05/19 news

(screwed things up. Sorry!)

Luchainsider says Cibernetico Electroshock has gone independent. We’ll see if LI can get some points back.

In Ovaciones today, Juan Manuel Mar says “we’ll have Jucio Final in June, but we haven’t decided when or what will be on it”, and writer Arturo Rosas Plata gets eight paragraphs out of it. A wonderous display of filling out a column without actually saying anything of value. I could learn from this man.

IWRG (THU) 05/19 Arena Naucalpan Lineup [OVA]
1) Rey Estruendo vs Mr. Libra
2) Crazy Boy & Caleth vs Fantasma de la Opera & Carta Brava
3) Los Stripers (Fabian el Gitano, Marco Rivera, Star BOY) vs the Foreign Legion (Mazada, Gigolo Americano, Belcebu)
4) Los Cadets del Espacio (Ultraman Jr., Solar, Super Astro) vs Los Villanos (III, IV, V) [IC Trios Tournament, first round, last match]
5) Canek, Scorpio Jr., Blue Demon Jr. vs Mr. Niebla, Dos Caras, Blue Demon Jr.

Opening card rudo (I have no idea who I was thinking about there) Mocho Cota was cut in the neck by an attacker. He ended up with 14 stitches.

ROH says they’re including some footage from the X-LAW Crazy/Marvin/Aries ROH Title defense on an upcoming release.

05/18 news

CMLL (TUE) 05/17 Arena Coliseo Results [ovaciones]
1) Karisma & Espiritu b Artillero & Vaquero
2) Tigre Metalico, Ultimo Vampiro, StarMAN b Reyes Veloz, Ramstein, Super Comando
3) Misterio II, Virus, Tony Rivera b Loco Max, Guero Loco, Arkangel
4) Satanico, Safari, Sagrado DQ Canek Jr., Emilio Charles Jr., Okumura
Canek pulled Sagrado’s mask and got caught.
5) Rey Bucanero, Averno, Mephisto b Dr. Wagner Jr, Brazo De Plata, Black Warrior
Rey pulled Wagner’s mask and covered him for the win.

Gronda debuts in CMLL on 6/4. Lizmark Jr. returns on 05/27.

Ryuske Taguchi is headed back to NJPW for two weeks; I guess that means he’s working the first half of the BOSJ tour, though his name isn’t listed on the lineups yet.

05/17 news

Not much in Ovaciones today.

– rundown of CMLL cards for Tuesday and Friday, with the hype centered around Dos Caras Jr. vs Ultimo Guerrero.

At the end, they note Olimpico is listed as returning on this Sunday’s Guadalajara show.

– lineup from Hidalgo for tonight

INDY (FRI) 05/17 Arena Aficion, Pachucha, Hidalgo Lineup [Ovaciones]
1) Demon Star & Meteoro vs Medics III & Colibri
2) Dr. Cerebro & Conde 2000 vs Feroz & Exotico
3) Winners & Vangelis vs Leon Negro & Enfermero
4) Groonda XXX, Ricky Marvin, Volador vs Terrible, Sangre Azteca, Super Crazy
O’Campo has Medics instead of Crazy. Crazy does the heat up interview

The big hair(s)/mask(s) matches the magazines were hyping a week agao for Tijuana has finally settled on being Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs LA Parka vs Super Parka, to take place on 05/27. El Hijo del Santo was in and out of this match, but he’s out at the moment. Obviously Super Parka is the guy most likely to lose something here.

The recap for AAA 04/16/05 is up. I’ll get to the last AAA show of this bunch later this week.

05/16 news

I really ought to start doing this over the weekend, because this got really long.

SuperLucha’s cover is on Tiger Mask I (Tiger Enmascardo)’s trip to Mexico.

