CMLL LATV GdR - 02/28/09 (#134)
Recap: 03/02/09

Dancing. And the same Monito vignette from last week. They have time to fill or something? There's a very oddly placed CMLL logo on screen too.

Match 1: Misterioso Jr. ©, Okumura, Felino vs Mictlan, Valiente, Sagrado ©
Arena Mexico, 02/20/09

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:58
Approx Rating: short, okay
Other Match Notes: No entrances. Mucha Crema announces Misterioso as “universal light heavyweight champion”. As long as that universe is confined to Guadalajara, he's completely correct.

1: Beeping stars here. The beeps actually sound like the ones over the air channels do for storm warnings. The way the sound drops out for the beeps makes me think it's something at the network level, not the show level. I wonder – the LA version of LATV is the main broadcast, everything else is just picking up their feeds – perhaps there was some weather condition in Los Angeles?

Yes, the match. Join in mid Mictlan run, landing a plancha on Felino, then kicking him in the head when he goes to his knees for a drop down. Mictlan does a lot of posing, Felino does a lot looking at him. Rollin dropkick gets Felino. Misterioso comes in, stops to yell at the crowd. Whip, waved by, over, Misterioso turns back around and enziguris Mictlan. Valiente flips in, then armdrags Misterioso, mocking his yell. Valiente charges Misterioso in the corner, Misterioso casually moves out of thew way, Valiente double jumps up the ropes, then drops to the apron upon losing his footing. No problem, he just slings in to Misterioso, then hops on the middle rope to fake a dive and flip to the middle of the ring. Sagrado suddenly topes Misterioso from the apron, going thru the ropes at the corner and taking out an unsuspecting cameraman who didn't see it coming. No one did. Valiente gives Okumura the layout chestbreaker, and Mictlan seems to have appropriated Teddy Hart's powerbomb backcracker when he wasn't modeling himself after Koslov. Oh, Monito is here.

2: Sagrado wants Monito to fight Misterioso for some reason, but Monito's not really interested. Fight takes a while going, so here's a replay of a Sagrado taking out the camera man. Sagrado headlock, shot off, over, and tripped up by the rudos. Misterioso dropkicks Sagrado, and the other two yank him out. Valiente charges Misterioso, and gets kicked thru the ropes and way out. Mictlan in, leapfrogging over Misterioso but still getting superkicked. NO idea what happened with the tecnicos after getting pulled out, but you could hear something happened. Rudos come together for a triple boot on Mictlan, then corner clothesline for Sagrado. Okumura adds his reverse DDT, and Felino his flying elbow drop. Valiente in and chest slapping everyone, until they all dropkick him. Valiente tossed up into Felino's flying clothesline, and pinned. Mictlan rallies just enough to be shoved in position for Misterioso's middle rope Rosa Driver. That's the fall.

Rudos take turns spanking Monito. Felino gives him a diving shoulderblock for fun.

3: No break, no opening whistle either. Maybe a clip? Rudos set up Valiente for a whip, and Valiente flips out of it. Rudos still manage to kick him and hold him for a Felino dropkick. Sagrado in, Sagrado chopped around. Monito yanked in, and kicked down by Misterioso. Rudos pick up Monito for more, but he sneaks thru Misterioso's legs and foul uppercuts him. Okumura kicks down Monito and celebrate, but Okumura knocks him down from behind. Rudos are slow to react, but corner Sagrado. Mictlan tries running in and gets kicked. Valiente is a lot more successful, backdropping Misterioso, slapping the others, and monkey flipping Misterioso. Chaos from there. Valiente accidentally gets Sagrado with a dropkick, Mictlan knocks out Okumura with a rolling dropkick, Felino elbows Mictlan down, Valiente flying sunset flip is reversed and Felino kicks him. Corner whip, Felino misses a clothesline, and Felino topes Okumura into the front row. Mictlan in, and Felino is over him too. Corner whip, reversed, Felino jumps once, then waits for a five second on the middle rope, before Valiente is in position for his tope con giro. Mictlan does his tope con giro a lot faster, but then his guy was a lot more ready. Back to Sagrado and Misterioso in. Sagrado monkey flipping Misterioso towards the ropes. Misterioso escapes the rebound armdrag, but still takes the Samoan drop and the springboard moonsault. Sagrado not done? Ah, Monito Rocket Launcher, one two three.

