11/22 news

11/19/04 Arena Mexico results (KrisZ)

1) Neutron/Chris Stone/Tony Rivera beat Arkangel/Hooligan/Nitro
2) Averno/Mephisto/Okumura beat Felino/La Mascara/Volador
– no words positive or negative about the debuting Mascara; Felino took the deciding pinfall
3) Legion del Notre (Terrible/Garza/Tarzan) beat Warrior/Canek/Rayo to win the CMLL Trios Titles
– “one of the wrost title matches in Arena Mex in a long while.” That’s not a huge surprise. This sorta clears the plate for Canek, but they threw in Rayo and Canek not getting along post match. The speculated deal for Canek being brought in to CMLL was that he’d lose his mask, so maybe he’s still gonna.
4) Alan Stone & Zumbido beat Loco Max & Mr. Mexico
– That’s not a surprise. They got about 9 minutes, half as long as the previous match, which really couldn’t have been much of a surprise.
5) Cien Caras/Mascara Ano Dos/Universo Dos Mil beat Pierroth II/Pierroth IIIh, Pierroth IIIj
– They’re pushing “Pierroth vs Universo” II [hair/hair] hard, so I assume it’s on for the yet-to-be-set year ender.

Hope the hair/hair makes air. And little else.

11/26 Arena Mexico lineup

1) Sombra de Plata/Neutron vs Maximo/Koreano
2) La Mascara/Tigre Blanco/Virus vs Masada/Hooligan/Arkangel
– Why do you give a guy a new gimmick to keep him in segundas? Maybe it’s too soon to point that out. I’m about two weeks from breaking down and spelling him “Holligan” like they keep doing – it’s the holiday spirit.
3) Shocker/Dos Caras Jr./Negro Casas vs Ultimo/Olimpico/Okumura
– it’s a triple main event situation. I don’t think this’ll be it.
3) Cien Caras, Mascara 2000, Apolo Dantes vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo/Pierroth/Vampiro
– I expect this will end up being it, though it’s surely not going to be the best match and it’s surely not the most intriguing.
3) LA Park/Dr. Wagner/Canek vs Hector Garza/Tarzan Boy/Terrible
– Now this is intriguing! Newly tecnico Dr. Wagner, against the evil new trios champions, teaming with – oh, right, his biggest enemy, Canek. And it’s not like he and Park are playing checkers. Of course, if Wagner was just stringing everyone along and only pretending to be tecnico, this would be the perfect time to turn back rudo. This is going to go badly for someone, which should make it a lot of fun for everyone else.

Speaking of Wagner, he and Black Tiger were subbed out of the Arena Coliseo tag team tournament. So sad.

I have no idea how I’m going to manage this for tomorrow, timewise, unless things go perfectly and I get writing time OR someone – maybe you! – makes a call for me…

Local Lucha!: Always helpful lucha hookup jtron got flyers for lucha shows in Cicero, IL (12/04?) and Aurora, IL (12/05 and quite likely close enough I couldn’t get lost if I tried) featuring Villano IV, Villano V, Super Kendo, and Hurcan Ramirez Jr. With a lineup like that, senior citizens shouldn’t just get a discount, they should get booked in a trios match.

Anyway, the info number is 224-659-0595, but I keep putting off calling because it’s about 11pm when I can call and I wouldn’t want cell phone calls that late. But if you want the info before I get it, there you go. (And tell me!)

Also, don’t go to the Cicero show alone. Don’t go anywhere in Cicero alone. You should know this already but it bears repeating.

You may say “write about the lucha shows you went to before going to more”, and you’re probably right, but my memory of them is badly slipping at this point.

minimum daily requirement of lucha news

In case you don’t check out my links, there’s El Santo Cartoons on Cartoon Network’s Mexico site. They’re actually airing as in between show bits on their network. I haven’t heard anything about them being brought north (and would kinda be surprised if they did.)

Saturday’s lucha quick recap


Welcome to the show: Shocker and “Ke” Monito

The usual upcoming shows hype is interupted for a breif mention of Enrique “Yanez”‘s death, and then by Universo 2000 (wearing a plain black ski mask), who argues his DQ loss of mask was unjust.

Vignette: Guapos U. Apparently, someone caught Fabiano Gitano with his mask off, and put in the paper. We see the paper, though Gitano’s picture is blurred. We get one look at each of the remaining Guapo U guys, and I’m not sure what’s going on here. It feels like this is supposed to end the bit, though they’re all going out and representing the group. But I could be reading this wrong.

