Lucha Underground 1×27: Ancient Medallions

Aerostar & Jack


Aerostar defeats Jack Evans (8:29, top rope Canadian Destroyer)
Fenix [O] defeats Sexy Star, Pentagon Jr. [X], King Cuerno, Cage, the Mack, Killshot (10:14, standing moonsault)
Hernandez defeats Alberto el Patron (5:07, cover after Johnny Mundo put Alberto thru the office window)

all the gifs for the show are here.


Jack’s not going to be able to wrestle when he’s 30

Dario revealed to his brother, the monster in the cage, he spent half his father’s fortune on acquiring seven ancient Azteca medallions. (There’s one for each tribe.) Naturally, now he’s going to have people fight over them. Dario explained it as wanting to recreate the battles originally fought for them, but I suspect those ancient battles had less package piledrivers. Dario just wants violence, though he noted that a person holding all seven would be like holding a gift from gods and might be strong than the monster.

Dario didn’t really let anyone else in on this plan, not until he called seven wrestlers to the ring for an unexplained match. Dario appeared prior it to explain the seven medallions, saying they could grant immortality, and they’d be given out in a series of matches to come. The seven way match here was the first of those matches, a wild match full of action and pinfall break ups. Pentagon and Sexy Star had issues during the match, but pretty much everyone fought everyone else. Fenix finally took the win.

Fenix was resting in the locker room after the match when Cartina (with spooky light powers) confronted him. She’s against Fenix now. The best I can figure, judging from her always not quite straigthforward dialogue, is she was working with Mil’s best interests (or at least own belief in Mil’s best interests) all along. Catrina manipulated Fenix into killing Mil Muertes because Mil is all about dying, and presumably he’ll be back stronger this time. Catrina definitely warned Fenix that Mil was coming back stronger. Fenix reached out to get her, but Catrina disappeared. Fenix wasn’t alone though – three mystery masked man in green lightning leaped were lurking on the top of the lockers, leaping off as the segment ended.

one knockdown after another

That wasn’t the only locker room. Earlier, the Mack caught Big Ryck counting out a new stack of bills but couldn’t get an answer about who it was from. Ryck accussed Mack of being in the Temple to make the people happy, but Ryck is there to make money because that’s all that matters. Ryck came off as if he was shifting back towards the rudo side, or at least the mercenary side. Mack stuck with the tecnico side in his match and he and Killshot appeared to be fighting Cuerno & Cage after their seven way match was over.

Someone else definitely leading towards the rudo side was the debuting Jack Evans. Within the first 30 seconds, he was walking on his hands, urging people to look him up on YouTube, and screaming that he had invented lucha libre. Jack’s over the top rudo act kept him booed while he and Aerostar were having their own crazy match, including Jack doing a 450 splash to the floor. Aerostar had a hurt leg near the end of the match, allowing Jack to catch up to him on the top rope, but Aerostar surprised everyone with a top rope Canadian Destroyer for the surprise win.

Dario continued his plan to get the trios titles to the Crew by telling Angelico, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse they’d be forced to face the rudos in a ladder match for the titles. Dario offered to just let them vacant the title due to Ivelisse’s injury, but they – and she – refused to give up.

The #1 contenders match was the main event, but probably the shortest match on the show. Dario had declared there must be a winner by pinfall or submission, which turned out to be pivotal. Alberto had an early chance to set up for the armbar when Johnny Mundo ran down and tripped Alberto out of the ring, then threw him thru office window. (Dario, in the office, reacted by getting himself a new drink.) Mundo threw Alberto in and gave Hernandez an easy win. Mundo offered no explanation past “This is MY world!”


Cage is strong, but not invulnerable

Another great episode. The Aerostar/Jack Evans match totally exceeded my expectations. I know both guys were good if given the chance, but I was expecting this more to be along the lines of a five minute establishing win for Jack. Jack got established and looked good, but Aerostar was treated like an important guy even after he lost the Best of Five. (It probably did help that it was the one match I didn’t know the finish too and was generally surprised – point for anti-spoiler crowd.)

7 way was the epitome of a crazy spot fest. It wasn’t just the spots themselves though, it was third guys running in to get in their two cents and moves piling on moves. Everyone came off as a big star, they touched on the Pentagon/Sexy issues, and they snuck in a Cage/Cuerno vs Killshot/Mack feud in the background. Pentagon had his moment of being the world’s greatest luchador before getting beat, which is the way it goes for him sometimes. Everyone had their moments.

