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I saw the first half of yesterday’s show at my friend’s house. Lucha’s only an hour now? Remember the three hour Tuesday Night blocks?

–We open with a sub-Nitro Girls dance routine.

Tarzan Boy (not fired this week) does a little bit to open the show. His hair is still growing in and he looks even more obnoxious with short hair.

–As God as my witness, I thought Eric Bischoff was doing commercials for Galavision. Turns out it’s just a guy named Javier Romero. The resemblence is freaky.

–TB chats with Mephisto and Averno backstage. The ex-Infernales have dumped their old ring gear and now wear generic red and black outfits (Mephisto = Red and Averno = Black). They look like Jerry Lawler’s knights or somone you’d see fighting Ranger Ross on a Clash of the Champions.

Tarzan Boy (c) & Mephisto & Averno vs. Atlantis (c) & Volador & Super Porky

Primera Caida: Porky wears these hideous dreadlocks down to ringside. The rudos jump the tecnicos and the beatdown is on. Some okay double teams make this a bit more interesting than usual. Volador gets pinned after a TB top rope dropkick, and Porky is done after Tarzan drops the big leg, dude.

Segunda Caida: We miss the tecnico comeback because the camera is focused on the ring girl. Volador gets Averno with a sunset flip and Porky squashes Mephisto for the fall.

Tercera Caida: Lots of Volador to open things up, and he looks sharp. He hits a bee-you-tee-full Asai Moonsault, and Porky chips in with a dive of his own (once he gets the rudos attention, which takes forever). That leaves Tarzan and Atlantis in the ring, and TB gets the shockingly clean pinfall by blocking a rollup.

Afterwards he challenges Atlantis for the Tohoku title, or whatever the hell belt Atlantis has. Solid enough match with a nice clean finish, although a bit on the short side.

Recap #118 done.

That’d be the one from three weeks ago. I’m getting closer – I’ll at least be down to three after tomorrow. Maybe I’ll wake up early and do another one? Nah.

Anyway, this episode wasn’t much as far as wrestling. Infernales would be fine if it was a temporary thing but we know it’s not. As Mr. Excitable Boy said (in a link on tOA that I can’t find now), Park looked great, but there just wasn’t much to work with here.

Haven’t seen Arena Mexico results yet.

Although I’m sure this was made clear to me, I didn’t realize the mini-poster I got with the OMLL tape wasn’t the lineup for the OMLL. This is going to be a challenge – a fun one, but a long one. I may work up a match list (if only so people can point out that I don’t know who’s who before I post something) and split it into a smaller recaps.

Next update Monday-ish?

Recap #117 up

#117, featuring a good Mexican Trios Title match and a blink-length mask/mask, is now up.

True story: I put off doing the mask/mask twice because I didn’t want to go into it tired, then it turned out to a five minute breeze.

While I’d love to get another recap done to cut this tremendous lag down, I think I may watch OMLL next. We’ll see.

Lucha Times is updated too. Robert says the Tag Team title rematch did not air this past week in Mexico, so I’ve taken it off the preiew. The original match aired on WrestlingChannelUK this past week and was said to be cut up not so good.

Upcoming Arena Mexico Notes

I’m still surprised the Capos didn’t win. I guess that means that the Universo/Perro Sr. match isn’t right around the corner after all.

The other thing to take out of that hair/hair match is that CMLL is high on Terrible. I mean, it’s apparently they’ve loved him since he was part of Guapos U and came from nowhere to win, and getting the hair win over Bestia in the Cage of Death last year just confirmed that. But this is a situation where they could’ve slotted someone a bigger name in to get the win with Perro Jr. (and usually do), and he got another big win instead.

The Terrible push takes another step on Friday, when a strange main event headlines Arena Mexico. Here’s the whole card:
– Canek/Shocker/Mascara Magica vs Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero/Terrible.
– Satanico/Negro Casas/Felino vs Olimpico/Averno/Mepshito
– Volador Jr./Alan Stone/Virus vs Violencia/Zumbido/Super Crazy.
– Lightning Match: Neutro vs Sangre Azteca
– Tony Rivera/Tigre Blanco/Texano Jr. vs Arkangel/Nitro/Holligan
– Tsuki/Ultimo Dragoncito vs Espectrito/Pierrothito

The hype writer doesn’t know why Terrible is facing off with his friends and teaming with his enemies, but does note this the first time they’ve met since he’s been a Guapo. With the Guapos due to add another member, I’m thinking this sets the stage for Terrible to be spun off from the group.

Looks like the weekly Lighting Match is their new way to spotlight the undercard guys each week. With no Capos or Boricuas, this looks to be one of the more consistently good cards, if lacking a surely stellar match.

In other action, Coliseo’s Tuesday show features another Guapos U trios match: Texano Jr/Lestar/Brazo De Oro Jr. vs Chris Stone/Karisma/Maximo. Winners move on to face previous winners Misterioso II/Lobo Vikingo/Koreano for a shot at the Mexican Trios Titles. Guadalajara had a big card on Sunday, with another of the Guapos/Taliban hair/hair match and a 12 Man SL-ish Cibernetico, but I haven’t seen results for it yet.

Box y Lucha says that Shocker showed up to the title match with the mini-Guapo midget, and LA Park entered with a Michael Jackson impersonator. Pick which one distresses you more.

Next Update: Wednesday-ish.

