04/29 news

Rumor: Rey Bucanero jumping to AAA (luchaworld)

I dunno. If the pattern is followed, we’ll find out for sure by Sunday. He’s on the schedule for Friday, Saturday (and it’s tough to no show a kid’s show) but off from Coliseo on Sunday.

AAA held a press conference for Triplemania yesterday. This was the official Shocker introduction, where he was announced as a team with Vampiro – and then they started insulting each other. Good to get the team off on the good foot.

The Ovaciones article doesn’t seem like they announced any matches, just participants. CIMA is supposed to be in for this show, and the UPW Ugly American group will debut. Lucifer, La Parka, Octagon and Latin Lover (supposedly now resigned and content) are also scheduled. The battle for the Psychosis name was mentioned again, but there’s no notice of a cage stip.

CMLL: As expected, Atlantis/Blue Panther/Mistico beat Averno/Mephisto/Universo in Puebla on Monday, building to another tag team title match there.

CMLL (TUE) Arena Coliseo 04/26 Results [KrisZ]
1) Valiente/Meteorix/Molotov b Artillero/Caligula/Mesala
2) Maximo/Krator/Sensei b Guero Loco/Loco Max/Ramstein
3) Ricky Marvin/Safari/Alan Stone b Nitro/Veneno/Hooligan
4) Universo2K/Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero b Lizmark/Black Warrior/Satanico
5) Mistico b Mephisto
Shocking! 35 minutes plus according to the reports.

In other things I screwed up, apparently they’re having a tournament for the IWRG IC Trios, which would seem to indicate they’re not combining them with the World Trios titles. Of course, I don’t have the names for that one either.

Tiger Mask will be in for the 05/14 Arena Mexico show, and the 05/15 Ultimo Dragon show. No one’s said as much, but I’m presuming that 05/15 show is the prelude to Dragon’s upcoming DragonDoor promotion, since they’ll be resetting the UWA Trios Titles among other things. A lineup was listed in Ovaciones yesterday – – and I can’t find it now. Maybe I saved it elsewhere.

Halloween/Heavy Metal tonight. Tomorrow’s the Kid’s show at Coliseo. Yesterday, Atlantis spent a day at a children’s hospital, hanging out with the children, even taking his mask off. Atlantis is a pretty cool dude, you know?

Upcoming Shows

busy busy busy, but sliding this one in under the wire.

I’ve mentioned the Lucha Va Voom (05/05, Congress; Demon/Solar vs Misterio Sr/Nicho) and the next ELL-Mex show (05/08, Congress; Universo/Cien/Mascara vs Pierroth/Pierroth/Perro Jr.) in other posts.

E-Mailer Rob Rieck got in touch with OELL, and they told him they’ve got two shows scheduled May 14th (Aurora) and May 15th (Congress Theatre.) No card has been announced, but OELL running Congress is intersting enough on it’s own.

No update tommorow morning – maybe later?

non-news for 04/26

Nothing noteworthy in Ovaciones today; just heat ups for tonight’s Coliseo show, and listings for Friday’s Arena Mexico and the kid’s show this weekend.

The 05/02 Observer says Latin Lover threatening to quit, but got a better deal and an agreement that Intocable would stop doing his dancing. There’s an interview with Latin Lover in Box Y Lucha which actually mentions him talking to Pena about leaving, but sticking with AAA.

That’s all I got. I’ve got an updated list off upcoming shows based on WHV’s list of upcoming shows, but I left it on my home computer.

CMLL, AAA, ENSEMA, IWRG 04/25 news

a special four promotion update.

CMLL (FRI) Arena Mexico 04/22 Results
1) Bracito de Oro/Shockercito b Pierrothito/Fire
2) Sangre/Mexico/Dr. X b La Mascara/Volador Jr./Misterioso II
Dr. X pulled Mascara’s mask and got the pin.
3) Dr. Wagner Jr./Dos Caras Jr./Lizmark Sr. b Canek/Pierroth/Black Tiger
Que Monito came out with the tecnicos here.
4) Hector Garza/Hijo del Perro Aguayo/Terrible b Universo 2000/Mascara Magica/Rey Bucanero
As expected, Garza and Terrible are new members of Perro’s faction.
5) Blue Demon Jr./Damian 666/Halloween b Negro Casas, Heavy Metal, Felino
Halloween gave Negro a low blow and pinned him.

