Uh, not exactly midweek, is it?

At any rate, #113 is done. I’m considerably less hyped about it after watching it with a closer eye – which happens, but always is disappionting display of judgement – but I think the whole concept worked together to make it a 3. By the skin of it’s teeth.

EDIT: It’s not there. I could’ve sworn I put it there. It’ll be up around 4:30p CST.

I’ll update the index later – it’s done, just not done where I can get it and I don’t want to redo things.

Lucha Times is updated. I guess I skipped an episode on Vuelta? I’m confused, but I think I’m back on track. Assuming they air the complete CMLL episode, they’ll be a Capos match that I didn’t recap, but shouldn’t be that great. I’ll take a look at it anyway.

I noticed on the Saturday episode this week, they started teasing Averno and Mephisto having a problem with Satanico, about a couple weeks before we heard about it or it actually happened. I think it’s a nice touch, but kinda amusing in the light that for US audiences (somewhat by accident, because they skipped on episode), they won’t have shown any of the build up for (seemingly more important) Arkangel/Angle Azteca mask/mask in two weeks. Goofy.

Feuds of note:

  • Arena Mexico continued a semi-final focus on Capos vs Aguayo/Guapos last Friday. During the match, Universo took out Mascara Magica with his Tombstone piledriver, and Magica will be out at least a week. Post match, Perro Sr. showed up to back up his son (though still saying he’s not returning), and Perro Jr. and Terrible challenges Mascara and Cien to a double hair/hair match. They said no, but that’d be an intersting stake match in that I’m not totally sure who’d win. Rematch this week, with Porky replacing Magica.
  • Averno got a shot against Satanico for his Welterweight Title last night in Guadalajara, but I haven’t seen a result turn up yet. It’d be awful nifty if the purpose of giving it to Satanico was to transition it to Averno and, with Apolo booking, they’re trying to hype up Guadalajara shows more (the results are not listed on…but always bet on the title staying put. Averno/Satanico is also scheduled to main event Arena Puebla Tuesday, and may happen a third time on Tuesday in Arena Coliseo (a rematch from the previous week), where both ex-Infernales, Satanico and Negro Casas are scheduled to compete in a four man main event tournament.
  • Terrible will have a chance to prove that “no changes” axiom wrong, as he gets another shot at the CMLL LH Title and Ultimo Guerrero in Arena Lopez Mateos de Tlanepantla this Wednesday.
  • Dr. Wagner and Atlantis have a single match in San Juan Pantitlan, in the buildup to a mask/mask somewhere before the end of time. Maybe.
  • Arena Mexico’s main events seem to be in a holding pattern around the previous tag team title issue, waiting for Rey to get back to continue. Last week, it was Ultimo/Tarzan/Warrior (replacing Violencia as “guy who might be the fourth member of GdI”) beat Shocker/Park/Rayo. This week, they’ll swap Vampiro for Rayo and try it again.
  • On an indy show in Juarez, El Hijo Del Santo puts up his mask vs Hijo del Cobarde. Early vegas line has Cobarde’s odds of winning at 1000000000000000000000:1. Which is generous.

Guapos 2004

Only news I’ve got is a preliminary list of people involved in this year’s Guapo U dealio:

Many Cirio
Tony Cirio
Luis Cirio
Ram Diessel
Misterioso II
Marco Rivera
Brazo de Plata Jr.
Alan Stone
Loco Max (same one)

There’s supposedly more names to be announced next week as well. That’s 13 right there, so I wonder if they’ll be cutting down the list right away.

I hope Nosawa gets to hang around a while in this.

Lucha times is updated. Saturday’s day time showing is a one hour deal, so set your VCRs for the late night version if you need to get everything. No split feed this week.

Recaps will be midweek-ish.

someone nail those chairs down

So, I still haven’t watched last week’s TV, but I was just watching this week’s show over lunch. Which was last week’s show that they skipped.

You’d think doing a tournament with 3 rudos and 1 tecnico, and having the focus of the tournament turning that only tecnico even more rudo, would be nutty. But you’d be very wrong. It was a fun group of three matches, and while the individual ratings I give ’em later might not seem impressive, taken as a whole it’s easily my favorite CMLL main event in a while.

The only problem is that they ended the show right after that, 20 minutes to the hour. No idea what’s up with that. I think we missed a Pierroth/Capos/Silva match, so perhaps that wasn’t really a problem.

Hey, now that I’ve waited, I can recap these in order. Awesome.

Didn’t do news this week because there was no time, but also because there wasn’t much news to do. Pierroth is threatening to form his own University. Safari took Lizmark’s place in the Arena Mexico main – looks like Lizmark didn’t show, but no idea why. They could be starting a Guapos/Capos feud, based off of the Guapos backing Aguayo against the guys who took out his dad.

