Lucha Times for 11/13

Saturday: Assuming they don’t try to make up for the missing episode (which should be good anyway), it looks like a fun undercard match and Mascara Sagrada’s CMLL debut. (Last week just needed some editing.)

Note that the afternoon version is 1 hour and the overnight version is 2 hours; I’d guess they’ll show either AAA or CMLL during the day, and show both at night.

Sunday: The matches sound good but don’t make it up to that level. Also a 1.5 show; I didn’t watch long enough to see what they cut out this past week.

News tommorow. Recap of Saturday’s show looking Friday, and hopefully a recap of lucha shows I went to by the same day.

lucha times


Saturday: Split feed. Assuming they don’t try to make up for the missing episode (which should be good anyway), it looks like a fun undercard match and Mascara Sagrada’s CMLL debut

Edit: Meltzer says “The Arena Mexico Anniversary show featuring the four-way mask match with Dr. Wagner Jr., Universo 2000, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. and Canek, which no doubt was hardly an in-ring masterpiece, but did draw a sellout and was promoted as one of the biggest mask matches in the history of Mexican wrestling, will air on Galavision on Saturday”

I don’t bet on anything, but you might want to bet the house on it not airing. No way at all.

Sunday: Semi-main is set up for the Zumbido/Crazy match never aired, and the main event has a completely random finish. eh.

11/04 news

Tired. Colorless.

Arena Mexico Friday results for 11/04 (via KrisZ)
– Neutron/StarMAN/Tigre Blanco b Hooligan/Ramstein/Super Comando
– Arkangel/Loco Max/Mr. Mexico b
* Loco Max busted open Zumbido and pinned him with a low blow, causing Zumbido to challenge him for a hair/hair match.
– Cien Caras/Mascara Ano 2000/Universo 2000 DQ Pierroth/Pierroth Jr./Hijo de Pierroth
* Pierroth Jr. filled in for Vampiro. Pierroth Sr. brought in a bat for the DQ finish, and Universo challenged him for a hair/hair rematch of last year’s match.
La Legion de Norte (Terrible/Garza/Tarzan) b Warrior/Canek/Rayo de Jalisco
* Trios champions getting beat in a non-title match…
– Olimpico/Rey Bucanero/Ultimo b Mistico/Niebla/Shocker
* No Olimpico/Mistico build. Ultimo got the deciding pin on Mistico.

Arena Coliseo Wednesday results for 11/02
– Sombra de Plata, Rayo Tapatio I & II b Mesala, Super Comando, Jeque
– Dr. X, Arkangel, Hooligan b Chris Stone, Tigre Blanco, StarMAN

Tag Team Tournament

Tiger/Nitro-----                |
Casas/Mistico---                |              |
                |Casas/Mistico--               |
Scorpio/Bestia--                               |
Violencia/Rey---                               |
                |Violencia/Rey--               |
Brazos*---------                |              |
Warrior/Rivera--                |

* I'm guessing based on lineups, but they didn't list results for these matches.
* Mr. Niebla was scheduled to be in Tony Rivera's spot.

– Dr. Wagner beat Universo 2000 by DQ when Dr. Wagner pulled off his mask and blamed it on
Universo. Post match, Universo challenged for a unification match. Haven’t seen the schedule for next week.

Arena Mexico lineup for this week
– Tigre Metalico/Leono/Mr. Power vs Lobo Vikingo/Koreano/Flecha
– Zumbido/Alan Stone/Ricky Marvin vs Mr. Mexico/Sangre Azteca/Loco Max
– Canek/Atlantis/Blue Panther vs Wagner/Ultimo Guerrero/Olimpico
* Wagner’s back as a rudo because he’s facing Canek.
– Pierroth/Hijo De Pierroth/Vampiro vs Cien Caras/Mascara 2000/Universo 2000
– Dos Caras Jr./La Park/Shocker vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo/Hector Garza/Tarzan Boy
* This is Dos Caras Jr. debut in Arena Mexico. I’m pretty sure this is not leading to a shoot fight with Shocker…but maybe!


