The first strike against the

The first strike against the axis of evil is tonight: Negro Casas challenges Emilio Charles for the CMLL Middleweight Title at Arena López Mateos de Tlanepantla. It is a title Emilo’s had for no particular reason and those types of titles don’t seem to changed around much, but on the other hand it is Negro so you can’t ever count him out.

In somewhat related news, Felino will be putting up his CMLL Welterweight Title (please don’t ask what the difference is) against Juventued on 3/28 at Arena Mexico. news guy has hopes for this singles match living up to the high standards of two other recent big singles matches at Arena Mexico: Marvin/Zumbido and Shocker/Guerrero.

As mentioned earlier, Dr. X is your new Mexican Welterweight Champion and has already recieved challenges for it from Juvi, Genetico, Arkangel and even Felino. I’m just happy they still remember it a week later.

I did end up getting massive amounts of CMLL TV and Alfredo’sGdI comp so recaps of some sort will show up again. Eventually.

So I watched the Ultimo

So I watched the Ultimo Dragon/Dragon Kid vs. Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Buccanero match (from the GdI’s swing though Toryumon) last night. To no one’s surprise, it was a really good match.

To avoid confusion, in the next few paragraphs Dragon = Ultimo Dragon, Kid = Dragon Kid, Ultimo = Ultimo Guerrero, and Rey = Rey Buccanero.

It took me a moment to recognize Rey: he wore a bandana on his noggin to cover up his shaved head (although it did come off in the match) and didn’t wear his Ultimate Warrior makeup for whatever reason.

Basic thrust of the match was Dragon and Kid befuddling the Mexican duo with their speed until Rey and Ultimo take over with double teams, and things progress until you get your bazillion nearfalls. Dragon consistently going for the Dragon sleeper was a cool little subplot.

Best part was the Ultimo tossing the diminutive Kid around like no one’s business, including a monster chokeslam, a huge second rope powerbomb, and the win place and show best Ultimo Special ever (the inverted superplex, in which he actually held Kid up in the air for a half second in a scary and rewindable moment).

Humorous moment where everyone is brawling on the outside and Rey and Ultimo prepare to double suplex Dragon into the crowd and the spectators slowly realize “Oh crap, we’d better move” and everyone scrambles.

If I had any complaints, it’d be that Rey and Ultimo didn’t get to show off their cool double team moves (the double suplex may have been the extent of their arsenal). Perhaps the lack of a rudo beatdown segment precluded that? Maybe. And things did seem to get a little off track near the end, but still a very enjoyable match.

The match was part of an Ultimo Dragon comeback special, which also has matches where Dragon takes on Bestia Salvaje and Negro Casas. I think I’ve seen the former match on a comp. Dragon wasn’t even Dragon yet, just Yoshihiro Asai, and the match was probably the best Bestia match I’ve ever seen (it was also from 1990). Curious to see how the Casas match turns out.

It was Halloween and Damien…but

It was Halloween and Damien…but versus Jerry Lynn and David Young, not Nicho. I wonder if Nicho was scheduled anyway – Young seems like a fill-in guy on their roster. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, but the match kinda was according to Dave.

More news:

– Atlantis, Black Warrior and Mr. Niebla defend the trios titles against Dr. Wagner, Black Tiger and Universo 2000 – I guess Blue Panther and Fuerza Guerrera aren’t around this time? Universo could be DOUBLE GOLD which is some sort of tragedy.
– Giant Silva returns on 4/4. Aw.
– Let me quote the translation here: “Due to hundreds of telephone calls”, el Terrible is back in the Guapo U. Good thing they’re planning this out in advance.

KrisZ says Dr. X beat Tigre Blanco, so we have a new Mexician Welterweight Champion. I’ve been meaning to put a page of titles that are defended in CMLL (and when the last time I can find that actually happening), but results archives get blown to pieces everytime I think about it. has a new update, has a new update, but nothing much new: we’re down to Ricky, Tony and (surprisingly) Genetico in Guapo U and all indications are that they’ll be a rudo as a winner. Lots’s of hype for Dr. X vs Tigre Blanco at Arena Coliseo last night – don’t know who won yet.

TNA says “Jerry Lynn & Mystery Partner vs Konnan’s mystery 2 luchadores”, and you gotta think, since they’ve already done the Juvi bit, it’s probably Nicho’s turn to show up – and maybe against Nicho’s ex-parters Damien and Halloween? They turned on him in Tijuana and they’re now feuding, though I don’t know if TNA would bring up the angle. Should be a good match AND hopefully it could lead to my personal dream match of the moment – Mexican’s Most Wanted (Damien/Halloween) vs American’s Most Wanted (Harris/Storm).

