03/31 news

Back to daily stealing from Ovaciones.

Bucanero did end up accepting Mistico’s challenge for a singles match (though not for a hair/mask match). They meet in the main event of Arena Coliseo next Tuesday. The rest of the card hasn’t been announced.

In addition to the usual Monday show in Puebla, CMLL is adding another show “every fifteen days”, which is an odd schedule. First added show is tommorow

CMLL 04/01 (FRI) Arena Puebla Lineup
1) King Jaguar & Iron vs Ares & Black Masters
2) Tiger Rojo & Zigma vs Toro Bill & Toro Bill Jr.
3) Tsuki, Shockercito, Mini Olimpico vs Mini Pierroth, Mini Volencia, Espectrito
4) La Mascara, Black Warrior, Volador Jr. vs Rey Bucanero, Okumura, Taguchi
5) Dos Caras Jr., Negro Casas and Mistico vs Hector Garza, Tarzan Boy and Vampiro

That goes head to head with an AAA show. While nothing of importance, it’s at least the level of the usual Arena Coliseo show. Tarzan Boy goes from here to Guatemala for a show on 04/03.

Your Daily Gronda Update: the bit this week says Gronda left AAA because he wasn’t a good tecnico – which still means he’s just going to LLL, I believe.

Upcoming Congress Theatre shows

I didn’t hear anything about the OELL shows or a Congress Theatre show which I didn’t even know about but was apparently the same day?

The next lucha show in the area seems to be ELL-MEX (I’m guessing!) at Congress Theatre on 04/09 (SAT). Over on CW, there’s this post over on CW.com’s board.

The lucha card for April 9th has been changed due to conflicts of schedules so Dr Wagner Jr,Vampiro,Psicosis and Blue Demon Jr WILL NOT be at this card[though Blue Jr is scheduled for a May card for LUCHAVAVOOM in the same theatre] and these guys are now replaced by Tinieblas and his mascot Alushe,Super Porky,Emilio Charles,Scorpio,and Bestia Salvaje.

It’s gotta be a new Alushe, right? Tickets are $15 and $25. Bell time is listed at 6 PM. How often do you get to see the Taliban in Chicago? (Wait, don’t answer that.)

(In a weird hilarious concidence, I’m going to a Shins concert on the five days later – which is also at Congress. Can’t get away from the building.)

The Lucha Va Voom show refered to in that post is listed on their site, and is the Cinco De Mayo show Dave Meltzer refered to a few days ago.

TicketWeb actually expands on the lineup a little bit. Blue Demon Jr. & Solar vs Rey Misterio & Psicosis will be the main event, and is being advertised as Nicho’s last match before heading to WWE. Semi-main has super minis Tzuki and Mascarita Sagrada not only appearing in the same place at the same time (so it’d going to be quite a trick for one guy to be both this time!) taking out Cassandro and Misterioso. What a strange match, Misterioso’s gotta be ticked he signed that contract. Chilango, Durango, and the ladies are also listed. Hosts are the Guy From Beat The Geeks and SpongeBob (and five billion other voice roles, wow.)

Per usual, tickets are bit more pricey for Va Voom shows, $20 and $40 ringside. Unlike the last time they unoffically did a LVV show at Congress, it’s “18 and older” show.

news from Ovaciones!

Assuming I’m not the last to figure this out, the site is now ova.com.mx. Or it is at least until they forget to renew this domain.

CMLL TUE (03/29) Arena Coliseo Results
1) Caligula/Messala b Espiritu/Karisma
2) Neutron/StarMAN/Sombra de Plata b Ramstein/Super Comando/Jeque
3) Alan/Texano/Maximo b Loco/Holligan/Masada
4) Porky/Brazo de Oro/Satanico b Taguchi/Okumura/Bestia
5) Shocker/Mistico/Warrior dq Tarzan/Ultimo/Bucanero
Rey, who earlier made fun of Mistico’s size and paid for it, got sick of Mistico outsmarting him and pulled his mask. Mistico challenged him to a mask/hair match.

– the first reteaming of Felino and Heavy Metal will be in Naucaplan, a day before their Arena Mexico match. They’re also working together on Sunday in San Bartolo.

– Shocker vs Vampiro is the actual main event of the Arena Coliseo show on Sunday. Dunno why CMLL.com seems to leave off the main event of Arena Coliseo shows when there’s a tag team tournament underneath.

– No update on Gronda, but they way they phrase – as a Cibernetico/LLL plot – makes it sound like an angle.

