Arena Mexico results

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Biggest news from Arena Mexico:

I can’t even begin to imagine WHY

Actually, the big non-Canek story out of Arena Mexico’s show this past Friday is that Perro Aguayo Sr. got involved in yet another post match attack on his son, who lost a main event trios via low blow against the Capos (teaming with Park and the sorta-tecnico Black Warrior). The big double hair/hair match is this week, but it seems pretty likely that match will just be the stepping stone for Perro Sr. to return to the ring and get his rematch against Universo.

Not much news on the undercard. Despite having to fight someone in such an outfit, Terrible did manage to beat Mascara Ano to build up their particpation in that hair match. Zumbido beat Virus in the Lighting match, which I would figure to set a SL title match down the road, but right now more directly leads to the Mexican Trios Title match next week.

Other news!

Canek starts offically on 3/26, probably because they’ve already got this week’s card booked.

The 2004 Class of Guapo U starts wrestling for the people this Tuesday at Arena Coliseo. Opening match is Brazo de Plato Jr./Tigre Metalico/Leono vs Misterioso II/Lobo Vikingo/Koreano. Despite what had been said earlier, this is not an elimination from Guapo U match – at least to start, they’ll be doing these to see if the fans dig any one in particular (or, hopefully, they dig the one they want to push.)

In a completely lucha turn of events, Omar (as in “(mexico) Big Brother 2’s Omar! Call this number to vote for him!” and he apparently won) petioned to join Guapo U, but lost an entry match to Guapo U’s (the former blue monkey thing) mascot. Omar has decided not to give up on his dream of teaming with his hero Shocker.

Only one add to this week’s Arena Mexico card: Nosawa takes on Tigre Blanco in a bonus Lighting Match. Not sure if we should read into them doing these two weeks in a row.

Lucha Times will be updated later this week.

Tarzan Boy gone

Bob Barnett’s explaination is that Vampiro was allowed to book his own angle (though there was some Day Of arguement about that, Vamp did get his way), and since everyone had Black Warrior winning the title, they did a walkout finish as a swerve. He should be back in a month to do a rematch and maybe drop the title, but it’s wrestling so who really knows.

It should make for some wacky TV at least, assuming it makes TV.

Barnett also says Tarzan Boy is fired from CMLL, again. Someone needs to start keeping track of how many times that happens.

Canek appeared at Arena Mexico this week to announce that he’s coming into CMLL. Apparently, they didn’t have enough older lucha guys that I have no interest in seeing! I’m hoping this implies Canek is cheaper than Santo, because if you’re actually paying for extra top talent and you’re going the wrong way, you’re driving me insane.

In the same vein, Mil Mascaras wrestled on Sunday’s show in Arena Coliseo.

Guapos U matches start this Tuesday in Arena Coliseo.

Of all the things they could mention, had a blurb on it’s pick for rising trio of 2004: Astro Boy, Explosivo and Sombre de Plata. Right.

I keep waiting for the usual Sunday/Monday update to show up on, but no luck so far. I don’t expect a lot of news since they’ve already announced this week’s card, but I’ll update when they do.

CMLL Title Tumult

One wacky story of note. Vampiro defended his NWA Light Heavyweight Championship against Black Warrior in the main event of the 3/5 Arena Mexico Show. The match was ruled a no contest when Vamp walked out of the match (leaving him officially still the champ). The local paper tore into the whole incident, saying the match was a mess and Vamp should be stripped of his title by the commission (which really exists) for his antics. Vampiro says he booked the finish, but the regular booker asked him to drop the belt the night of the show, so he just took the belt and left the arena. Then he returned and yelled at everyone, and apparently won’t be back for a month.

God only knows what to make of all this, but I am sure Vamp will be back sooner rather than later.

