (though Mascara kicked out before three.) 10th defense

Show was not fun and should be avoided. There’s no explanation at all for Rush not appearing, which gives us free reign to speculate irresponsibility. (Maybe CMLL has no control over LA Park but can make Rush pay for their match? Maybe Rush just picked up an injury working three shows in two days and skipped out on this show? Maybe Rush was working on his WWE mock draft? Who can say. Rush could, he was on Twitter this morning, but he did not say.)

Calling it an Anniversary show was a way to get a big house out of a build up show; the real big show is next week. UG/Volador is set (and non-title, so the winner is more uncertain.) I’m not exactly sure what the matchup is for the other big match. Even the TV announcers didn’t know it was meant to be a relevos suicidas at first, and it’s a different match depending on who teams with whom.

Today’s CMLL Mexico show is main evented by Maximo, Johnny Idol, and Marco Corleone against Sam Adonis, Rey Escorpion, and Pierroth. There’s no feuds carrying over from last week, no new people debuting, and the lightning (Fuego/Virus) is a repeat of one from a few weeks ago. The preview lists no changes, though Super Porky has been missing a decent amount of his matches. The most interesting match is Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso and Star Jr. versus Fujin, Raijin and Okumura in the tercera; it’s the first streaming appearance for the NJPW rookies in four weeks. The show will air at 7:30pm CT, om and YouTube as normal.

CMLL’s back on the NJPW World scheduled for this Friday’s show (Saturday Tokyo time.) No word if it’s region blocked, but the show will still air on ClaroSports as always.

AAA TripleMania on 08/28 in Arena Ciudad de Mexico
1: Psycho Clown vs Pagano in a mask versus hair match
2: Mary Apache & Faby Apache vs Averno & Chessman

The idea is Averno & Chessman finally agreed to the match after Mary cost them the tag titles. They’d still be tag champs if they had only not been so stubborn! I hope we’ve all learned an important lesson (don’t mess with the Apaches.) The match will be probably be good but it’s even more helpful as something that’ll get attention in places this TripleMania card will not. It may not always been positive attention, but there is a need to do something to get people starting to talk about this show when they don’t have the star power of last year.

AAA’s announcing these one at time, but we pretty much know Pentagon/Mundo is set and Texano/Wagner/Cage as well. It gets very fuzzy after that.

On Facebook, Pagano is upset people are writing off his match with Psycho Clown because they know he’s losing his hair. (Mr. Lucha noted this first.) I am not a fan of Pagano or that match but if you are a fan of Pagano, I’d think you’d be happy about this. He’s been doing stupid stuff for little to no pay for quite a while, and he’s actually going to do less of the stupid stuff and make a lot of money (by AAA relative standards) for once. He’s also lost every single apuesta match he’s ever been in that we can find, at least he figured out a way to do it at TripleMania for once. (Unless you’ve convinced yourself Pagano matches are ‘real’ and all the other ones are ‘fake’ and are upset he’s doing the fake stuff now, which is a decent possibility with Pagano fans.)

Oakland Raiders’ running back Latavius Murray visited the AAA show in Mexico City.

Cibernetico is out two months after (unspecified) surgery. Caristico is out for an indeterminate time, so both of the top stars of Elite aren’t around right now. LA Park suddenly becomes even more valuable to the group.

DTU/Lucha Libre Boom on 08/13 in Arena Lopez Mateos
1: El Gio, El Junio vs Yoruba, Shadow vs Vengador, Kastigador vs Flystar, Toxin Boy
2: Ovett & Angel o Demonio vs Misterioso & Pierroth vs Carta Brava & Fantasma de la Opera
3: Sadico & Mike Suicida vs Ronnie Mendoza & Draztick Boy vs Arez & Belial
4: Dr. Cerebro & Cerebro Negro vs Pesadilla & Rocky Lobo (c) vs Stuka Jr. & Titan [DTU NEXO]

Guess Titan is still on good terms with the promotion after whatever happened with the Neza show. Titan’s Super J Cup match takes place early Wednesday morning (4:30 AM CT.) I’m not sure if I’m going to stay up for it; Wednesday is going to be a long day either way.

I got to be a guest on the Strong Style Story podcast, helping preview the Super J Cup.

Chilanga Mask 08/21 show in Coacalco
1: Black Terry vs Wotan
2: Caifan 3 vs Solar
3: Roberto Paz Jr. vs Jeque
4: Laredo Kid vs Extreme Tiger vs Jason Kincaid
5: The Platino & Mr. Maldito vs El Sagrado & Bobby Z
6: David Crist & Jason Gory vs Akon (Arez) & Impulso

Crist and his brother were supposed to appear for ChilangaMask long ago, but things happened and they didn’t make the trip, as he notes in a promo building up his appearance. Match should be interesting if he makes it this time; I’ve seen him on AAW shows and he’s been good.

Lucha Memes 08/21 in Club Atlantico, Mexico City.
1: Virus vs Alberto Dos Rios
2: Zafiro vs Arez

Arez gets announced for two matches in the same day on the same day. This Zafiro is the Juarez luchadora, who teased her match in a YouTube promo. She wrestled in a women’s tag match back on WrestleMania weekend in Texas, in a match I remember hearing was very over despite not being very good.