Today, there’s scattered CMLL events around the country, including
Oaxaca: Negro Casas, Vuelo Espacial, Mayuca vs Ultimo Guerrero/Zorro/Poblano
Puebla: Blue Panther/Atlantis/Mistico vs Universo/Mephisto/Averno
Matamoros: Dr. Wagner, Dos Caras Jr. and Black Warrior

CMLL (TUE) Arena Coliseo 04/26 Lineup
1) Valiente/Meteorix/Molotv vs Artillero/Caligula/Mesala
Nicely themed rudo trio.
2) Maximo/Krator/Sensei vs Guero Loco/Loco Max/Ramstein
3) Ricky Marvin/Safari/Alan Stone vs Nitro/Veneno/Hooligan
Marvin’s back in between NOAH tours, and still can’t get out of the tercera.
4) Lizmark/Black Warrior/Satanico vs Universo2K/Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero
5) Mistico vs Mephisto

CMLL (FRI) Arena Mexico 04/29 Lineup
1) Bam Bam/Shockercito/Bracito de Oro vs Mini Violencia/Sombrita/Fire
2) La Mascara/Stuka Jr./Chamaco Valaguez vs Dr. X/Arkangel/Koreano
3) Dos Caras Jr./Ultimo Dragon/Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero/Tarzan Boy
He’s back around again, at least until the 05/14 Coliseo show.
4) Mistico/Negro Casas/Universo 2000 vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo/Hector Garza/Damian 666
5) Heavy Metal vs Halloween
Welcome back to CMLL, Heavy Metal! Please be the fall guy for your brother’s hair match. Thanks! Over the weekend, I though Ovaciones initially reported this as Halloween vs Negro hair/hair, and if it’s really FdT’s last match for this run as they’re hyping you’d think they would’ve done it. I’d expect for them to be sticking around or coming back really soon.

In the Ovaciones article I read, they noted this would be the 49th anniversary of the building, though there’s no mention of it on CMLL.com. I expect they’re now saving that celebration for the blow off show they’re moving towards.

CMLL (SUN) Arena Coliseo 05/01 Lineup
1) Los Rayos Tapatios I & II vs Polvora & Vaquero
2) Chris Stone/StarMAN/Brazo de Plata Jr. vs Mogur/Reyes Veloz/Guerrero del Futuro
3) Ricky Marvin/Ringo Mendoza/Fabian el Gitano vs Sangre Azteca/Hooligan/Loco Max
Yes, Ricky is back from NOAH, he can’t get past a tercera, he can’t get on an Arena Mexico show, and he’s teaming with Ringo Mendoza.
4) Emilio Charles Jr./Averno/Mephisto vs Pierroth/Hijo de Pierroth/Pierroth Jr.
Wait – huh? Why is this match happening? So lazy.
5) Atlantis/Lizmark/Brazo de Plata vs Canek/Damian 666/Halloween

AAA: Shocker is on the poster for Triplemania XIII (05/15), which is the first notice to most that he’s jumped. (What an anti-climatic way to do it.) Ovaciones doesn’t mention the main event match, but I believe the Observer has it as Shocker/Vampiro/Latin Lover vs Konnan/Cibernetico/???.

Meltzer’s pointed out a few times that this date is the same as TNA’s next PPV, and since AAA’s the one who paid him big money to jump, he’s probably not going to be in Orlando. Also on the card, Tinieblas Jr. will meet Tinieblas Sr in a trios match, and Nicho and Psychosis battle (in a cage? not sure) for the right to that name. (Hint: This is probably Nicho’s last night in.)

AAA going after Black Tiger/Silver King, but Tiger’s asking for $10,000 signing bonus, which neither Vampiro or shocker got. To compare, La Parka was getting $500 per match, and Gronda was getting a $1000 per match.

Observer apparently ran a bit last week about Konnan bringing in UPW guys as evil/ugly Americans.

Oriental and Abismo Negro won’t be on the card; they’re headed to Japan for a NOAH tour starting on 05/13 and lasting 12 shows.

