What aired on CMLL (and

What aired on CMLL (and will reair later, I suppose):

Vignette: Satanico promises death for Ultimo Guerrero
Vignette: Ultimo promises death for Satanico
(Probably more of a “who’s the teacher/student NOW?” thing)
Match 1: Satanico vs Ultimo Guerrero [3rd Fall]
Vignette: Havana Brothers cut another promo. Much the same as the last one! They’re calling him ‘Rocko’ Quance just to be confusing.
Match 2: Virus/Volador Jr./Ricky Marvin vs Havana Brothers
(goes 11:00 including time between falls. Intros are clipped, and I thought I spotted a clip during the match. Very fast paced and the crowd dug it.)
Spectacular Moments
Vignette: Talibanes goof around outside, takling about Guapos, Terrible, FdT.
Match 3: Talibanes vs FdT/Terrible
(FdT are wearing two sets of belts, one that seems to have something covered with electric tape. They’re tecnicos here?)
Post Match, the cage match is hyped up.

TV from three weeks ago

TV from three weeks ago is now up.

Time and preview are up. I think we’re still one week ago from the cage match.

I’ve been working on the RSPW Lucha Archive for a lot of the distance between posts around here, so feel free to use it. I’ve got a lot more stuff indexed that need to go up, but if you’re looking for 1992 CMLL recaps, you’ve come to the right place.

I’d say more, but I hit the wall at :30 after and am struggling to finish.

The main page update script

The main page update script is not functioning, so you won’t know that the blog has been updated by just going there. I’m working on a solution, but you may want to double check here for updates until I say something different. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Homer: So maybe there wasn’t any tape of the 0 show? At least that explains why I never had tape dates down for the 10/02 show. Send me the recap anyway, because it’d be cool to have another take. Speaking of, well, just a second –

Lucha News:
– Ultimo Guerrero beat Terrible to retain the CMLL LH Title. Does Magica get the next shot?
– Ultimo Guerrero will take on Shocker on the next LXW show (11/15, tickets $20-$30), in the quarterfinals of their World Title tournament. This amazes me in many ways: After what they drew for the first show, they’re doing another? You have Ultimo and Shocker and it’s a quarterfinal? No other participants have been announced. They do say they’re taping the show and I’d be happy to take a copy off their hands.

Part of the downside to following lucha, as compared to US stuff or even Puroresu, is that there’s a lack of freely accessible history info. [1] La Arena does a great job of telling who people were, and what they meant over the course of time, but it’s tougher to find articles about the time itself, or what it was like to see it – even for relatively recent stuff. In my continuing attempt to help that problem out [2], I’ve gone through some of RSPW’s archives on Google and set up an index of old recaps by Pete Stein and Doug Corti (among others), arranged in something coming close chronological order. It’s not really new material, but it’s a way for everyone to get at some good old articles quickly.

Caveats: Not all links are perfectly functioning (there are some holes on archive.org and google), and there’s probably a bunch more to add. My aim is to add in Homer’s recaps from here next, and link to any DVDVR stuff where I can figure out what date the stuff is from. I think La Arena still has a link to CANZ’s recaps that I could get working over archive.org, so maybe them too. I’m sure there a lot more out there; it’s just a matter of finding ’em, and putting them together so they’re easy to get at.

Let me know if you find anything useful. If you are Pete Stein, feel free to click the e-mail link and let me know if you’ve got any issues about how your recaps are being used – I can’t find an e-mail address for you that doesn’t seem 6 or 7 years old.

I’ll catch up with my own recaps – sometime after the World Series? I was hoping for a sweep just so my heart could get a rest.

[1] – because of tapes from Japan being easier to get? More hyped? Less talent drain? those are my best guesses
[2] – this is why I was going to do the FAQ…that I never did – er, ignore that

The Cubs Fan, being a

The Cubs Fan, being a God Amongst Men, sent me some assorted Lucha that I’ve missed out on since I lost Galavision hookup, as well as the Brock/Angle Iron Man match I missed due to a power outage. Whatta guy.


Perro Aguayo Jr. may do one of those Rocky Maivia Forced Heel Turns. Fans haven’t taken too kindly to him.

Havana Pitbulls returned on Friday, losing to Felino/Safari/Sagrado. Puma injured himself doing a dive outside the ring as he hit his head on a board and did a stretcher job. Gigante Silva also returned on the show, teaming with Shocker and Mascara Magica to beat Damian 666/Halloween/Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero by DQ.

Ultimo and Rey are worried about losing their main event rudo spots, so they’ve been turning down several lucrative offers from Japan. Good news for lucha fans, I guess, but the GdI are always fun abroad.

