has announced the return has announced the return to Arena Mexico (01/24) card. Not anything ground breaking but still worth a quick mention.

  • Pierrothito/Mini Violencia vs Ultimo Dragoncito/Mini Olimpico
  • Alianza (the Alliance – “Holligan”, Sangre Azteca, Ramstein – sure to be a SM favorite trio if they stick together) vs Alan Stone/Chris Stone/Neutron vs
  • Arkangel/Zumbido/Nosawa vs Volador Jr/Ricky Marvin/Virus
  • Infernales vs Blue Demon (apparently back as a tecnico?)/Super Crazy/Felino
  • GdI vs Vampiro/Shocker/Atlantis

Sounds like Mascara Sagrada and Dick Togo will be teaming up with Vampiro at Coliseo on Sunday 1/19 – not typical a TV date, but Coliseo season always screws with that.

Super Crazy’s back in NJ from 1/29 to 2/18 – that Mexico show is probably one of his last till mid Feb.

The older news section wonders about Arkangel vs Pantera (mask vs mask), Juvi vs Felino (Welterweight or Hair/Mask) and Wagner vs Shocker or Niebla (mask vs hair/mask) – if one of those three come through, it’d be nice.

Seems like the Emilio/Atlantis middleweight title match will make air – I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

Lucha Times is updated –

Lucha Times is updated – those of you who get the West Coast feed get one of those late night airings.

The good thing about all the Coliseo shows is that we’re getting a look at some of the undercard guys – Arkangel will probably be on three straight shows, which seems like three more than he was on all of the last six months – and that some of the older less fun guys aren’t around (very limited Boricuas, no Markus, no Pierroth, no Rayo). If we could just do something about all that Porky, though…

Random stuff and replies How

Random stuff and replies

How to ID the Nuevo Guapos

  • Tall, dark brown hair – (Damian el) Terrible (breaking off to go on his own)
  • Short, full body gear, bald – Loco Max.
  • Tends to almost kill himself – Ricky Marvin
  • Tends to almost kill himself less gracefully – Tony Rivera
  • Has a goatee. Somtimes – Genetico
  • and TWINS – Marshall/Mr. Power

Perhaps we just need nametags. I guess Zumbido is gone from the group – he’s not listed on the CMLL NG page anymore. Isn’t in weird that there’s a Loco Max and a Super Crazy? Maybe just to me.

Rey and Ultimo are a busy men – looks like from show resuts that they flew back to Mexico after the Tory tour, and now they’re going all the way back. Hope they have frequent flier plans. Seeing as they’re working with Ultimo Dragon and a guy they wrestled a bit on that last tour (EDIT: well, before they changed the lineup – or I wasn’t paying attention and Kaz was there all along – but still), this should be very good – they at least know each other.

Ultimo/Shocker was/is the best match of the year. You had a good build into it (even though the match was a one week thing, it’s a spin off of a longer issue), a great match (still thought they should’ve gone back to the arm in the third fall a bit more – Circuit Breaker seems more a back attack) and a clean finish. The really cool thing is that Shocker just got beat by his own move for a title in their biggest arena – and I don’t think he’s hurt at all.

I wonder if there’s a sudden booking reinterest in doing something with all the titles they’ve got – not only did we get a CMLL LH change, but Emilio’s defended his middleweight title against Atlantis, as has Tarzan with his NWA LH title and Felino’s working a program with Juvi to set up a CMLL welterweight title defense there – none of those titles had been defended in months. Maybe it’s just a way to get a little more attention for cards post-Holidays, but it’s a welcome development.

NEWS: Looks like Rey and

NEWS: Looks like Rey and Bucky are working the 1/19 Wrestle-1 PPV in Japan, so they may miss a show or two. It’s ok, because DICK TOGO~! is working some dates for CMLL

Final CMLL 1/12 thoughts:

Shocker rallies the Guapo troops. He picks Ricky Marvin for something, but says something to appease everyone else.

