CMLL LATV GdR - 04/25/09 (#142)

Dancing, even before the open. But no stand up after the open.

Outside the Ring: Mr. Niebla

Match 1: Bam Bam, Mascarita Dorada , Ultimo Dragoncito vs Mini Violencia, Mini Warrior, Pierrothito
Arena Mexico, 04/17/09

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:34
Approx Rating: Good
Other Match Notes: No entrances, picked up for intros. Referees are Bestia Negra and Babe Richard.

1: No clip to start, the side are still huddling as the show catches up to the ring. Violencia has lots of face paint on. Air horn is hard at work. Black Warrior is wearing a mostly white outfit, which really doesn't work for him. He stars with a pink Bam Bam, and they manage to shake hands without incident. Lockup, waistlock by Warrior, Bam Bam looking for a way out, getting a standing switch. Warrior reaching for the ropes, not even close to them. Warrior decides to fight out to a hammerlock instead. Bam Bam switched to a headlock, double wristlock, battle, Warrior bends Bam Bam backwards with a kick to the back of the knee. Bam Bam bridges on his head, then turns and takes down Warrior by one leg. Bam Bam grapevines the leg, and both refs look at the rudos corner, telling them not to come in. Warrior uses an elbow to the chin to force Bam Bam off, Bam Bam fights to an armbar, back up to their feet, and Warrior forward handstands free, getting his own armbar and taking it down. Bam Ban pulls him in headscissors, Warrior hesitates, Bam Bam jabs him in the side to force him down. Bam Bam grabs the double armbar, but Warrior headstands into a reverse facelock. Bam Bam get another headscissors, but Warrior is out quick, tightening up the legs and grabbing an armbar. Warrior lets go of the legs, grabbing Bam Bam's right wrist with both hands – and biting it with his teeth. Everyone disagrees with that, and Warrior lets go to go back to the wristlock. Bam Bam trip, flip to his feet, and standoff. More? Yea, they'll stay in. Bam Bam off the ropes, under, waved by, spinning headscissors send Warrior into the ropes. Warrior hangs in, misses a clothesline, and turns right into a spinning backbreaker. Warrior grabs his sides and crawls to the ropes, but decides to get up and charge again. That goes no better, one more spinning backbreaker and now he's quickly crawling out. Pierrothito in, in his yellow and black, rushing a lighter pink Ultimo Dragoncito and taking him down with a single leg. Dragoncito kicks him off, then rushes to the ropes. Pierroth's waistlock is elbowed away, Pierroth rolls backwards, Pierroth rolls over him, Pierroth off the ropes, under, rolling over the monkey flip, and eaten up by Dragoncito's spinning armdrags. Pierroth charges again, but Dragoncito gives him the hamstring kick sends him thru the ropes, and fakes a dive with more rolls and complicity than the actual dive would've had. Dorada springboards in, in his usual gear, facing a red Violencia. Violencia kicks him down, then charges Dorada in the corner and ends up with a face first of turnbuckle. Dorada yanks Violencia around by his head. Headlock! Violencia had to bend quite over for that one. Shot off, Dorada back, under, springboard – oh no, he slipped or something, but he just goes down. Didn't look hurt, more felt dumb – rare to see something like that go wrong for Dorada. Violencia grabs him by head, and Dorada immediately armdrags him. Dorada weaved by, back with a bodyscissors into an armdrags. Dropkick sends Violencia into the ropes, but Dorada grabs him from going out. Chest slap, kick, shoulderblock, Dorada springboard, quebrada into a headscissors (with a pause in it to adjust position) to send Violencia out. Dorada waves Babe Richard out of the way to run up the corner, but Pierroth rushes him from behind to trip him up. Not quite right – Dorada tumbles backwards over Pierroth and seems a bit out of control as he takes the long fall back to the mat. Pierroth kicks him while he's down, then picks him up to chop up. Corner whip, reverse (!) , Pierroth does the Flair Flip to the apron (!), except Dorada's too wiped up by reversing that whip to follow up. Bam Bam's there to pick him up. Springboard plancha gets ducked, and Bam Bam crashes to the floor in front of Violencia. That did not seem fun. Violencia grabs Bam Bam and pounds him a bit. Bam Bam goes stumbling away from Violencia as Dragoncito gets in the ring. He's just as quick out of it, diving thru the opposite corner to level Violencia with a tope con giro. Camera has no idea that was coming and mostly misses it. They do catch up to Pierrothito dropping onto Bam Bam with a plancha. Warrior and Dorada in reversing rolls up, looks like Warrior's going to end up on top, one two three. That was a strange fall!