Either the episode GALA skipped, or the match where Rey’s leg got messed up. They really clipped the main event to shreds (including cutting out a pin); it’s one of those ones where even when it’s good, you’re constantly reminded about how it could’ve been better if they didn’t feel the need to show a completely pointless trios match.

10/30 news

Yea, four times in one day. I had this done when the site was down for an hour.

The main event feuds (well, the ones that are actually moving) are getting kinda convulted:

In Arena Coliseo, Dr. Wagner’s turn continues on Tuesday’s show, with a (non-title) singles match between him and Universo as main event of a Day of the Dead show. Wagner’s the rudo disagreeing with the rest of the rudos and Universo is the rudo standing up for rudo principles…

In Arena Mexico, it’s being pushed as family vs family warfare, with Universo and the rest of the Reyes fighting Pierroth and his sons. Universo’s obviously in the right here, but I have a hard time seeing how one character can make sense in both feuds. (I’m sure I’m supposed to just not think about it – I think it just would’ve worked better if Universo was replaced with another rudo in the Coliseo stuff.)

This doesn’t even factor in the Blue Demon stuff, which probably doesn’t get brought back up again unless/until Demon gets brought back, and Universo winning the CMLL Heavyweight Title (which seems to be a DOA issue.)

I was totally wrong in my mask/mask/mask/mask match preview; Universo’s career hasn’t taken a step down since losing his mask. Instead, they’re building a large portion of the company around him. Very unexpected.

I’ll do the usual Arena Mexico stuff later this week, but I just wanted to mention the Wagner/Universo match, and also a pairs tournament for the Dia de Muertos show:

– Mistico/Negro Casas
– Mr. Niebla/Black Warrior
– Brazo de Plata/Brazo de Oro
– Satanico/Mascara Magica
– Rey Bucanero/Violencia
– Black Tiger/Nitro
– Scorpio/Bestia Salvaje
– Emilio Charles/Okumura

I’d bet on Mistico getting yet another big win.

On Monday in Puebla, Dr. Wagner fights the other guy he didn’t get along with last week in Arena Coliseo, Terrible, in another singles match. The undercard has the tag team champions Atlantis and Blue Panther teaming with Batman (! – I know he’s a regular but it kills me every time) versus the former tag team champions Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero, and the Joker Tineiblas Jr.

Lucha Times Update

This afternoon, #157 aired, with these matches

-Rayo/Canek/Panther vs Wagner/Universo/Tiger
-Santo/Park/Casas vs Perro/Rey/Ultimo

That means they skipped the last week of “no CMLL because of Olympics” and they skipped the two hour #156 show. The next week in order would be the anniversary show, and the Next Week Preview hyped the mask and title matches which actually will not be airing.

Contray to the Gala online listings, my TiVo says we’re getting a 3 hour show overnight. If they did go three hours, that’d be an easy way to get in all two hours of 156 and still show AAA; if you usually don’t stick in a tape for the overnight show, you may want to do this week just in case.

lucha times

I hear it works much better if I update the page. Really!

For one more week, Saturday’s a toss up. Last week, TLN got one episode of CMLL (which I believe was from before they started airing shows up there), the Saturday afternoon GALA show was all AAA, and then they aired a random episode on late night. GALA cutting two different tapes is at least twice (and more like five hundred) times more effort than usual.

Sunday’s got a weird 90 minute time frame, a split feed, and a probably a random episode as well. Though I’m listing for a Terrible/Magica (non-hair) show, they’ve been skipping every other episode of late, so you could get Universo/Terrible/Rey vs Park/Shocker/Magica instead.

Alfredo has tapes for 09/11 to 10/02.

Good News: so those lineups have been corrected as needed. The interesting note is a complete minis match should air the first week of December. Like Robert noted earlier, this is the first minis match of any kind to air

Bad News: Neither Park/Ultimo [LH] nor the Santo/Perro trios match from the anniversary makes tape. (Leading into the show, they announced the mask match would not be aired.) We do get a look at the Mistico/Volador/Misterioso trio, but then we get also get a Tarzan/Pierroth/Vampiro match.