Johnny Mundo breakthru moment

The Catrina/Mil Muertes/Fenix story could use a moment to breath and explain. I think it’s a little bit intended to be mysterious, because Catrina and Mil Muertes are mythic creatures and explaining them grounds them in reality too much, but there’s it’s got to be clearer why they’re hitting a big cosmic reset button on their set up. There’s some good aspects of this, the new trios teaser introduction came off great, but it would benefit by grabbing the viewer by the hand and walking thtem thru what’s supposed to be going on.

Main event was not really clicking at the same level as the other matches, but it was the match which could didn’t need ot be epic – the glass breaking angle was going to trump a better match anyway. It came off as a big deal, along the lines of the Blue Demon Jr. injury angle from the first set of episodes and the crowd totally went with it.


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En Busca de un Idolo returns, Lucha Underground preview, Stuka/Maximo

photo by Alexis Salazar

CMLL (TUE) 05/12/2015 Arena México [CMLL, Yahoo! Deportes]
1) Apocalipsis & Inquisidor b Bengala & Leono
Leono and Bengala screwed up, losing to their loss.
2) Acero, Fantasy, Shockercito b Mercurio, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Violencia
Acero replaced Stukita. Mercurio tried to foul Shockercito, but Shockercito blocked it and pulled him in a reinera for the win.
3) Boby Zavala, Sangre Azteca, Tiger b Oro Jr., Pegasso, Stigma
4) Ángel de Oro b Ripper [lightning]  (posted by YouTube Help)
Mecedora in 9:15
5) Ephesto, Hechicero, Vangellys b Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Stuka Jr.
Stuka Jr. replacd Valiente on Monday. Ephesto trpaped Maya with his cradle.
6) Marco Corleone, Máximo, Valiente DQ Rey Bucanero, Shocker, Terrible
Valiente replaced Rush on Monday. Straight falls, Shocker fouling Maximo in the second.

Hechicero put Stuka in a new hold (above) and asked the fans to come up with a name for it. La Warlock? It seems like both big Shocker (vs Maximo, for the heavyweight title) and small Shocker (the mini vs Mercurio, who’s hair has been getting longer) in the near future. Only one of those feuds actually continues next week though.

The big news from the show is probably the announcement of the 2015 En Busca de un Idolo. There had been rumors CMLL was skipping that competition this year. CMLL had updated the website for that competition about a month ago with the smallest of teases, so it might have been in the planning stages for a while. Esfinge’s vague comment about upcoming tournaments he wanted to be in might also have been about this. We don’t know anything about the competition, especially including if it’ll still air on Terra, outside of the Twitter message announcing it. The timing suggests a video promo aired during the show last night, and CMLL Informa will probably at least reair that.

Today’s Lucha Underground is episode 27, “Ancient Medallions”

  • Aerostar vs Jack Evans
  • Fenix vs Sexy Star vs The Mack vs Killshot vs Cage vs Cuerno vs Pentagon Jr. for a Medallion
  • Alberto el Patron vs Hernandez, winner is #1 contender

Opener is Jack’s debut. He’s not quite the same guy he currently is in AAA. There’s 14 hours left this season, still a lot of time, but you’ll see the start of some stories which will take them all the way to the season finale. (It feels like LU had their top 3 matches for that finale nearly 4 months from now figured out before this block of episodes – before episode 25 – but there are seeds of things even earlier.)  The Medallion storyline starts to move characters on one path, and events in the main event will move a lot of characters in different directions.

There’s a Dario office scene released early, but it’s actually more for building to next week’s episode – the trios champions find out a match they’ll be having on 05/20. There’s also a clip of Fenix and Catrina, which is also a preview of upcoming attractions.

This is the first appearance for Sexy Star & Pentagon Jr. since their singles match, and for Mack since the trios tournament wrapped up.

Texano, Psycho Clown and Fantasma insist the importance of representing Mexico in the Lucha World Cup has gotten them to work together in the cup, though Texano says he’s back to feuding with Psycho Clown as soon as it’s over.

El Gallo & Esfinge kept the Occidnete Tag Team championship in Guadalajara.

Rey Escorpion says he wants a hair match with Ultimo Guerrero, and also claims he, Polvora and Dragon Rojo are getting a new team name this time around.

FULL held a press conference at Carpa Astro to promote their TV taping on Thursday. That’s an old Mexico City stop in the 80s and early 90s; I want to say CMLL event taped TV there once in the early 90s. It’s fitting for the FULL show, another with luchadors from the 80s and 90s. It was announced as the first of four shows at the facility, adding it to Gimnasio Agustin Milan in Toluca as a regular stop for the promotion. +LuchaTV has words about the show from Tinieblas, as part of a ton of new videos on their channel.

