Quick News

Let’s do this in a hurry, because it’s 2 AM and much of this stuff is 6 or more days old

(Thanks to KrisZ, Stuart, CMLL.com and others)

New NWA Champion: So, Shocker beat Vampiro for the NWA LH Title in Arena Puebla all the way on the 3rd. If you recall, the last time this title was seriously brought up was a Vamp title defense versus Black Warrior (scheduled to air next week), where Vampiro walked out of the match in the third fall, got dragged back, and laid out many tecnicos.

That seems like a killer angle to me, but without the title being involved (as the reason for the match, and a source of heat for Vamp wearing a belt that’s much too small for him), I don’t think there’s anything left there worth going after. Either something happened causing them to speed up the title change (and I don’t know anything of the sort) or it’s just one of those magical disappearing lucha angles. It’s not like Shocker and Vampiro didn’t have their own issues anyway, so there could be less important title switch matches.

The upside is Shocker already had a scheduled match vs Ultimo Guerrero for CMLL’s LH Title. They didn’t turn it to title for title, not putting the newly won belt on the line, but it still was champion vs champion. And it’s Thursday and I can’t find a result for it, so I’m guessing it was either an Ultimo win or (probably more likely) indecisive.

Meanwhile, that NWA Middleweight Title Ultimo Dragon dropped off during his last visit still sits in a closet somewhere in the bowels of Arena Mexico, I guess. I wonder if he’ll just grab the belt back while he’s in the area.

Japan to Mexico: AJPW’s (I think) Shigeo Okumura told the Japanese press earlier this week that he’s signed with CMLL and will be leaving Japan to work in Mexico full time for as long as he feels necessary. CMLL hasn’t mentioned this at all. I don’t expect this to be a big deal.

Speaking of Japan – Takemura did end up seconding Masada and Nosawa in their match against Jado and Gedo, only to help out the former team to win. Weird thing was, Takemura, Masada and Nosawa managed to imply they were previously together under a “Tokyo Gurentai” name. That’s a cool name, but the name I heard was Legion de Japanese. I could imagine Nosawa and Masada wanting to use another name and being totally ignored, though. Or a name switch happening after they were sent back to the lower card abyss.

Guapo Tournament Update:
The second generation team of Texano Jr., Brazo de Oro Jr. and Misterioso Jr. beat Lestat, Leono and Karisma to move on in the tournament. That sets up the title shot match next week at Arena Mexano, where Texano/Oro/Misterioso meets Chris Stone/Tiger Metallico/Brazo de Plato Jr – the Brazos collide! I’m guessing Misterioso’s team wins, just because I see his name more than people on the other side. Winners get the title shot vs Voaldor/Safari/Felino on the 28th.

Arena Mexico Results from last week
1. Mini Olimpico and Mini Brazo de Oro d. Mini Pierroth and Mino Violencia
2. Tiger Blanco/Misterioso Jr./Sagrado d. Dr. X/Sangre Azteca/Nitro (some Blanco/X rivalry here)
3. Felino/Ricky Marvin/Alan Stone d. Super Crazy/Fuerza Guerrera/Violencia
4. Olimpico/Averno/Mephisto d. Atlantis/Niebla/Zumbido
5. Ultimo/Tarzan/Wagner d. Canek/Parka/Shocker (cheat to win, and Wagner/Canek challenge each other post match)

Arena Mexico Card for this week
1. Tigre Blanco/Mr. Power/Neutron vs Holligan/Sangre Azteca/Loco Max
4. Mr. Niebla/Felino/Volador Jr. vs Pierroth/Averno/Mephisto
4. Perro Jr./Ultimo Dragon/Negro Casas vs GdI (Tarzan/Ultimo/Rey)
4. Atlantis/Rayo/Shocker vs Universo 2000/Tiger/Terrible
5. Canek vs Dr. Wagner

The stated deal is that all 3 middle trios matches are all really big. I guess the real deal is none of them wants to be promoted as the second match on the card.

05/08 Recap and Lucha Times

If I didn’t tend to push everything to wards the middle like a really steep bell curve, the 05/08 show probably would’ve got a 1 of 4. As is, there was enough decent moments to boost it to a two. It came down to the show being missable (thanks to major clipping that left only one complete match in the 45 minute show) and not offensive to the senses. But you didn’t miss a thing.

This week’s lucha times are also up. Same one hour deal for Saturday afternoon. I think they’re working on a two week cycle for Vuelta, but whatever it is, I think I’ll start keeping a better backlog of what aired when so I can figure out the pattern more accurately.

News later, but the biggie is already over a week old: Shocker beat Vampiro to become your new NWA LH Champion. Somewhere, Black Warrior what happened to his program.

And before I go someplace and lose this link, there was a nice discussion of Good Ciberneticos on the DVDVR board.

Lucha Times

Updated, or shall be shortly. Futbol issue this week: the afternoon lucha broadcast is only one hour. They’ve been showing the CMLL show on the one hour slot lately. This week is the start of the Vampiro turn.