The 9/3 tape looks like it’s been sitting there a while and I just missed it, so that’s updated as well; it’s (like last week’s show) also a two hour affair. I’m thrilled we get Averno vs Zumbido, while other people may be happy for Sangre Azteca’s annual Arena Mexico TV match.

I wonder how those two hour shows work for TLN? Probably not good!

I like how the predictions now take me all the way to 2005. Like, and also VERY SCARED.

In other news: Hector Garza and LA Park are supposed to be on the TNA PPV in an X Division Battle Royal (ie: do a couple spots, get a token mention, get beat by the TNA talent as an afterthought) but with all the back and forth with Garza, I don’t believe it till it happens. Mascarita Sagrada and Piratita Morgan have been booked for an undercard match (and people for Jarrett to beat up?) for a while, but I don’t believe they’ve built to it on TV at all.

Notes of 10/27

Hi. Anyone notice tha tthey’re using Fuerza Guerrera’s mask on the CMLL main page now? Not that it means squat.

Arena Mexico Results

1 Mini Olimpico/Ultimo Dragonci/Tzuki DQW Pierrothito/Espectrito/Mini Violencia
(Espectrito ripped off Tzuki’s mask)

2 Guapos vs Guerreros Cibernetico: Olimpico wins.
– Tigre Metalico beat Nitro
– Sangre Azteca beat Tigre Metalico
– Loco Max beat Texano Jr.
– Olimpico beat Leono
– Dr. X beat Texano Jr.
– Alan Stone beat Sangre Azteca
– Misterioso II beat Dr. X
– Olimpico beat Alan Stone
– Olimpico beat Misterioso
(looks like a push for Olmpico)

3 Atlantis/Felino/Negro beat Tiger/Wagner/Mephisto
(Mephisto was strechered out after the first fall; no update on his situation)

4 LA Park/Mistico/Shocker beat Perro/Hector/Ultimo
(lots of UG/Shocker finishes)

5 Hijo del Santo (c) beat Averno to retain the WWA Welterweight Title

The Big News is, due to an AAA special, CMLL got all two hours of TV in Mexico, and got to air lots of this (good looking) show. It’ll air on US TV at the end of Decemeber, with these matches:

– Dr. Wagner/Terrible/Universo vs Shocker/Niebla/Panther [COLISEO – Wagner turning]
– Cibernetico
– Atlantis/Casas/Felino vs Wagner/Tiger/Mephisto [3rd only]
– Santo vs Averno

That’s a pretty good selection.

As a result of that Arena Coliseo match, this week’s Tuesday show was main evented by Shocker and Dr. Wagner facing Universo 2000 and Terrible. In the third fall, Terrible managed to give Shocker his own reinera to beat him, before being eliminated by Wagner. Wagner tried to tombstone Universo, but was prevented by the referee. Universo yanked the mask and rolled him up for the win.

It looks like Wagner is going to keep teaming with rudo-ish tecnicos, because this wasn’t built like the end of the issue. They’re hinting next week’s Tuesday’s show (or at some point down the line), there’s going to be a Universo (c) vs Wagner CMLL Heavyweight Title match. notes Wagner is UWA Heavyweight Champion (beat Canek) and WWC Heavyweight Champion (beat Pierroth – this one I didn’t know about, and not sure which WWC they mean), so he could pull of a Mexician Triple Crown.

This week’s Arena Mexico lineup

– Tigre Blanco/Neutron/StarMAN vs Hooligan/Ramstein/Super Comando
– Zumbido/Alan/Virus vs Mexico/Arkangel/Loco Max
– Rayo/Canek/Warrior vs Hector/Tarzan/Terrible
(it’s the trios champions teaming together)
– Cien Caras/Mascara Ano 200/Universo 2000 vs Pierroth/Hijo del Pierroth/Vampiro
(Mascara’s return from shoulder injury)
– Shocker/Niebla/Mistico vs Ultimo/Rey/Olimpico
(reward for winning the cibernetico)

I have this (totally baseless) feeling we’re building to a big Olimpico/Mistico match.