CaraLucha announced Volador Jr. will be part of their 05/30 show. CMLL’s own preview for Friday’s Leyendas de Plata is “Mephisto vs Volador!!! and some other people.” +LuchaTV is doing a series on all the Bestiario I contestants: they’ve got Wasson, Puma Galactico, Pegazus, Centella Atomica, Principe Aereo and Heredero Maya so far.

There are many lucha libre shows as political rallies for local candidates in the lead up to the next Mexican election. This one had Blue Demon Jr. and Huracan Ramirez.

SuperLuchas looks back at shows from May 12.

DJ Spectro writes about Rene Guajarado, Alberto Munoz and Sangre Chicana & MS-1 vs Fishman & Perro Aguayo Jr.

Matt D & Segunda Caida writes about Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero vs Hijo del Santo & Negro Casas from November 2001.

El Popular talked to Delta and Guerrero Maya Jr., who wants to win a mask or a hair.


CMLL (TUE) 05/19/2015 Arena México
1) Metatrón & Molotov vs Espanto Jr. & Inquisidor
2) La Vaquerita & Skadi vs Reyna Isis & Tiffany
3) Hombre Bala Jr., Soberano Jr., Súper Halcón Jr. vs Puma, Raziel, Sangre Azteca
4) Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Virus [lightning]
5) Ángel de Oro, Fuego, Stuka Jr. vs Boby Zavala, Ephesto, Hechicero
6) La Sombra, Máximo, Mistico vs Shocker, Terrible, Vangellys

More Maximo/Shocker, but the minis are off for a challenging women’s match. Maya/Virus in a lightning match is always good, and the tercera looks promising as well.

CMLL (TUE) 05/19/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) El Divino & Linterna Verde Jr. vs El Chakal & Évola
2) Flyer, Magnus, Pepe Aguayo vs Canelo Casas, Metálico, Sádico
3) Blue Panther Jr., The Panther, Tritón vs Kamaitachi, Okumura, Tiger
4) Blue Panther, Super Porky, Valiente vs Kráneo, Morphosis, Rey Escorpión
5) La Máscara, Marco Corleone, Rush vs Ephesto, Euforia, Mephisto

Ingobernables against a rudo trio they don’t usually face. Tercera could be good.


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great match roundup, week of 2015-03-28

Good/Great/Excellent matches

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2015-03-28
taped 2015-03-17 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
Negro Casas & Shocker © vs Marco Corleone & Rush for the CMLL World Tag Team Championship: [good]

CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-03-28

taped 2015-03-24 @ Arena México

Blue Panther, Tritón, Valiente vs Boby Zavala, Hechicero, Luciferno: [good]
Dragon Lee, La Sombra, Stuka Jr. vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas: [good]

CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2015-03-28

taped 2015-03-20 @ Arena México
Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi for the mask: [excellent]
Máximo & Volador Jr. vs Rey Bucanero & Terrible for the hair: [good]

This was also the week with the Perro Aguayo Jr. tribute show, which was very well done.

Shows Watched But Nothing Worthwhile


Matches To Watch Later


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Guadalajara, Puebla, IWRG returns

CMLL (SUN) 05/10/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [CMLL]
1) Dinamo b Relampago
Dinamo got the surprise win in his debut.
2) Meteoro & Star Black DCOR El Piraña & Guerrero de la Muerte
No one could return back to the ring in time after tecnico dives, so this was the second DCOR in three weeks.
3) Évola & Gitano b El Divino & Reycko
Evola replaced Thunder Boy, Reycko replaced Metatron.
4) Furia Roja, Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno b El Chakal, Joker, Sádico
5) Gallo, Pepe Aguayo, Virgo vs Exterminador, Maléfico, Ráfaga
Exterminador beat Virgo, setting up a title match next week.

CMLL (MON) 05/11/2015 Arena Puebla [Periodco Enfoque]
1) Black Tiger & Robin b Ares & Hijo del Signo
2) Fuerza Chicana, King Jaguar, Metálico b Flyer, Lestat, Soberano Jr.
Soberano Jr. suffered a left knee injury fighting Metalico.
3) Delta, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. b Morphosis, Pierroth, Sangre Azteca
4) Ángel de Oro, La Máscara, La Sombra b Kráneo, Rey Escorpión, Ripper
5) Negro Casas, Shocker, Último Guerrero b Atlantis, Máximo, Rush
Negro Casas replaced Mr. Niebla. Shocker beat Rush, setting up a singles match next week.