[09/24] Canek/Black Warrior/Shocker DQW Dr. Wagner/Universo 2000/Terrible.
(3 falls, ~12:00, including between falls but not one break)

Universo wears his mask to start the match, which ticks off the fans. He’s announced under his real name. The big moment of the match is supposed to be Universo getting his mask ripped off (which happens in mid second fall), but they show him maskless in the open, and in the introduction videos. Referees sagely do not DQ Canek for ripping off Universo’s mask. Universo yanks off Canek’s mask to end the match.

Stellar moments. Included are Ultimo Guerrero giving Park his own revers bodyscissors powerbomb to retain the CMLL LH Title.

Highlights of Pierroth, Pierroth, and Pierroth (and La Nazi) beating down Apolo Dantes and sending a message to the Capos.

Vignettes: Hijo del Perro Aguayo Jr and Negro Casas both explain why they’re going to win tonight. Actually, Negro’s more interested in having a hair/hiar match than this one tonight, but whatever.

[09/24] Negro Casas defeats Perro Aguayo Jr. for Trofo de 71st Anniversaro
(2 falls, ~12:30, though the last minute or so might bave been post match confused as part of the match.)

This is treated like a title match. Casas gets a large trophy after the match – almost too big for him to hold up.


Vignette: Interview the Barrio Boys, re: the Black Family, right before they all go on a roller coaster.

[08/20] Black Family (Ozz, Cuervo, Scoria, Chessman) b Barrio Boys (Alan/Denis/Billy Boy) and Oscar Sevilla [c] to win the Mexican National Atomicos Titles

– solicting tapes of new wrestlers?
– talking to an AAA producer about upcoming shows

[08/20] Ocatgon/La Parka Jr. [c] beat Abismo Negro/Cibernetico to retain the Mexican National Tag Titles

not yet 158

Sick. Awake enough to want to do something with my time, but without the energy to actually finish it.

Case in point; I started last week’s recap – and got as far as the first match introductions. Since I won’t be finishing this tonight, let me point you to WrestleLine’s recap of the show.

Recap #156 and lucha times

Recap #156 is up. Averno vs Zumbido was your usual fun juniors singles match. Everything but the thing you figured wouldn’t be good was good.

Lucha Times is updated.

Saturday: the culimination of Negro vs Perro should be interesting, right? I don’t know about that semi-main.

Sunday: Yea, the west coast feed is 9 hours after the east coast feed, and a half hour shorter. It’s pretty weird, but they’ve got a triple header of Mexican League futbol and it says they have a Italy/US friendly match but I can’t find any other report of that existing, so whatever.

Anyway, both lucha matches were okay but not great.

I’m tracking AAA matches for other purposes. If I can pick up a pattern in the next few weeks, I’ll add ’em to the listings.

My photos from the second lucha show came back. They’re…not so good. Very disappointing. Maybe I’ll get a digital camera next time there’s a lucha show – whenever is.

News: Atlantis is out four weeks with a broken rib. Ouch.

quick weekend TV summary

CMLL (undercard from the annivesary show)

* Volador and Misterioso talk Mistico into teaming with them against Olimpico, Averno, Mephisto

1) Misterioso/Mistico/Volador beat Olimpico/Averno/Mephisto in 3 falls
(~12 minutes including between fall breaks, plus a commerical break)

* Stellar Moments

* Tribute to Dr. Wagner Sr.

2) Blue Panther/Atlantis/Mascara Sagrada DQW Vampiro/Pierroth/Tarzan in 2 falls

(~10 minutes including between falls)

Nothing of the mask match, as expected.

AAA – 08/20 Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla (TV Taping)

1) Faby Apache/El Apache b Cinthia Moreno/Oriental for the AAA Mixed Titles

* Noti AAA
– Highlights of the 4 Way Dance por PAP Mascot Tag Titles from the same show (~0:15)
– AAA Mascara Sagrada talks about winning back the titles, being the original and authentic Mascara Sagrada
– Abismo Negro yells a lot about being the new pres of LLL
– Latin Lover explains he’s a better dancer than Chessman.

2) Sangre Chicana (w/La Fiera) defeats Latin Lover (w/Heavy Metal) to win the vacant AAA Americas Title

link update

Added a few sites that should’ve been there already and fixed a couple.