2: Rudos are already to go, tecnicos less so. Bam Bam ends up getting his knee taken out with a dropkick to get this rolling. 3 on 1 in the ring. Rudos quickly miss a double clothesline, but get Bam Bam down with a double chop, then whip him in the ropes for a Pierroth dropkick. Dorada in and kicked down. Warrior gives him possibly the smallest Stunner ever, then brings him out to the ramp to press and toss onto Violencia's knee. Pierroth takes care of Dragoncito in the ring while Violencia sets up Dorada on the ropes. The other two hold Dorada in a tree of woe in the middle of the ropes, so Dorada's back is facing the ramp, and Violencia hits him with a running dropkick that knocks Dorada back to a seated position. Violencia falls on his back and lifts up his legs, and the rudos toss Dorada off into them. That was pretty great. Warrior takes Dorada, backs him up most way the stage, runs with him, and throw shim at the ring. Dragoncito was in and out again during that, and Bam Bam brought back in for a inverted bodyslam by Pierroth. Triple dropkick to his head. Dragoncito is waiting on the apron, but Warrior brings in Dorada from the stage by his mask, tossing him over the ropes into the ground. Inverted Michionku Driver for Dorada, and a double dropkick for him. Dragoncito gets his chance and actually evades the first attack, but is subdued. Pierroth lifts Dragoncito up on his back for a third straight move in the inverted slam family, but Dragoncito slips out into a bodyscissors cradle one two THREE. Pierrothito's partners were paying no attention at all, then were stunned when they turned around. Dragoncito can't even believe that worked for a second.

3: Match is going while we're looking at the ring card girl, which is a shame. Drag gets Warrior with a faceslam, then bowls him over with a springboard tope. Dorada back with a spinning headscissors into an armdrag – two rotations, three rotations! Warrior goes out, Dorada fakes the dive out. Bam Bam and Violencia in, Bam Bam yanks Violencia's hair down to start. Violencia off the ropes, into a monkey flip. Bam Bam up and fired up – stop messing with the lights, whoever! - Violencia's clothesline misses, Bam Bam's superkick does not. Loud chest slap. Violencia grabs the ropes in anger. Bam Bam grabs him. Whip, reversed, Violencia tosses Bam Bam up and headbutts him in the sternum on the way down. Bam Bam drops near the ropes, Violencia rushes, and takes an awkward monkey flip to the floor. Bam Bam going for it, camera guy hurrying to go with him – tornillo to the floor. Pierroth tries rushing Bam Bam on the floor, Bam Bam ducks the clothesline, but Pierroth shoves him down on the next pass. Slingshot hold, Warrior adds the slingshot guillotine to the floor. Warrior stands up to do his dance, but Violencia nudges him out of the way – Dorada TOPE. Got bodies all over the place here, but one more left – Dragoncito tope con giro thru the floor – and into the second row! People got crushed on that one, including Pierroth, who ended up under the front row seat. Warrior back in and running for another pass, but Dorada cuts him off with a top rope spinning headscissors. Dorada back in, spinning headscissors into a satellite armbar into a headscissors cradle, one two three.

That was fun.

More dancing. And the Monito vignette.

Match 2: La Mascara, Sombra, Blue Panther vs Negro Casas, Hijo de Lizmark, Dos Caras Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 04/19/09

  1. tecnicos
  2. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 10:30
Approx Rating: not much
Other Match Notes: Sombra has no belts. La Mascara has his and does promo for his team, wondering how Dos Caras could let the kids down. Does Dos have new evil music? He's in his Diablo Rojo mask here. Much like Lizmark Jr., Dos is still hugging and shaking hands with everyone, just more arrogantly. Dos also does the promo for his side, not really that worried about La Mascara. He rushes Blue Panther as he gets to the ring, but they go break.

1: Rudos have the tecnicos down as the match picks up. They're all down in the ring, so the rudos clean them all out, leaving them no one to fight. Rudo Dos Caras Jr. does the slow shirt strip. Panther comes back in so someone can fight, and Dos hits him a lot before celebrating hitting him a lot. No hurry here. Corner whip for Panther, Lizmark clothesline, Dos clothesline. Mascara in and grabbing Dos, but Lizmark hits him form behind. Dos sets up Mascara onto the top rope and goes for his mask. Tigre Hispano tries to warn him and is shoved away. Other rudos kill them with other rudos. La Mascara gets pulled down into the tree of woe, and his mask comes off, but no one really cares because it's La Mascara. Meanwhile, Panther makes a one man comeback out of nowhere, giving Negro a backbreaker and setting Dos up to superkick his partner. Sombra gets Dos with a springboard dropkick, and Mascara follows with a tope. Other guys are left in, and Sombra gets Lizmark with a 'rana as Panther takes care of Dos with a nudo lagunero.