Today’s CMLL main event is Terrible, Shocker, Rey Bucanero versus Maximo, Marco Corleone and Valiente. The last luchador is a change; this was originally scheduled to be a rare Rush appearance on Tuesady in Arnea Mexico. Stuka Jr. is added to the card to take Valiente’s spot in the semimain, and Acero replaces Stukita in the minis match. Lightning match is Angel de Oro versus Ripper.

Guadalajara has the Arena Coliseo champions Misterioso & Sagrado taking on the Occidente Tag Team champions Gallo & Esfinge. They’re not going to be combined the two barely useful championships, for this is CMLL, with only the local titles on the line.

No mention, as far as I could tell, of Lucha Underground at the Univison upfront. The second season on Unimas and El Rey remains up on the air, but it doesn’t seem like the hope of moving to a bigger network worked out. Again, it didn’t seem like something that was particularly realistic at this point in time.

Box Y Lucha returned to publishing this past week. Interestingly, it was the box (Mayweather/Pacquiao) which seems to have gotten them to publish an issue. Maybe they’ll do another one this upcoming weekend with Canelo.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and this week’s PosterMania.

Black Terry Jr. has highlights of Mamba & Diva Salavje vs the Apaches with Taya as ref and Black Mamba wrestling in an earlier six way match.

SuperLuchas looks back at Babe Face vs Gran Hamada.

Pequeno Joker took Brole Extreme’s hair in Puebla.

Solar says he has the holds to beat Alberto, Myzteziz and Rey Jr.

Chiapas referee Ardilla Voladora passed away.


IWRG (SUN) 05/17/2015 Arena Naucalpan
1) Aeroman & Alas de Acero vs Araña de Plata & Atomic Star
2) Canon & Dragón Celestial vs Picudo Jr. & Pleve
3) Leo, Mike, Rafy, Teelo vs Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo, Electro Boy, Imposible
4) Hijo De Dos Caras vs Black Terry, Metaleón, Hijo de Pirata Morgan,Danny Casas, X-Fly, Relámpago, Mr. Leo, Emperador Azteca, Hip Hop Man, Súper Nova, Veneno, Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Eterno, Canis Lupus, Golden Magic, Máscara Sagrada, Hijo de Mascara Sagrada, Pantera I, Pantera II [Guerra Revolucionaria]
luchadors become lumberjacks with straps when they’re eliminated from the match

IWRG’s back after mysteriously taking a week off and not airing a new TV episode in a couple weeks. This poster is missing the AYM logo – looking back, it seems like that’s been missing the 05/03 show. Not a good sign.

CMLL (MON) 05/18/2015 Arena Puebla
1) Leono & Sensei vs Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr.
2) Black Tiger, Lestat, Starman vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Disturbio, Furia Chicana
3) Estrellita, Goya Kong, Marcela vs Amapola, Reyna Isis, Tiffany
4) Ángel de Oro, Stigma, Titán vs Hechicero, Morphosis, Ripper
5) La Máscara, La Sombra, Marco Corleone vs Rey Escorpión, Terrible, Vangellys
6) Rush vs Shocker

All the Ingobernables on one show, which is probably bad news for Shocker. This would be a great build for an atomicos if CMLL did atomicos. Shocker has never beaten Rush in a singles match: they’ve had four other ones, including 2 in Puebla, and Rush has won every time.

Reyna Isis would make her debut here too; seems like she might be picking up regular bookings going forward, maybe because Comandante is in Japan.

Segunda would be Furia Chicana’s first appearance here since 2010, and that was a one off. He hasn’t been a regular since 2008.

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Lucha Underground & Univison, Kaguya retirement

Nothing actual news to talk about, so let’s wildly speculate about Lucha Underground’s future.

Tomorrow is Univision’s announcement of shows for next season. There’s been a fueled thought (mostly publicly from the WON, but Meltzer probably is passing along other people’s thoughts here) that Lucha Underground needs to get on Univison to thrive or maybe even live. It’s easy to see why this would be a huge help for Lucha Underground: Univision would be a much bigger network, would mean Lucha Underground would automatically get more eyeballs, and would pay more for the television show. There’d probably be a new group of network people getting involved in the production of the show, but it’d be a fair tradeoff for being secure.