Guapos make terrible mistake

This isn’t the new Guapo U class (which, like all second seasons are hyped, has a Much Better Turnout Than Last Time), which will probably take six months to go anywhere, but something far more sinster.

The Guapos are taking in the CMLL Mascot and making him their own mascot de Guaponess. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

So if I’m leading with that, you know that there’s not much for me to hit here. Dr. x and Mr. Power had a Mexican Welterweight Title match last night in Arena San Juan Pantitlan but I haven’t seen results as of yet. It’s also the Mexican Welterweight Title, which I only remember because it does seem to get brought up once a year.

Arena Mexico’s show looks good, but probably no big news coming out of it. Main’s Atlantis/Panther/Lizmark vs Tarzan/Ultimo/Warrior, with a semi main of Guapos vs Capos.

Apolo Dantes will be taking over as booker of Arena Guadalajara shows. Probably not concidentally, their Sunday show lineups have been added to This weekend’s main event is a one fall match between Dr. Wagner and LA Park.

Lucha Times is updated. I expect to have last weekend’s CMLL up here around tommorow, this time.

New Tag Champs

Results from return to Arena Mexico, c&p from KrisZ

1. Pequeno Olimpico/Shockercito/Ultimo Dragoncito beat Espectrito/Pequeno Violencia/Pierrothito
2. Mazada/NOSAWA/Sangre Azteca defeated Olimpico/Safari/Tigre Blanco
3. Fuerza Guerrera/Satanico/Zumbido beat Arkangel de la Muerte/Averno/Mephisto
4. Black Tiger/Dr. Wagner Jr./Universo Dos Mil defeated Atlantis/Mr. Niebla/Volador Jr. (subbing for Vampiro) – Wagner challenged Atlantis to a Mascara contra Mascara match for EMLL’s 71st Anniversary show in September.
5. CMLL Tag Titles: L.A. Par-K & Shocker beat Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero to win the titles. Bucanero had to be stretchered out with ligament damage to his knee after Shocker dove on Bucanero while his leg was sandwiched in one of the seats, then Par-K dove on Ultimo Guerrero who ran into Shocker who sandwiched Bucanero’s knee again, which really did the damage. The crowd went silent and the wrestlers were walking around confused as Bucanero was screaming in pain, but when the doctor called for the ambulance & stretcher, Bucanero willed his way back into the ring and tried to help his partner, but ended up dropping the fall and the titles to Shocker. This match was reported to be tremendous.

You knew Shocker had to get the win one of these days, though that’s an odd combo. I guess this means Park is around for a while?

Edit: It was a good run while it lasted. Just hope Rey isn’t badly hurt, but every thing I’ve read seems to leave little room for this to be a storyline reason for the finish. (I had wishful thinking comments in this spot previously.)

Atlantis and Dr. Wagner have been challenging each other for mask/mask matches forever, but I faintly remember a WON newsbit about a year ago with long term plans for mask matches and I think Atlantis/Wagner for this year’s annivesary show was on it. Can’t find it now. Joe, do you remember this?

WWE in Mexico

As seen on Puroresu Power, the Mexico section of WWE’s International site announced that the WWE will be having a house show at Arena Monterrey on 4/3, a Saturday. (I believe the promotion that runs there now, using a mix of guys, runs Sundays and runs a different arena in Monterrey, but I may be partially wrong there.)

WWE had announced they were going to run a show in Mexico last year in one of those post-earning release phone confrences – in Mexico City and sometime in the summer – but that didn’t happen. Since they’ve listed it on their website, this one will happen.

Shockingly, it’ll be the RAW side that’s going. Unless they pull something, that means no Eddie, Chavo or Rey. I presume this is because, according to the information they list on the page, only RAW and “WWE Specials” (PPVs, I’d assume) air Nationally. I wonder if there might be a future deal with TV Azteca here, as they’re associated with this arena.

It’ll be intersting to see what they use to draw – maybe Venis gets a big match? Naaah.

I’d be very surprised if non-WWE talent were on a WWE show.

Box y Lucha has a story about Villano III being upset with CMLL. They didn’t book him one week, so he worked some shows in northern Mexico for non-CMLL promotions (which doesn’t seem all that uncommon), and now they’re not returning any of the Villanos’ calls. This may be part of the “we need to push new guys” stuff they’ve talked about of late, and Villano III does refernece that, but given all the old guys who are still around, I’d guess that it was a combinaction of the Villanos being an older act and the Villanos not being politically well connected and doing something even questionable gave whoever wanted them gone all the leverage they needed.

Or at least I would if this was US wrestling.

In nearly as exciting news, La Nazi has a bit part in Denzel Washington’s next movie, Man On Fire.

