CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #172 (11/21/2009)
Recaped: 01/16/09

Match 1: Bracito de Oro, Pequeño Olímpico ©, Shockercito vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Violencia ©
Arena Mexico, 11/15/2009

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Winner: Tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 5:54
Rating: Not that much, because there wasn't much time, but they got in what they could. Bracito and Universo did not appear to be up to everyone else's level
Notes: Bracito de Oro has been in CMLL 18 years and has done nothing but join CMLL. Why is he a big Santonio Holmes fan? Wait, don't answer that. Shockercito video still has him masked - but it's only been 8 months, they'll get to it. Whoever's doing the bios forgot he beat Fire for his hair, I guess. Mini Olímpico walks out to Bam Bam's video. We're all professionals here. Mini Olímpico is 43 years old? You'd think I didn't have a sidebar with birthdays, the way all these things astound me. Shockercito and Bracito de Oro do bad promos in a pre-tape. Mini Universo has no video. Mini Nitro has no video, but he has the Tuareg music. Rudos do promos too, Violencia's by fair the strongest.

1: Math starts with Shocker doing his roll and pose while Violencia circles around the outside of the ring towards the rudo corner. Which tells me, perhaps, this match is joined in progress. Perhaps. Universo and Bracito de Oro in, Universo knocking down Oro twice. Whip, drop down, and Oro splashes his back. Universo up, and into an armdrag. Oro off the ropes, over a backdrop and into an armdrag. Universo out, Brazo hardheartedly runs two steps and the camera freezes on him standing together, as Nitro comes in an to dropkick him. Nitro bops Shockercito as he comes in, handing him off to Violencia, and knocks Olímpico off the apron. Shocker is hung on the top rope and chopped. Olímpico punched around, battered over to the rudo corner. Is Nitro biting his chest? That's odd. Whip, Universo lifts him up on a wheelbarrow, and Nitro brings him down with an iffy chinbreaker. Every one covers. One two three. That's the captain, tough the rudos don't stop. Oro is knocked out, Universo gives Shockercito a weak double underhook slam. Violencia tries to get him to stop so Nitro can do his splash, and is eventually successful on it. Rudos get their hand raised before they can do any more.

Julio talks about the Mini Violencia vs Mini Olímpico mask match, but they have no footage.

2: Rudos still in control. Brazo gets sent out via dropkick. Shockercito walks to the ropes, and Universo and Violencia seem on slightly different pages before their double whip. Double rebound hiptoss, Nitro set up for – well, he ends up with a kick to the chest. I dunno about this rudo team. Well, one guy. Brazo back in, content to stand in the corner while being hit. Corner whip, Universo whipped in for a splash, drops down to his knees so Nitro can come off with a leg lariat, and Violencia adds a dropkick. Brazo just sits down on the bottom buckle. Universo punches and slaps him more in the corner. Corner whip, Universo whipped in, Brazo moves, and Universo hits the corner, Brazo knocks him down with a chest slap. Other rudos dropkick Brazo, which is supposed to cause Brazo to butt bump Universo in the head, but the timing is off on the first try. On the second one, Brazo smacks with his hip into the side of Universo head. Looked kinda vicious. Armdrag and hiptosses for the other two, Brazo cleaning house by himself. Brazo lures them back to the técnico corner, Shockercito planchas them both, then Olímpico comes in to help dropkick them both out. Shocker off the ropes, tope on Violencia, Olímpico tope on Nitro, both men throwing themselves into the second row after impact. You're not Ultimo Dragoncito! Back inside, Brazo finishes Min Universo with a bad inverted campana. This match would be so much better as a pairs match.

Reverse angle of the replay show Nitro jumping backwards into the crowd, and Olímpico deciding he might as well tope the fans too.

Juan Carlos talks about Bracito de Oro, who has done nothing in his career. He focuses on his fatness inherent in the Brazo name

3: No one in a hurry to start. Universo helps Mini Violencia pop his shoulder in (???) and then Violencia and Santonio Holmes have a chest slap fight. Violencia clothesline, Oro slowly catches it and turns it into a armbar, then into a hammerlock, then into a tirabuzón. Rudos break it up, and all four other wrestlers come in. Técnicos whipped toward each other, técnicos turn it around, rudos collide. Shockercito dropkicks Universo out, Olímpico dropkicks Nitro out, I think this is familiar. Shockercito Asai moonsault, Olímpico plancha on Nitro. No one goes into the fans this time. Violencia and Bracito back in, Violencia tries that sunset flip, Bracito sit down senton connect, camera shakes, one two three.

Felino promo. Much smelling of armpits – and underwear? Ew.

Match 2: Blue Panther, Héctor Garza, Shocker © vs Felino, Negro Casas ©, Ray Mendoza Jr.
Arena Mexico, 11/15/2009

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Winner: tecnicso 2-1
Match Time: 8:15
Rating: Nothing great, but better than I suspected.