Tuesday was 11 years to day Oro (Jesus Hernandez Silva) died during a match in Arena Coliseo. Oro, described a lot as “a bigger Rey Mysterio Jr.” in terms of fantastic, tried taking a clothsline bump on his head, and it went horribly wrong. La Arena has a bio of his career.

Arena Mex, 10/21

Caras refused, saying it would make him look bad in Japan (it’s dubious anyone would care, and he hasn’t been booked over there in ages)

Just to screw with you, Hustle booked him (and Lizmark Jr. and Psicodelico Jr.) in a trios match for their next show. Darn that Takada.

I gotta feeling the CMLL stuff has more chance to be worked, just because who’s going to bother to count all of those ballots anyway? C’mon.

10/15 Arena Mexico Results

– Super Comando/Flecha b Sombra de Plata/Explosivo
– Nitro/Dr. X/Sangre Azteca b Virus/Rivera/Neutron
– Olimpico/Okumura/Mr. Mexico b Misterioso/Misterioso II/Zumbido

I can’t believe they bought in Misterioso to lose. In a tercera. To a Mr. Mexico team.

– Universo 2000, Cien Caras, Apolo Dantes b Pierroth, El Hijo de Pierroth, Blue Demon Jr.

Blue Demon was supposed to be Vampiro – but this match was filled with Universo hating on Blue Demon spots (Universo fouls Demon, Universo TOMBSTONES Demon) after Universo won the Leyenda de Azul last week, they’re obviously starting a program. Bizarre they’d book it with Universo as the rudo when the lead up to this match was Pierroth and his sons doing rudo like things to Apolo. Multifaceted or something.

– Dr. Wagner Jr., Shocker, Negro Casas b Hector Garza, Tarzan Boy, Terrible

It looks like Wagner is on the road to becoming a full time slightly evil tecnico, like his partners. His partners kissed up to him, and Terrible fouled him to get the win.

On Wednesday in Arena Coliseo, Wagner was back teamin with the rudos – unfortunatly, the rudos were Terrible (the guy who fouled him a few days prior) and Universo (bipolar). Wagner didn’t get along with the other two, and the rudo team lost the match by CO.

This week’s Arena Mex lineup

– Pequeno Olimpico, Ultimo Dragoncito, Tsuki vs Pierrothito, Espectrito, Pequeno Violencia
– Ciberntico: Guapos (Misterioso II, Texano Jr, Alan Stone, Leono, Tigre Metalico) vs Guerreros (Olimpico, Nitro, Dr. X, Sangre Azteca, Loco Max)

Shocker and Ultimo Guerrero will be on hand to coach their respective teams. They’re hyping this as the winner possibly being the next Mistico, which says a lot about how Mistico’s doing. hypes Olimpico as the newest member of the actual Guerrero faction, which would be at least the third off the top of my head (Black Warrior, Violencia) that are soon forgotten about. I guess I’m just assuming it’ll be forgotten about here.

– Atlantis, Negro Casas, Felino vs Dr. Wagner, Black Tiger, Mephisto

If Dr. Wagner can’t get along with Black Tiger, we’ve got serious problems. You might think it’s strange to see Mephisto hanging out there by himself, but…

– La Park, Shocker, Mistico, vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hector Garza, Ultimo Guerrero
– El Santo (c) vs Averno for the WWA Welterweight Title

This doubles as Santo’s celebration of 22 (twenty two!) years of wrestling. I’d say Averno’s chances of actually winning this were impossible, but after this week, who knows. notes Damien 666 beat Satanico for his hair in Tijuana on 10/15, and that’s the revenge for Satanico beating Damien in Mexico 666 for his hair way back on 10/25/02 (59). “You win at my place, I lose at your place” dealio, I believe.