CMLL LATV GdR - 03/28/09 (#138)
Recap: 03/28/09

FWIW: there's a big sound change in the open from the minis match to the title match; one of the match was added later, for sure.

Match 1: Pequeño Warrior, Pequeño Pierroth © , Pequeño Violencia vs Saturno, Bam Bam , Ultimo Dragoncito
Arena Coliseo, 03/22/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:43
Approx Rating: Okay.
Other Match Notes: Entrances, so we get to hear Saturno's (generic) music. Saturno does a quick promo for his team. You know how many guys tell stories about getting just a sandwich for their first match? I hope Saturno gets a subway foot long for this one – dude is thin. Bam Bam has his belt. Pequeño Black Warrior comes to the ring looking more like Pequeño Averno. Actually, not that I don't love Black Warrior, but why didn't they give him that gimmick? Pierrothito and Bam Bam spar a little before the match. Pierrothito doesn't appear to have his belt. Warrior does the promo for his side. Is that a new ad on the Coliseo ramp?

1: Match picks up with Violencia snap maring Saturno over and putting him in a chinlock. Violencia hiptoss Saturno all around. Saturno goes up easy, because there's not much of him to go up. He ought to be doing a Parkita gimmick, because he's just skin and bones. Saturno gets the better of Violencia with some armdrags, and Violencia falls out of the ring to get away. Pierrothito and Dragoncito in. Pierroth with a takedown and a toehold, but Dragon kicks him off. Dragoncito rushes Pierroth, Piero waves him by and puts on a waistlock, Dragon back elbows him away and jackknife covers for 2. Pierroth escapes, Dragoncito celebrates, Pierroth rolls hi up one two no. Big chest slap from Pierroth. Whip, Dragoncito over for a sunset flip, Pierroth rolls thru, dropkicks him, and celebrates big. Pierroth points out the greatness of the spinning thing he just there. Whip, reversed, and Dragoncito drops him with a spinning backbreaker. Dragoncito off the ropes and back to climb up Pierroth for a heel kick. That looked odd but worked. Dragoncito fakes out thru the ropes and poses. Bam Bam and Warrior's turn. Warrior tries to get the tecnico fans to chant Warrior. No luck there. Bam Bam off the ropes, under a leapfrog, back up into a slap. Chop by Warrior. Warrior works Bam Bam over with jabs, then turns back towards the crowd as they yell. Announcers going over the 04/06 GDL lineup, highlight being Magadan forgetting who's all in that women's cibernetico. I think everyone feels the same. Corner whip, Warrior, kips out, flips, Bam Bam off the ropes, Warrior puts up the stop sign (?), hip thrusts, Bam Bam off the ropes again, and headscissors Warrior to the ropes. Warrior stays in, Bam Bam ducks a clothesline and superkicks Warrior, and now he's out of there. Bam Bam does the Warrior thrusts to celebrate, then sets up for a dive. Warrior's paying no attention, but the rudos are – Violencia trips up Bam Bam hard and yank him out. Pierroth rushes in to deal with Dragoncito, chest slapping him down even before help arrives. While they're taking their time there, quick flash to the outside where Warrior just crucifix power throws Saturno back first onto the flat of the apron. Random big bump! Violencia and Pierroth seem to be waiting for something, and I guess it turns out to be Warrior. All the rudos come together, whip for Dragoncito, Pierroth lifts him up over his shoulder, facing up, drops to one knee, and Pierroth adds the slingshot guillotine legdrop. Dragoncito is sent out, and Bam Bam is brought in to be slapped and chopped. Whip, double back elbow, rolled up for Warrior and dropped with a face first powerbomb. Violencia and Pierroth each scissors an arm and grab a leg for the double submission, and Warrior poses on top. That's the fall.

2: Rudos still in control, though seemingly content to let the other tecnicos hang on the apron while they work over Dragoncito. Warrior gives him a side backbreaker, Pierroth adds a slingshot elbow, and Violencia sends him on his way. Bam Bam in, and elbowed in the face. Chest slap, corner whip, Pierroth corner clothesline, Warrior corner clothesline, Bam Bam actually falls down before Violencia does anything. Violencia attempts to roll Bam Bam by his legs, but stops (Bam Bam's not moving, anyway) so Pierroth can add a slingshot – senton? They cut away at a bad time, oops. Saturno in., who tries tolling around. Whip, Warrior presses him (easily) and drops him onto Pierroth's knees. Violencia stomps the rookie in the face, and kicks him around. Dragoncito back in and forced in the corner. Rudos seem lost on what they want to do, and eventually migrate Dragoncito the opposite set of ropes. They kinda tie Dragoncito in the ropes, then all walk away to leave him there. Huh. Warrior's whipped in and hits dropkick actually lands. Violencia's running – spear? - ends up sending him out when Dragoncito moves. Pierroth charges too, Dragoncito moves, and holds him hanging in the ropes. This is the setup for Bam Bam's legdrop, but first Saturno's got to get something in – tope con giro looks great, totally over shoots Violencia. Bam Bam hits that legdrop and covers Pierroth for the pin, and he's the captain, but everyone's forgot so Dragoncito gets an octopus hold on Warrior too.

