CMLL on Televisa #925 (05/23/2009)
Recap: 06/06/09

Match 1: Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara ©, Mascara Dorada vs Black Warrior ©, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca
Arena Mexico, 05/22/2009

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Winner: Poder Mexica (2-1)
Match Time: 14:45
Rating: Lots of fun.
Notes: No entrances. Babe Richard and Tigre Hispano are refs.

1: Rudos take their time actually getting this started. Fantasma and Mascara have sort of matching gear. Mascara and Warrior to start. Lockup, and Mascara is able to armdrag Warrior after a battle. Warrior knocks Mascara down, but he gets a headscissors from there. Warrior knocks him down again with a running elbow smash. One two no. Armbar, leg over Mascara's neck, and just standing there - ah, just getting his timing on an armscissors. Mascara breaks free and puts on a toe hold., holding Warrior down. Warrior's about to turn back into an armscissors, taking Mascara down. Mascara's pinned with wristlocks, one two bridge up. Warrior puts his weight on Mascara, but Mascara push off him to get up and into a bodyscissors armdrag. Warrior turns straight around, clotheslined for zero, standoff. Crowd is restless, though there wasn't a lot wrong with that. Fantasma and Dragon Rojo. Shoves. Lockup, Fantasma shoved into the ropes. Hard chest slap by Fantasma. Lockup, trip, Fantasma rolled to his feet and slapped into the ropes. Fantasma takes Rojo down and chest slaps him on the mat – crowd is behind the rudos and boos this. Dragon Rojo fights back with an Angelito (!) but Fantasma pounds his way free and Rojo lets go anyway because he's pinning himself. Dragon Rojo hooks Fantasma's head and rolls backwards so he can end up on top. Chest slaps, cover, one two no. Both up and shoving. Stare off, and Rojo gets in a slap to the face, and Fantasma shoves him again. Everyone ends up in and facing off at this point. Oh, I guess not Monito, he's just in the tecnico corner. Everyone goes back to their corner, and Dorada stands on the top rope waiting for his turn. Crowd loud for Dorada, who leaps into to the ring with a front row – and then gets kicked down immediately by Black Warrior! Poder Mexica doesn't put up with that, no. Sangre clears Fantasma off the apron one a right hand, but Mascara blocks his punch and stuns him with an enziguri. Warrior charges Mascara as he comes in, but Mascara ducks the clothesline. Dragon Rojo manges to backdrop him out, but his punch is ducked, and Mascara shoulders him in the midsection to knock him away. Mascara starts to slingshot in, but Sangre cuts him off with a dropkick. Dragon Rojo hurries out to hold Mascara over the edge of the ramp, and Warrior adds a guillotine legdrop. Poder Mexica is a machine. Fantasma in, and held on the ropes for a moment while Dragon Rojo comes back. Triple boot. Dorada whipped, spinebuster, Warrior does a double low blow dropkick, Dorada sits up and is immediately knocked down by running dropkicks from he other two. Nice timing on that bit. Fantasma whipped, kicked by Sangre, sunset flip by Warrior, and Warrior rolls him backwards to set up Dragon Rojo's questionably low dropkick. The crowd thinks that was a foul, but they're okay with it. Sangre going up and waiting for Fantasma to be held up by the other two – missile low blow dropkick. Cover, one two three.

2: Rudos still in control as the fall starts, cornering Mascara and keeping his partners from helping. Whip, double flapjacked into Warrior's upraised feet. Fantasma in, and kicked own into the middle rope for Dragon Rojo's inside out dropkick. Dorada crotches coming thru the ropes. Monito's watching this from the floor, that's the safe move. Corner elbow for Dorada, corner clothesline, and corner low blow dropkick. Sangre asks the crowd if they want to see one more – yes seems to be the answer. Dorada escapes, and Fantasma's brought back in. Whip, tripped onto the middle rope, and Warrior adds a 619. Mascara in quick, before they've even had a chance to throw out Fantasma, but Warrior stops him quick with a stunner. Sangre and Dragon throw Fantasma out, then follow him out to stomp him there. That leaves Warrior in with Mascara, Warrior paying more attention to his partners setting up on the apron for the next spot than his opponent. Mascara shoved in the ropes, but comes back with a rolling headscissors. Dragon Rojo and Sangre aren't paying attention, and accidentally kick their partner. Tecnicos storm the ring, Mascara superkicking Warrior and Fantasma and Dorada dropkicking the other two out. Fantasma and Dorada run – tope con giros. Captains left in, and Mascara quickly gets the bodyscissors campana on Warrior. Tied up.

