CMLL LATV GdR - 04/18/09 (#141)

Monito bit is back. Magadan and Juan Carlos handles the intro, with promos from the guys in the title match.

Match 1: Dark Angel ©, Lady Apache, Sahori vs Amapola ©, Princesa Blanca, Hiroka
Arena Mexico, 04/10/09

  1. tecnicas
  2. rudas
  3. rudas

Winner: Rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 5:51
Approx Rating: Very good for the time.
Other Match Notes: No entrances.

1: JIP – that'll be the norm in his match, with Lady Apache kicked down by Hiroka. Amapola comes in to help, but the double clothesline goes bad, the rudas are knocked into each other in, and Lady Apache dropkicks Amapola down by the knee before pulling Hiroka down by the hair. Amapola knocks down Lady apache with a surprise back elbow, but Lady Apache gets an armbar and runs up the ropes to armdrag her out. Cartwheel dive fake. Dark Angel and Sujei in. 3/4rths of the women in this match appear to have new gear – or at least new gear to me, the person not paying close attention – and Sarah's looks really sharp. Sujei has a bizarre white/black split down the middle. Sujei doesn't last in long, tossing Dark Angel up into a headscissors. Amapola misses the quick elbow this time, and Dark angel gets her with a springboard sort of headscissors. Spinning back breaker too. Amapola whipped toward the corner, reversed, Amapola charges and spears the post like always. Sarah was no time going up top – plancha hits nicely. Lady Apache somersaults in the ring, but Hiroka evades her and takes out Sahori with a kick as she comes thru. Sujei grabs Apache, tecnicos are whipped towards each other her but turn it around, and counter the rudas into submissions. Sahori uses her small package into a half crab finish, while Lady Apache gets Sujei with a inverted Gori. That's the fall.

2: Sujei and the ring card girl have issues, as usual. Hiroka's too busy mugging for the camera to assist her friend. Clip to mid beatdown, Sahori taking a double dropkick off a backbreaker. Lady Apache whipped, kicked and lifted by Sujei, for a shoulder powerslam/missile dropkick combo with Amapola. Dark Angler corner whipped, running hip check by Amapola, then tossed back to Sujei to hold upside down. Hiroka knocks Dark Angel's head with a dropkick to the face from behind Sujei, then Sujei and Amapola add a two person front face slam. Rudos celebrate being awesome. Lady Apache sneaks in and tries to dropkick Amapola, but just sort of misses. Other rudos set for something, but they end up with the rudas and Apache all running and ducking at each other. Rudas double clothesline, I guess. They recover to chop down Lady Apache, sending her out. Amapola follows with a nice tope con giro thru the ropes. Other tecnicas try to rush, but they're quickly tied other by Hiroka and Sujei in a four person version of the pyramid armbar. That'll do.

3: Joined during chaos, the tecnicos permanently just having started the comeback. We see the tail end of what looks to be a spinning headscissors into a spinning DDT by Dark Angel on Sujei, which is as neat as it sounds. Sahori get in a bodyscissors bulldog on Hiroka,and both tecnicas hold their opponents for a missile dropkick by Lady Apache. Sahori charges in a backdrop pescado with help from Lady Apache, and Dark Angel helps Lady Apache walk to the top rope for a plancha onto them as they get up. Dark Angel turns and charges at Amapola as he comes in, and almost immediately gets caught into the double underhook, but breaks free. Pausing shoulderblock, Dark Angel off the ropes, spinning DDT, no Amapola slips out of that, Dark Angel misses a short clothesline, Amapola backcracker, one two three you are done! Great series of reversal there.

Match 2: Mistico vs Negro Casas for the CMLL Welterweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 04/12/09

  1. Negro Casas casita (2:26)
  2. Mistico casita (4:35)
  3. Negro cradle (14:34)

Winner: Negro Casas
Match Time: 21:35
Approx Rating: good, not as good as the other one
Other Match Notes: Entrances. One more promo from each guy before the match. I'm transfixed by the new cartoon caricatures of wrestlers hanging form banners. (Sadly, they seem to have Dos on the tecnico side.) Okumura is Negro's second? HUH. Negro and Místico start fighting over the belt during the pose. No announcement of weights, at least that we hear, though they mute out a bunch to save time. La Mascara is Místico's second. Rafa el Maya is ref, and this match kicks off about 26 past the hour, about ten minutes sooner than usual.

