CMLL LATV GdR - 03/14/09 (#136)
Recapped: 03/15/09

O: Highlight of the open, and maybe new highlight to end all highlight, is a kid sneaking behind the announcers to the Arena Coliseo entrance door, then getting on the floor and looking thru the crack on the bottom to see if he can spot any luchadors. He must've been spotted, because he turns and runs out of the picture. Announcers appear oblivious. Promos by Sagrado and Ultimo Guerrero.

Match 1: Amapola, Hiroka, Princesa Blanca © vs Dark Angel, Marcela ©, Lluvia
Arena Coliseo, 03/08/09

  1. rudas
  2. tecnicas
  3. rudas

Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 10:39
Approx Rating: Perfectly acceptable
Other Match Notes: Blanca's announces as Mexican champion, so of course they're still using the picture where Marcela has the belt. Lluvia's wrestling in a t-shirt.

1: JIP with Marcela and Hiroka escaping each other until Marcela hits her dropkick. Fireman's carry into a backbreaker. Tag to Lluvia, who is immediately. Hiroka waves Lluvia into a hiptoss. Stomp. Armbar. Ches slap. Double wristlock, for a bit. Hiroka flips Lluvia over her back then trips her to the mat, and Lluvia does a slow leverage spot to the ropes. Lots of slaps to Hiroka to get to break the wristlock, and a silla from the middle rope to knock her down. Crowd does not seem to be on her side. Off the ropes, hiptoss blocked, and Lluvia throws Hiroka own hard with her own hiptoss. Amapola in, clothesline misses, Amapola chops her. Lluvia chest slaps back, and Amapola slaps her right in the face. Lluvia clothesline her down. Stomp, corner whip, reversed, Amapola charges, Lluvia moves, Amapola hits the corner but doesn't go out, chopping Lluvia down, then rushing out of the corner with a big clothesline. Chop. Whip, fireman's lift, Lluvia escapes with an armdrag. Lluvia off the ropes, Amapola pus her head down too soon, Lluvia armdrags her. Odd. Dropkick to Amapola as she gets up. Amapola tries to get out, but Lluvia grabs her by the hair and kicks her. Corner whip, reversal, Lluvia slides out, Amapola slides out, Lluvia slides back in to tag Dark Angel, and Amapola gets dropkicked as she comes in. Crowd perks up. Dark Angel springboard armdrag blocked and knee by Amapola. Dark Angel sent into the ropes, back with a one leg monkey flip. It doesn't sound right, but it worked. Blanca in, chopping Dark Angel into the ropes. And stopping to point to the crowd. Wild chops miss, and Dark Angel takes her over with an armwringer. Springboard dropkick knocks Blanca down, and Dark Angel keeps her hurting with a kneelift. Corner whip, reversed, Dark Angel ducks down to Marcela can come in with a flying headscissors. Marcela headscissors cradle, but the rudas break that up and stomp down the tecnicas. Rudas quickly take control. Blanca with an airplane spin drop, one two three, that's the fall.

2: Rudos still in control. Lluvia takes corner charges. Marcela gets a pump handle powerslam and a triple snap kick. Dark Angel takes a side back breaker and his held for a double dropkick. Double flapjack for Lluvia, and a triple dropkick for her. Hiroka and Princesa Blanca celebrate with a moderately challenging series of high fives. Marcela back in, and caught immediately by Amapola. Marcela's whipped into Blanca's kick, who holds her for a double clothesline – but of course, that gets Blanca. Marcela duck another double clothesline and goes out after Blanca as the other two quickly send out the other rudas with armdrags. Dark Angel fakes the dive to set up up Lluvia's plancha onto both of them. Marcel and Blanca battle on the ramp while Dark Angel waits for the group on the outside to get back up. Running – tope con giro, Dark Angel hits the ropes on the way over but gets enough of the dive to hit the pile. Blanca and Marcela back in, Blanca misses a clothesline, Marcela kicks her and pinwheels her by her hair. Marcela quick to the top, flying double stomp, sliding of Blanca on impact. One two three. Replays shows Dark Angel was really close to banging the back of her head on the apron on that dive.