They skipped around on Vuelta again. I dunno anymore.

I’m giving up on the return to Arena Mexico show being aired. Need to put in my “order tape” queue.

05/06 news

Over on LuchaWorld, Robert mentions that Crazy worked in a stage dive to start his hair/hair match, turning him tecnico via crowd reaction. Which makes no sense in that Zumbido was supposed to be tecnico going into the match, and yet would’ve worked if they just went the logical way with Zumbido as the rudo in the feud. They screwed up somewhere in there, the thought that Zumbido’s not long for the tecnico side sounds pretty accurate.
My wild guess on why Zumbido/Crazy closed the show: everyone knew what was going to happen in the other hair/hair match.

I have no clue how the show did, but I can’t imagine this show worked out too well from a drawing/cash perspective; you’ve got two hair matches, but one finish was a given, and the other was a WWE-style PPV filler rushed feud. And really, even though all four guys might make a CMLL25 currently, they’re not marquee names at this time. This was all kinds of strange.

I think the tercera and semi-main is what made air, but I don’t have the e-mail in front of me. I’ll check that later.

On to new stuff:

New Champion: Back on April 26th, Negro Casas defeated Emilio Charles in Arena Puebla to win the CMLL Middleweight Title. Emilio had been champion since 03/18/01, holding it for over three years.

Emilio rarely defended the belt, and when he did, it was off TV in smaller shows. The biggest statement of it’s importance is it taken ten days for anyone to notice and care it changed hands.

Since Casas has ties to the booking in Mexico City, it’s possible that it might now take a bigger importance, but it’s a title in CMLL so you really can’t count on that.

Guapo U Wrapup: “That it, Alan Stone wins.” Basically, that’s how Shocker ended it; they wanted a guy now, so they just picked a guy they could’ve grabbed from the beginning. Alan (the Stone brother with longer hair) has been getting an increased and consistent push since he filled in for Bobby Quance in the Havana Pitbulls last summer, and was one of the favorites to take the spot.

As for the others, the previous promised Guapo Tournament for a Mexican Trios Title shot. Brackets are on the Guapo U page, and the tournament has already started, with the Mexican Trios Championship match (Felino/Volador/Safari are your champions) scheduled for 05/28.

This year, the whole bit seemed to take a lot of less time, but by just naming Alan the winner for no particular reason, there doesn’t seem to be much point to it. Maybe something will happen in the trios title match, but unless Mexico City is giving up the title (and why would they?), that seems like an easy roll over for the champs.

Averno and Mephisto’s new look: Click here. Eh.

Canek is here because?: Apparently he and Dr. Wagner Jr. have issues. I know nothing about the history there, except that they were tag team champions together, so feel free to clue me in.

Ultimo Dragon in: He’s at least going to be around on May 14th (Arena Mexico) and May 16th (Arena Coliseo). Before, it sounds like he’ll be working a bit in California and western Mexico. Although cards haven’t been officially announced, I believe he’ll be part of NJPW’s Best of the Super Jr. tour which starts on 05/22 and ends 06/13.

Title Matches which happened but I don’t know who won:
Vampiro (c) vs Shocker – NWA LH Title, Puebla, 05/03
Mini Olimpico (c) vs Mini Violenca – CMLL Minis Title, Acapulco

This Week’s Arena Mexico Lineup:
1. Mini Olimpico and Mini Brazo de Oro vs Mini Violencia and Mini Pierroth
2. Misterioso Jr/Tigre Blanco/Sagrado vs Dr. X/Azteca/Nitro
3. Felino/Ricky Marvin/Alan Stone vs Fuerza Guerrera/Super Crazy/Violencia
4. Olimpico/Averno/Mephisto vs Atlantis/Niebla/Zumbido
5. Canek/Park/Shocker vs Wagner/Tarzan/Ultimo

Ricky’s in between NOAH tours at the moment, but he won’t be around long.

Lucha Times to come

belated cinco de mayo present

Well, it’s not as much a present as getting done some of what I said I’d do, but 04/24 (two okay matches) and 04/31 (one eh, one good) recaps are up. That makes me all caught up for the first time in forever.

News and Lucha Times in ten hours or so

Kwickee results

Here are the 4/30 results, nabbed from KrisZ

1. Shockercito & Tzuki beat Espectrito & Fire
2. Misterioso II/Ricky Marvin/Volador Jr. defeated Arkangel de la Muerte/Sangre Azteca/Violencia
3. Atlantis/Mr. Niebla/Satanico beat Averno/Mephisto/Rey Bucanero
4. Caballera contra Caballera: Damian el Terrible defeated Mascara Magica
5. Canek/L.A. Par-K/Shocker beat Dr. Wagner Jr./Tarzan Boy/Ultimo Guerrero
6. Caballera contra Caballera: Zumbido defeated Super Crazy – Match was said to be really good, but the crowd does not buy Zumbido as a tecnico for some reason and the match had no heat.

