In a accidentally deleted version

In a accidentally deleted version of my 06/08 entry, I said something along the lines of “if you bet on lucha libre – why? – put lots of money on Los Infernales to beat La Famila de Tijuana for the Mexican Trios Titles.”

It ended up a NC. A really screwy no contest (Mephisto pins Halloween, Halloween uses object on Mephisto, Nicho pins Mephisto and later Averno, commisioner throws out the whole fall) but a NC in any case. Never use me for betting advice.

This Friday (06/20) will be the CMLL 70th’s Anniversery Show, and this is the lineup
– Pierroth vs Cien Caras – hair/hair
– Los Infernales vs La Familia De Tijuana (c) for the Mexican National Trios Championship
– Vampiro, NJPW’s Heat, Villano IV vs Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero and Violencia
– Negro Casas, Felino, Sagrado [debuting] vs Masada, Nosawa, Black Warrior
– Safari, Olimpico, Tony Rivera vs Veneno, Arkangel, Nitro
– Tsuky Y Pequeno Olimpico vs Fire Y Guerrero Del Futuro

– If Violencia EVER wants to impress anyone that he can (still?) go, that would be the match to do it.
– They’re only refering to him as Heat. He’s working the non-TV Coliseo show as well.
– Sagrado translates via Babelfish to to Asylum. The presumption is that he’s Genetico, back under a mask.
– You can tell they’re packing a card – or at least trying to give that impression – when Negro is working 4th from the top
– Why is Veneno on the same team as Nitro? There’s a slight story problem there…

Last Sunday, at the Arena Coliseo show, Takemura managed to beat Mr. Mexico, straight falls, in a hair match thanks to a biased referee. is reporting that he’s injuried (he’d been scheduled for their LA gym’s debut show) – I wonder if it happened during the match or before it (making the screwyness needed to get through the match.)

Also at the show, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. did succesfully defend his WWA Heavyweight Title over Mascara Ano Dos Mil in a match that apparently went 40 minutes long. Sunday was not a TV taping (thank god) but I’d guess clips would eventually show up.

Last Tuesday’s Arena Coliseo show (6/10, TV) featured a rematch between the GdI and Guapo trios, with Shocker beating Ultimo to take it. This led to another Ultimo/Shocker singles non-title match last night (6/17, TV). Not sure who won yet.

In the Observer, Dave mentions that both El Dandy and Hector Garza have left AAA and want to get back into CMLL. He alludes to some burned bridges between Garza and CMLL – what was that about?

Maybe more later.

It’s a duck that looks

It’s a duck that looks like Carlos Delgado. I can’t see how this could be anything but awesome. Though the game kinda got slow after the first few innings. The parts where Chip and Stoney were talking about Moneyball were kinda surreal (I sometimes forget that real people might have read the book and it doesn’t just exist in my internet imgination), but I suppose that doesn’t work as well for you when you’re live at the game.

I totally forget about lucha times. Here you go:
1pm ET/PT
– Rayo De Jalisco Jr./Brazo de Plata/Gran Markus Jr. vs. Pierroth/Bestia Salvaje/Katsushi Takemura
– Vampiro/Negro Casas/Lizmark Jr. vs. Shocker/Super Crazy/El Satanico [crazy’s a rudo? who knew!]
– Atlantis vs. Dr. Wagner

Last week’s lucha should be up in an twenty four hours or so. Did you see the Shocker turn, Joe? It was, how you say, not at all impressive. Sudden, but not particularly enthralling.

I got my grubby hands

I got my grubby hands on the tape with the Shocker rudo turn on it from Wrestleholics. It lives up to the hype, and is worth making the effort to see. Vampiro is also very good in selling the whole schmoz to the crowd.

Meanwhile, there’s a new older lucha review up at the Wienerboard. It is generic early year broadcast from Coliseo, but the highlight is a Minis Cibernetica match that would see the winner get a chance to wrestle with the full-sized wrestlers. He fit in so well in the role that he stayed around at that level, not looking a bit out of place. You’ll have to read the report to see who that was (ain’t I the little stinker?), but as a hint, he was a top 100 placer in the DVDVR 500.

I’m not a Cubs fan, but I was so psyched to see Sosa in action at Skydome on Saturday. I hope the Carlos Delgado Celebriduck makes up for it.

Sorry I haven’t posted much

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. I missed the 6/8 show because I was out of town at a wedding as was my tape source. I did see the 6/1 show but thought it was pretty ho-hum. I actually can’t wait for Shocker’s rudo turn.