IWRG (THU) 05/12 Arena Naucalpan [OVA]
1) Panterita ? Kaleth
2) Ultra Mega & Multifacetico ? Macho II & Crazy Boy
3) Avisman b Dr. Cerebro [hair/hair]
I think! not sure
4) Corporacion (Black Tiger, Black Pentagon, Pantera) b Oficiales (Cyborg, Polizaon, Xibalba) [Trios Quarters, match 2]
5) Heavy Metal b Scorpio Jr [IWRG IC Heavy]

CMLL (FRI) Arena Mexico 05/13 Results [ova]
1) Leono, Meteorix b Flecha, Artillero
2) Ricky Marvn, Zumbido, Alan Stone b Sangre Azteca, Mr. Mexico, Loco Max
3) La Mascara b Dr. X [MEX WELTER]
Both Super Luchas and Ovaciones noted this was an extremely fast three falls match. O’Campo has it as falls of 1:51, 0:54, 2:27. Eh.
4) Hector Garza, Damian 666, Halloween b Heavy Metal, Mascara Magica, Negro Casas
Some bad communication between Mascara Magica and the Casas’ led to their defeat, and Magica was mad at them post match.
5) Tiger Mask I, Ultimo Dragon, Dos Caras Jr. b GdI (Ultimo, Rey, Tarzan.)
This week, the feud’s between Ultimo Guerrero and Dos Caras.
6) Mistico b el hijo del Perro Aguayo
Here, the final fall went 11+. Sounds like a good match, too.

Toryumon (SAT) 05/14 Arena Mexico Results [KrisZ]
Ovaciones says over 8000 fans
1) Chuichiro Arai b Guillermo Akiba
2) Ringo Mendoza & Americo Rocca DRAW Negro Nevarro & Jorge Rivera
3) Nidia b Linda Miles
Linda’s most reediming quality is Google.translation messing up her name
4) Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Plata, Villano III b Okumura, Taguchi, Masada
5) Los Saleseros Japonesas (Mango Fukuda, Pineapple Hanai, Takeshi Minaminno) b Los Cadates del Espacio (Solar I, Super Astro, Ultraman) [UWA Trios]
6) Mistico b Hiromi Horiguchi, Kazuchika Okada, Milanito Collection AT, Banana Senga, Crazy Boy, Passion Hasegawa, Kanyuro Matzxuyama, Hijo del Fantasma, Hajima Ohara, Xtreme Tiger, Joe Lider [Sophia Cup – pinfall/submission/over the top rules]
Mistico gains a bag of rice and a fax machine for his victory! Mistico has an odd life.
7) Rayo de Jalisco, Tigre Mask I, Ultimo Dragon b Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Tarzan Boy

OELL (SAT) 05/14 Aurora, IL Results
1) Payasos Krazie b El Momio
Who do you root for in the clown vs mummy battle? Program listed this as Krazie, though he looked like the Loco who’s been wrestling as a rudo elsewise. The best part of this match: referee patting down El Momio for weapons. He’s a mummy, where is he going to hid weapons?
2) Rudo Cortez b Diego Corelone & Punto (sp?)
There were no actual tags. They just kinda switched places at random times in the match. Rudo is a face.
3) Great Milenko & Christopher Michaels b Alto & Skinny White Guy
That may not be his actual name. Mineko and Michael’s valet also got up in the apron and randomlly tagged in at various times. I about died on the last fake hot tag; this went on to long without actually going anywhere intersting. So long. So not what I wanted. So in desperate need of lucha on a lucha show. The rudo trio seemed to enjoy the rest of the show, so at least they got something out of it. No Discovery.
4) Mascarita Sagrada & Mini Psicosis II b Guerrerito del Futuro & Tyme Page
The Mini Psicosis who owns the purple outfit. They really didn’t have Sagrada and Page work much, which makes sense because Tyme’s like 1.75 Mascartias tall. Also, having three straight heel bits which consisted of the heels yelling at the fans for being there kinda got old – at least Tyme mixed up by speaking Spanish. No Spiderboy.
5) Universo 2000 and ??? DQ Pierroth and el Hijo del Pierroth
I still have no idea who it was. I meant Averno’s costume when he first joined with Satanico. “Infernal II” was listed on the program – maybe him? They did the hair match tease, and the only change was Universo being the one bolting to the back ASAP.
(same basic show on Sunday)