3: Sangre and Dorada to start the fall. Announcers aren't quiet enough to let me hear who the fans are chanting for. Dorada off the ropes, over, under, a clothesline, and connecting on a springboard tope. One two no. Dorada miss a clothesline, and Sangre gets him with a short one. Sangre leans on top, Dorada pushes off and tries to springboard to the ropes, misses with one foot but seemingly recover to climb up and come off with a headscissors. Dorada off the ropes, top rope springboard back flip dive fake. Tags. Mascara and Warrior. Warrior looks around a bit, not happy. Off the ropes, over, and then knocking Mascara down with a clothesline. Warrior dance. Whip, Mascara spins Warrior with a shoulderblock. Chop, corner whip, reversed, but Mascara connects with Warrior's head on a kick. Mascara out of the corner with a headscissors, but Warrior kicks him back in to the corner. Warrior charges, Mascara moves, and Warrior takes the knee bump to the floor. Mascara slides out after him, actually on top of him, backs up to allow Warrior to stand, ducks Warrior's clothesline, and superkicks him on the floor. Mascara doesn't let up – catapult into the ring post! Fantasma and Dragon in. Shoves. Chops. Slaps. Fantasma has the power. Dropkick wins it for Dragon Rojo, but he stop to yell at Fantasma. Fantasma gets up to his knees, gets kicked down. Dragon Rojo off the ropes, under, under a clothesline and knocking down a jumping Fantasma with a dropkick. Dragon off the ropes, clothesline, and Fantasma hits the dropkick this time. Loud boos. Fantasma kneels over to wait for Dragon to get up in the corner, charges, and gets backdropped to the apron. Fantasma fights Dragon off, goes up top, and lands a top rope clothesline. Dragon out, Sangre in – no, Sangre caught on the middle rope on the way in. Sangre looks around, annoyed at the crowd hooting. Dragon off the ropes, angry clothesline misses, Fantasma shoulderblock, Sangre knocks him down with a rolling spin kick. Sangre runs around the ring celebrating that, and he should, that looked pretty good. Sangre asks the crow to quiet down so they can hear his loud chest slap. That one even hurt his own hand. Corner whip, Sangre charges in, Fantasma flips him to the apron and knocks him down. Sangre gathers himself on the apron, but Fantasma drops him with a springboard DDT onto the apron. Sangre tumbles to the floor as Fantasma goes back in, and flips his partner Dorada to the ramp. Dorada backs up a bit, charge – climbing up one set of ropes, jump to another, leaping off – and eating Sangre's boots! He's dead for sure. Dragon rushes in to big boot Fantasma, Mascara gets Dragon with a plancha, Warrior gets him with a kick. Fantasma rushes Dragon Rojo, but he lifts him up for a flapjack and drops him in to Warrior's feet. Mascara and Fantasma are tied together by the legs, Rojo and Warrior grabs the arm while they're at it, and lean back – it's like an inverted star, I guess. Sangre watches, and the tecnicos give up! Warrior and Sangre celebrate with dancing.

Tony has – two pairs of sunglasses, huh. Also, soccer playing Fantasma.

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Match 2: Blue Panther, La Sombra, Volador Jr. © vs Averno ©, Ephesto, Mephisto
Arena Mexico, 05/22/2009

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Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 16:55
Rating: OK
Notes: No entrances. Sombra and Volador are in their matching aqua/black gear. Bestia Negra and Rodolfo Ruiz are the referees.