Match 2: Virus vs Mascara Dorada
Arena Mexico, 02/20/09

Winner: Virus by CO
Match Time: 4:23
Approx Rating: Solid.
Other Match Notes: Baby Richard is ref.

Lockup, nothing. Wait, are we getting his complete. Lockup, Virus armbar, arm wringer, arm tied around the elbow on the mat. Dorada escapes, ties the legs, and grabs the neck. Virus easily gets free to a toe hold. Virus locks up the legs. Dorada tries to get a headlock, but Virus is instantly out to an armbar. Dorada is able to cartwheel out of that an armdrag Virus, but he's right back up. Face off. Lockup, no, Dorada is reaching up and is taking him down. Dorada tries his own takedown, but Virus revers and gets in a headlock. Dorada escapes for a zero pin. Lockup, double wristlock, Virus has control, Dorada fights back, to his feet, and Virus monkey flips him to his back while holding him down. Both men down, one two shoulders up. Both men back up, Viurs breaks one wristlock and flips Dorada onto his back with the armbar other one. Quick to a hammerlock, no, Dorada escapes to a kneeling toehold. Virus has the ropes, and Dorada is slow to let go. Remember when I said it looked like the Dorada suit was being padded out to make Metalik bigger? Doesn't look that way anymore. Maybe I'm just crazy. Crazy chest battle. Virus wins with a shoulderblock, but Dorada has kipped back up by the time Virus has hit the ropes again. Virus stops, stares, and gets tripped up. Dorada off the ropes, cartwheel over, Dorada misses a clothesline, Virus, miss a short clothesline, Dorada off the ropes, Virus clips him at the knee, off the ropes, off the other ropes, and a speeding dropkick to the back of the head. Whip, Dorada slight out under, Virus turn around, clothesline misses, Dorada shoulderblocks him into the ropes, twisting roll escape and another flip for fun. Dorada can't stop now that he's got it going his speed. Double jump headscissors sends Virus out, and Dorada runs off the ropes, then slows to a stop by the ropes near Virus – springboard tope con giro! Replay. As they go back live, Virus is rolling directly in the ring, while Dorada has opted to use the steps to get on to the ramp and come in that way. It's the long way around, and strangely it matters – Virus has beat the count, Dorada has not! What a bizarre finish. Fans do not approve, and Dorada argues it too. Virus will take it. Poor Mascara Dorada, has a perfectly fine match for once and loses!

Match 3: Rey Bucanero, Atlantis ©, Negro Casas vs Volador Jr., Marco Corleone, Dos Caras Jr. ©
Arena Coliseo, 02/22/09

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:23
Approx Rating: Negro was fun, otherwise usual interactions
Other Match Notes: Entrances, with music. Volador talks mask/hair match with Negro. They nearly get into a fight as Negro enters. More beeping during Rey's entrance. Atlantis tries the old “throw my coat at him and hit then when he's distracted” bit on Dos, which works despite itself. Rey does the promo for his team and is all fired up. They seem to have eliminated most of the FOX logos on the show this week – it only turned up in the Monito repeat bit. Everyone's still saying Fox Sports a lot, including during the entrance.

1: Now the beeps are really back, at completely random points. Rudos get the better of the tecnicos and quickly regroup inside the ring. Negro takes out Volador with one punch, while Atlantis works hard at unmasking Dos Caras. Rudos split back up with the tecnicos, though they're very active and not as much wandering brawling. Rey gives Marco his reverse facelock backbreaker combo. Negro DDTs Volador on the ramp, then gives him a knee breaker. Atlantis tries to get Dos up in the Atlantida, loses him, then improvises with a suplex for the fall.