– El Matemático (65 years young) will retire on 04/16 at the 62th Anniversary of Arena Coliseo (Guadalajara? It’s a Saturday, so it can’t be Mexico City – they don’t actually mention a name and there must be twenty Arena Coliseo’s in Mexico.) He’ll be teaming with Matemático Jr., Kung Fu Jr and Gallo Tapado Jr. versus Talismán Jr., Talismán, Fuerza Guerrera and Black Terry.

– There are rumors Vampiro’s on his way out, but CMLL says they’ve got him signed till May.

Medico Asensino

La Arena has add a bio of Medico Asensino. Worth reading.

There’s also, among many others, a profile of Hooligan added. I think a correction was made on his family tree in the last few months: Hooligan and Safari are brothers, but neither are related to Ultimo Guerrero.

(Which is good, because it used to bug me that they were listed as related – not that I knew better, of course, but because Guerrero and Safari were such stylistically different wrestlers in my eyes; I can’t think of a real set of brothers where that actually happened.)

03/29 News

Notes: Updates have been slower since Ovaciones disappeared. CMLL.com doesn’t have much to add, so there’s not much to talk about. I am working my way thru recaps, so something else besides this results and the lineup should be up this week.

Some news from the Arena Mexico show

CMLL FRI (03/25) Arena Mexico results [KrisZ]
1) Texano/Maximo b Loco Max/Hooligan
2) Black Warrior/Zumbido/Sagrado b Taguchi/Okumura/Masada
3) Rey/Averno/Mephisto b Atlantis/Negro/Panther
Averno and Mephisto challenged the tag champions for a match next week off this result. Challenge was accepted.
4) Nitro/Dr. X/Sangre Azteca b Felino/Volador/Safari to become the Mexican National Trios Championship
This came as a slight suprise to me. Rudos, who were joinined in celebration by the rest of the Guerreros, are the 26th Champions. Dr. X is a double champion, still having a claim on the Mexican National Welterweight Title.
5) LA Park/Heavy Metal/Shocker DQ Halloween/Damien/Perro Aguayo Jr.
Perro low blowed Heavy Metal. There’s a mention of their past fights, but it’s not the current direction – Universo 2000 attacked Perro post match, looking for revenge on behalf of his family. Figures.

CMLL TUE (03/29) Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Espiritu/Karisma vs Caligula/Messala
2) Neutron/StarMAN/Sombra de Plata vs Ramstein/Super Comando/Jeque
3) Alan/Texano/Maximo vs Loco/Holligan/Masada
4) Porky/Brazo de Oro/Satanico vs Taguchi/Okumura/Bestia
5) Shocker/Mistico/Warrior vs Tarzan/Ultimo/Bucanero

CMLL FRI (04/01) Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Valiente/Meteorix vs Polvora/Vaquero
2) Misterioso/Zumbido/Sagrado vs Dr. X/Nitro/Sangre Azteca
3) Universo 2000/Mascara 2000/Apolo Dantes vs Perro Jr./Canek/Pierroth
4) Heavy Metal/Mr. Niebla/Felino vs Damian/Halloween/Black Tiger
5) Atlantis & Blue Panther vs Averno & Mephisto for the CMLL Tag Team Championship

CMLL SUN (04/03) Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Rayos Tapatios vs Flecha & Koreano
2) Tony Rivera/Tigre Metalico/Tigre Blanco vs Rey Infierno/Zayco/Guerrero del Futuro
3) 8 Team Tournament: Rayo/Niebla, Los Brazos, Ultimo/Rey, Yellow Wave, Satanico/Safari, Alan/La Mascara, Pierroth/el Hijo del Pierroth, Terrible/Bestia.
Haven’t seen Ultimo and Rey team up much lately. Probably wouldn’t be if Olimpico was healthy.

This Week’s “He’s Leaving AAA! Maybe” person: Gronda.

lucha times

Followup to Robert, because he had a good point: My theory is the fans will show up to Big Matches, so it’s best to conserve them when you don’t need them, and they didn’t need to use up another one obviously. I don’t know that you could’ve turned something into a Big Match down the road just because they were the semi-main (or if the fans would’ve been neccesarily cared about another big match – maybe they were just there for Perro Sr. and could care less about anything else?)

I do grant I know so little about the CMLL live audience I could be completely wrong here.

Did I tell you all I put luchatimes up Tuesday?

Oh, I didn’t becuase I thought I’ve totally scrwed the TLN listings. An e-mail from two weeks from Tokage has me on the right track, I think.

My computer choking on Frontpage isn’t helping things. Guess it’s time to figure of Mozilla has a good editor.

TLN: If the hair/hair match was last week, the Rocky Romero/Virus match should be this week.

Saturday: My guess is they’ll air the show they were supposed to air last week, the second Best Of Show. I had figured on two AAA weeks based on Alfredo’s lack of tapes for two weeks on WHV, which may be smart or may be blind luck, I dunno. Either way, last week’s AAA takes care of one of those weeks right there.