Shocker/Mr. Niebla/Brazo De Plata vs Dr. Wagner/Black Tiger/Mascara Ano 2000. We skip the primera caida (won by Shocker’s team) for some unfathomable reason. We start with a Mascara vs. Shocker, and I ponder if we’ll have to sneak MA2K onto the next 25. He has looked good lately, although that’s entirely due to who he’s wrestling. Things turn into a rudo beatdown awfully quickly. Niebla gets his mask ripped to shreds and the bad guys are declared the winners at some arbitrary point. Wagner rips off Niebla’s mask entirely after the fall. More of the same in la tercera caida until Niebla runs in from the back with a new mask and cleans house. Niebla goes after Wagner as his partners take care of Tiger and Mascara. Wagner’s mask gets ripped but the good doctor rips off Niebla’s mask AGAIN and reverses a victory roll for the pin.

MORE BLOOPERS. Volador flubs a line. Pierroth nearly gouges an eye out removing his sunglasses. One of Rayo’s ring girls pops out of top. [Petrie]This is the GREATEST CMLL EVER[/Petrie]. They also show that announcer Casas punched out. Drs. Wagner and X screw up. So does Markus and Los Capos. Someone walks in front of a GdI segment. This was interspersed with clips from Mexican TV shows.

That’s all.


Felino, Super Crazy, and Voldaor

Felino, Super Crazy, and Voldaor Jr. wish us a variety of holiday wishes. Check with Meltzer’s site if you need more details.

Next we have Juvie/Averno/Mephisto vs. Felino/Crazy/Volador. My, that’s quite a collection of high flyers. Another primera caida with a lot of chain wrestling this week, although Volador looked a little rough in patches (certainly nothing serious, though). It also looked a little rough when Felino didn’t get enough air on a leapfrog and Juvie’s head rammed into his crotch. Juvie uncles to a Trailer Hitch type submission seconds later. Segunda caida is super fast action, as you’d expect with Volador and Crazy. Volador pulls out the “counter the flapjack by backflipping off the guy” spot again, which still looks pretty but could get silly if he does it every match. Juvie catches Felino with a pumphandle into a facebuster and the rudo rout is on. Juvie tries to unmask Felino while they’re standing on the top rope and it did not look safe. Tecnicos make a comeback and Volador tries a pescado into a ‘rana and it was ug-lee. “A” for effort, though. Mephisto and Crazy hit dives, leaving us with Felino and Juvie. Juvie hits the Towerhacker bomb, but Felino blocks the facebuster, so Juvie simply rips his mask off for the DQ. BOO to the ending and no tercera caida. YAY for the match we did see.

We see BLOOPERS. We see Gran Markus, los Talibanes, and Rayo flub lines. Then we see the weirdest thing ever, as apparently Satan makes Mascara Ano Dos Mil fall on his ass. Shocker blows some lines. Pierroth screws up and swears. Averno and Mephisto…don’t blow their lines. Alright then.

Momentos Estelares: Shockercito hits a SCARY asai moonsault. Mascara Ano Dos Mil falls on his ass, with silly cartoon sounds. You know, when I visited my parents this weekend I slipped on the ice and fell on my face. It wasn’t funny, but may have been if there were funny sounds added. Mascara blaming Apolo was great. Ultimo Dragoncito and another mini hit some wacky dives. Ultimo ends up in the front row. The Stones win with submissions. Same match, Sangre Azteca and Rammstein hit a sidewinder on a Stone. Well, that’s our five second limit for this two.

Wrap it up tomorrow.

Welcome! In the contiuning effort


In the contiuning effort to present the world (or at least the 12 people who read this site) all the CMLL talk you need, Joe and I present you our new CMLL blog.

This is kinda meant as a replacement/upgrade over the ezBoard – same workrate reports and commentary, no ads, and a big picture of Atlantis once I get around to it. Adding the archive of posts from the message board over here some place is on the big list of projects to do, too.