I guess it’s too obvious

I guess it’s too obvious to suggest Emilio, Scorpio or Bestia as the new Boricua? Odd…

Between his report on the Observer and the radio show, Dave Meltzer seemed to have the impression that the knee injury Juvi suffered this weekend was quite serious, so that Juvi/Felino match may not be happening. I do wonder what, if anything, that Warrior/Niebla tension causes. I think I’d much rather see Warrior go back to rudo than Niebla turn rudo, but that may not be an option.

I keep thinking of getting the TV. My problem with the tapes is that, in theory, WrestleHolicsVideo’s CMLL TV should be cheaper – obviously, 4 shows for $10 beats Highspots’ 3 for $15. So I’m thinking that and to get the Best of GdI comp we talked about earlier (I taped over my Santo/Casas vs GdI 11/01 match AGAIN and there’s enough stuff I don’t have there to make it worth it) but the problem is the new CMLL TV still isn’t in. And there are like six weeks of TV sitting over at highspot’s boring a whole through my brain. Decisions decisions decisions…

Hey, I’m still around From

Hey, I’m still around

From KrisZ: EMLL announced last night that they would finally have a Gran Markus Jr. vs. Pierroth Jr. hair match on 3/21 at Arena Mexico. Pierroth also announced that he will be introducing a new member to Los Boriquas and he will be a part of Al-Qaeda.

It’s finally ending! Praise the Lord! Of course, this does raise the question of how many Puerto Ricans there are in Al-Queda.

Today’s results, also from KrisZ:


EMLL 3/7 – Arena Mexico
1. Pequeno Olimpico & Shockercito beat Espectrito & Pierrothito
2. Tony Rivera/Virus/Volador Jr. defeated Arkangel de la Muerte/Damian el Terrible/Mr. Mexico
3. Averno/Juventud Guerrera/Mephisto beat Felino/Olimpico/Safari – Juvy challenged Felino for a shot at the CMLL Welterweight Title after the match.
4. Black Tiger/Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Universo Dos Mil defeated Black Warrior/Mascara Magica/Mr. Niebla – Black Warrior & Mr. Niebla had problems cooperating in this one.
5. Satanico/Shocker/Super Crazy beat Hijo del Lizmark/Negro Casas/Vampiro
6. Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Atlantis – Wagner over clean as a sheet here and they are also building to a CMLL Trios Titles match featuring Atlantis/Black Warrior/Mr. Niebla defending against Black Tiger/Dr. Wagner Jr./Universo Dos Mil.

I’ve got some Toryumon tapes coming in the mail so I’ll have a report on the GdI vs. Ultimo Dragon/Dragon Kid match soon.

Barnett says Tarzan Boy got

Barnett says Tarzan Boy got fired this past week. CMLL needed someone to take his place in the hair/hair match vs Vampiro (though, it sounds as though it’s pushed back to 4/4), so…Shocker turned rudo on Vampiro!

So…I wonder what this means as far as Mascara Magica and the Guapo U. Assuming they still exist.

I wonder if Shocker and Emilio are friends now.

Hey, Ultimo gets to keep the LH title, I bet!

I wonder if they’ll turn someone to fill the space on the face side? Or fill the empty spot within GdI – they probably could get away with only Ultimo and Rey if they wanted to, and there’s no obvious replacement for Tarzan that I can think of (without stealing say Aguilla from AAA.) Shocker being with the group would probably be concentrating too many main players in too small of a group, but I guess we’ll have to see how it goes down.

At least with this rivalary, things should stay intersting while Ultimo and Rey are in Japan – they’ll still be a lack of intersting main eventers if Santo doesn’t show up or no one intersting comes in, but they’ll have a strong and new rivalary to work with for a while. I’m not totally enthused about this turn (Shocker was too good as tecnico) but it does make sense.

Edit: Maybe I should remember to publish these things when I edit ’em. EH. Hey, you know, that comments link lets you make comments and all. You could pretend to be reading this!

The site being down wasn’t

The site being down wasn’t even my fault this time! But, because of it, I never got around to getting lucha times done – and by the looks of the show on right now (West Coast Feed: 9pm to 11:30, FWIW), I wouldn’t have been right anyway. This is a replay of #33…which should’ve been on Sunday (2pm everywhere), if they were still doing reruns there.

And they still might, you know, but the matches, as advertised on are this:
– Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis
– Rey Bucanero vs Santo
– Scorpio Jr. vs Mr. Niebla

A quick look at my index, and the best I can figure is that it’s a rerun of #54, that itself had a lot of reruns included
– Los Guerreras vs Virus/HsN
– Rerun: Rey/Ultimo vs Santo/Casas (#38)
– GdI/FdT vs Atlantis/Niebla/Warrior/Lizmark (#42)
– Dr. Wagner/Emilio/Mascara/Universo vs Silva/Magica/Shocker (#41)
– Dantes/Tailban vs Silva/Niebla/Porky

I couldn’t find any new episode that’d fit that lineup, and the lineup was dead on last week, so that’s my guess.