AAA (SUN) 05/15 TripleMania XIII Results [BoxYLucha MessageBoard]
Ovaciones has a fluffy history of TripleMania/AAA piece instead of results. Must’ve missed the deadline. This report has the place 90% sold out.
1) Angel, Mascartia Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, Lady Apahce b Texano, Mini Abismo Negro, Polvo de Estrella, Tiffany
2) Tinieblas Jr., Pirata Morgan, Monsther (w/Chucky) vs Tinieblas Sr. (w/Alushe), Alebrije (w/Cuije), Hijo de Anibal
Reported as boring, with Junior unwilling to fight Senior.
3) Electro Shock, Intocable, CIMA b Charly Manson, Mr. Aguila, Hator
4) Psicosis DRAW Nicho
I’m not sure what happened here, but it sounds like Histeria might have attacked both.
In between matches, they did a angle with Shocker’s father and Cibernetico
5) Zorro, Juventued Guerrera, Luzbek DQ Apocalypse, Al Katrass, Predator
Someone from the outside ran in for the Americans to cause the DQ. Zorro ended up being stretchered out.
6) Konnan b Vampiro
Konnan won by low blow. They somehow set up a Cibernetico vs Konnan match for the LLL Title in the post match. I dunno.
6) Latin Lover, La Parka, Octagon b Cibernetico, Chessman, Fuerza Guerrera
Score one for luchainsider!

CMLL (SUN) Arena Coliseo 05/15 Result [OVA]
Ovaciones reports over 3000 in attendence.
1) Sombra de Plata, Zetta b Jeque, Super Comando
2) Arkangel, Veneno b Tigre Blanco, Texano Jr Tigre Metalico
3) Sangre Azteca won a ten man cibernetico, pinning Ricky Marvin. Others were Zumbido, Virus, Misterioso II, Nitro, Dr. X, Loco Max and Hooligan
4) Dos Caras Jr., Felino, Satanico b Masada, Okumura, Taguchi
5) Hector Garza, Black Tiger, Terrible b Tiger Mask I Negro Casas, Heavy Metal, Ultimo Dragon
Tiger Mask says he injuried his leg at the Toryumon show. He appeared, but did not particpate. Garza low blowed Negro for the win.

X-LAW (SUN) 05/15 Tulancingo, Hidalgo Results [O’Campo]
1) Aero Boy b Jack el Violento
2) Super Kepler b Talaxys & Aguila Misteriosa (three way)
3) Pareja Toxica (Epidemia & Heavy Boy) b X-LAW Boys (Kid Euforia & Kid Escandalo) [Tulancingo TAG]
4) La Sectra Negra (Fantasma de la Opera, Carta Brava, Cerebro Negro) b Mike “Suicidia” Segura, Kaleth, Furia Salvaje II
5) American Gigolo b Avisman
6) Shamu b Joe Lider & Crazy Boy & Extreme Tiger in a four way hardcore match [X-LAW Junior Heavyweight]
7) Austin Aries b Ricky Marvin & Super Crazy [ROH]
Marvin was a last minute add, and got pinned by an Aries 450. O’Campo timed the match at under eight minutes. Crazy says he starts in the WWE in two weeks.

IWRG (SUN) 05/15 Arena Naucalpan [lineup via O’Campo, results via Ova]
1) Colt Master b Rey Estruendo
2) Mr. Libra and Panterita b Paramédico y Gato Félix.
3) Macho II, Oficaial, Guardia DQ Payasos (Coco Rojo, Coco Verde, Coco Blanco)
4) Revolucionarios (Felino, Black Dragon, Matrix) b Galenos (Enfermero Jr., Dr. Markus, Dr. Muerta) [Trios, Quarters]
5) Black Tiger, Pantera, Dr. Cerebro Cerebro Negro b Heavy Metal, Solar I, Ultraman Jr.

Somewhere in here, Shocker lost to Christopher Daniels on the TNA PPV.

CMLL (MON) 05/16 Arena Puebla [O’Campo]
1) Sol de Fuego & Fenix vs Black Master & Mr. Rafaga
2) Valiente, Zigma & Blue Center vs Toro Bill Jr., Furia Chicana & Bobby Jack
3) StarMAN, Tigre Rojo and the Tiger vs Blade, Negro Navarro and Tarahumara
4) Tiger Mask I, Ultimo Dragon, La Mascara vs Averno, Mephisto, Okumura
Wouldn’t bet on him actually wrestling here.
5) Negro Casas, Heavy Metal, Felino vs Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Tarzan Boy
Same main event, replacing Rey with Black Tiger, is in Queretaro on Tuesday

CMLL (TUE) 05/17 Arena Coliseo [O’Campo]
1) Karisma & Espiritu vs Artillero & Vaquero
2) Tigre Metalico, Ultimo Vampiro, StarMAN vs Reyes Veloz, Ramstein, Super Comando
3) Misterio II, Virus, Tony Rivera vs Loco Max, Guero Loco, Arkangel
4) Satanico, Safari, Sagrado vs Canek Jr., Emilio Charles Jr., Okumura
5) Dr. Wagner Jr, Brazo De Plata, Black Warrior vs Rey Bucanero, Averno, Mephisto