2: 3 on 1s, though it doesn't last long. Dos ducks a clothesline to start the comeback about 1:30 in, with Volador landing a headscissors and Dos backbreaking Atlantis repeatedly. Marco keeps stone punching Bucanero, and then picking him back up for another. Volador and Negro do a suplex reversal spot in the ring. Volador finally gets a messy one,. Bucanero kicks Volador as he's recovering, but misses a dropkick and hangs himself in the ropes. Volador adds a guillotine legdrop, for one pin. Marco whips Negro for a dropkick, but Negro holds the ropes. Negro's so proud of himself, because Marco's just perfectly set up for casita. Negro starts putting it on, but Marco blocks it with his massive arm strength, twisting Negro's knee. Clothesline misses, Corleone stone punch does not, and Negro staggers around until Corleone finishes him off with a cristo. Atlantis runs while the running is good.

Somehow, these guys broke a front row chair back in half.

Video: Marco, Sombra, and Princesa Blanca on dates with the winners form the Valiente Day's contest. Wait, did a guy win to see Marco? It's groups of people, so it must've been a “your whole family wins”. Sombra is in a sling, and no sign of Dark Angel. They probably shouldn't have scheduled this on a week she was in Japan I'm thinking.

3: Dos is in mid fighting back against Atlantis and Negro as the match continues. Atlantis and Negro take a headlock/headscissors combo, then a backbreaker for one and a superkick for the other. Rey tries to sneak plancha Dos, but Dos catches him and rocks him to sleep (then drops him to the mat.) Dos dropkicks Rey out and does the spin fake. Rey finds refuge in the front row. Volador in next. Over Atlantis, waved by, flipping run, waved bye, spinning headscissors sends Atlantis out. Rey waves Volador by, Volador flips over him, they evade, Volador gets his timing back, superkick for Bucanero. Volador challenges Negro to come in. Negro considers it, and tells the crowd to shut up. Negro in, but tentative. Volador backs off, and tags in Marco, but Negro yells that he wants Volador. Okay then. Volador rallies the crowd, who's into this. Negro surprises Volador with a right cross. Negro slaps Volador in the back of head, which sets off a chop challenge. Volador starts to pull off his shirt, and Negro uses the opening to attack Negro's abdomen. Bearhug, maybe with a bite. Negro holds Volador bent over and kicks him in the chest three times. Off the ropes, Volador dropkicks Negro, right in time for another beep. Negro sides steps the next dropkick, but isn't paying attention and gets superkicked right in the corner. Rey comes in to argue with Volador, but Volador's not done – running boot to Negro's face! That looked painful. Also painful are these beeps. Replay shows it really looks painful. Marco in now, and no one wants to face him. Rye comes in, but can't quick reach for the test of strength. One Marco hand takes down two of Rey's. Headlock, shot off – no, Marco just holds on and drags Rey around the ring. Shot off – no, Marco's still going to hold on. A third try isn't any better. Bucanero has to resort to foot stomps to get free – good thing this isn't Canada. Eye rake to keep Marco off guard. Punch to the midsection – oh, no, Rey got the rest of that. Rey off the ropes, Marco puts his head down, sunset flip, Marco blocks, swivels, and punches Rey out. Marco celebrates, and gets rammed in the side by Atlantis. Front facelock by Atlantis. Negro over to help, double whip, double shoulderblock, and Marco got the better of that. Double clothesline misses by the rudos, doesn't miss by Marco. Punch to the back of Negro's head. Rey ducks the punch, lands many of his own, ducks, ducks, flinches, and celebrates not getting hit with Atlantis. Too bad Marco's still there - stone punch to Rey. Atlantis celebrates not getting hit himself, and runs when Marco turns around for him. Negro dropkicks Marco out, and follows with his silla. but Marco catches him and rams him back first into the post! Volador in, Volador headscissors sends Rey out, and a nice tope con giro to follow. Atlantis in, but Dos in to face him, and Atlantis is not happy about that. Atlantis clothesline misses, Dos fake out in the ropes, Atlantis clothesline misses, Atlantis waistlock, Dos escapes into the short arm scissors, and it's over quick. Tecnicos win.

Tecnicos celebrate, and that's all there's time for.