Dos Caras Jr. suffered a first round knockout against Mirko Cro Cop in today’s Pride Show, shocking, well, no one really. Caras had done some shoot work for the DEEP Promotion and did amass a 3-2 record (one of those losses was a DQ where he was stomping the bejeezus out of the guy). Cro Cop does a “pro wrestler hunter” type of angle, and was the guy who knocked out Yuji Nagata in the first round a couple of years back. It was really win-win for Caras, since no one expected him to win, and a good showing would do wonders for him. I don’t know if it was a good showing, but it was said to be a good match. And as far as I know, he competed with his mask on.

(Funny story: At the last DEEP show, Brad Kohler was told he would be fighting Dos Caras Jr. of Lucha Libre fame. Kohler checked out some tapes and got Super Porky mixed up with Caras (yes, Porky did some a shoot fight for the promotion). Caras, by the way, is 6’5 and 235 pounds. Oops. Caras won the fight in 1:25. The moral of the story: Kohler should read this blog.)

I spent part of today

I spent part of today typing up a recap of Show Zero. 9/4/2001. Not the best way to spend time when you don’t have a lot of free time thanks to actual jobs and whatnot. I’m going to try to get a TV show from 1997 looked at over the next couple days. It is from Tajiri’s short stay in EMLL (one of his partners was the future Essa Rios), and also has a famous Santo vs. Felino match, so that should get the taste of the 2000s/Dantes vs. Rayo/

And then I cross reference the show with the rest of the matchlists, and it was the exact same show as 10/02/01. Wrestleholics agrees with that. At least I didn’t watch all of the episodes. Just everything up until the main event.

And just a reminder, you can fit all three episodes of Wrestleholics Summer lucha on one 8 hour tape for $18.00. Great deal.

I wrote an update but

I wrote an update but didn’t post it. Which was kinda pointless.

Short version:
– Tarzan Boy is going with Atlantis to Michinoku Pro and (maybe so) Violencia is now a GdI member
– Lots and lots of people went to the Atlanta lucha show (except for Ultimo and Lizmark), and I’d guess it won’t be the last one
– Not many people went to the LXW show, and I wouldn’t make the same guess.
– Silva is back main eventing Arena Mexico against cool people this week.

Lucha Times is up. With WrestleHolics getting in new videos, you’ll be able to see what – AT MOST (before Galavision clips it up to fit a 45 minute slot) – will air in the US. If it didn’t make the cut on that list, you won’t see. If it did, you might.

The Mexican Tape Dates aren’t accurate, but I don’t have time to fix it right this second. I’ll edit it and this later.

Sunday’s CMLL show (to be

Sunday’s CMLL show (to be repeated late tonigth) is a partial repeat of #72 (01/26/03)
– Zumbido/Arkangel/Nosawa vs Ricky Marvin/Virus/Volador Jr. (build up to Zumbido/Marvin, good match)
– GdI vs Shocker/Vampiro/Atlantis

This was the first show after the weeks with no show way back when, so that’s probably why they choose that tape. I’d love to get an e-mail adress of someone in programming to ask them why they didn’t just show another new week of CMLL, or why they feel the need to show the same show twice instead of airing all AAA once and then two hours of CMLL the other time.

What aired on CMLL this

What aired on CMLL this morning (and will air at least for the Pacific feed later, and probably the Saturday->Sunday overnight)
– Third Fall Only: Los Guapos vs Lizmark/Niebla/Vampiro
– GdI/Violencia vs Infernales (GdI is using a cover of “We Will Rock You” all the sudden)
– Black Tiger, Super Crazy, Dr. Wagner vs Atlantis, Sagarado, NJPW’s Heat

There was some clipping – the show ran 45-50 minutes. I didn’t see Spectacular Moments, so they might have just taken out that segment to make time.

AAA looks like (yet another) replay of Triple Mania 11.

CMLL.com has posted their recap

CMLL.com has posted their recap of the anniversery show with pictures – so you can see how Tarzan looks bald, Violencia looks without his mask, Pierroth partying with a newly won mask, and Shocker mugging for the camera.


– Silva is back on 10/03. This is what they said before, I believe.
– Havana Brothers will also be back in early October, and will have a surprise new member! I’m presuming it’s Ricky.
– Violencia, who’s teamed with Rey and Ultimo in the past, is pushed as a unoffical GdI member in his post-mask period. No mention of Tarzan Boy…
– Black Tiger defeated Vampiro on 9/23 (recap seems to indicate the crowd favored Tiger by the end of it), so they’ll meet again next week for the NWA LH Title.

Although I don’t know for

Although I don’t know for sure what’ll air on Galavision, they’re airing eight hours of it. So at least maybe it won’t all be reruns?

Reports on the Anniversary Show TV episode say these matches aired:
– Last Two Falls of Volador/Virus/Marvin vs Havana Brothers
– GdI vs Casas/Perro Jr. for the CMLL Tag Team Titles
– Pierroth vs Violencia, hair/mask

Notice something missing? Second hand reports have that main event not going so well.