(They changed the interface again?

(They changed the interface again? This is worse.)

Konnan’s take on Negro Casas, Shocker, and their non-appearance on NWA-TNA, via an interview on WO.com.


Q: I know at one point you tried booking Negro Casas and Shocker on
NWA/TNA but it fell through. What happened?
Ashenoff: “It was because of another promoter, but this goes way back
to how Latinos have been treated … We had already talked to Negro to come
in, but he did not tell (EMLL promoter) Paco Alonso. He had heard he was
going to be in a tournament and we were booking Negro and Shocker against
each other, but it actually was going to be a four-way match. This (U.S.)
promoter called Shocker and said, ‘Look, I’m going to be using you for a lot
of dates and you can make a lot of money with me.’ I still don’t know who
this guy is but he told Shocker, ‘They’re going to put you against Negro and
job one of you guys out.’ So Shocker says he can’t go because this promoter
he’s already signed a contract with that he can’t wrestle (in the U.S.) for
anybody else. I told him there are only two games in town – (NWA/TNA) and
the WWF. There’s no other promotion anybody gives a damn about, but he tells
me he just can’t go. Then Negro was going to tell Paco the truth since it
had been announced that he was going there. Paco asked Negro if Konnan was
there and he said yeah. Paco told him, ‘If Konnan is involved, they have to
talk to me personally.’ Paco heard these guys were going there to do jobs
and were tired of his guys doing that.”


Meltzer had the same confusion about Shocker’s unknown US Promoter, so I had assumed Shocker was doing a cover story and it was all Konnan’s fault. (it’s easy to blame Konnan. Sorry.) But maybe Shocker knows something the rest of us don’t.

The other thing that sticks out is the “[CMLL] guys” going there to do jobs – all the lucha guys who had been in NWA-TNA were freelancers to one extent or another. If you had to pick, Super Crazy’s a CMLL guy but he does a lot of outside dates, and while FdT and Juvi were on good terms with CMLL at the time, they’re outsiders. Maybe that’s close enough to cause annoyance, I dunno.

Back later.

When I watching the late

When I watching the late night lucha, there was a commerical that kept airing for a weekend sports wrapup show called Accion. Among all the normal things you’d expect on a Mexican sports show, they’d included lucha highlights. That’s all it takes for me to TiVo things now a days.

They did in fact air about 30 seconds of CMLL footage – and it was up to date stuff, from Friday’s Arena Mexico show. Quick clips of the Blue Demon Cibernetico, finishing with Shocker pinning Ultimo Guerrero (so that fued doesn’t die), Shocker having a pin attempt on Tarzan Boy but Ultimo messing it up from outside, and Tarzan Boy getting the cradle victory on Shocker to win the tournament (and what looks like a belt, with a Blue Demon face.) Intrestingly (or not), Alfonso Morales did the annoucing for both this and the AAA clips (which featured Lizmark Sr. among others).

So, if you’re desperate for clips of up to date stuff, there you go – watch Accion and don’t blink. And enjoy the many futbol highlights.

I *think* this was a

I *think* this was a repeat of the AAA from earlier today and Sunday – they had the same bit where Hijo del Solatiro gets his masked pulled but they blur it out. Which probably means I’m staying up to three to see the opening match of last week’s CMLL again…

Hey, what do you know, it IS Last Sunday’s episode. So are they moving the replay here? Are the moving the Sunday episode here? Are they up to something else and it was just too late to advertise it? Will they do this for two weeks and never mention again?

Like *I* know.

There are things conspring against

There are things conspring against any chance of decent sleep tonight, so I’m staying up and watching this. AAA is on first. I tried to go through KrisZ’s results to figure out when this aired, but nothing matched the Ray Man/two people I’ve already forget vs Pimpenla/two other transvestites we got. I don’t even remember the match – I flipped over to an IROC race I think I’ve seen twice already instead of it.

AAA sure kills a lot of time with the Nitro Girls. I mean, I’d heard that before but I’m not sure I really believed it till now. What’s the point?

They’re actually airing ads for lucha libre tommorow (well, later today) with the lineups for the two big matches: GdI vs Atlantis/Lizmark/Vampiro and FdT vs Satanico/Casas/Porky. And that actually matches what I’ve got! That’s pretty good work – I wonder what’s up?

