As you probably saw, this

As you probably saw, this week’s CMLL show was clipped down to a half hour. Time slot was clipped down to 2:00, so instead of losing a moment of the AAA Girls dancing, we only got the main event. Which was okay, but how they went from the referees missing Halloween’s cane shot to the commissioner over turning the fall to it being a NC instead of Infernales win by DQ (and take the belts) was a bit sketchy. And that’s even before next week…

Anyway, I was getting around to saying that the schedule for Lucha de Vuelta next week has the nomral 2:30 time slot, so the Capos/Lizmark/Rayo/Niebla match should be restorted there. (Intersting move having the Capos work as heel the week before Cien fights Pierroth). I plan to recap what aired later, but you know how it goes. says the contracts were signed on 8/28 to confirm the double main event for 9/19 I talked about before: Tarzan Boy/Shocker and Pierroth/Violencia.

Top 3 matches for next Friday’s Arena Mexico show
– Perro Aguayo Jr, Shocker, Negro Casas vs Dr. Wagner, Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero
– Lizmark Jr., Mr. Niebla, Sagrado vs Violencia, Mascara Ano 2000, Apolo Dantes
– Cibernetico for the New CMLL Super Liegro (super light) Championship: Ricky Marvin, Tigre Blanco, Virus, all three Havana Brothers, Volador Jr., Neutron, Sombra De Plata, Loco Max, Super Comando, Sangre Azteca.
Final 2 advance to title match on 9/12

Is Zumbido hurt? Is he suddenly above this group? It’s really Spectacular Moments title, isn’t it? Havana Brothers aren’t due back till the 19th, so there’s time for one to win and drop it. I’d guess Marvin or Virus, but I dunno.

Super Parka (La Parka’s uncle) and El Hijo Del Santo have agreed to a mask/mask match in Tijuana on 10/10.

Last week’s WON says, Canek is out from AAA after publically complaining about how he’s being used, and the main event of the Atlanta lucha show has been changed to El Hijo Del Santo & La Parka vs Felino & Pentagon, as Santo doesn’t want to work a singles in his debut.

Atlantis’ stint in Michinoku Pro must’ve gone well, as he’s scheduled back there from 10/02 to 10/28.

Was Black Warrior going thru his Dragon Ball Z stage? Happens to the best of us…

The latest older lucha recap

The latest older lucha recap is up at the Wienerboard. A whole bunch of stars are on this show. The Great Sasuke vs. Ultimo Guerrero, from a point about a year before Ultimo made his move from really good to DAMN~~~. But there is also one of the most surreal things I’ve seen – Kurrgan as a capo. Mercifully, there wasn’t a match – he just interfered, thankfully putting an end to a match with both Tinieblases and the always annoying Alushe.

I did get some new and old stuff in my latest tape acquisition. I’m now watching stuff from 2000, which included the final build-up to the Vilano 3/Atlantis mask match, the start of Tarzan Boy/Satanico differences, and a short feud with Olimpico & Blue Panther that saw the tecnico hit a few gushers. I thought Pimpinella Escaralata never worked Arena Mexico, but s/he’s on this tape too. I also have some matches from Tajiri’s 1997 stint in EMLL. Seeing him forget he is in a lucha ring and just start punting rudos around straddles the fine line between great and surreal. Some 1995 AAA as well. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Rinoceronte’s ring attire. Also, Black Warrior in some typical AAA nonsense that sees him in a monkey tail. Wow.

And I have the missing episodes from TCF’s CMLL recaps. Once I get through the Simpsons DVD and the Profiler DVDs, I’ll get to that.

Hi, remember me? My lucha

Hi, remember me?

My lucha connection lost Galavision, so no more (free) CMLL for me. Oh well, it wa a good run.

RIP Free CMLL, October ’01-August ’03

Anyway, here’s the lucharepresentation in this year’s PWI 500

14. El Hijo Del Santo
27. Shocker
36. Hector Garza
41. Mr. Niebla
52. La Parka
55. Dr. Wagner Jr.
84. Rey Bucanero
90. Juventud Guerrera
94. Latin Lover
96. Black Tiger
109. Heavy Metal
112. Felino
134. Nicho El Millionario
141. Ultimo Guerrero
145. Damien 666
176. Alebrije
185. Octagon
193. Mascara Sagrada
197. Negro Casas
200. Electro Shock
209. Rey Myterio Sr.
278. Super Crazy

I’m sure I missed some names, so work that comment button.