1: No one in a hurry to start. Negro goofs off for the camera. Panther would like to fight Ray Mendoza, who is jolly for some reason. Chest slap fight. Whip – no, blocked. V5 tries again, and Panther armdrags him out. Panther gives chase, and the técnicos confront him. Rudos follow and a six way brawl breaks on the outside. Shocker gets posted, Mendoza chops Panther a lot, and Felino sends Garza into the post too. Crowd seems behind the rudos here. Rudos come together on Panther in the ring. Whip, triple boot. Panther sits up on one knee, and kinda begs for someone to hit him. Rudos have sort of moved on, but Negro comes over to help him out. Felino slaps Shocker out of the ring. Panther comes back in, and is hit coming in. Held on the ropes for shots. Shocker back in, for the save, but the rudos get him too. Garza in, and punched as he's coming in. Panther whipped to Garza, who backdrops him to safety. Garza kicks Mendoza as he charges in, and Shocker slowly climbs the ropes before landing his plancha. Crowd really dislikes Shocker at the moment, maybe because he took so long. Felino grabs him, but Mendoza hits the cat with his punch by accident. Shocker dekes them to for a bit, the leads them into Garza's plancha. Negro accidentally joins the pile, técnicos all splash all three guys, everyone gets up, and the técnicos all get rolls up (except Shocker gets Negro with an ankle lock for some reason?) one two kick out and escape for all. Crowd lustily booing all of this. Panther finish Felino with a tirabuzón, and Garza pins Negro with a casita. Brief cheers, then back to LOUD booing.

Negro Casas and a whole row of people get into an argument, just before they break away.

Negro Casas bio, which is mostly listing off al the title she's won.

Shocker bio, which is over before I realize it began.

Máximo vs Okumura clips! This is like, current events or something. Finishes to all three falls. By these clips, it looks like Okumura won completely clean, without the questions about a foul.

2: Fall starts with Garza and Mendoza, and Garza pulling of his shirt V5 and Garza play a game of Mendoza reaching for his shirt, Garza acting like he's about to do his kick, and Mendoza backing off before he can do his kick. This repeats a couple of times, before Mendoza gets in his kick too fast. Garza is all offended and goes to pick up the shirt, only for Mendoza to kick him. Mendoza goes to pick up the shirt, and Garza kicks him straight out of the ring. That works. Felino in, Garza off the ropes, but Felino gives him the stop sign. He's got to sexily take off his own vest. Crowd approves. Felino show off his painted on abs. Off the ropes, over, under, under , into a hiptoss. Garza kicks him in the ribs too. Negro works over Garza with kicks, Garza catches on, spins Negro, and kicks him in the leg too. Negro tries to draw a foul, but I don't think that's going to work there. Replay confirms Negro is being wacky. Rudos somehow have Shocker down in the corner and Negro adds his dropkick to the face. Panther in, whip, double clothesline, Felino adds the dropkick to the backside. Mendoza crab, Felino adds an armbar, and Panther gives up, though they don't actually show it from angle where he can be seen. Garza takes a double spinebuster, and Felino adds a top rope elbow drop. One two three.

Julio Cesar talks about Eddie Guerrero.

3: Back to one ones, somehow. Panther ducks a clothesline from Mendoza and knocks him down on the next pass. Mendoza waved into the ropes, Panther take him do down and puts on the half crab, half armbar, but Felino break st t up, then rubs him armpit in Panther's face. Panther trips Felino into the ropes, and Garza adds his loud kick from the outside. Shocker takes over with an armbar and a lot of pumping.. Shocker charges the corner, Felino moves, Shocker kicks the corner, and Felino sweeps out the other leg. Chest lap, whip, reverses, Shocker drops him with a quebradora. And another. And another! One two Negro brekas that up with a punch, but Garza knocks him over with a clothesline. Shocker and grabs Felino while Garza has Negro. Whipped at each other, one get reverses, and Shocker big boots Negro down. Garza adds a clothesline on Felino. Shocker off the ropes, but Mendoza trips him up from the outside. Mendoza tries to crawl in, but Garza kicks him out, and Panther is boosted into a pescado by Shocker. Felino charges Shocker, but Shocker scoops him up and slams. Negro is too late to break the pin with a senton, getting his brother again. Garza lands a quebrada, and Shocker adds a Northern Lights Suplex on Negro Casas, one two three. Crowd is much less anti-técnicos then they were at the end of the first fall, but there's still notable booing.

Jesus talks to Mendoza about Panther, but Mendoza wants a hair/hair match with Garza. Shocker rushes thru the interview to get in a punch on Mendoza, and they tease a fight before they go to replays.