1: Funny how Mephisto is so jacked nowadays, but somehow is challenging for the welterweight title. He starts with Sombra, sure enough, and Sombra ends the chain wrestling exchange with an armdrag. Mephisto takes another run at it, gets armdragged again. Third try, Sombra rebounds off the ropes upside down for am drags. Fourth try, headscissors. Mep switches to zero leg trips, which do work as you might expect. Averno and Panther in, both more considered with the crowd than each other at first. Eying each other. Lockup, no. Lockup, no, Panther slides under a waistlock. Averno hammerlock, Panther single leg takedown, Averno grabs an armbar, Panther rolls to reverse it, zero cover, standoff. Didn't win the Pick 4 lotto, darn. Lockup, Panther armbar, Averno flipped to the mat, then brought up for an elbow lock. Ephesto tease coming in, and Sombra teases coming in after him, but the refs put a stop that before it starts. Averno escapes to waistlock, Panther tries to elbow out. Averno's got it snuck quite low, so Panther tries to turn the arms out instead. Averno switched to an abdominal stretch, but Panther waves his free hand no to the question. Panther turns out of it, spans Averno to the mat, and forces him there. Averno rolls to his feet, steps over Panther to get free of the wristlock. Spinning toe hold, but Panther twist to trip Averno off of him, and down to the mat. Circle. Lockup. Whip, reversed, Panther fivearm knocks Averno down, and Panther does another that appears not to hit at all, but whatever. Panther sunset flip into the fireman's roll, around and around they go. AVERNO GIVES UP! I didn't know you could give up to that hold, but apparently Averno had enough of spinning around and didn't even want to be pinned. Referees call it, but the other wrestlers are kinda baffled for a moment. Fine job by Panther. Replay – Averno's submission must've been audible, because his arms were kinda hooked in Panther's legs and he couldn't have waved it off.

2: Volador, who did not actually get in during the first fall, now gets to come in and take off his shirt. Averno to pose. Volador off the ropes, over, rolling, waved by, backflip, ducks another clothesline, and escape from a fireman's carry via headscissors. Mephisto in, Volador barely gets him with a headscissors, then grabs his left knee. That's never good. He keeps going though, shoulderblock, springboard onto Mephisto's shoulders, hanging there for a little, and Mephisto toss him out to Averno, who gets the headscissors. Sombra in with a flip headscissors on Mephisto, which sends him out. Ephesto – also now just getting involved – teases a springboard headscissors. Ephesto rebounds off the ropes, Sombra evades and hides in the ropes, Ephesto simply dropkicks him out before he moves. Ephesto doesn't bother with your fakes. Ephesto ponder a dive, but turns around to see Panther. Double clothesline, both go down, but Panther gets he better of it. Whip, reversed, Panther doesn't quite get the ropes but Ephesto misses a dropkick anyway. Panther step over him, behind, him and grabs an inside cradle for one before Mephisto breaks it up. Mephisto take a moment to glower at the crowd, but Panther pull him back into the match. Mephisto slaps him and charges after him, but Panther leads him into a swing kick from Volador. Volador shoulderblocks Mephisto, rushes to Panther, and Panther flips him into an armdrags on Mephisto. Averno reappears to kick down Volador. Panther turns by, then gets Averno with a sunset flip, Averno reverses, stands up, and waits for Sombra's silla. Timing is just a little slow here. Sombra gets Averno with his springboard headscissors, and Panther runs – TOPE. How come we never the the shot form the running cameraman? Sombra runs up the corner in front of Mephisto, flips behind him into a wheelbarrow on Volador who tosses Sombra to behind him. Volador goes up and nowhere on Mephisto, dropping down on his feet, Mephisto miss a clothesline and gets slammed by Sombra. Sombra sets him down and goes for the rope flip moonsault, but Mephisto gets his feet up. Meanwhile, Volador drops Ephesto, but screws around grabbing his legs, and Ephesto hooks him with his legs crossed headscissors cradle. Stereo pins – one two three.