Oh man, I wonder if they’re only showing CMLL in those ads because now AAA is at this wacky hour and then CMLL is during the day? That’d be awesome! So let’s assume no.

More in a half hour or so, when I figure out what hour two will be.

Late TV Note: Galavision is

Late TV Note: Galavision is airing a lucha libre show at 3AM-5AM EST, tonight (Saturday). Set your VCR because I have absolutely no clue what will be on.

It’d been a wish of mine that they’d complement the clipped version of the show with a late night unclipped aring, but I don’t think anyone’s been reading my mind lately. Probably, this is a repeat of some kind, but I guess we wait and see.

Bestia’s hair cut Porky

Bestia’s hair cut

Porky lost his hair to Pierroth on 7/31. Universo or Veneno or the Rock or anyone’s gotta be beating him for his hair at the year end show, I’d think. He’s won too many this year to not suffer a loss of his own, as a rudo.

The 8/1 Virus/Volador/Marvin vs the Havana Brothers was exceptionally good, as was the Havana Brothers/Black Warrior vs Casas/Olimpico/Virus/Volador on 8/3 at Arena Coliseo. Hope they find some back way to air, because they wouldn’t normally be on the schedule. (8/3 isn’t even a normal taping date, and they were too far down on the card on 8/1.)

Perro Aguayo takes the next Arena Mexico show off, but will return the following one. They’re teasing they might start up the issue with the Capos then.

FdT, where Super Crazy is a apparent new member (Nicho is not invited back for the year, because of that previous no-show, says Meltzer) is being hyped for the next CMLL Trios title shot.

So. I’ve been meaning to


I’ve been meaning to write some CMLL stuff for OnlineOnslaught for…um, ever? The Shocker/Negro Casas appearance in NWA-TNA was going to be my jumping off point, but that didn’t happen and I couldn’t find the time anyway.

I had a plan! The way I’d figure it, it’d be a series of articles to introduce people to CMLL, giving highlights and information. Launching in to recaps wouldn’t work as well, because I figure most of the people who know about CMLL and are intersted are reading ’em already. Anyway, here’s how the theoritcal series would go

1) Shocker vs Ultimo Guerrero, from 12/02, as “the best one on one match (lately)”
2) CMLL, AAA, Tijuana and other feds – how they all fit together in Mexico, and why I like CMLL most of all.
3) Negro Casas/Aguila/HsN/Mysterio Jr. vs Damien/Halloween/Averno/Mephisto in a eight man, as “guys you may know doing the lucha style you’re more used to”
4) CMLL Roster – who’s who, who’s important, who holds what title, what do they look like if you haven’t seen them before.
5) Tag Team Match – obviously, a GdI one. Probably the really really good Santo/Casas one.
6) CMLL Storylines – what’s been the issues? How did they get here?
7) Trios match. Not sure which one. Possibly a cibernetico instead if I can’t find a good one.

Half the problem is still time – I’m feeling again like I’m spending too much time on this (at the cost of doing other things I’d enjoy more) and so doing more is not a priority. And, the other thing is that I want to give background and info, but I want to be right. And I’m not sure that I’m always right doing CMLL stuff, and it’s not helping everything if I’m doing this wrong.

The good thing is that I have a very smart group of readers happy to correct me if I’m off course. Which gives me an idea.

I post something here. Y’all post comments – if I’m wrong, if there’s something that I’m omitting that shouldn’t be, or if I’m telling it wrong. Then I listen to you, and correct it however before sending it on to OO. And OnlineOnslaught gets a good article.

Of course, this depends on you guys wanting to be involved – and you’re certiantly not required to do more here than load up the page, read, and use any info however you’d like – but I figure if I at least try to have my mistakes caught, everyone’s better for it.

The first article actually got done, but it wasn’t so hard because it’s just a recapulation of a match I’ve watched and talked about before. The tough parts will be the even articles, because that requires me to create my own flow for once. We’ll see how it goes.

Results from the 8/1 Arena

Results from the 8/1 Arena Mexico Anniversy Show, via Ernesto.Ocampo on the Boxylucha.mx board.