But here is the Lucha portion of the DVDVR 500. I wasn’t sure on a few, who may be guys from AAA, IWRG, Monterrey, etc, but they’re at the bottom of the list.

2) Rey Bucanero
8) Shocker
9) Ultimo Guerrero
11) El Hijo del Santo
19) Zumbido
23) Nicho el Millonario
27) Blue Panther
32) Juventud Guerrera
39) Halloween
54) Virus
71) El Satanico
72) Mascara Magica
77) Tarzan Boy
79) Apolo Dantes
82) La Parka
88) Super Porky
91) Atlantis
93) Villano III
102) Negro Navarro
105) El Dandy
107) Olimpico
110) Negro Casas
112) Black Warrior
114) Safari
121) Damian 666
123) Mr. Niebla
133) Felino
142) Scorpio Jr.
144) Brazo de Oro
154) Dr. Wagner Jr.
156) Averno
160) Mephisto
165) Lizmark Jr.
166) Solar I
167) Brazo de Platino
170) Emilio Charles Jr.
173) Black Tiger (Silver King)
175) El Pantera
176) Dr. Cerebro
180) Villano V
186) Mr. Mexico
189) Villano IV
201) El Brazo Jr.
210) Brazo de Oro Jr
212) Apache
219) Brazo de Plata Jr.
223) Heavy Metal
226) El Hijo del Perro Aguayo
238) Bestia Salvaje
241) Fuerza Guerrera
254) Hector Garza
257) Ricky Marvin
266) Antifaz del Norte
274) Sangre Azteca
276) Dr. X
279) Caifane #1
283) Ultimo Vampiro
285) Vampiro
287) Bombero Infernal
288) Masada (EMLL)
289) Galaxia R2
291) Commando Delta
292) Guerra C3
294) Caifane #2
297) Engendro
299) El Hijo Del Diablo
301) Dos Caras
306) Universo 2000
311) Mascara Ano Dos Mil
312) Tigre Blanco
316) Pentagon
318) Orientale #2
322) Dos Caras, Jr.
323) Violencia
325) Fantasma Sr.
329) Orientale #1
346) Gran Markus
354) Shu El Guerrero
356) Latin Lover
359) Pimpinela Escarlata
361) Angel Mortal
367) AAA Mascara Sagrada
373) Rayman
398) Oscar Sevilla
402) Volador Jr
424) Mil Mascaras
478) Llamarada
482) Super Uchu Power

Upcoming lineup: Arena Mexico –

Upcoming lineup:

Arena Mexico – Friday (June 13th)
Infernales vs Familia de Tijuana (c) for the Mexican National Trios Titles
Rayo de Jalisco/Hijo de Lizmark/Mr. Niebla vs Cien Caras/Mascara 2000/Apolo Dantes
Negro Casas, Volador Jr., Ricky Marvin vs Arkangel, Masada, Nosawa
Sicodelico, Angel Azteca, Pantera vs Holligan, Sangre Azteca, Dr. X
Rayo Tapatios I and II vs Koreano and Super Comando

Arena Coliseo, June 16th: Rayo De Jalisco (c) vs Mascara 2000 for the WWA Heavyweight Title

Lucha Times for this weekend

Lucha Times for this weekend

Saturday (Repeat)
ALL: 2pm – 4:30 ET/PT
Apolo Dantes vs. Pierroth Jr. (Hair vs. Hair match)
Atlantis/Mr. Neibla/Black Warrior vs. Dr. Wagner Jr./Black Tiger/Universo 2000
Vampiro/Shocker/Mascara Magica vs. Ultimo Guerrero/Tarzan Boy/Rey Bucanero

Sunday (“New”)
ALL: 2pm – 4:30 ET/PT
Bases on the WrestleHolicsVideo Tape Listings
Safari/Tigre Blanco/Pantera vs. Dr. X/Arkangel de la Muerte/Valentin Mayo
Rayo De Jalisco Jr./Vampiro/Shocker vs. Tarzan Boy/Pierroth/Emilio Charles Jr.
Atlantis/Mr. Neibla/Black Warrior vs. Dr. Wagner Jr./Black Tiger/Universo 2000

Ricky Marvin will be working NOAH’s upcoming Junior tag team league

I don’t know how good

I don’t know how good Lizmark/Vampiro vs Ultimo/Rey was, but it sure made for some fantastic pictures. While Ultimo appears auditioning for a role in a Azteca-themed Scorpion King remake, Rey’s gone blond. I bet he wondered if they do have more fun.