Guapos Update, BT

I forgot to mentioned it earlier, and now Ovaciones doesn’t have it up any more, but they had a report from what I presume was Shocker’s press confrence. Just mostly the same group of names, with the added tidbit that they’d be doing matches weekly on Arena Coliseo, in different forms (like singles and trios), with the losers eliminated. No phone support polls, just lose and you’re out. Won’t start till after 3/19 show, and we’ll see if they follow through.

Bit Torrent Wrestling Sites I Know Of

Lots of cross over. CMLL was listed on the first three (the episode from two weeks ago, and none previous or later so who knows if this ongoing thing), but I only see on the third. Probably because people have stopped seeding?

Bit Torent can be slow (given how many people are sharing at once, it’s agnozing to get a mean speed of 8kps on files in the 100s of megs) and files are only available if someone’s actively sharing them. But, hey, it’s there.

3/19 Card

They had been hyping the show as “Sin Piedad” during some of their commericals, but in smaller type compared to UNIVERSO vs PIERROTH. Volador as Jarmoir Jagr #1 Fan was unprecedented awesome.

Shocker and LA Park, showing tremendous foresight, walked out of the Arena Mexico main event before Vampiro could completely turn rudo (having passively let his “teammates” been beat the first fall) and treat them to a 4 on 2 beating. Instead, Vampiro got beat by Black Warrior. So Vamp’s now a rudo, but his first big match is agianst (rudo) Black Warrior

I’m rooting for Black Warrior, so he’ll have at least one of the belts that’s in his introduction video. (Or is that the CMLL LH one? Tough to tell how old it is…) At any rate, since Vamp seems part time, I wouldn’t bet on him holding on to the title here.

The other news out of Friday’s show was Olimpico (still working as a tecnico some places, but not here) led his team with Super Crazy and Zumbido over the Mex National Trios Champs Volador Jr., Safari and Felino in a non-title match, so they’ll get a rematch on the big 3/19 show. Champs won their titles in a tournament final (that aired this past week) over a team of Zumbido, Super Crazy, and Alan Stone, so the question is if subbing in Olimpico is enough to make the difference.

The (for now) 3/19 card is now
– LA Park/Shocker (c) vs Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero for the CMLL Tag Team Titles
– Terrble/el Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs Mascara Ano 2000/Cien Caras [double hair]
– Volador Jr./Felino/Safari vs Olimpico/Zumbido/Super Crazy
– Negro Casas/Super Porky/Sagrado vs Fuerza Guerrera/Averno/Mephisto
– Star Boy/Neutron/Zetta vs Sangre Azteca/Holligan/Ramstein

Getting back to this week’s show, the semi main is Guapos/Park vs Universo/Mascara/Ultimo/Rey, as the hair and tag team title issues meld into one match, plus Mascara Magica returns to Arena Mexico for the first time after Universo gave him a Tombstone a few weeks ago.

Dr. Wagner Jr. and Black Tiger are on the next AJPW tour from 3/20 to 3/28, culiminating with an All Asia Tag Team title shot on 3/28.

Remind me to tell you about finding CMLL on the ‘net via BitTorrent.

Volador = Justin Shapiro?

Big ups to Rob for the info on all the Guapo U. candidates.

I was over my friend Pete’s house yesterday and got to watch some lucha. I did miss the mascara contra mascara match but what I saw was pretty dope.

They kept flashing Sin Piedad on the screens, which used to be the name for some CMLL pay-per-views, but this was still a big show with what looked like a big crowd.

Up first was Los Havana Brothers vs. Los Infernales. Only the tercera caida aired, which I hear is a trend these days. The gist of the match was Averno and Mephisto kicked ass when they were in the ring, until Satanico demanded to be tagged in and fucked it all up. Averno and Meph end up winning with dual Angel Wings, then refuse to let Satanico join in the post match celebration. It’s pretty easy to tell where this is going (especially since the show is about three months old).

We see Felino pumping up Volador and Safari. I don’t know what was more amazing, Felino calling Safari young or Volador’s Penguins jersey.