Interesting. I wonder if Zumbido’s run as a tecnico will be short lived…

Lucha Times, and two recaps

Split feed on the Saturday show; East Coast feed gets the show before two soccer games, West Coast gets it after them. I’m thinking the late night show was/is the response to complaints about moving the show around so much.

Same split feed deal for Sunday, although it’s only one game (and a two hour offset) that time. If they air in order, the really good episode featuring the non-clipped remians of a Blue Demon Cibernetico and the usual awesome Marvin/Volador/Virus vs Havana Brothers match should be on the show.

Recaps of 04/03 and 04/10. Sorta. Let me know, okay? I’ll explain if you want to know, but maybe you could hazard a decent guess if you’ve followed along.

final build up to 4/30

No huge news coming out of last Friday’s Arena Mexic show; typical event when you’ve got next week already booked. Results go like this:

1 Sombra de Plata and Explosivo d Mesala and Caligula
2 Tigre Blanco, Tony Rivera and Brazo de Oro d Mr. Mexico, Nosawa and Masada
3 Mascara Magica, Shocker, Perro Aguayo d. Terrible, Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero
4 Vampiro, Tarzan Boy, Pierroth d. Rayo de Jalisco, Atlantis, Blue Panther
5 Mr. Niebla, Lizmark Jr., Zumbido d. Black Tiger, Dr. Wagner Jr., Super Crazy

Weird match order. Must’ve wanted to give the push to the Crazy/Zumbido hair/hair match, but..

The big 4/30 card looks like this:

What’s missing from that picture? No Zumbido/Crazy mention.

I’ve got Terrible (long term plan to go for the Shocker match – of course, I thought they were long term planning Perro Sr./Universo last major card and was off there) and Zumbido (NJ wouldn’t want Crazy to come in for the Super Juniors bald – see, that’s a rumor I completely made up right there) in the hair matches. The undercard is so random trios generator that there’s probably not point in picking them, I think. FWIW, Box Y Lucha’s articles make a big deal out of a possible Terrible/Satanico’s alliance.

Antifaz was reportedly ticked about the non-positive reaction to him in his WWE Monterry match versus Damian (loudest when he missed a spot.) He complained about the fans, said WWE is all show and no wrestling, and Damien and him could’ve had a better match if they had more time. So he’s not going any more north any time soon, I figure.

Next US (LLL – but not AAA’s LLL) Lucha Shows
– 06/18, RBL Center in Raleigh
– 06/19, Cricket Arena in Charlotte
– 06/20, Gwinnette Arena in Atlanta
Gwinnette’s main event is Santo/Porky vs Parka/Nicho. Villanos, Blue Demon and others Brazos. Because that’s Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I’d guess not many top CMLL guys because of Arena Mexico/Coliseo bookings.

Masada and Nosawa are scheduled to work the opening match of NJPW’s 05/13 show, versus Jado and Gedo. The twist is that Jado and Gedo are the guys Takemura is hanging out with in Japan, while Masada and Nosawa were the guys he hung out with Mexico, so how (if?) he’ll get involved.

This could also mean that Masada and Nosawa are in NJ’s Super Junior tournament – Rocky Romero and American Dragon are working that show, then working the tournament (which starts 8 days later – Dragon gets to wrestle at the Dome in between), so that same could be true. But Masada and Nosawa in the Super Juniors? They’re good but that’d be a letdown, I’d guess.

Back later tonight or tommorow with lucha times and a little bit more.

this weekend’s lucha

Last week, Galavision skipped CMLL’s return to Arena Mexico episode. The main event there, as you probably already know, was the first Park/Shocker vs GdI tag match, where Rey messed up his knee real bad when he was caught in a ringside chair and hit with a tope at the same time.

They skipped ahead to the following week’s episode, and because we got segments with the Guapos talking about Bucanero’s injury, a replay of the injury (and the finish of the match) during Stellar Moments, and Ultimo and Tarzan visiting Rey in the hospital (complete with Knee Surgery cam), it was probably not a issue of not wanting to show a major issue (they’ve not shyed away from that before) but just the usual wrong tape problems that have happened often before. They could air the missing episode this week, or they could skip over it entirely, you never can tell with these things.

Almost as a nice makeup, assuming they care, they aired the initial Havana Brothers vs Volador/Virus/Marvin trios match show on Vuelta this week. Including the hilariously bad promo by the Havana Brothers pre-match.

Since they went out of order on the Saturday show, and they went out of order on the Sunday show, my chance of being correct this week are really low. The one thing I am pretty confident about is that the shows are on at the ‘normal’ time this week, so maybe you just want to tune in and hope you get something good.

OMLL Match List

As promised, the OMLL match list of the tape JTron sent to me – somewhat so you can make fun of my spelling. It’s a really ugly HTML file, you’ve been warned.

I’m traveling on Wednesday, but I’m going to try and grab a match tonight and a match tommorow, at least, and a lot more on Friday. Maybe I should post it as I do it just so I stay on track? This needs to be done well before May 1 and I’m way behind that goal.