Rudos round up Blue Panther, so Averno can slam him on the ramp and yell at the crowd.

Fantasma promos the time the show will be on next week – crazy, CMLL doing something as easy as that – but it's still funny because the background they use for this is part of the open, or at least the version of the open that still has Perro Aguayo Jr. in it. Oops.

3: Rudos firmly in control. Panther is down on the mat in a a lump. Sombra passes thru, getting chopped along the way. Averno puts Panther on the top rope and stretches his mouth. Mephisto and Ephesto keep the others out. Panther is lightly dropped into the ring. Rudos are not paying much attention, so Panther is able to take Averno down and pound him a bit. Other two tecnicos get backdropped onto the ramp. Panther ducks a double clothesline (dropped before he got there, and Sombra and Volador come in with nicely timed double springboard headscissors. Panther bumps Averno out, and all the tecnicos rush – Triple tope! First and second row are wrecked on the camera side. Replays. Back life, Sombra gets Mephisto with a springboard plancha, but gets tossed off at 2. How does Mephisto breath thru that mask? Very carefully. Sombra get tossed to the apron, but fights back, and comes in with a a flip 'rana. One two Ephesto breaks it up. Whip, Ephesto dropped hard on a spinebuster. Ephesto says this is it and ties up Sombra's legs, but Sombra reverses it to a small package of his own, one two Averno breaks it up at about 2.99. All the rudo assemble in a hurry – whip, triple powerbomb. One two three. Magadan's giving the fall to the rudos, but it's Volador who the captain. Panther in, everyone kicks Panther. Rudos do triple dive fake, but now's not really a good time for such shenanigans. Volador in and knocking Averno with a springboard dropkick. Other rudos whip Volador, but he ducks the double clothesline and headscissors Mephisto out. Ephesto and Volador left in. Volador off the ropes, over, now both just turning past each other, Volador slides out, and Ephesto topes him. Never slide out against Ephesto! Panther in but both Averno and Mephisto in to face him. Whip, Averno back elbow, Mephisto bodyscissors sets up the face first powerbomb, Averno turns away and Panther reverses it to a bodyscissors cradle one two three. Averno has no idea as Panther rallies, and then slowly puts it together. Averno misses a clothesline, up on Panther's shoulders on the next pass. Panther drops him forward, and hooks on a tapatía! Rolling it up – a second time, onto the side – and Averno gives. Panther owned Averno in that match.

Post match, Panther challenges Averno to a title match for next week. Someone needs to tell Averno you don't need to yell into a microphone, that's what a microphone is for.

Everyone's waking u the ramp to lave, and we're just watching replays, when the crowd reacts to something, and they jump out for replays – Rey Bucanero is pounding on Ephesto in the ring, with Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero close behind. Ephesto's shirt and mask get ripped up. Referees for the next match come out to watch, but doesn't feel like getting involved. Guerrero beat Ephesto to the ramp, with Rey taking him down to punch him more. Big powerbomb the base of the stairs. Rey gets on the stairs to do his bit, and the Guerrero raise their arms. Guerrero walk off before any back up arrives. If it's ever going to.

Stellar Moments

Match 3: Dos Caras Jr. ©, Negro Casas, Ultimo Guerrero vs Hector Garza, Mistico ©, Shocker
Arena Mexico, 05/22/2009

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Winner: Rudos (2-0)
Match Time: 12:26
Rating: Dos lameness
Notes:Negro has Mr. Niebla's giant afro on and dances his way to the ring. Ultimo Guerrero, not so much. Despicable new rudo Dos Caras walks around slapping hands on the stage. Waving his tail around is at least funny. Shocker rushes him as he gets near the ramp. Dos backs up, Shocker chases, Dos points to the exciting things happening behind Shocker, Shocker totally falls for it, and Dos beats him down. Rudos take control of the ring. Refs are Tigre Hispano and Babe Richard, which means nothing good is coming.