Then we saw the finals for the Mexican Trios Titles, as Felino & Safari & Volador tackled Super Crazy & Zumbido & Alan Stone (!). I won’t go into too much detail, but this was a pretty rockin’ match with a few rough patches. Volador hit the world’s greatest Asai Moonsault, only to be topped by the rudos inventive move of ramming one tecnico’s crotch into another tecnico’s face. Felino and pals win. Good stuff.

I missed Angel Azteca vs. Arkangel. I would have been more interested if we saw these guys more frequently than once every few years. Oh well.

Four on the Floor

KirsZ reports that Mephisto beat Satanico last night (last night being 2/24) to win the CMLL Welterweight Title. I believe it’s his first title, as either Astro Rey Jr. or Mephisto.

Also from KrisZ:

“Shocker announced today the list of candidates to become the 4th member of Los Nuevos Guapos and they are the following:

Brazo de Oro Jr.
Brazo de Plata Jr.
Fabian el Gitano
Hijo del Texano

Lobo Vikingo (This guy I gotta see)
Maximo (not one of the SAT (as far as I know))
Misterioso II
Sangre Azteca
(Oh please let him win. But doesn’t having a mask DQ him?)
Alan & Chris Stone
Tigre Metalico

Shocker will be holding a press conference tomorrow to discuss this further.”

Anyone having info on these guys is encouraged to share.

One last note: Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero, and Super Porky all worked the 2/22 Toryumon X show in Arena Coliseo. Might be worth checking out if a tape surfaces.

Lucha Times, Requests

Lucha Times is up. Vague reason to be worried about inaccuracies (aka reason #21231 why their .com staff doesn’t appear to be on the ball): Galavision’s schedule has Sunday’s date as 3/1, not 2/29.

After reading KrisZ’s lucha news and rereading, I see now that I completely missed on noticing that the title of the “Rey wants a rematch” section indicated that would happen on 3/19. Which leaves Shocker/Vampiro, and I dunno. The recap of last Friday’s show goes for a “Shocker kept missing rudos and hitting Vampiro, Vamp took offense, rudos collected on it.” So who knows where/if it goes anywhere.

Going back to vague for a second, I’m kinda thinking I need to act some sections for the unaccustomed CMLL-type person to better get a grip on what’s going on. The flaws in this idea are
– I never hear from people who are unfamliar to CMLL, so I’m not really sure what they need. Or maybe they’re content with what they have, even.
– But then I don’t hear from anyone. Well, Joe and Homer, but I hold them down by quickly pushing their posts to the bottom of the screen. And Rob. And we’re happy to have you, Rob.

In this vien, I drew up that site FAQ over there. First draft.

The other thing is, I think the being able to connect a face and a name would be a bunch of help if you’re a person who knows only one of those at best. La Arena has done this, but it suffers from being outdated. The problem isn’t clipping head shots:

Rey Bucanero
Ultimo Guerrero
Tarzan Boy

It’s getting shots that aren’t just cropped parts of copyrighted images posted elsewhere on the ‘net. (Rey and Ultimo courtesy, Tarzan courtesy And stealing images off the net and pretending they’re you’re own is not a wise idea.

If anyone realllly wanted to help by finding some free for public use shots of faces and such (or, since it at least wouldn’t be stealing directly from someone else’s photowork, screen cap some good profile shots from TV) and send them my way, I’d love to use ’em.

Is there any chance jtron reads this? Is there any chance that OMLL tape he was talking about before is done and I can see? Curiosity’s sake, at least.

#115 up

Last week’s show (#115 on your scoreboard) went up sometime yesterday. I didn’t like the show, yet somehow gave it a 2. Gooooo abusing the system.

It looks like they did a late in the week switch on Lucha de Vuelta, because it’s started airing at 12 CST. This is probably why I should wait till past Monday to update those things. Doesn’t look like we’re getting any more of CMLL this time around then the one match show they did orginally.

Thanks for the bio info, Rob.