The downside, of course, is that we’ve currently got no way for you to reply to what we’re writing. I’m hoping to add a folllow-up post system (I wanted to what the Cubs Reporter is using, but that service isn’t taking on new sites at the moment – any suggestions?) but until then, you can reach the blog at . And if you’re some who posted on the message board more than three times and wants to say something on a regular basis, we’ll think about giving you posting access.

Anyway, we got rolling earlier this week, sorta as a test to see how it all worked, and I’d check back every couple days to see if we’ve got anything to say. If we don’t, I’ll just steal KrisZ’s news and comment on it, which should be fun.


Thoughts on 1/12 show in

Thoughts on 1/12 show in multiple parts

Arkangel, Olimpico, Sangre Azteca, and Ramstein wish us Merry Christmas. Did Olimpico turn rudo on us. Wagner shows up and he’s pissed. Maybe rudos shouldn’t wish people merry christmas. Wagner throws his jacket down and everyone poses.

Up first we get Mr. Power/Genetico/Terrible/Marshal vs. Ramstein/Sangre Azteca/Arkangel/Olimpico in a Torneo Cibernetico match. Actually, we clip ahead to the end as Ramstein and Sangre have already been eliminated. DAMNATION. Will I ever see either one wrestle for more than 5 seconds at a time? Actually, it dawns on me that I have no clue which Guapos are which. I think it’s Genetico in the purple pants and Terrible in the black, but don’t hold me to that. We see Arkangel hit a dive on Genetico, but eats a HYUGE hiptoss off the top rope. Funky Pinning Combo #1 ends Angel’s night. But Genetico gets hit with a dropkick and a dive from Olimpico and tags out to Terrible. Terrible hits some dropkicks both both guys miss sentons off the top. Olimpico gets the win after Funky Pinning Combo #2. Genetico’s back in, they exchange nearfalls, Olimpico goes for his pinning combo and Terrible falta’s him for the DQ. Only saw three-and-a-half minutes, show the whole thing with a better ending and you would’ve had something.

More later.


Lucha Times is updated. Both

Lucha Times is updated. Both shows are bounced around a little bit because of other programming, so adjust your VCR.

Vuelta has that epic Rayo/Universo match for the CMLL Heavyweight Title, and a B->B+ main event. I have no idea about the new show.

(originally posted by Joe on

(originally posted by Joe on 01/07/03)

1/5/03 CMLL thoughts

Various CMLL folks wish us happy holidays.

First match finds Silva/Porky/Ring vs. Emilio/Scorpio/Masada/Nosawa. Quite an, uh, interesting array of talent. I guess Silva’s back to being a good guy. Nosawa throws three of the worst stomps in recorded human history. Porky was getting beaten up and it didn’t look like Silva was helping, so I figured maybe they were still going for a heel
turn. Silva does eventually come in and clean house with the forearms of DOOM. Gawd, Scorpio’s bacne is disgusting. A Ringo/Emilio segment is surprisingly not bad. We get a super contrived setup for Porky’s bronco buster. Porky ends his night by hitting a tope, and a pretty nice one at that. Top rope Silva splash finishes the Japanese. Porky and Silva do the indie hug afterwards. Porky eyes that blue duck thing, probably wondering if he’d go better with fish or salad. Match was perversely entertaining, which is all you can ask for in these situations.

We see Virus/Volador/Tony R. vs. Arkangel/Mephisto/Averno. Yay! But it’s only the tercera caida. Boo! Averno tries a flap jack on Volador, but Volador actually puts his feet on Averno’s shoulders and backflips off of him. Damn. Mephisto has a great evil laugh, although nowhere near his boss’. He and Virus end up outside the ring and Virus actually runs up the ringpost to do an elaborate armdrag in a nutty spot. Tony
comes in but is the lesser of his team, as he frequently is. We’ll zip ahead as Volador hits Tony with a tope by mistake and the rudos triple powerbomb Virus for the win. Short but fun.