1. Tigre Blanco y Neutron d. Loco Max y Hooligan
2. Marcela y Azumi Hyuga d. Commando Bolisho y Amapola
3. Virus, Volador Jr., Ricky Marvin d. Havana Brothers
4. Perro Aguayo Jr. [debut], Lizmark Jr., Mr. Niebla d. Damien, Halloween, Super Crazy
– Perro Aguayo Sr. and Universo had words, punches, post match.
5. CMLL Trios Titles: Dr. Wagner Jr., Black Tiger, Universo 2000 d. Infernales to retain the title
(previous matches were better)
6. Cage Match, Losing Wrestler loses his hair: Guapos d. Taliban, Terrible small packages Bestia, Bestia loses his hair.

The Legend of the Blue

The Legend of the Blue Mask – well, more or less, a tournament in Blue Demon Senior’s honor – will be held next Friday, August the 8th. It was first held in 2000, but not since. I do remember this being talked about last year, but it seems they finally got everything in order for it this year. Full list of particpants are listed, and you could probably make a case that it’s about 2 or 3 from the top 16 in the company: Ultimo Guerrero, Vampiro, Rey Bucanero, Rayo de Jalsico, Tarzan Boy, Mr. Niebla, Black Tiger, Shocker, Mascara 2000, Villano IV, Pierroth, Lizmark Jr., Dr. Wagner, Takemura, Violencia, Blue Panther. It’ll be Cibernetico style, winner takes the trophy. Panther won this back in 2000.

Perro Aguayo will be seconding his son on his Arena Mexico debut (as part of that hyped show), later today. That can only lead to bad things.

As bad as Tarazn Boy was hurt, he got a rematch against Vampiro the following week. I hope that means he just wasn’t hurt bad.

Recap of the Grand Prix show is up elsewhere – though I think I have to go back and change some finisher names now – and I did the week before too to get all caught up..

It only took a month, but I also finished proofreading the second half of the GdI Comp. (a whole TWO! new matches). You can compare my thoughts on the match with what Joe posted in March.

CMLL from 7/27/2003 The main

CMLL from 7/27/2003

The main crux of the show was the Japan vs. Mexico Grand Prix. We start with a skit showing rudos and tecnicos training together to get the “we must unite to fight the evil ferners” message across. The teams, for the record, were Ultimo Dragon, CIMA, SUWA, Don Fuji, Taru, Takemura, Nosawa, and Masada vs. Shocker, Dr. Wagner, Negro Casas, Blue Panther, Felino, Virus, Mephisto, and Averno.

–This was chopped up pretty bad. If you watch lucha or tapes from Japan you’re used to heavily edited matches, but a machete was really taken to this one. And I’m talking about guys transforming into other wrestlers and skipping numerous eliminations, which is pretty inexcusable.
–Averno got a lot of facetime, which is good. He also dumped the Satanico look and went back to his old outfit, which is very good.
–What was up with Nosawa breaking up a pin and the ref still counting? Did he just not notice?
–Averno countering SUWA’s FFF (Pedigree) with a ‘rana was neat, although it relies on SUWA doing more of a powerbomb than a Pedigree.
–CIMA, who I thought looked the best in the match, had a really nice sequence with Averno, the one that ended with CIMA hitting the Schwein for the pin.
–Shocker hulking up on Nosawa was pretty awesome.
–Any clue why Shocker got himself DQ’d against Dragon? Is he just being a dick?
–Wagner plants Dragon with the Wagner driver for the win. Mexico always wins these kinds of matches.
–Clipping hurt this a lot, but I’m glad I saw it. I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to see it. Maybe if a full version pops up somewhere.

We get a wacky skit with Los Boriquas. Man, their ranks are thin. What happened to Killer, Bulldog, and Veneno (did he turn tecnico)? The unmasked Violencito lloks like Jean Pierre Lafitte, complete with eyepatch.

OK get this. We have Pierroth, Saddam, and Violencia vs. Porky, Gran Markus, and Cien Caras. Yikes. I can’t come up with a worse combo if I tried. Is Saddam still Scorpio? Didn’t really look like him and he was pretty spry in the ring. Markus is whipping Pierroth with his belt, so Pierroth bops Gran with brass knucks and gets disqualified. So belts are fine but knucks are not. Segunda caida is really short as Caras powerbombs Pierroth and pins him with his feet on the ropes. This may have been the worst match I ever saw on CMLL. Really, it was just that bad.