Maybe Cien and Mascara can hang out with Molly…

The results from the big 3/19 CMLL show (from KrisZ):

1. La Alianza (Hooligan/Ramstein/Sangre Azteca) beat Astro Boy/Neutron/Zetta
2. 10:00 Lightning Match: Tigre Blanco defeated NOSAWA
3. Brazo de Plata/Negro Casas/Sagrado beat Averno/Fuerza Guerrera/Mephisto by DQ
4. Mexican National Trios Titles: Felino/Safari/Volador Jr. defeated Olimpico/Super Crazy/Zumbido to retain their titles.
5. CMLL Tag Titles: Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero beat L.A. Par-K & Shocker to regain their titles
6. Caballeras contra Caballeras: Perro Aguayo Jr. & Damian el Terrible defeated Cien Caras & Mascara Ano Dos Mil

They would be Ultimo and Bucky’s third go-round with the tag titles, as they ended Shocker and PARK’s two month run. Fun fact: they’ve held those belts for 35 of the past 44 months, which I think constitutes a stranglehold.

A big win for the youngsters over the veterans in the main event (according to the translation of, “they were surprised by the eyetooth of his young twigs”). It’s the fourth time Mascara has lost his hair and the third for Caras.

In other news, 52 year old Canek will be making his return on the 26th. You gotta love lucha sometimes.

this week’s shows

Lucha Times was just updated. I waited this long to see if I could avoid being tripped by a late move for once.

Ever since they went back to the first show of the current run a couple weeks ago, the Vuelta episodes have been skipping around, so don’t bank on getting any particular episode.

I’m so behind in recaps and it’ll only get worse, but that’s what no feedback will get you.

Arena Mexico results

(This is the 200th post on this blog. Wow!)

Biggest news from Arena Mexico:

I can’t even begin to imagine WHY

Actually, the big non-Canek story out of Arena Mexico’s show this past Friday is that Perro Aguayo Sr. got involved in yet another post match attack on his son, who lost a main event trios via low blow against the Capos (teaming with Park and the sorta-tecnico Black Warrior). The big double hair/hair match is this week, but it seems pretty likely that match will just be the stepping stone for Perro Sr. to return to the ring and get his rematch against Universo.

Not much news on the undercard. Despite having to fight someone in such an outfit, Terrible did manage to beat Mascara Ano to build up their particpation in that hair match. Zumbido beat Virus in the Lighting match, which I would figure to set a SL title match down the road, but right now more directly leads to the Mexican Trios Title match next week.

Other news!

Canek starts offically on 3/26, probably because they’ve already got this week’s card booked.

The 2004 Class of Guapo U starts wrestling for the people this Tuesday at Arena Coliseo. Opening match is Brazo de Plato Jr./Tigre Metalico/Leono vs Misterioso II/Lobo Vikingo/Koreano. Despite what had been said earlier, this is not an elimination from Guapo U match – at least to start, they’ll be doing these to see if the fans dig any one in particular (or, hopefully, they dig the one they want to push.)

In a completely lucha turn of events, Omar (as in “(mexico) Big Brother 2’s Omar! Call this number to vote for him!” and he apparently won) petioned to join Guapo U, but lost an entry match to Guapo U’s (the former blue monkey thing) mascot. Omar has decided not to give up on his dream of teaming with his hero Shocker.

Only one add to this week’s Arena Mexico card: Nosawa takes on Tigre Blanco in a bonus Lighting Match. Not sure if we should read into them doing these two weeks in a row.

Lucha Times will be updated later this week.

Tarzan Boy gone

Bob Barnett’s explaination is that Vampiro was allowed to book his own angle (though there was some Day Of arguement about that, Vamp did get his way), and since everyone had Black Warrior winning the title, they did a walkout finish as a swerve. He should be back in a month to do a rematch and maybe drop the title, but it’s wrestling so who really knows.

It should make for some wacky TV at least, assuming it makes TV.

Barnett also says Tarzan Boy is fired from CMLL, again. Someone needs to start keeping track of how many times that happens.

Canek appeared at Arena Mexico this week to announce that he’s coming into CMLL. Apparently, they didn’t have enough older lucha guys that I have no interest in seeing! I’m hoping this implies Canek is cheaper than Santo, because if you’re actually paying for extra top talent and you’re going the wrong way, you’re driving me insane.

In the same vein, Mil Mascaras wrestled on Sunday’s show in Arena Coliseo.

Guapos U matches start this Tuesday in Arena Coliseo.

Of all the things they could mention, had a blurb on it’s pick for rising trio of 2004: Astro Boy, Explosivo and Sombre de Plata. Right.

I keep waiting for the usual Sunday/Monday update to show up on, but no luck so far. I don’t expect a lot of news since they’ve already announced this week’s card, but I’ll update when they do.

CMLL Title Tumult

One wacky story of note. Vampiro defended his NWA Light Heavyweight Championship against Black Warrior in the main event of the 3/5 Arena Mexico Show. The match was ruled a no contest when Vamp walked out of the match (leaving him officially still the champ). The local paper tore into the whole incident, saying the match was a mess and Vamp should be stripped of his title by the commission (which really exists) for his antics. Vampiro says he booked the finish, but the regular booker asked him to drop the belt the night of the show, so he just took the belt and left the arena. Then he returned and yelled at everyone, and apparently won’t be back for a month.

God only knows what to make of all this, but I am sure Vamp will be back sooner rather than later.