CMLL (FRI) 05/20 Arena Mexico [O’Campo]
1) Shockercito & Mini Olimpico vs Pierrothito & Fire
2) Metro, Zumbido, Alan Stone vs Dr. X, Nitro, Sangre Azteca
Metro is debuting. In the vein of AAA’s Televisa Deportes, Metro is apparently a magazine sponosring the show, according to luchainsider.
3) Universo 2000, Mascara Magica, Apolo Dantes vs Halloween, Damian, Terrible
Odd followup to Magica and the Casas not getting along, seeing as Magica can’t possibly turn and join this rudo trio. Maybe he’s going to be a replacement Capo – I’d enjoy it for the Los Dos Mascara team. (again)
4) Heavy Metal, Negro Casas, Mistico vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hector Garza, Tarzan Boy
5) Ultimo Guerrero vs Dos Caras Jr.

CMLL (SUN) 05/22 Arena Coliseo [O’Campo]
1) Molotov & Meteorix vs Jeque & Flecha
2) Texano Jr., Neutron, Brazo de Plata Jr. vs Guerrero del Futuro, Mogur, Koreano
3) Safari, Alan Stone, Chris Stone vs Hooligan, Masada, Mr. Mexico
4) Dos Caras Jr., Atlantis, Satanico vs Tarzan Boy, Pierroth, Mephisto
5) Universo 2000, Heavy Metal, Negro Casas vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Damian, Halloween
This is a ‘double main event’. CMLL.com is teasing a proper Universo tecnico turn, which would start to unconfuse lots of things.

If all that’s not enough text for you, I snuck in recaps for 04/09 and 05/14 late last night. I’m down to 20 hours of unrecapped TV on my TiVo, only 4 of AAA.

OELL 05/14 show

I don’t know if I’m going to write up a proper recap, because there’s not much I want to say and it wasn’t like I was taking notes, but the one big point to hit was the main event.

1st version (when they were just running Congress): Universo, Cien, Mascara vs Perro, Pierroth, el Hijo del Pierroth
2nd version (listed online): Mascara and Cien vs Pierorth and el Hijo del Pierroth
3rd version (on the program we were given): Universo and Cien vs Pierroth and el Hijo del Pierroth.
4th version (actual match): Universo and ??? vs Pierroth and el Hijo del Pierroth.

The ??? totally threw us – it was some guy I don’t think I’ve seen, and also wasn’t a local guy. His gear was similar Averno’s, but he was a little bit bigger. He also didn’t seem to have worked much with Universo before, because they had to do a lot of communicating on tag spots.

I want say Tijuan’s Rey Infernal, but I don’t know if I’m thinking of the right guy.

Anyway, the main event was good. Exactly what you’d expect it to be – yes, they had belts – but Universo was really making it work. Extremely loud slaps. Overturned finish.

I didn’t dig the undercard near as much. Tyme Page did follow thru on his promise to kick a midget, but they were avoiding him and Sagrada doing much together because of the size. Everything else – let’s not say too much about.

They’re running at Congress tommorow, if you still want to check it out. Unless they said something after I left, there was no word about the June show.

04/30 AAA

04/30/05 AAA

I am *NOT* doing anymore AAA besides times and finishes unless I have promises before I watch that it’s a good match and there’s a relatively clean finish. This show about killed my will to watch any wrestling ever again.

05/13 news

Ovaciones has the usual hype for tonight’s Arena Mexico show, billing the Aguayo/Mistico match as a battle between the two newest Stars in CMLL. Not much about TripleMania (which is Sunday) yet, only another repetition of the lineup, but perhaps they’ll do that this weekend.

The noteworthy article is the one with Shocker. He says he did not leave CMLL on the best of terms, but it’s all in the past now. Shocker credits Pena with giving him the oppurtinty to work internationally, and on the TNA PPV – he regrets it’s the same day as TripleMania, but he’s got to take the title shot. There will be a third iteration of Guapo U, but only with “VIP” wrestlers (so maybe just already on the roster guys.) Vampiro and Shocker have smoked the peace pipe (insert joke), so they’re on the same page and are are going to take down Cibernetico.