GdI claim the match tonight versus Shocker and Park would be their 38th defense. Haven’t seen results yet.


This past weekend’s CMLL is up, though like the show, it’s totallly missable. One of those shows where the TV producer is either much too big a fan of Pierroth or Pierroth himself. Really, it wouldn’t kill them not to have him on every single week in complete form.

Lucha Times is also updated, taking you to April.

The Park/Shocker vs Ultimo/Rey match has a chance to be really good with the last three guys. We still haven’t gotten to the Park stuff on TV yet, so who knows how he’s like now.

Black Warrior lost back to back title matches, which isn’t a great week. He chalenged Emilio to a hair/mask dealio after that match, but don’t count on it.

I have no inside sources, but just a strong belief that two guys under lucha masks on the Mole last night just might have been “white guys wearing lucha masks for fun.”

Guess who’s back, back again…

Hey, remember me? Probably not.

The Observer Awards are out and lucha…well, barely made any appearances. CMLL did finish fith for promotion of the year, only 75 votes behind the WWE (and actually having thirteen more first place votes). CMLL on Galavision was fourth for best weekly television shows. The GdI did finish fourth in tag team of the year with 1300 votes, and did have the second highest amount of first place votes.

But besides that, nothing. Not one of the Shocker/Ultimo Guerrero matches even received an honorable mention. Pierroth didn’t show up on either the Worst Wrestler or Word Feud awards. Top ten high fliers included Juventud and Ricky Marvin, but that was likely more for their work in the States and Japan.

If you want to draw a conclusion, I less people are watching lucha. I guess that includes me, too.

In other news, AAA will be sending El Zorro, Psicosis (AAA version), Heavy Metal and Abismo Negro to TNA for the America X-Cop on 1/28. It’ll be a one night tournament with a Mexico vs. the States theme. Seriously, though, Abismo Negro?

Back to CMLL, on 1/16 Atlantis kept the Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight Title by beating Tarzan Boy, and La Parka and Shocker challenged the GdI for a shot at the tag belts, which looks to take place on 1/23. Boo-yah.

I’ll be back, hopefully sooner than I was last time.


Before I forget or something crashes again, my problems with Tarzan and Shocker. There’s a couple things I want to lay out to make my case

Tarzan’s list of non-strike moves
Fall One: Takedown (which is strangly followed up upon, and Shocker has to oddly take control), second rope double underhook faceslam (transition and finish)
Fall Two: Springboard Missile Dropkick (TM), nothing besides chokes and kick moves despite it being the rudo beatdown point
Fall Three: reverse rollup (Shocker doing the work for him), Fisherman’s Suplex (delayed), moonsault (misses)

Total match time (that we saw – there was at least one obvious clip) was 7:06, and there was plenty of rest/selling.

It was a mailed in house show match, enough to send the fans hope happy enough because they got to see their guy win, but not something nearly worthy of an occasion where you have two top stars (who both supposedly can work). There was no drama in the finish; there were only a couple near falls, and Shocker . There was no internal story – kicking and punching and choking (and not good punching and kicking and choking) filled the gap between Shocker making a run.

Shocker made better use of his time, and Tarzan just seemed like he was going through the motions of a match, without actually putting anything in it.

I should admit that I did remember Bob Barnett’s post from right after the match, where less than flattering comments were made about Tarzan’s state going into the match, but how or why Tarzan doesn’t wrestle really matter as much to me as him not wrestling well. And since the Shocker parts were fine and the Tarzan parts were questionable, the blame’s gotta go on him.

It does make me wonder why, great rudo act or not, people would count on him to draw at all. It seems like people get lots of breaks in Mexico (and if what I’ve heard about the schedule is right, I totally agree with that), but Tarzan’s a guy who’s been injured often, been suspended for various reasons, and didn’t deliver in what should’ve been the biggest match of his promotion’s year…and now there’s word that he was replaced in that Tohoku LH Title match last night (Friday) by Black Warrior.

Unless you’re trying to milk out what you’ve invested in him before he’s all dried up, I guess.

Thanks to Robert, I’ve got updated lineups for Lucha Times, with the no-tape-in-yet lineups accurate to what aired for the most part. If you don’t see it listed, don’t expect to see it on TV.

Also, with some help, I’ve added on to the CMLL LH Title History page over there on the sidebar, with a lot of old history. Except, Ultimo’s kept it pretty dead lately…

I never linked #110, so there you go. You may have noticed that I’m using icons on the CMLL Report Index page; the dots on the “die” reflect the 1-4 rating I gave to the show, as a quick index. I’m planning on going back and at least doing 2003’s TV while working on somethink else.

(I do have a five and six, though I’m not planning on using for this.)

I remember the title change Casas neck bump. I guess it’s savvy move if you’re not concerned with walking, long term.