The great thing about the news page on is the unabashed speculation of it all. In 5 paragraphs, they manage to tease all of these matches:

– Pierroth vs Cien Carras, hair vs hair (contract signing on the 5th, no match date)
– Bestia Salvaje vs Villano III, hair vs hair
– Bestia Salvaje/Black Warrior vs Villano III/Villano IV, hair/mask vs hair/mask
– Mr. Mexico vs Takemura, hair vs hair

I’d give you the whole list of lucha guys in the DVDVR but I know I’d miss half of the AAA and Indy guys…

And a couple hours later,

And a couple hours later, updates.

Cien Caras vs Pierroth is on for a hair/hair match, date TBA. Bet on the Annivesery show. You know, if everyone involved didn’t thoroughly suck, Pierroth going through all the Capos to lead up to a hair/mask match vs Universo 2000 would be a fantastic angle. Unfortunatly, reality has issues with all of that.

The mysterious person they were hyping up as debuting soon a while back isn’t Heat. Or Heat’s now Asylum. Whoever, they wrestle in San Juan Arena on the 8th before appearing in Arena Mexico. (Reading the last update again, they say Heat will show up in the next “fortnight”, which means he could be around next week and I might have jumped the gun. Sorry.)

Rayo Jalisco returns on the 8th vs Mascara Ano 2000, in a rematch from where Rayo suffered that head injury. Doesn’t sound like it’s a WWA Title match.

Ultimo and Rey beat Vampiro and Lizmark for the Tag Team Titles – CMLL claims it’s their 33th title defense, which I have a few doubts about.

Upcoming house shows have Black Warrior/Dr. Wagner (in a special “aren’t they both supposed to be rudos now” match) and Negro Casas/Dr. Wagner main events.

Not on It looks like Nicho might have jumped to AAA; it would explain why he’s not appearing on any CMLL cards.

This week’s TV taping lineups:

Arena Coliseo (Tuesday, June 3rd)
Los Nueveo Guapos vs GdI
Atlantis/Negro Casas/Felino vs Damien 666/Halloween/Fuerza Guerrera
Tineblas/Villano IV/Villano V vs Emilio Charles Jr./Bestia Salvaje/Black Warrior
Neutron/Los Stones vs Halcon Negro/Valentin Mayo/Mogur
Zeita/Leo Moreno vs Mezzala/Vaquero

Arena Mexico (Friday, June 6th)
Mr. Niebla/Lizmark Jr/Brazo de Plato vs Dr. Wagner/Blue Panther/Black Tiger
Infernales vs Halloween/Damien 666/Violencia
Gran Markus/Mascara Ano 2000/Veneno vs Pierroth/Sadam/Takemura
Safari/Angel Azteca/Pantera vs Alianza (Hooligan/Sangre Azteca/Ramstein)
Sombre de Plata/Mano Negro Jr. vs Flecha/Super Comando

Hype blurb for the semi-final still pushes the Mexican Trios rematch, and a cage match. I thought Super Comando was in the Alliance? Perhaps they’ve expanded.

You know, if the DVDVR

You know, if the DVDVR guys can put [insert wrestler name here] all the way up at [insert number here], while keeping the much more worthy [name here] down at [number here], we still could make our list with just the same amount of sanity and reason.

Look at that, I just predicted the future, about 4-5 hours ahead of time; the new DVDVR 500 is due out this evening. Ultimo better be ahead of Shocker, that’s all I got to say.

No news at the moment (read: KrisZ hasn’t posted anything lucha-specfic that I can borrow) but I felt like posting. And that’s kinda what just happened.

A few quick (since this

A few quick (since this horse has been beaten to death a few times) thoughts on the last CMLL show.

Shocker/Ultimo was another fine entry in their series. I imagine they’d definitely have the #1 and #2 slots in the CMLL 25 if we ever did that again (and probably not, since we’re lagging 4 months behind in TV).

Best moment of the whole week was Ricky kicking out of the ‘Bido Buster (sorry, it just jumped in my head–I am of course referring to the Fisherman Buster). Zumbio pinned Ricky several times in the weeks leading up to the show with the same move, so when young Marvin kicked out it elicited a huge pop. Wrestling in the easiest thing in the world to book when you do it right.

And man, Ricky wasn’t afraid to kill himself in that match, no?

Maybe the biggest surprise was how much I enjoyed the Gram Markus/Violencia match. Okay, maybe “enjoyed” is pushing it, but it didn’t suck, and that’s huge in and of itself.