It’s a lot harder to figure out why Univison would want Lucha Underground. It’s a tremendous leap from Unimas and El Rey to one of the biggest entworks in the country, a channel which can easily produce it’s own content and doesn’t need to repurpose shows from other networks. People generally don’t understand how large Univison is now and how unlikely it be for a network that size to pick up lucha. If it was suggested TNA or WWE had to get a weekly show on NBC to survive everyone would scoff, and Univison does better numbers among 18-34s than NBC (and even CBS) some weeks. Lucha Underground is doing OK numbers for Saturday afternoon on a secondary network sandwiched between reruns of decade old action movies, but they’re not exactly at all the numbers which gets a show called up to the bigger network. If Lucha Underground shows up Univison, it’s because they’ve convinced the right person to take a specific and strong interest in the promise of the show, despite not currently having the numbers they need. It’s lottery ticket odds, with the same sort of payoff.

At the same time, I’m not not convinced that it’s Univsion or bust. I think it’s Univison in the US or Televisa in Mexico or a bunch of other networks or some big presenting sponsor or some production cut backs or a combination of all these things or bust. The only requirement is they find some way to turn a profit on this show. Mark Burnett said as much a month ago in an interview about all his TV shows; they’ll keep going forever as long as his production company is making money running them. There’s a lot of ways to do it, they’ve still just got to get one of them to work, and there are glimmers of hope Lucha Underground could make it work. LU has dropped the ball on making money from fans*, but they seem to have improved on making money from other businesses. I figure most of you who are watching the show are finding illegal uploads on YouTube** where the commercials are cut out, but the quality advertisers for the show have greatly improved since the first episode. The shaky hair replacement products are pretty much gone, and the brand name car parts, cell phone and beer commercials are in their place. It’s so much better than the commercials I see on pretty much any other lucha libre show. People are able to sell Lucha Underground as a product, it’s just a matter of being able to sell to (enough of) the right people.

Univison’s already released the new shows they’ll announce tomorrow, for Unimas and Univison. El Rey is mentioned in passing but not for any show notes. Lucha Underground is not mentioned anywhere, but it’s not a new show and so wouldn’t normally come up. The Unimas new shows seem to be moving away from it’s current male/action focus, which doesn’t seem like good news for a wrestling show. Maybe the most distressing thing I’ve read in that is Univison is trying to make the word “billennial” happen. Let’s not do that.

If I had to make a prediction by arbitrarily picking numbers as a way to fake authority, these are the numbers I’d pick

5%: Lucha Underground announced as airing on Univison in some form
35%: mentioned/shown during the presentation in some other way that suggests they’re getting a second season
60%: Lucha Underground not mentioned at all, fate still unknown.

** Hulu and t-shirt sales aren’t generating $20 million, but maybe enough to pay for one production person?

Local paper preview for tonight’s Arena Puebla show thinks Mr. Niebla is still wrestling in the main event. That’s a lot easier to predict – CMLL is willingly advertising someone who they know won’t appear, have probably told him not to show up, have already figured out who’s going to replace him and just aren’t going to tell anyone.

Former AAA luchadora Kaguya retired on Saturday. It’s actually simply the masked Mio Shirai, retiring her short lived Mexican gimmick in a match versus Ayako Hamada as part of a longer retirement tour, but the presentation included a message from Dorian Roldan noting Kaguya was AAA’s first masked luchadora from Japan.

A Mother’s Day interview with Dr. Wagner and Silver King’s mom. Good photo.

Segunda Caida reviews Bracito de Oro, Cicloncito Ramirez, Mascarita Magica vs Damiancito el Guerrero, Fierito, Pierrothito.

Hijo del Fantasma, at an AAA show in Ensenada, said AAA deserves credit for coming up with with new ideas.

Fuego en el Ring had Taya as a guest.

Super Libre talked to Draego and the Truenos.

CMLL has highlights of Friday night’s show.


CMLL (SUN) 05/17/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Explosivo & Meteoro vs Guerrero de la Muerte & Relampago
2) Frezzer, Linterna Verde Jr., Star Black vs El Piraña, Gitano, Thunder Boy
3) Hijo del Calavera & Metatrón vs Pitbull I & Pitbull II
4) Esfinge, Gallo, Magnum vs Maléfico, Ráfaga, Sádico
5) Virgo © vs Exterminador [OCCIDENTE MIDDLE]
first defense. This title has changed hands the last five times it’s been defended in this building.

A Sunday Guadalajara show with no new people is about as rare as a successful Occidente title defense.

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