Oddness: There’s a Ovaciones bit mentioning Nicho and Juvi heading to WWE, and mentioning past WWE stars “Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Ultimate Warrior, Pegasus Kid and others.” Did Warrior ever work Mexico?

ENSEMA (SAT) 04/30 la Sala de Aramas de Ciudad Deportiva lineup
– press confrence was pre-empted by the PRD party, who stole the room from them! Ovaciones complains heavily.
1) Manos de Seda, Spider, Principe de la Noch vs Azrael, Blade, Sangre Blanca
2) Turbo, Manos de Seda, Metal Boy vs Thunder Black, BLack Jaguar, King Black
3) Aquilies, Super Electra, Ultimo Gladiador vs Killer Steel, Blade, El Reo
There’s a Chicago lucha guy named El Reo who’s on ever single card. Even though he’s not great, it would be great if this is him.
4) Axel, Vangelis, Fantastick vs Fuerza Guerrera, Sangre Blanca, Pentagon Black
5) Super Parka, Lizmark Jr., ???? vs Azreal, Enfermero Jr, El Brocas

Who’s he mystery guy? [breaking news music plays]

Gronda Update: The guy who used to be in the costume is headed to ENESMA, obviously with a new gimmick and obviously in that slot. And AAA already has a new guy and a new costume; he’s on the card for a 04/27 show.

IWRG: CIMA is coming in on 06/15. In a parajes incredible match with the losers facing each other with hair or title on the line, Avisman won the IWRG welterweight championship.

Super Lucha’s Cover

There’s a thread on Box Y Lucha’ forum saying Mr. Aguilla/Essa Rios has signed with the WWE, according to Luchas 2000. They don’t have a new edition up on their website, so I dunno. I tend not to believe it without seeing it.

04/09 ELL-Mex report

No CMLL Recap yet, but I did finally finish the 04/09 ELL-Mex report.

I still need to order my LLV ticket. I’m beginning to brainwash myself into seeing the Capos vs Pierroths/Perro match Tlive. (“Isn’t Perro Aguayo awesome? Don’t you want to know if there’s some magic live which TV just doesn’t capture? Can’t the Capos be really good as trio killing machine when they want to be? How will the Mexico/Puerto Rico dynamic play?”)

04/22 news

Lead story is the setup for tonight’s Arena’s Mexico: Casas family being angry about Negro losing on his anniversary so show and so much. Lineup is discussed and so forth.

Heavy Metal got news that his protest was listened to (!) and he’s getting the IWRG Title rematch with Scorpio Jr at a TBA, with a stip TBA designed to keep Veneno’s and wannabe-Veneno’s from getting involved this time.

Arena Puebla’s got two shows next week. Monday’s main event is Mistico/Atlantis/Blue Panther vs Universo 2K/Mephisto/Averno (they’re building to a tag team title match in the near future), and the special Friday show has Fuerza Guerrera returning to the fold to team with Black Tiger and Mascara 2K to take on Super Porky, Black Warrior and Satanico.

AAA has a show at Six Flags Mexico City on May 1st, which is part of larger arts performance.

Where is Shocker? I dunno, but AAA’s got main events on Saturday and Sunday with a surprise wrestler on the tecnico side. Which could also mean the new Gronda.

Ovaciones 04/21 news

Main Story: Interview with Gallo Tapado Jr. Uh huh. Highlight is him talking about how he prefers not to be in AAA or CMLL yet, because he wants to wrestle in the indies and get better.

CMLL (TUE) Arena Coliseo 04/19 Result
1) vPolvora/Vaquero b Valiente/Meteorix
2) StarMAN/Brazo de Plata Jr./Molotov b Super Comando/Ramstein/Jeque
3) Virus/Chamaco Valaguez Jr./Chris b Hooligan/Loco/Guero Loco
4) Satanico/Alan/Safari b Hijo de Pierroth/Okumura/Taguchi
5) Tarzan/Averno/Mephisto b Mistico/Atlantis/Blue Panther
Mephisto beat Mistico! Mistico challenged for a rematch next week and is getting it, so don’t expect the winning streak to last.