1: Is Dos chocking Shocker with his tail? See, that's a good idea. Lots of individual brawling, and mostly silliness where UG is not concerned. Dos wanders over to the announcers to put his tail around Dr. Morales as part of his usual hazing. Dos misses a dropkick on Shocker when back in the ring, but the rudos help him out. After Dos deposits Shocker on the ramp, he goes up to missile dropkick Garza and Mistico. Oh, wait, has to stake off his shift first. Missile dropkick ends up getting his partners. Mistico and Garza are content just to stand around as Shocker comes back in with a spearing, diving in the ring thru the ropes. Garza at least odes a moonsault to the floor, and Mistico does his own tope. Shocker sets up Dos on the top rope and goes after his mask. Now's not really the time to do that, you kinda want a finish. It does help that Dos' mask is apparently already untied, and Dos has to fight to keep it on. They both drop to the mat and reposition themselves – this is concealed with shots of fighting on the outside. Dos charges Shocker, Shocker just moves, Dos throws himself out. Shocker follows with a running slingshot tope con giro, Dos don't doing much in the way of catching. Other four back in, Negro casita on Garza, UG reverses an up and over sunset flip so he's on top, and that's the fall for the rudos.

2: Hector Garza is now ripping up his own shirt. UG feigns at piking it up, and Garza feigns at hitting him. UG figures this out and stops, but Negro comes in, poses goofy with the stop sign, and goes for the shirt instead, getting kicked. UG corner whip, Garza flips out and over him, Negro shoves Garza to UG, UG lifts him up and Garza comes down with a headscissors on Negro. Kick to UG's head too. Garza taunts Dos in, then tags to Shocker. Dos is too busy taunting the crowd to notice, and is cared once he does. Dos off the ropes, over, and sliding out of the ring. Dos walks among the crowd. Mistico and Negro in. Negro puts up the stop sign again, and polls the crowd on who they're cheering. They drag each other to different sides, and I didn't think there's a consensus. Chest slap battle breaks out. Negro switched to chops, in between stop signs. Mistico chops back so, Negro eye pokes him, and bites him in the backside. Whip, Mistico handspring, Negro gets him with a heel kick. Negro stop to taunt the tecnicos with the stop sign again. We miss something watching the crowd, but pick up to see Mistico get flipped to the apron and come back with a swinging kick. Springboard dropkick knocks Negro out. UG in. Crowd behind Mistico this time. Mistico off the ropes, under, waved by, and bumped out via shoulderblock. UG goes to the middle rope to pose. Mistico recovers on the floor – is he coming back in? Yes, eventually. Big flapjack by UG. Whip, Mistico flips off UG's chest, off the ropes, back with a headscissors. Mistico off the ropes, sliding out, UG tosses him up on the charge, Mistico springboards off the middle rope and back down for a headscissors. Dos and Shocker in. Once they get done looking at the crowd, Dos win the chop exchange with kicks. They switch to face slaps, and Dos wins that by going to forearms. Whip, no, Shocker grabs the ropes. Off the ropes, kick deflected away, Dos off the ropes, Shocker hiptoss blocked, and Dos gets one of his own. Dos looking around again. Shocker kicks him away when he tries to pick him up. Shocker big boot, running big boot, and a running clothesline to take them both to the floor. Garza in against both, but gets tripped up into the corner. Mistico in, whip, clothesline misses, UIG tosses him into a dropkick on Negro, then UG misses a corner charge on Garza and takes the knee bump to the floor. Mistico springboard plancha, Negro gets Mistico with his running silla, and Garza gets the growing pile with his tornillo. Dos and Shocker left in alone again. Dos misses a clothesline, Shocker's shots are all blocked, and Dos pinwheels him by the head. Dos stops to muscle pose. Corner whip, charge in, no one's home. Shocker charges, monkey flip, and off goes Dos' mask. You have to be looking for it, but you can see Dos' yanking it off. Referees immediately award him the match, though Shocker pleads innocent.

Replays. Dos fans his fans to celebrate with, and that's it.