Other news: Villano IV, Villano V, and La Fiera (remember him?) have all gone independent and are booked for some AAA shows. The Villanos could possibly work for CMLL again down the line, but it looks like Fiera is done with the company.

For those that can’t get enough lucha, IWRG started up a 2 hour block each Saturday night from 10-12. The one IWRG show I’ve seen had some great wrestling, but was presented like an actual sports show (official stats before each match, ringside reporters) and had this strange sterile quality about it. The crowd was small and very quiet. It was weird. If I have to resort to buying tapes, I may pick up a few of these.

No working DSL at home

No working DSL at home has slowed me down a bit…

Some news bits from
– Speculation that Shocker vs Tarzan Boy hair/hair and Pierroth/Violencia hair/mask match will co-headline the 9/19 Arena Mexico show. I’m pretty sure the first one is set, and the second will probably happen. They hope to sell out the building.

– Havana Brothers – the two that are left – finish up in Mexico on 9/19. No return date at this time, though it sounds like they’d be very welcome back.

– They’re pushing a Perro Jr/Negro Casas vs GdI feud at Arena Coliseo – probably a title shot there soon. Rey is also feuding with Vampiro again, and has challenged for a NWA LH Title match on 8/31. It’d be cool if he won (just so we could get a non-break way of having Ultimo/Rey, and Rey really deserves some singles credit) but I don’t bank on it happening.

– Atlantis is back in Mexico, having won Michinoku Pro’s Mask League Tournament.

This is just a little

This is just a little nudge for people that may be curious about lucha, but don’t get Galavision. Over in the usenet group, the shows from 5/11 are posted. The AAA is there in full now, and the CMLL looks to showing up slowly but surely. I’ve got the CMLL show (the Japan vs. Mexico ciibernetica) arriving soon from wrestleholics, so I’m not going to bother grabbing that one, but the AAA one interested me enough to grab. As per usual with the fed, the minis are the highlight. They also have the infamous 6-sided ring, which is must-see if for nothing else than the novelty of it.

Here’s a nice recap of last weekend’s show in Chicago.

Mr. Niebla did defeat Apolo

Mr. Niebla did defeat Apolo Dantes to retain his CMLL Heavyweight Title on Sunday. says it was contrversal decision (expect rematch?) pushes a Cien/Rayo feud as well. Could be a stepping stone back to the Universo/Rayo feud but I can’t see anything big (like mentioned before) happening in time for the 9/19 show. Doesn’t seem like enough time to hype it.

You know how sometimes you

You know how sometimes you think you’re losing your mind, because you see someone wearing a belt that looks like Blue Demon but that can’t possibly be right, but then it is? No? Never mind. is mentioning that another big annivesery show will be held on 9/19, though no matches are announced. However, the 8/12 Observer mentions that a big mask/mask has been planned: Universo 2000 vs Rayo De Jalisco. Although it may be off – Rayo’s head injuries from earlier this year have been plaguing him – the Observer actually has what was (is?) the planned finish but I don’t want to give it away, unless I can figure out spoiler tags.

Havana Pitbull #2 (Puma Kid) has been called back to NJPW-LA to fufill commitments there. My underinformed guess is that Inoki might be using him for that Jungle Fight show, though no card has been announced there either. The group itself is listed as being around till “September”, so Quance and Rocky could be gone soon too.