3: Looks like they clipped out something with Pierroth and Saturno to start the fall. Bam Bam and Violencia are in as they pick up, Bam Bam avoiding Violencia, then pulling him down by his hair. Headscissors sends Violencia to the corner, but he charges – clothesline misses, Bam's superkick does not. Bam Bam makes a circle motion, which apparently means chest slap. Violencia whip, reversed, Bam Bam fakes thru the ropes, Violencia flies thru, and Bam Bam comes back with his tornillo. Warrior gets ready for his dive – no eon's there, but Saturno cuts him off with a plancha instead. Pierroth grabs the rookie, but Warrior's dropkick his partner. Warrior tosses a charging Saturno, but he lands on the apron. Saturno goes for an Asai moonsault without even really checking to see if anyone's there. Pierroth is, but he moves, and Saturno has to land on his feet. Pierroth shoves him down, pulls him over his legs, and Warrior adds a slingshot guillotine – silla, more then a legdrop this time. Dragoncito starts running for his dive, gets to the ropes, doesn't think Pierrothito is ready, turns around and runs of the ropes again – tope con giro connects! Bam Bam and Warrior in, Bam Bam 'rana one two three. Was Warrior meant to be the captain? Ah, they do count out the rudos. That's good enough for me.

Match 2: Negro Casas vs Místico © for the CMLL Welterweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 03/20/09

  1. Negro La Mistica (2:15)
  2. Místico casita (6:24)
  3. Negro mask pull (10:04)

Winner: Negro Casas, new champion
Match Time: 18:43
Approx Rating: Really good.
Other Match Notes: Entrances. Mr. Niebla is Negro's second. Místico is booed the first time he shows his face. Místico has a tone of fireworks and the absurd medallion, but he only brings the belt that's on the line here. Sagrado doesn't turn up until Místico gets to the ramp. The commissioner on hand is NOT Scorpio, huh. Sagrado is too busy rallying the crowd to stay in the shot for the title belt picture. Negro is weighing in at 78 kg, 77 kg for Místico. Weight limit is 78 for this belt. Terror Chino is ref. Negro bends over and waves his arms back and forth to loosen up as he's waiting.

1: Joined with Negro knocking down Místico, thru means that get him yelled at by the ref. Negro stops to yell at Sagrado for existing. Kick to Místico's back. Negro waits for him to start to get up, off the ropes, Negro runs into a kick to the face. Místico recover, runs up the ropes, and comes down with a dropkick. Negro falls backwards into the ropes, and comes back with a clothesline. Negro is feeling it, and the crowd is with him, which Negro react to with a little surprise. Negro whip, clothesline misses, Místico back with a spinning headscissors. Místico quick to the far ropes, back towards Negro – huge tope, Místico throwing them both hard into the front row. Místico back in. Replays. Negro waiting on the apron. Negro snaps Místico's throat over the top rope, up top, twisting plancha connects, both back up their feet, Místico's clothesline misses, Negro headscissors – no, La Mística! Crowd goes nuts even before the submission is official.

2: Negro's bringing Místico to the corner to start the fall. Negro grabs the left arm, sits himself on the top rope, and falls over to extend it over the ropes. Místico's in a lot of pain, even after the hold is broken. Negro happily skips around outside to celebrate, then walks onto the ramp for more. Negro tries to pick up Místico by the bad arm, but Místico falls back down in pain. Negro's fine with that – he puts on a cross armbreaker around the bottom rope to work it more. When he's forced to break, Negro stops to talk to the camera. Negro back in, kicking Místico in the chest. Yelling at Místico in between kicks, then faking with the right and kicking him with the left. Negro keeps on working him as we take a trip thru the crowd. Corner whip, reversed, Místico grabs his left arm and charges in, Negro flips him the outside, Místico still manages to snap him with a swinging kick from there. Místico recovers, grabbing his arm, but his next kick is caught, and Negro dragon screws thru the ropes. STRUT! Negro could no be happier about his this one is going. Sagrado tries to give Místico a pep speech, but he's interrupted by Negro coming out after Místico. Kneebreaker, and Negro stops to tries his boots. Not really concerned about pace here. Negro talks to the fans on his way in, where Místico's already rolled. Místico tires to get up, but he's limping, and it only takes one shot for Místico go back down. Negro puts Místico on on the top rope and looks around at the crowd – big leg drag. Figure four? YES. Místico's in deep trouble here, but he's fighting it frantically. Místico gets just enough room to get to the ropes. Negro Casas argues, but that's getting him nowhere. Negro content to kick Místico as he gets up, and then let him up so he can dropkick in his bad knee. Negro pushes Místico in the corner, back up, charges, and misses the clothesline as Místico ducks out. Místico gets back on his feet, but he can't move, and Negro is content to just to watch him try to stand. Místico's confused (or maybe that's just me), but eventually takes Negro down with a drop toe hold. Both guys get up, Místico stands looking at the corner, Negro whips Místico, towards the corner, Místico reverses it and sends Negro in, then needs a couple steps to set up his superkick. Místico with a set of kicks to Negro's side in the corner, and trips him up there – running boot to the face is pretty hard. Crowd is pretty quiet for all this, and Místico apparently surging off the pain from before. Místico adds a running dropkick, then trips up Negro when he comes after him – 619. Even the boos aren't as loud as before, so I think the sound might have been turned down here. Místico up moonsault, Negro moves, Místico lands on his feet, Negro dropkicks him in the knee, casita, no, Místico rolls thru, his own casita, one two three. Sound definitely seems turned down.