Dos Leyendas results

In Friday’s (03/18) Arena Mexico main event, Perro Aguayo Senior and Perro Aguayo Junior beat Cien Caras and Mascara Ano 2000 in a hair/hair match.

CMLL FRI (03/18) Arena Mexico results (compiled from Satanico’s Mansion’s board via Luchaworld, and CMLL.com)
1) Dr. X/Nitro/Sangre Azteca b Felino/Safari/Volador Jr.
2) Park/Warrior/Porky b Universo/Apolo/Satanico
3) Rey/Averno/Mephisto b Atlantis/Panther/Negro
4) Wagner/Shocker/Mistico b Ultimo/Tarzan/Hector
5) Aguayo Sr./Aguayo Jr. b Cien/MY2K [hair/hair vs hair/hair]
Universo interfered to low blow Perro Jr., but Perro Sr. (out of the match) did the same to MY2K, and Junior got the pin.

SuperLucha’s cover

Reports (WO.com) had it as a complete sell out, with people being turned away at the door – which, of course, is why they were really smart not to give away anything else.

I still think they’re doing Perro Aguayo Sr. vs Universo 2000, but my question is: if they could sell out Arena Mexico with this (lesser?) tag match, shouldn’t they consider a bigger building for the singles match? Maybe it won’t be as a big deal. Maybe it’ll be Perro Junior vs Universo.

Anyway, the wrestler business is not exactly filled with people who’ve willingly retired after selling out a 12,000 seat building, so we’re just marking time till Perro Aguayo Sr.’s (and Cien’s) next appearance. CMLL.com makes the case this is Cien and Senior’s goodbye, which would be more effective if we didn’t say goodbye to Cien three months ago.

On to this week:

CMLL TUE (03/22) Arena Coliseo
1) Valiente/Molotov vs Flecha/Vaquero
2) Neutron/Starman/Ultimo Vampiro vs Ramstein/Super Comando/Koreano
3) Virus/Misterioso/Brazo de Oro vs Veneno/Arkangle/Bestia Salvaje
4) Porky/Satanico/Alan vs Pierroth/Hijo de Pierroth/Pierroth Jr.
5) Mistico/Atlantis/Mr. Niebla vs Tarzan Boy/Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero

CMLL FRI (03/25) Arena Mexico lineup
1) Texano/Maximo vs Loco Max/Hooligan
2) Black Warrior/Zumbido/Sagrado vs Taguchi/Okumura/Masada
3) Atlantis/Negro/Panther vs Rey/Averno/Mephisto
4) Felino/Volador/Safari vs Nitro/Dr. X/Sangre
5) LA Park/Heavy Metal/Shocker vs Halloween/Damien/Perro Aguayo Jr.
Guess they’re saving the first team with Negro or Felino for the Negro show. The first line of hype actually says ‘Heavy Metal returns to Mexico after 13 years of absence’, which confirms long held suspicions that AAA takes place an an alternate universe.

CMLL FRI (03/27) Arena Coliseo lineup
1) Ultimo Dragoncito/Bracito de Oro vs Pequeno Violencia/Gitanito
2) Tigre Blanco/Tigre Metalico/Brazo de Plata Jr. vs Zayco/Jeque/Messala
3) Rivera/Misterioso/Alan vs Dr. X/Hooligan/Loco Max
4) Atlantis/Panther/Satanico vs Bestia/Taguchi/Okumura
5) Shocker/Park/Rayo vs Vampiro/Damian/Halloween

We send our condolences to Pierroth, who’s wife died in a car accident this past week.

One Hour on Saturday Afternoon


Missing AAA? Best I can figure, we’re entering a four week span where you’ll be getting at least two hours of the traveling team a week: rerun on Vuelta, back to back weeks of new episodes on Saturday’s show (*) and another rerun on Vuelta on the 10th.

* – maybe

Equally important: Saturday’s afternoon show is only going to be on hour. They’ll be the normal two hour time slot overnight, and that’s the one you want to tape if you need to see everything. I’m going under the presumption that they’ll continue in order, but it’s not out of the question that they’d stick a repeat in because the full two hours isn’t free.

TLN: Second half of last week’s show, climaxing with a Zumbido/Alan Stone vs Mr. Mexico/Loco Max hair match.

Thanks to the people who tell me what aired on TLN, even if I never get around to getting back to them.

Saturday: You want really good work? Park vs Ultimo for the LH Title! You want historical signfigance? The four way mask match! Your want two other matches? THEM TOO.