3: Hiroka and Dark Angel start, with Hiroka dropping her with a side backbreaker. Cover? One two NO. Hiroka right into a front facelock, but Dark Angel escapes to a seated armbar, but lets go on the mat. Dark Angel backs up, charges, springboard bulldog and Hiroka gets out of there. Amapola in, but Dark Angel pulls her into a hammerlock torture rack. Amapola escapes out into a inside cradle, one two no. Dark Angels, snap mare, half nelson cradle, one two no. Dark Angel knees Amapola. Corner whip, reversed, Amapola charges in, Dark angel gets her feet up, but Amapola catches them and shoves them to the ropes. Dark Angel is left hanging, and Amapola dropkicks her out. Lluvia flies in and misses - something. Amapola dropkicks her while she's down. One two no. Amapola picks her up, but Lluvia traps her with a cradle, one two no. Whip, reversed, Lluvia back in for a 'rana, but Amapola powerbomb her down. One two no. Amapola chokes Lluvia on the ropes and runs for her sit, but Lluvia dodges and Amapola flies out of the ring. Lluvia off the ropes, but caught and spun into a side slam by Blanca. One two Marcel makes the save. Marcela inside cradle, one two no. Marcela's clothesline misses, and Amapola chops her down. Blanca throws Marcela around by her hair, one two no. Blanca off the ropes, into a kick, front suplex!. Marcela dropkicks Blanca as she sits up, knocking her out. Marcela up top – plancha connects. Dark Angel armdrags Amapola around, kick, corner whip, reversed, Dark Angel walks up the ropes and comes back with a twisting plancha. Hiroka dropkicks Dark Angel as she comes up, though, and immediately ties her up in a double armscissors. I don't think I've seen that one before. Meanwhile, Lluvia tries to make the save, but her clothesline is turned into Amapola's Devil Wings. That's it for the tecnicos.

Match 2: Tiger Kid vs Angel de Plata
Arena Mexico, 03/06/09

Winner: Angel de Plata via submission
Match Time: 7:08
Approx Rating: Good
Other Match Notes: Los Tigers green masks look so odd to me. Like they're mint tigers or something. Is this Angel de Plat'as debut on this show? I think so.

1: JIP, though they're still working chain wrestling so it can't be too far in. headlock by Tiger Kid, Angel revers to a front facelock, Tiger escapes out to a inside cradle, one, Tiger Kid headlock, Angel armbar, Tiger Kid immediately rolls thru for a wristlock. Double wristlock even. Tiger Kid to his back to roll thru and tighten up the wrist. Zero trip pins, armdrag by Angel de Plata. Staredown. Angel both charge, Angel leaps over, then rolls backwards for no reason – makes it easy for Tiger dropkick him. Tiger goes for a dive, but Angel swings back under the bottom rope and strips Tiger up and over the ropes to the floor. Angel hurrying, tope con giro to the floor. Rodolfo Ruiz counts both them out. Angel armbar, armdrag takeover. Tiger back, pausing shoulderblock, off the ropes, standing still, and Angel gets him with a spinning headscissors. Spinning backbreaker gets Tiger again. Angel makes spinning motions to the crowd, who boos. Oh well. One more spinning backbreaker. Rabid tecnico fans rallying, but not Angel de Plata, who gets shoulderblocked down. There's nothing wrong with this match, it's just the usual non-start restlessness. This is actually better than usual for guys with this much experience, far more solid. Tiger Kid, corner whip, Angel de Plata all the way up, flying armdrag down to send Tiger Kid out. Plata follows with a big top rope plancha. Angel de Plata takes the long way around the ring to come in, which is a dangerous idea. He makes it in time, but his handspring meets a dropkick (or at least some off it connects.) Tiger Kid waits for him to get up long enough to dropkick him out again, and everyone in the nearest row decides to get up and go at the same time. Running tornillo by Tiger Kid is on target. Quick clip here. Angel de Plata charges in, and gets drop to hold in the corner by Tiger Kid, who then dropkicks Angel de Plata head first into the corner. Tiger stares at the crowd, who did approve that.