Konnan, Blue Demon Jr. & Dr. Wagner Jr. will appear on Monterrey’s ColiseoMania IV show on 09/04. That might be his Konnan’s wrestling show appearance since leaving AAA, though he definitely hasn’t disappeared.

The streaming service, which was promoting carrying Lucha Underground along with it’s soccer coverage, says it’s gone up 50% in quarter 2. It’s still only 71K viewers and no idea how many are watching LU, but I hadn’t seen an estimate about how many people were using those kind of services. (I’d still suspect a lot more people have the larger SlingTV service.)

Matches from the WWS Women’s promotion are starting to show up on the Stardom World subscription service, with the promotion suggesting more will come.

Fenix will face Will Ospreay on night one of PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. Fenix will probably exit the tournament after one round, but it’ll be a great one round. Fenix is also back on Twitter, this time at @fenixanimo.

On his latest podcast, Kushida said he believes CMLL only made the match with him and Volador after they found out the show was going to air on NJPW World.

LuchaWorld has the latest news update and this week’s Poster-Mania.

The latest Podcast Boom talks about AAA’s most recent show in Monterrey and AAA pay.

Black Terry Jr. posted highlights of Black Metal & Belial vs Astrolux & Baby Star, Draztick Boy vs Freelance, Rush vs Caifan and Sadico vs Aramis.

CageSide Seats has a photo gallery from the Atlantis Mucha Lucha show.

There’s a bus trip from Guadalajara to the CaraLucha show this Saturday, for the (Jalisco) Muchas Luchas vs CaraLucha match.

Guerrero Negro Jr. is listed on the AAA card in Nuevo Laredo on Monday, so he’s probably at least getting a look at being brought in.

Cross Arm Breaker reviews Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi from 01/09/2015Negro Casas vs Maximo from 01/11/2015 and Ciclon Ramirez vs Javier Cruz from 06/10/1994


IWRG (WED) 07/20/2016 Arena Naucalpan
1) Bambino, Canario, Rey Flecha vs Fly Tiger, Magic Dragón, Último Caballero
2) Ángel De La Muerte I & Ángel De La Muerte II vs Skanda & Vampiro Metálico
3) Alas de Acero, Aramis, Dragón Fly vs Araña de Plata, Demonio Infernal, Guerrero 2000
4) Vardeus vs Keshin Black, Osiris, Keiser Drago, Omega
5) Adrenalina, Blue Monsther, Emperador Azteca, Galaxy, Hijo del Alebrije, Kanon, Power Bull, Shadow Boy vs Eddy Santos, Juana La Loca, Lord Phantom, Rey Profeta, Rosario Negro,Vengador, Viajero Extremo, Viajero Jr.
Gym FILL (Black Terry) vs Gym Infierno (Judas)

FILL 52. The outsiders are from other Mexico State towns, including Tultitlan.

ELITE (THU) 07/21/2016 Arena México
1) La Jarochita & Marcela vs Amapola & Muñeca De Plata
2) El Bandido & Emperador Azteca vs Heddi Karaoui & Príncipe Orión
3) Golden Magic, Metaleón, Titán vs Argos, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Magno
4) Teddy Hart vs Rey Escorpión [Liga Elite]
5) Mr. Electro & Sharly Rockstar vs Extreme Tiger & Súper Crazy
6) LA Park vs Diamante Azul [Liga Elite]

Lineup isn’t out the internet, but that’s an Elite/internet thing, it’s posted already. Of the four people listed in Liga Elite matches, three were not in the tournament to start. Extreme Tiger is actually in the tournament and could’ve faced LA Park if they wanted to do a match that made sense but we’re getting past that point.

The semimain is the first time the Electro/Rockstar brothers will be on the same team in 5 years.

Titan would almost literally have to get off the plane and get into the ring to make this match, so don’t count on him making this match (and it’s unclear why they booked him in the first place.)

MDA (SUN) 07/31/2016 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Mini Hator vs Mini Difunto
2) Chamaco Gurrola vs Tekilita
3) Epydemius, Ninja Jr., Obsesión, Último Ninja vs Golden Magic, Lince, Metaleón, Tormento [super libre]
4) Delta & Hijo de LA Park vs Galactar & Laredo Kid
5) El Divo, El Hijo del Solitario, La Máscara vs Pierroth, Rambo, Silver King
6) Hijo De Octagon & Octagón vs Fuerza Guerrera & Juventud Guerrera
7) Atlantis vs Caifan
8) LA Park vs Rush [super libre]

The rematch of LA Park versus Rush in a super libre match takes place on 07/31 in Monterrey. (This match may air on TV as soon as 08/07, but Monterrey TV is totally inconsistent and even the people who are part of the show have no idea when it airs.) No one in Monterrey is going to stop a match for getting out of control, many Konnan Big matches have taught me that, but there’s also a 100% chance of some sort of screw job finish. Should still be fun. Atlantis/Caifan in Monterrey would make this worth watching on it’s own.

Eric makes the case for LA Park vs Rush being the anniversary main event.