Correction on this Friday’s card: It’s Lizmark Sr, not his son, who’s wrestling in the third match. CMLL says this is the start of a long campaign. CMLL isn’t interested in bringing back Jr. right now.

Dr. Wagner beat Ultimo Guerrero Monday in Arena Puebla.

NJPW’s Ryu Taguchi is going back to NJPW – temporarily. He’ll be heading back Saturday for a so they can check on his progress, but he should be back in Mexico in two weeks.

Perro’s recruiting Pierroth for his (soon to be way too large and unwieldy) group

Lucha Times

good sign my computer is finally coming back into order: Lucha Times is updated. Now if I could just figure out Saturday’s schedule.

TLN: Mexican Trios Title action
Saturday: AAA? Split feed, and later than usual.
Sunday: Tiger/Panther and Alan/Zumbido vs Mexico/Loco in hair/hair. Also split feed.

Recaps I’ve yet to do:

01/01/05 CMLL
01/15/05 CMLL
01/22/05 CMLL
02/05/05 CMLL
02/12/05 CMLL
02/26/05 CMLL
03/05/05 CMLL
03/12/05 CMLL

04/09/05 AAA
04/16/05 AAA

I (near) randomlly grabbed 02/05 and hopefully will finish it up this week. And maybe some AAA.

What does 4:40 mean? Anyone?

04/20 news

Shocker’s gone from CMLL.

Juan Manuel Mar, “head of programming of CMLL” (and the guy who’s been making the public statements all week) confirmed it, saying Shocker didn’t give a reason but did say thanks. Mar said no one is indispensable and they’ll find a guy to replace him.

AAA hasn’t said anything about Shocker yet.

re: the NWA Title: Dr. Wagner Jr was confirmed as new champion, but he’ll to defend within the title in the next 30 days versus (wait for it) Rey Bucanero. Again, need these rankings. May make my own up if I don’t get them.

Olimpico has started working out again. He’s about two to three (leaning to three) weeks from showing up again. Besides the near broken neck, he also hurt his toe. So sad.

IWRG: Heavy Metal has filed a protest (!) over Veneno costing him the Heavyweight Title last week. He wants a rematch, and for Veneno to either be suspended or forced to face him in a hair/hair match. Good luck with that.

IWRG (THU) Arena Naucalpan 04/21 Lineup
1) Panterita vs Mr. Libra
2) Galactik/Gran Cuchillo vs Macho II/Comando Gama
3) Suicida/Avisman/Stuka Jr. vs Cerebro Negro/Giglo Americano/Fantasma de la Opera
4) Corporacion (Pantera/Black Pentagon/Dr. Cerebro/Violencia) vs Oficiales (Polizon/Oficial/Guardia/Xibalba)
5) Revolucionarios (Heavy Metal/Felino/Black Dragon) vs Black Tiger/Fuerza Guerrera/Veneno

Ayako Hamada, IWRG women’s champion, should be in Mexico before the end of May for a couple weeks.

04/19 news

Sadly, Mistico won’t be pope. He’s young, he’ll get another shot.

Ovaciones doesn’t have much to add today. An interview with Canek Jr. He’s got a degree in Hotel Adminstration/Tourism to fall back on, though I don’t suppose he’ll need to. He’s training with Satanico. He plans on being rudo all his life.

The other article is an Arena Coliseo preview article, which actually rehashing Shocker’s no-show on Sunday. Shocker’s not on the show, instead in Queretaro with Qu Monito, teaming with Dr. Wagner against Hector Garza and Ultimo Guerrero. (Edit: Meltzer doesn’t expect him to be here either. I figured it was indy enough that his CMLL departure wouldn’t affect it, but I guess we find out.)

The NWA is offically trying to contract Shocker to find out why he didn’t show, and theorizing a match with Shocker and Dr. Wagner to setttle any conflicts.

It is funny that Shocker was actually back in an NWA promotion with the NWA belt for what might’ve been the first time since the early 90’s, and it lasted for all of two tapings. EH.

Anyway, it’s very rare for someone not be booked on either the Tuesday Arena Coliseo or Friday Arena Mexico. I think the next AAA taping is 04/30, so this all will be up in the air for a bit. Since they haven’t appeared to publically bury Shocker, it’s always possible he’d change his mind between now and then.