GdI’s website has been gone for a while.

Added a list of other single promotion website (more or less); if there’s are other good ones out there that I’m not thinking about, let me know.

11/15 news

No recap as of yet. Haven’t even gotten to peak at this week’s show.

Arena Mexico 11/12 results (KrisZ)
1) Koreano/Super Comando b Espiritu/Karisma
2) Loco Max/Mr. Mexico/Violencia b La Mascara/Zumbido/Alan Stone

As happened last week, Mr. Mexico won it for his team with a low blow. This time, however, it was to Alan Stone. This is leading to a double hair/hair match next week.

La Mascara (pic) is speculated to be Brazo de Oro Jr. I guess he’s not quite getting the Misitico push yet, though it’d be awful pushing it for his mask to be on the line in his second match.

Perro Aguayo Sr. did an in-ring spot to promote a telethon on Televisa 12/3 and 12/4 (more spots to come?), got attacked by Universo, who got attacked by Perro Aguayo Jr., leading to

3) Pierroth/Vampiro/Perro b Universo/Apolo/Satanico

All the pins either involved Universo getting pinned (1st by Perro after a spear, 3rd by Pierroth after a low blow) or him pinning someone (2nd, by plancha-ing Pierroth.)

4) Dr. Wagner/Shocker/Dos Caras Jr. b Ultimo/Rey/Olimpico

They led off with an excessive violence DQ to give it a “they should’ve won, BUT” feel. Finishes (Ultimo pinning Wagner in the 2nd, Wagner pinning Ultimo in the third) reflect a Wagner vs Ultimo feud in the cards.

5) Legion del Notre (Terrible, Garza and Tarzan) b Canek, Rayo and Black Warrior in a non-title match.

But obviously leading to a title match…

I forget to mention this last week, but Garza, Park and Psicosis did particpate on the TNA PPV, with Garza winning their X Division Battle Royale in a bit of a surprise. Wonder if TNA’s orders that all wrestlers must maintain TNA storylines (like “all Mexicians are amigos!” when not wrestling in TNA means someone’s gotta turn in CMLL? I think….not.

This Tuesday, Arena Coliseo main events with a Blue Panther vs Black Tiger singles match, that’d be interesting to see. Semi main sees Porky in action, teaming with Negro and Satanico against Tarzan, Rey and Olimpico.

Friday’s Arena Mexico show lines up like

1) Neutron/Chris Stone/Tigre Blanco vs Hooligan/Nitro/Sangre Azteca
2) Felino/Volador/La Mascara vs Averno/Mephisto/Okumura
3) Reyes (Caras/Mascara/Universo) vs Pierroths (Pierroth/el Hijo del Pierroth/Pierroth Jr.)
4) Alan Stone & Zumbido vs Loco Max & Mr. Mexico in a double hair/hair match
5) Legion del Norte (Tarzan/Terrible/Garza) vs Rayo/Canek/Warrior (c) for the CMLL Trios Titles.

When it was Zumbido/Loco, I wasn’t sure which way to pick, but no one Alan Stone is losing his hair, and no way Mr. Mexico isn’t losing his.

I’m guessing title change in the main event, just because Garza (and lesser, Rayo) are not neccesarly around forever, and the other team is stabler. A title change here coupled with Wagner’s turn would really leave Canek without a purpose.

I’m thinking of shortening names to
Pierroth Jr. (the familiar one, inconsisently refered to as Jr.) = Pierroth II
Pierroth Jr. Jr. (the newer one) = Pierroth IIIj
el Hijo del Pierroth Jr. = Pierroth IIIh
but that may not unconfuse things.

This Sunday, Arena Coliseo is holding yet another tag team tournament. Couple interesting pair ups, though.

– Mascara Ano 2000/Okumura
– Averno/Mephisto
– Ultimo/Rey
– Emilio/Scorpio
– Brazo de Oro/Ringo Mendoza
Dr. Wagner/Black Tiger
– Dos Caras Jr./Negro Casas
– Loco Max/Mr. Mexico

That’ll be the first time Wagner and Tiger have been in the since Wagner started to turn face. There may be some developments. And Loco Max and Mr. Mexico would be teaming up just after they lost their hair, if I’m guessing right.

CMLL.com hasn’t updated it’s news, so another update later on this week.