Then we’ve got Ricky Marvin/Mascara Magica/Apolo vs. Juvie/Zumbido/Taemura. Curiously, we have Ricky teaming with Guapo mentor Mascara against fellow Guapo trainee Zumbido. Primera caida is all about the matwork, and it’s really beautiful and graceful like all good lucha matwork is. They stick Takemura and Apolo together for this, which was probably a good move. Ricky pulls out the cross armbreaker again for a submission on Takemura. Segunda caida moves at about a trillion miles an hour to start, then slows down as the rudos take over. Juvie gives Ricky this Torture Rack into a powerbomb that Batista should totally steal. Rudos win with a triple powerbomb on Mascara, which must be the rudo special this week. Takemura hits an outta control elbow on Apolo to win the fall. Tercera caida is a bit of a mess but there’s some good work going on, mainly with Ricky. Some dives and Apolo hits a Northern Lights suplex on Juvie out of nowhere for the win. Fun match.

TWO Porky matches? That’s what happens when the GdI are off in Japan. Porky’s at least wearing a better outfit here (even though he had “sexy” written on his butt). Anyway, he teams with Atlantis & Niebla vs. Blue Panther & Black Tiger & Tarzan Boy. You basic “tecnicos start strong, rudos turn the tide, tecnicos come back” match. It’s nice to see TB back, even though his knees are still obviously killing him. He still bumps like a superball for Porky, though. Funny bit as Niebla legit kicks Tiger in the nuts trying a dropkick but doesn’t get DQ’d. Well, Tiger probably didn’t think it was funny. Maybe that’s why he murdered Niebla with a baseball slide. Atlantis hooks the Atliantida on TB for the win, then makes “I want the belt” motions. I forget which belt Tarzan has. Not an epic match but fun enough.


originally posted by Joe on

originally posted by Joe on 01/01/03)

Well… So yeah, finally got my hand on the most recent CMLL. I’ll give you one guess why.

Loco Max vs Ricky Marvin had some good stuff by was overall pretty sloppy. Ricky went for a somersault tope but actually missed when he went to grab the ropes and botched it kinda badly. There was a 619 and some nearfalls, a rudo Guapo knocks Ricky off the top and Loco wins and we get on with lives.

Gigante Silva, Black Tiger, & Apollo Dantes vs Brazo De Plata, Pierroth Jr. Tenieblas Jr., & Satanico. Silva goes rudo in this one, which was different. I liked the crowd “oooh” when Silva dropped an elbow on Porky. This was a weird match, and kinda boring too. Truth be told don’t remember much about it. The Satanico/Apolo portion was pretty neat. Apolo made Pierroth look king-sized, which I didn’t think was possible. Pierroth pins Silva thanks to Tiger and they get beaten up afterwards.

Atlantis, Super Crazy, Mr. Niebla, & Black Warrior vs Juventud Guerrera, Takemura, Masada, & Nosawa. Yay, the Japanese are back! Takemura has such a great sleazeball look going for him. This started out freaking great, and even though it slowed down at the end, ended up being a very good match. Crazy looked fine and if he wants to hang around that’s ok by me. Even Juvy was pretty fired up for this. Everyone hits dives and Atlantis hits the Atlantida on Nosawa for the win. Quadrillion stars.

OK, here we go: Ultimo vs. Shocker. I’d give the Shocker Claus entrance ****1/4. Primera caida is all about the chain wrestling as Ultimo works over Shocker’s arm and gets a submission when he reverses a rock bottom to a Fujiwara armbar. More armwork in the segunda caida until Shocker makes a HYUUGE comeback with these great boots to the face (sold huge by Ultimo) and wins with a clothesline (with his good arm). I should mention the crowd is nuclear, continuously chanting “Shock-er” like those Smokey Mountain crowds chanting “Rock and Roll” for an entire match. Tercera caida is all about the nearfalls, as I (knowing the outcome) was completely losing it. Ultimo finally wins by using Shocker’s Reinera against him. Damn, what a match. I just watched it and would probably have to watch other stuff, but this may be the 2002 Lucha MOTY. Pity it’ll maybe be forgotten by the 2003 RSPW votes come along.