Arena Mexico Lineup this Friday
– Shocker vs Tarzan Boy
(TB helped UG beat Shocker for the Blue Demon trophy two weeks ago, and Shocker got caught giving him a low blow last week. Tease of hair/hair, but both seem to have dates with Vampiro for that match)
– Perro Aguayo Jr., Vampiro and Negro Casas vs Black Tiger, Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero
(Black Tiger and Perro Aguayo Jr. have issues)
– Mascara Ano 2000, Universo 2000, Violencia vs Pierroth, Emilio Charles, and Bestia Salvage
(They’re pushing the Violencia/Pierroth feud – fear for his mask, wonder if they’ll remember the Metro title)
– Havana Brothers I, III, Safari vs Zumbido, Super Crazy, Nitro
– Mini Olimpico and Mini Brazo de Oro vs Mini Violencia and Fire

Observer also has the lineup for the 9/28 Atlanta lucha show
– Pentagon vs el Hijo Del Santo
– Super Porky & Brazo de Oro & La Parka vs Los Villanos IV & V & Felino
– Dos Caras Sr. and Lizmark Jr. vs Ultimo Guerrero & Negro Casas
– WWWA Women’s Title Match: Ayako Hamada (c) vs Princesa Sugeith
– Pequeno Violencia vs Pequeno Pierroth
– El Sicodelico Jr. vs Masada

Dos Caras Sr?

Haven’t found results for last night’s Coliseo show, but my money is on Ultimo retaining his title.

EDIT: fixed the name of the trophy

I’ve got a new post

I’ve got a new post up at the Wienerboard with a look at some older lucha. The Best of El Hijo del Santo. It’s got the When Worlds Collide match, the much-loved singles match with Psicosis, and Santo’s heel turn. Probably the highest quality (match-wise) tape that I’ve looked at so far.

There’s also Todd Gerth’s summary of lucha action in Chicago. Not a whole lot of familiar names for CMLL fans, but the rudos rudo, Apolo Dantes is supposed to be there on the 23rd.

I’ve got a fresh order in at Wrestleholics, and since the two missing weeks (79 and 82) in TheCubsFan’s recaps were both on the same 2 hour tape, so I added this one into the end of an 8-hour tape. So, for those that couldn’t live without knowing what happened in all those Sadam matches, it is your lucky day. Other than that, lots of Bucanero & Guerrero.

I forgot to post the

I forgot to post the updated lucha times. Which is actually okay, because they just changed it anyway. So check it out now.

Quick News:
Lizmark Jr. challenges Ultimo for the CMLL LH Title on Tuesday.
Silva is back on 10/3.
Takemura has been called back to NJ – well, at least to the NJPW dojo in LA.
The really good Havana Brothers matches have made TV after all.

(They changed the interface again?

(They changed the interface again? This is worse.)

Konnan’s take on Negro Casas, Shocker, and their non-appearance on NWA-TNA, via an interview on


Q: I know at one point you tried booking Negro Casas and Shocker on
NWA/TNA but it fell through. What happened?
Ashenoff: “It was because of another promoter, but this goes way back
to how Latinos have been treated … We had already talked to Negro to come
in, but he did not tell (EMLL promoter) Paco Alonso. He had heard he was
going to be in a tournament and we were booking Negro and Shocker against
each other, but it actually was going to be a four-way match. This (U.S.)
promoter called Shocker and said, ‘Look, I’m going to be using you for a lot
of dates and you can make a lot of money with me.’ I still don’t know who
this guy is but he told Shocker, ‘They’re going to put you against Negro and
job one of you guys out.’ So Shocker says he can’t go because this promoter
he’s already signed a contract with that he can’t wrestle (in the U.S.) for
anybody else. I told him there are only two games in town – (NWA/TNA) and
the WWF. There’s no other promotion anybody gives a damn about, but he tells
me he just can’t go. Then Negro was going to tell Paco the truth since it
had been announced that he was going there. Paco asked Negro if Konnan was
there and he said yeah. Paco told him, ‘If Konnan is involved, they have to
talk to me personally.’ Paco heard these guys were going there to do jobs
and were tired of his guys doing that.”


Meltzer had the same confusion about Shocker’s unknown US Promoter, so I had assumed Shocker was doing a cover story and it was all Konnan’s fault. (it’s easy to blame Konnan. Sorry.) But maybe Shocker knows something the rest of us don’t.

The other thing that sticks out is the “[CMLL] guys” going there to do jobs – all the lucha guys who had been in NWA-TNA were freelancers to one extent or another. If you had to pick, Super Crazy’s a CMLL guy but he does a lot of outside dates, and while FdT and Juvi were on good terms with CMLL at the time, they’re outsiders. Maybe that’s close enough to cause annoyance, I dunno.

Back later.