Sunday: Lo Viejo Infernales vs Heavy Metal/Zorro/Latin Lover! Chessman/Cibernetico vs Parka/Ocatgon for the tag belts! HUGE BIG AAA ACTION. (I really shouldn’t be allowed to do AAA previews.) We discovered I still have a copy of this episode, so it wouldn’t be the most unlikely thing in the world for a recap to one day show up. (It’s close to the most unlikely.)

OELL 03/19 and 03/20

Keep forgetting to mention this and it’s only a few days away. So behind on much. If there’s something I owe you, I haven’t done it yet because I’m behind.

OELL (SAT) 03/19 Lineup
Clyde Park Stadium
1909 So. Laramie Avenue, Cicero IL
Doors open at 7:00
Tickets are adult $15/under 12 $7

1) Gato Samuri vs Renegado Estrada
2) Adrian Serrano vs Dysfunction
3) Buddha & Alto vs Great Milenko & Christopher Michaels
4) Maquinita Infernal & Spider Boy vs Black Boy & Misteriosito
5) Heavy Metal & Discovery vs Black Tiger & El Infernal

OELL (SUN) 03/20 Lineup
Prisco Center (aka Fox Valley Park District)
150 W. Illinois Avenue, Aurora, IL
Doors open at 5:30
Tickets are adult $15/under 12 $7
1) Mascara de Jade vs Renegado Estrada
2) Sagitario & Adrian Serrano vs Holy Terror & Dysfunction
3) Maquinita Infernal & Spider Boy vs Black Boy & Misteriosito
4) Heavy Metal & Discovery vs Black Tiger & El Infernal

They’re advertising the main event as AAA vs CMLL and maybe that was true when they drew up the contracts. Maybe they can put a “loser must go to winner’s promotion” stipulation on it to have fun.

Since Spider Boy is a guy in a thin white guy in a SpiderMan suit – dudes really shouldn’t an extremely visible place to hang out after they’ve showered and demasked – I’m hoping Black Boy is a white guy dressed up about Venom.

One thing that annoys me about these shows, at least how they’ve been done in Aurora. The bleachers (which are the cheap seats and have almost all the people) are on one side of the ring, and the other three sides have folding chairs as ringside seats. In theory, if you’re paying for the expensive seats, the show should be playing towards you, but if you’re wrestling, you want to play up to the side that’ll give you the biggest reactions. Which means the people up close are getting side and back views of the main action.

They seem to have ridden themselves of the (usually barely occupied by paying customers – maybe I’m just slow and everyone else figured it out first) ringside seats for these shows. I think it could’ve worked better if they just moved ring farther away from the bleachers and stuck ringside inbetween, but whatever.

Adrian Serrano is the UFC-like guy who’s name I was blanking on last time. He’s an odd fit for this sort of card; he did his act okay (which is good since he’s apparently a UFC-like guy for real), but it wasn’t the match or wrestling style people were expecting or knowledgable. He did traditional ‘shooter’ type submissions – I remember a CODE RED in particular – but he got no reaction out of this crowd on the moves. The heel was entertaining, the match was not, which leaves me to wonder if it’s worth it bringing him back.

But maybe everyone’s learned something from the experience and we all adjust to the style more this time. I hope so. You do need a bit of a mix, but it’s got to start from the style they’ve come to see. People came for lucha, so give ’em lucha. I figure a lot of indy undercard wrestling is less about creating a good match in the now (since that’s not always in their grasp) and more about evouqing memories of good matches the fans saw in the past, so you must go for what they know.

my theory of working lucha, which may be horribly inaccurate and probably deserving of a larger column, best to beat me down: if you’re using punches or kicks to the midsection as your primary weak transistion move, you are not working lucha. The proper answers are ‘open hand slap’ and ‘shoulderblock’. There’s a lot of lucha-themed guys on these cards who do the rolls and sillyness and the flying but miss on the very fundamentals of the style; it’s subtle but vital stuff, and it’s the difference between being an “American-style wrestler doing lucha” and wrestling lucha style.

They try, and I won’t take that away from them. You make be taking away ‘who’s he to talk about what lucha is and how it’s done’, so I’ll move on.

Getting back to the point: While it’d be neat to see Heavy Metal, I’m going to be in another timezone on Saturday and have obligations Sunday afternoon, so it’s not a good logistical fit.

On the other hand, I’ve gotten a hold of a digital camera, so I have the ablitiy be annoying and lonely outside my place for evening.

On the other other hand, I might also be broke by that point in time. Wait and see.

On the other other other hand, why are we only getting 4 matches? BOOOOOOOOOOO

I may pick up recaps tonight (or I may get to work on dubbing, sorry.) I honestly think I’m avoiding them because (there’s no one hour one to breeze thru and) *that* match is next in line and I’m going to feel bad if I’m wrong.