1: Even with that, we seem to join slightly in progress. They're circling and locking up soon, but Negro has Místico on the mat in a reverse headlock as they come back form the fall graphic. Negro seems to have a waistlock on there. Místico's is able to bright up to standing, so Negro chooses to exchange chest slaps. He wins at that, good idea. Místico's bent over for a while after one, and knocked down hard by a chop. Negro works over Místico with kicks to the chest. Off the ropes, into a Místico enziguri. Negro's stunned, but down to just one knee. Místico recovers, then runs to the rope rope for a missile dropkick. That knocks Negro into the ropes, but he stays on his feet and rebounds to close Místico down. Stopping to celebrate, and not following up, which gives Místico a moment to clothesline him down. Crowd cheered at the last Negro move, and booed at Místico's move, which is noticeable to all. All including Místico, who stops on one knee to nod, shrug, and then ear cup to let everyone knows he's hearing them. That just gets them to boo more. Místico off the ropes, headscissors sends Negro out, where he stands there. Makes it easy for Místico tope him into the front row. Místico in first, and looking around the crowd (and hearing the boos) as Negro revers and gets on the apron. Místico tries rushing with a forearm but is blocked, Negro snaps his head off the top rope, quick to the top rope for a plancha, a dropkick to the knee, casita one two three. That's one fall for the champ. Crowd approves.

2: Don't ever hear an opening whistle here. Negro has Místico down, and stops to take a look at the ring girl. Negro sets up Místico standing on the apron, and pulls his leg in between the middle and top rope. Místico fights this last part fanatically, slapping at Negro, but can't stop him – dragon screw leg whip (of sorts), taking Místico's knee. Negro celebrates with a high volume of bad quality skipping. Místico's down, clutching his knee, on the entrance ramp. Negro eventually goes out to deal with him, giving that right leg a knee breaker. Negro pulls Místico back in, sits on the middle rope and applies a wristlock while falling backwards over the top rope. Negro can't keep his legs locked, I think, because he lets go a lot quicker than usual. Back to skipping on the outside. Replay of that as Místico recovers. Negro probably should pick one body part to break, but he's back in and working a cross arm breaker as we pick up. Místico won't give, so Negro batters him with the back of his legs before a trying a leisurely pin. One two no. Místico set up in the corner, and Negro kicks him in the face. Negro backs up slowly, charges, and misses, Místico moving. Místico quickly batters Negro with lots of kicks, including a superkick to knock him down. Crowd boos, and Místico takes a moment to react before rushing Negro with a running kick to the side of the face. Místico stomps his right leg – I guess it's fine? I guess he's calling for Negro's dropkick – yea, there's the running one, right square to the face. One two NO, frustrating Místico. Místico backs up to the far side of the ring to listen to the crowd, and Negro tries to charge him while his back is turned. Místico's ready for this, tripping him up in the ropes and immediately hitting the 619 with no run. Místico climbs back thru the ropes to drag Negro towards the corner, and goes back up. Místico taking a lot of time letting the crowd know, and reacting to their reaction. Moonsault, no one home, Místico lands on his feet, Negro dropkick him in the knee anyway. Negro takes a sec to let everyone know ho he's totally about to finish this. Casita, Místico rolls thru, Místico casita one two THREE. Loud cheers from the Místico fans as soon as they realized he was getting that casita and the fall. Post fall seems edited, and they actually play the whistle for the third fall before going to break.

3: Again, they're fighting as the action picks up in the ring, though it looks as though Negro attacks Místico as he comes out of the corner. Negro whip, Místico flipping run, Negro misses a clothesline and Místico backbreakers. Místico's fans seem to have found their voice, which encourages the challenger. Místico ducks another clothesline and throws Negro out with a headscissors, then goes the apron – Asai Moonsault hits, Místico taking less damage on the impact than after he lands and stumbles backwards into the front row. Lots of replays of the dive. Místico back in first, but down on the mat while Negro is standing as he comes in. Místico seems to be grabbing his lower back - did he back into an arm rest? Negro calling Místico to get up and waiting for him to do that. Místico turns to yell something at Mascara before getting up. He's hurting. Negro clothesline, Místico kinda catches it, and the kinda gets an armbar and this all looks bad. Negro aborts whatever that was with an open hand slap. I guess Místico's grabbing his left hip more than his lower back. Negro picks up Místico high enough big boot him in the head, spinning Místico about. Negro waiting for Místico to get up, waiting for Místico to get up, waiting for Místico to get up, no I'm not being repetitive, it's a wait. Negro off the ropes as Místico gets to his feet, slowly charging to Místico, who dropkicks him in the knee. Místico charges Negro, who backdrops him to the apron, mule kicks him to stun, and runs him into the post. Místico position the floor in frustration, then gets up to see Negro on the apron – slow silla is caught by Místico, and Negro's rammed back first into the post. Místico's having trouble walking here, which makes that more impressive but doesn't give me much hope for the reminder. Místico rams Negro into pose before throwing him in, then goes up to the apron – springboard sunset flip, Negro rolls thru and dropkicks Místico in the head. Negro taking his time doing whatever he's going to do – oh, a cover. One two no. Replay of that silla spot now that they've got a moment. Back to Negro, who looks around at the crowd, who starts chanting at him. Negro waves it on. Místico back to his feet, ducking a clothesline, fireman's escape armdrag. Místico gathers himself, stomps his foot, then starts running– running slingshot tornillo connects, though Místico looks gassed. Edit here, taking out some of that time after the dive.