Shocker is making a CD! Two songs are done, and he thinks it’ll take two more months to finish the rest. It sounds like eight original songs and two covers. He also should have an offical website very soon.

Shocker’s working Friday and Saturday on AAA shows, then heading to TNA for the PPV.

Lucha Times

TLN Index is massively filled in thanks to Ryan. Thanks!

Hey! Done before Friday (in some timezones)

TLN: Should be part two of the first Best Of, correct? I’ve totally lost track here.

Saturday: If the preview at the end of last week’s AAA holds up, we’ve got

Charly Manson, Juventued Guerrera, Mr. Aguila vs Nosawa, TAKA Michinoku, Tigre Imperial
Fabi Apache, Lady Apache, Princesa Blanca vs La Diabolica, Princesa Sugieth, Tiffany
Intocable, Octagon, Zorro vs Mr. Aguila, Charly Manson, Hator
Gronda, Latin Lover, La Parka vs Abismo Negro, Psicosis, Tinieblas Jr.

Opener should be fun, at least.

Sunday: Assuming they don’t skip a week because of the week off, and pick up where they left off, we’ve got the last ‘regular’ CMLL episode that’s aired.

Averno/Hijo de Pierroth/Pierroth Jr. vs Virus/Felino/Sagrado [coliseo]
Nitro/Dr. X/Hooligan vs Safari/Felino/Volador[Mex Trios]
Universo 2000 vs El Hijo del Perro Aguayo
Cien Caras/Mascara 2000 vs Vampiro/Pierroth [hair/hair]

If they do skip, it’ll be the first Best Of episode.

(see! I’ve masterfully reversed the jinx by doing AAA – they’ll have to do CMLL as a result)

(unless bringing that up re-reversed it. Darn it.)

news for 05/12


Tiger Mask I will be sticking around an extra day to work the Monday Puebla show. It’ll be Tiger Mask, Ultimo Dragon, and La Mascara versus Averno, Mephisto and Okumura.

In Ovaciones, Dr. X argues La Mascara’s is a publicity creation! (I guess he saw that booking.) He’s not a worthy challenger. Dr. X is working over time to protect his title/house.

There’s an also article with all the NOAH dates Abismo Negro and Oriental are working. In case you were reading and wanting to go, I guess.

Reminder aboud ROH’s Austin Aries defending his title versus Super Crazy in Hidalgo on the 15th – wait, what happens if he loses the title in his yet to be determined match in Chicago on Saturday? (I guess he’s not losing?) “It could be his last match in Mexico” because he’s headed in to WWE.

IWRG (THU) 05/12 Arena Naucalpan
this is their mother’s day show
1) Panterita vs Kaleth
2) Ultra Mega & Multifacetico vs Macho II & Crazy Boy
3) Avisman vs Dr. Cerebro [hair/hair]
4) Corporacion (Black Tiger, Black Pentagon, Pantera) vs Oficiales (Cyborg, Polizaon, Xibalba) [Trios Quarters, match 2]
I *still* don’t know who won Sunday.
5) Scorpio Jr. vs Heavy Metal [IWRG IC Heavy]

05/11 news

CMLL (TUE) Arena Coliseo 05/10 Results [OVA]
1) Espectrito, Fire, Sombria b Ultimo Dragoncito, Mini Olimpico, Bam Bam
2) Masada, Taguchi, Okumura b Tony Rivera, Brazo de Oro, Chris Stone
3) Rayo de Jalisco Jr, Brazo De Plata, Mascara Sagrada b Pierroth, Terrible, Emilio
Rayo’s lost 30 KG (66 pounds).
4) Tiger Mask I, Negro Casas, Black Warrior b Tarzan Boy, Averno, Mephisto
5) Universo 2000 vs Dos Caras Jr. [CMLL Heavy]
2-1, all clean. Dos Caras was arguing a two count when he Universo rolled him up for the win – although there was a post match arguement that one of Caras’ shoudler wasn’t down. Sounds like an okay match with a big tope.

Notes column is repeats
– Heavy Metal vs Scorpio Jr. for the IWRG Heavy on Thursday
– CMLL Cibernetico Sunday
– Olimpico back soon.
– Cerebro Negro & Avisman hair/hair Thursday
– Abismo Negro and Oriental leave for Japan today.