Tiger leisurely picks up Plata, who breaks free and chops him. Crowd clearly behind the rudo here, who chops Angel de Plata down. Angel de Plata up and chopping Tiger Kid down. It only takes one, these guys would make the lightweight limit. Angel de Plata off the ropes, into a Tiger Kid thrust kick. Tiger Kid with a lazy two hand press pin, one two no. Somehow, Tiger Kid blames Rodolfo Ruiz for that kickout. Tiger grabs Angel de Plata by his legs, Angel de Plata has no problem pulling him into a headscissors cradle, one two NO, a bit of a surprise there. Both slow up, Angel de Plata onto to Tiger shoulder. Rolling forward for a headscissors, one two NO. These guys are getting plenty of time. Or we're seeing more of it. Angel de Plata runs by, springboard armdrag. Off the ropes, under the back elbow, Plata springboard tope to the center of the ring. Is that it? One two NO. No one can quite put the other away. Angel de Plata goes for the springboard tope again, but Tiger Kid dropkicks him in theory (maybe it was supposed tobe a double knee lift?) Thumb across the throat, how's Tiger Kid going to finish him? Oh, just a one foot pin, one two no. I can see how Tiger's learning from Pesta Negra. Big chest slap. Mucha Crema is signaling something to the referee – we've seen 6:30 and can't have missed that much by clips, but maybe we're down to 8 minutes left. Whip, reversed, Tiger Kid bodyscissors shoved off into a side slam by Plata. Plata hooks his shoulder underneath Tiger's legs and turns him over. Is it it a pin? No, apparently it's some seated back rack, though ever so confusing. Whatever it is, Ruiz counts Tiger Kidd down for one, then signals Tiger Kid's given up. That's it. That one exceeded my expectations.

Match 3: Atlantis ©, Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero vs Mictlan, Sagrado, Blue Panther ©
Arena Coliseo, 03/08/09

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 7:26
Approx Rating: okay in parts, quite bad in other
Other Match Notes: Monito is out with Sagrado. Panther talks about how he's fighting Ultimo and Atlantis on this occasion. Rudos enter as a team! Atlantis and Rey talk for their team. Rey explains their wrestling > Mictlan's dancing. Mictlan is wearing in a shirt, which seems to defeat the point of Mictlan.

1: JIP. Such the odd pairings – Sagrado and Atlantis work on the mat, and then UG draws Mictlan. That lasts one dance move by Mictlan before UG murders him with a clothesline and the rudos establish a beatdown. Funny drop toe hold, kick ot the face combo on Mictlan. Rey gets him with the somersault senton, but no pin. Sagrado in, rudos seem to get lost for a second but settle on a triple faceslam. Tecnicos are all lined up together in the center of the ring for a triple submission, and that's the fall. Rudos celebrate with a pose – are they going to go after Monito? Apparently they do while we're seeing replays, so we see a replay of that - Monito gets tossed out of the ring onto Sagrado, who is too close to the ring to catch him.

2: While we're watching a replay of that Monito toss, the tecnicos are turning it around in the ring – bad whips? Who can say. Panther pulls UG off the middle rope for a flipping crucifix powerbomb. Meanwhile, Mictlan has this big match with people normally at a higher level then him, and is slowly punching Rey in the corner, looking quite bored. Panther dropkicks UG as he tries to get back in the ring, and Mictlan launches on him with a good tope con giro. Panther mises Atlantis, with a plancha, but Atlantis runs into Sagrado's fireman's drop. Moonsault hits enough for that pin, and Panther gets Rey with a hammerlock + neck crank. Tied up.

3: No much time left in the hour, this is going to be quick. UG misses a clothesline on Mictlan, but whips him in the rope anyway. Mictlan slide under an headscissors UG out. Atlantis in, shoulderblock, but Mictlan knocks him to the apron with the rolling dropkick. Dive fake pose. Sagrado in, and waisting for someone. Atlantis shoves him down, so that'll work. Sagrado shoves him back. Sagrado over, into a back elbow. Ring is loud. Today. Corner whip, Sagrado walks up the corner and comes down with a plancha. UG hooks him, but Sagrado kicks Atlantis away and hiptosses UG. Sagrado goes for the headscissors/headlock combo, but he and the rudos completely lose their spacing (Atlantis thinks the bodyscissors is for him, apparently it's not, then he can't get in position for the headscissors) and even when finally they get the move set up, it comes off laughable bad. They roll out, Bucanero mises until he runs into the spinning backbreaker three times. Rudos back in to knock Sagrado in from behind. Panther rushes in and gets kicked to stop really easily. Mictlan in too, and they're whipped into the same corner. Rudos charge and gets kicked away, and Sagrado comes back in with a plancha for them all. Tecnicos splash all themselves rudos, then charge them all – triple Atlantida! Bucanero barely holds onto Panther, but this is plenty for the win.

Rudos celebrate being winners. Show ends quick after the replays.