Místico rolls in this time, and Negro sneaks in the ring, crawling on his stomach like a commando as Místico celebrates a little bit. Místico has no idea what's going on – it's not like he can tell anything by crowd reactions at this point, so Negro has no problem sneaking up behind him, kicking him down. Negro has to work for it, but he gets the caverneria. They should have that move sponsored by a corporation, there's money to be made there. As long as the company is okay with their product never actually working. This time it lasts on less than usual, but Místico's not so quick up. Dueling chants? Crowd is generally not as loud as earlier, the slower last few minutes having taken it down. Místico off the ropes, spinning small package, ref slow to find the right position, one two no. Both men stay down. Okumura shots advice to Negro, which I'd love to hear. Negro grinds his forearm into Místico while covering him for a pin – one two no. Both up, Místico shoulderblock, springboard bodyscissors – blocked and turned into a face first powerbomb. Again, Negro lays down on top, and seems more interested in forearming Místico the face than holding him down on the pin. One two no. Negro moves straight to the tapatía, though Místico breaks the hold in less time than it takes to put them on. Místico steps out of the leg holds, and goes to work at getting his own. That one's more of a battle. Negro breaks free of the arm hold pretty quick, but Místico switches to a hairpull variation, then leans him down – double pin, one two NO. Místico nods his head for the crowd – clip here?

Negro suddenly has Místico bent over, and is stepping over his head, scissoring him to the mat and and locking on a seated armbar. Místico's in trouble, but he's also got a foot on the ropes. Negro stares angrily at that foot and lets go. Místico brought up to his feet, and chopped down. Negro clearly feels that was too much work to do again, so waives for Místico to get up. Místico stops to wave to the crowd, which slows the process down. Negro chop, Místico chop, Negro chop and Místico slowly falls down. Místico pulls him back up and they trade more shots, Místico clearly looking the worse of it, though Negro's occasionally impressed. Negro heel kicks Místico, and Místico comes back with a running kick. Negro heel kicks him, and Místico heel kicks him back. Another heel kick exchange! How odd. Negro kicks straight, and Místico actually dares to catch it. Místico holds onto the leg with one hand, slaps Negro in the face a few times with the other, and dragon screws him. One two no, with a leisurely shoulder up by Negro. He just lifted his left arm there. Both slow up – and another clip?

Místico is down and hurt while Negro goes up. Negro sets his feet on the inside of the ropes, which means this is going somewhere painful. Místico pops up and nails Negro with a spinning kick to the head. Místico walks up to the middle rope to join Negro, who tries to lean backwards to get away from him. Místico sets up for the superplex, and that gets boos – the move itself gets cheers from Místico's fans. Both down, Místico sorta of laying on top for one, then he gets up to roll completely on top, one two NO. Negro has a lot of teeth, we're down. Místico kicks from the mat, then scoops and slams Místico near the middle of the ring. Místico out to the camera side apron, pointing up. What here? Springboard elbow drop (!) but no one's home. I guess if your hip is going to hurt anyway, what's the harm. Negro walks to a corner and waits for Místico to get up. He's going to be waiting awhile. Negro gets bored, and walks over, grabbing Místico by the head as he gets gets up and DDTing him. Negro with a two hand press cover, way too close to the ropes, and Místico has no problem getting his foot on the ropes. Negro bites him on the knee (brace?) for such things. Negro going up? This is a bad idea, everyone lets him know. Crowd still isn't so loud as it was earlier. Místico slaps him and joins him up top, but Negro is able to chop him off. Místico back flips into a roll. Negro lunges at him with a plancha, Místico rolls thru, one two NO. Both up, Negro clothesline, and Místico won't go down. Negro clothesline again, and odes goes Místico – but he flips back to his feet. Negro off the rope again, clothesline is caught, and Místico pulls him up over – German suplex, chained into another German suplex, one two NO, Negro turns off the pin. Okumura on the apron and arguing something, which get shim superkicked in the face. Místico grabs Negro in a full nelson while the ref turns to La Mascara for whatever reason, and Negro yanks off Místico's mask from behind. Negro Casas sneaks in a bodyscissors cradle, referee back over, one two three. Lots of cheering from his fans, as the camera zooms in on Místico's mask, still on the mat.

Rudos celebrate, and stat to leave, and them come back because they forgot the belt, I guess. Why does the ringside doctor have the belt? Místico argues with the referee while Negro poses with the belt. Rudos turn to leave again, and Negro hooks the belt in the back of his trunks for whatever reason. Místico actually lifts up the bottom of his microphone so eh can be heard clearly on his promo, challenging Negro to a revenge match, not for a title match, but for hair vs mask. Negro says the title isn't for him – it's for all his friends. And off his skips. Místico stops to talk about the fans and challenge again, but Negro doesn't actually respond.