2: Sombra and Negro are already going at it as they pick up. Highlight here is Sombra going to the hanging in the ropes bit way too quickly, Negro staring at him, looking the crowd, and then charging at Sombra because he just can't help out. Sombra ducks down, out Negro goes. Lizmark comes in for him, and there's a pause, and then there's Lizmark trying his jumping spin kick which his no one ever, I think. Sombra gets him out quick with a spinning headscissors, then tops Dragoncito's fake dive (rope flip!) No Dos? Sombra is angry about the lack of Dos, so he yells at him,. Dos comes in, and Sombra tags out to Panther, who apparently really ants some of Dos. Dos stops to yell at the rowdy tecnico section. Dos off the ropes, over, sliding out and walking away. I wish Dos had a better idea of what rudo to play. Just because he's now on the rudo side doesn't mean he's gotten shorter and has to play scarcity cat. He could be a monster. Anyway, Negro and Mascara exchanging chops instead. Mascara amazingly holds his own until Negro eye pokes him and kicks him the chest a lot. Mascara's masks is still loose, for when that'll surely come up later. Whip, Negro puts his head down way too soon, and Mascara kicks it. Mascara waiting for Negro to charge and having nothing else to do until that happens. Negro finally does and misses a clothesline to setup Mascara's superkick (to the shoulder.) Lizmark comes in, misses the clothesline too, and ducks down because Lizmark has been paying attention. Unfortunately, he stands back up when Mascara doesn't kick, and Mascara enziguris him. Dos in, and making fun Mascara's pecs. Complaining to ref. Posing. Mascara posing, which allows him to be shoved into the corner. Dos chest slapping Mascara and counting them off. Mascara turns it around in the corner to get his one ones in, but he's not counting. These are really bad chops, both of them contributing. Dos asks for a timeout, so do I. Corner whip, reversed, Mascara flips to the apron and kicks Dos away . Mascara going up, plancha, caught easily by Dos, who stands around and holds Mascara for a while. Rocking him to sleep., then dropping him on the mat. Off the ropes, Mascara trips him up. Mascara off the ropes, headscissors just gets there and sends Dos out. Mascara slide out after Dos, who walks backwards and retreats towards the back of the building. Negro and Panther in, Negro into a armdrag and wristlock. Negro stomps his feet against the mat, and Panther looks over to the rudo corner wondering where Lizmark is – oh, now he's here. Kick breaks it up, but Panther kips up to his feet. Double clothesline is – well, when Panther realizes' it's horrific, he just stops, grabs both men by the head, and faceslams them. I dunno. Dos in, and he has to stop to react to the crowd for a bit. Panther just stands and waits. Is Dos going to all four corners? No, he's skipping the tecnico one. Face to face, or face to chest as it is. Panther looks afraid, but chops. Dos doesn't feel it, and his partners brush off his chops. Punch, Dos ducks (?) and superkicks Panther. Dos posing. Dos adjusting his trunks, for not the first time. Dos knocks Panther into the corner. Corner whip, Dos charges, Panther puts his head down, Dos tries to do the corner enziguri anyway, and slips or botches somewhere on the why, crashing to the floor. Fans laugh, and Panther puts on a chinlock. Negro rushes in and kicks Panther to help them get out of that. I hope we get out of this. Mascara comes in for his side, and they look at the crowd before changing chops again. Dueling heel kicks is the spot of 2009. The quickly annoying spot. Negro misses his, and Negro kicks him while his head down. Lizmark comes in and kicks Mascara. Rudos walk Mascara to one corner. Then they walk him the an adjacent corner. We're all professionals here. La Mascara misses Lizmark's charge, gets Negro with a headscissors, and eats a big boot from Lizmark. Sombra springboard dropkicks Lizmark, and the small men double clothesline the rudos out. Stereo topes is one an actual redeeming moment of this match. Panther and Dos back in. Dos jumps on Panther and batters him with punches. Panther covers up, but Dos pounds him on the ground. Dos stops because he's being warned, and also because he has fun doing a big pose. Panther pressed high in the air, and tossed onto the mat, almost onto Tigre Hispano. That's like the fourth time this match he's almost taken out Tigre Hispano. Dos Caras stomps his foot – is he tuning up the band? I have no idea. Dos charges Panther in the corner for a running boot, no one's home but it was pretty boot. Chops, corner whip, Dos reveres it, Panther does a handspring in the corner, and Dos just punches him low. Dos walks around, and then thinks maybe he can get away with a cover. Not so much. Well, that was a waste of everyone's time.

Negro grabs La Mascara in a chinlock for a second, then everyone just stands around, as if even they can't believe that was it. Yep, that's it.