3: Negro works over Místico in the corner with kicks to the side and an elbow to the head. Mr. Niebla's getting close to the action, and warned for hitting Místico in the side of the leg. Whip, Místico back with a handspring back flip past Negro (now the sound is loud again), Negro miss a clothesline, and Místico stops him with a spinning backbreaker. Second one, a little better than the first. Now Místico's hurting and limping around. Místico off the ropes, headscissors sends Negro out, and Místico slowly goes to the apron. Asai Moonsault connects. CLIP (with logo) – I think we just skips the recovery.

Negro ducks under a clothesline and eventually gets a sunset flip one two Negro reversal one two, Místico reversal one two, Negro reversal, one two no. Both slow up, Negro waiting on one knee for Místico and waving his finger against the Místico chant. Místico gets up to both feet first, but Negro ducks under a spinning kick, pokes hi in the knee, kicks him in the chest and kicks him in the shoulder to knock him over. Negro off the ropes, Místico bent over, and Negro kicks him over again. Negro looks at Místico before going to the ropes, Místico up again and bent over, Negro kicks him in the head and bends him over again. Elbow to to head. Negro off the ropes, and this time Negro dropkicks him in the knee to send him flipping. Místico off the ropes, Negro flips him to the apron and heel kicks him to the floor. Negro backs all the way up, charge – slingshot tope con giro hits! He doesn't do that one very often. CLIP, again with the logo

Místico coming back in on Negro Casas, springboard sunset flip, Negro rolls thru and crushes Místico with a dropkick. One two no. Negro Casas waits for Místico to get up, clothesline miss, Místico fireman's carry escape armdrag, out goes Negro. Místico out after him – tope con giro bowls them both over. Looks like another clip here, though a lot subtler. Místico is in first and bet over. Negro is up after and standing. Negro behind him – yep, here's the obligatory caverneria. You have to do one on this show, I have no problem that. Of course, Místico breaks the chinlock once again. Negro waits for Místico to get up, Místico shoulderblock, Springboard bodyscissors, but Negro shoves him face first down. Negro covers one two no. Referee checks if Místico's good to continue, because he's not moving a lot. Negro's looking a lot better than Místico here. Though Místico is wrestling the normal singles match here. Whip, reverses, Negro goes to the corner, Místico takes his time backing up, then charges. Negro throws him to the top rope, crotching Místico. Místico falls into the Tree of Woe. Negro climbs up as Místico uses the ropes to pull himself up – perfect position for Negro to give him a flying double stomp. Negro celebrates, then covers – one two foot on the ropes. Niebla knocks it off, just too late. Tecnicos fans trying to start a Místico chant, and the rudos fans respond with theirs. Negro with a – I have no idea, maybe a powerbomb into a behind the back faceslam? Looked wrong. Místico's still face down, so Negro ties up the legs, grabs the arms and tries to pull Místico back, though Místico fights it – tapatía! Místico quickly breaks the arm lock and fights out, but Negro's still got him suspended by his legs. Místico walks free, and puts ons his own tapatía, a whole lot easier. Negro in trouble, then breaking the arm hold, then leaned back so both are being pinned – one two NO. Long crowd shot here. Negro up, Místico still on the mat. Místico pops up to kick Negro in the leg. Negro dropped onto the top rope, but fighting back to knock Místico away. Negro climbs, but tapatía stops him with a swinging kick. Místico climbs to the middle top rope join him, Negro climbs to the rope – superplex! Místico covers, one two NO. Hey, maybe that La Mística move might work here. Crowd as loud as they've been for Negro all night. Negro climbs the ropes again, Místico fights him and climbs up, Negro shoves him down and tries to set up, Místico punches him again. Both guys on the top rope – they're not? They are – moonsault side slam, Místico kinda landing on Negro and Negro kinda landing on his side. One two NO. Negro Casas fans loud here, figuring he may actually win this if he survived that. Both guys slow up. Místico stands first. Negro slowly charges, and gets lifted up into an Atlantida! Sagrado up on the apron, arguing something - just enough to distract Tigre Chino from Negro pulling Místico's mask! Negro escapes the hold, rolls him up, one two THREE. New champ.

Negro immediately hugs Tiger Chino, and then hugs him and Mr. Niebla at the same time. Niebla gives Niebla a ride around the ring as Sagrado retrieves Místico's mask and puts it back on. Negro and Niebla dance, and so do some of their fans in the stands. Negro gets the belt put on him, and starts dancing again.

Enough time for a replay of the finish from a couple of angles, and Místico arguing to the camera on the way out.