CMLL LATV GdR - 01/31/09 (#130)
Recapped: 02/03/08

Intro: promos by Shocker & Mr. Niebla. The mics have a new FOX sports design. 

Outside the Ring: Averno (part 2). A certain CMLL referee turns up in this part. 

Match 1: Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei (c), Hiroka vs Sahori, Marcela (c), Dark Angel
Arena Mexico, 01/23/09

  1. rudas
  2. tecnicas
  3. rudas

Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 6:04
Approx Rating: Another short match. They're telling the story, just not making me feel excited for the conclusion.
Other Match Notes: Fight's already broken out on the ramp before the show picks it up.

1: Dark Angel slipped into a face first powerbomb and takes a triple dropkick. The other women are brought in slammed, stepped on and vertically splashed by Blanca and Hiroka while Sujei stands and watches. She does cut off Dark Angel and gets her in a shoulder backbreaker for fun. Hiroka is too busy beating up Sahori to get her arm raised. 

2: Rudas give big moves to Sahori and Dark Angel, but Marcela is able to jump Blanca while she's posing. Marcela gets pounded for a bit, but starts the comeback off a corner charge. Hiroka misses a corner splash, Sujei gets booted and accidentally lifts Marcela into a headscissors on Blanca. Sujei misses a senton, Marcela goes all up and drops on Blanca with a plancha. Meanwhile, Dark Angle gets Hiroka with a dropkick, and Sahori gives Sujei a missile dropkick. Dark Angel puts Hiroka in an inverted Indian Deathlock, I think. It looks good, whatever. Replay shows Dark Angel leaped off Sujei's back to dropkick Hiroka - that's probably why it stood out in the background. Replay makes me more confused at figuring out what Sahori was trying.

3: Sujei tries to jack the ring card, but the ring card girl runs for it. Sahori's sequence is clipped out. Dark Angel and Sujei start, and Sahori gets waylaid by a clothesline. It looked like Sujei slowed down as if expecting something else, and then decided to go full out to make up for it. Sujei works Dark Angel with kicks to the legs, but Dark Angel comes back to the next whip for a spinning DDT that looks good. Hiroka and Dark Angel counter each other until Hiroka tosses Dark Angel up and gets dropkicked out. Marcela and Blanca in, and Blanca doesn't like it. Marcela escapes a spinning backbreaker, but still gets back elbowed down. Blanca spin her by her hair. Blanca off the ropes, Marcela cuts her off with a dropkick. Double underhook backbreaker, Marcela covers, rudas break it up Sujei knocks Sahori out of the apron, but Dark Angel flips in with an armdrags. Hiroka grabs Dark Angel, Sujei tries a clothesline, Dark Angel ducks, but Hiroka ducks too! That's using your head. Too bad Dark Angel rams them into each other, then sets up Sahori for a headscissors on Hiroka. Both of those rudas are out, and Dark Angel lifts Sahori into a pescado on them. Ruda catch her and throw her off, but Sahori keeps them occupied enough (armdrag on Hiroka?) for Dark Angel to get in her plancha. Blanca start running for a dive, and Marcela cuts her off with her usual sharp missile dropkick. Marcela goes up, says this is it, and dives - right into Blanca's upraised legs. Inverted figure four, and that's it. Blanca is thrilled with her victory.

Match 2: Super Comando vs Pegasso in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 01/23/09

Winner: Pegasso (CO)
Match Time: 4:45
Approx Rating: Better than average for these, but nothing worth going out of your way for.
Other Match Notes: Entrances. They could skip those on these and give us the whole match, but then I don't get to see things like Super Comando's entrance video. Nice beret! Super Comando goes to the Negro Casas school of pointing at the view at home.

As it picks up, they're still doing chain wrestling, so it can't be that far in. Pegasso speeds this up with an armdrag and a dropkick, then quickly follows up with a tope. Pegasso doesn't even sell it for a second, rushing back in to to get in anther dive - running slingshot tornillo! That one slows him down. Both in, Pegasso misses a dropkick, so Super Comando is in control. Whip, flapjack, dropkick. Pose! Whip, seated flapjack, quick legdrop., Don't waste time yelling at the crowd, you have a time limit. Pegasso is slammed a little ways from the corner, and Super Comando goes to the apron, pounding the buckle. Super Comando look at the crowd as he goes up, totally missing Pegasso stirring and running towards him - super armdrag. Pegasso on top one two no. Pegasso is frustrated, a bit early for that. Interestingly - and this may have happened a while ago and I haven't noticed - Super Comando no longer has the swastika on his mask. It's a circle and a tiny star in that spot. Quick set of counters, ends up with Pegasso having a bodyscissors cradle but not enough for the pin. Both up and kicking at each other, as the crowd start to get restless. Pegasso drops Super Comando about middle of the ring and heads up. Long way to go here - splash eats boots. Crowd seems to be slightly more behind Super Comando right now. Pegasso dropkicked out, and Super Comando drops him with a plancha. Super Comando shakes off the impact pretty quick, but Pegasso is down long enough to give time for a replay. Both are already in as they pick it up, and Pegasso headscissors Super Comando out. Top rope tope con giro the floor. Pegasso slowly crawls his way in - and Super Comando does not? Odd, but they do let falls end that way.  

Match 3: Mr. Niebla, Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero (c) vs Marco Corleone, Dos Caras Jr. (c), Shocker
Arena Coliseo, 01/25/09

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:23
Approx Rating: Niebla/Marco great. Everything else about the normal. 
Other Match Notes:
Marco Corleone promo! UG & Atlantis enter as a pair, and then do the huddle dance with as many kids as they can find, then immediately run in and attack the tecnicos.

1: as soon as they come back from the lineups, things are back to normal. Well, normal considering it's Niebla vs Marco. This includes a bit where Mr. Niebla actually reaches down Marco's tights (and out the other side.) That earns a punch of stone. Double Vulcan neck pinch doesn't work. Well, not for Niebla, it does for Marco. UG/Dos is more serious, though that's a low bar. Dos is roundly booed, does his usual offense, and gets caught on the ropes going for his tope. that happens a lot to him. Other rudos try to take care of Marco, and shockingly accidentally succeed. Niebla looked to have snuck in a foul but totally gets away with it, then spends time trying to remember how to put a half crab on while Atlantis takes care of business with Shocker.

2: Beatdown. Rudos have much trouble cornering Marco, until Niebla hits him questionably low. Dos moves out of the way of a corner charge, and enziguri UG as he's standing on the corner. Brawling comeback. Crowd into it. Match settles back in the ring long enough for Marco to hit the springboard clothesline on Atlantis, and Niebla to take Shocker's hammerlock headscissors cradle. UG bails and stays away from Dos.

3: Tecnico showcases. Marco Corleone and Mr. Niebla need to feud for six months. They show Dos/UG, but nothing much with Shocker has been saved from the cutting room floor. Atlantis saves Dos life by cutting him off from a dive. The other four end in, and the rudos bumble and get knocked out. Marco backdrops Shocker into a pescado on Atlantis, then dives off the apron for a clothesline on Niebla. Dos and UG back in. Dos is so fired up, he runs right into back elbow. Tiger Mask fake out off a whip allows Dos to take control. with a kick. Press, drop into the waistlock, and UG heel kicks him for the foul. UG tries to argue it but it's pretty obvious for both refs.

That's all.