CMLL LATV GdR - 01/24/09 (#129)

Dancing girls to start. This show went about a minute short anyway, which will be fun when things get clipped up later, I'm sure. Announcer intro include promos from both guys in our main event - I think they've fought before! - as well as giant Fox Sports logos. Thru the show, they do put up a e-mail address to contact, just like they do for the Ras de Lona shows. 

Outside the Ring: Averno! Averno has his belts and masks laid out over a couch as he talks. He has both middleweight titles, his own masks, and masks of Sombra and Mistico.  

Match 1: Princesa Blanca, Amapola (c), Princesa Sujei vs Marcela, Sahori, Dark Angel (c)
Arena Mexico, 01/16/09

  1. tecnicos
  2. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 4:25
Approx Rating: Short as usual. Blanca still hasn't actually beat Marcela.
Other Match Notes: Entrances were shown during the open. Princesa Blanca has ditched her old Felino-ish gear for new Felino-ish gear. Like, street clothes as if a she were the female member of Pesta Negra. Which I guess she is. Rudas jump the tecnicas, and they oddly mute out the ring announcer for the lineups.

1: Dark Angel is isolated in the ring as they pick up. Corner whip, Amapola running shoulder to his midsection, whipped out for Princesa Sujei to hold in Martinete position. Princesa Sujei knocks dark Angel upwards with a dropkick and Sujei drops Dark Angel on her face. That didn't look right, like Amapola was suppose to add a faceslam or something. Triple boot sends Sarah out. Marcela is held so Blanca can get in shots. Camel clutch, double dropkick by the others - no, tecnicas pull them up. Marcela lights up Blanca with a dropkicks as the others get revenge on the outside. Blanca rolls out, and Marcela connects on the plancha to the floor. Other four in and tecnicas quickly to the finish. Sahori's inside cradle half crab is apparently her finish, good info to know! I would suggest a name but I'm scared to get the result.

2: Picked up with Marcela and Blanca in the ring. Marcela makes sure she knows who the crowd behind. Blanca begs off, so Sujei can jump Marcela from behind. Back to the beatdown? Amapola tosses Dark Angel by the hair and forearms Sahori off the apron and Marcela is thrown around. Marcela takes a shoulder and goes out, but Blanca beats her up there more, even posting her. Elsewhere, Dark Angel is knocked down on the apron, but Sahori comes in with an armdrag and headscissors of the other two. Double dropkick sends the tecnicos out, and Sahori gets backdropped into a pescado on the rudas. Sahori picks up the rudas for Sahori's dive, and she nails the tope con giro! Dark Angle has tried that a few times and with disastrous results, but it was fine here (though could've used a better catch.) Yay for her. 

Marcella and Blanca in and chopping. Marcela duck a big boot, chest slaps for Blanca. Marcela gets in a double underhook backbreaker. Marcela tries to throw Blanca around by her hair, but Babe Richard objects (?). Marcela turns to argue, and Blanca get the advantage with a kick. Blanca throws Marcela around by her hair once, twice, the refs finally try to get involved, and Blanca just back elbows Babe Richard down. That's that - Blanca stomps Marcela down, but the other ref intercedes long enough to award the match to Marcela.

Everyone else gets back in the ring, and the rudas keep the other tecnicas away while Blanca pounds Marcela more. Doesn't top the refs from awarding the match to the tecnicas again.  

Match 2: Virus vs Mascara Purpura
Arena Mexico, 01/16/09

Winner: Virus
Match Time: 5:45
Approx Rating: Good.
Other Match Notes: Entrances. Purpura has new gear. Or at least new to me gear. It still looks pretty much the same, but more chains. Purpura cuts a generic promo, which is notable for him cutting a promo at all. Virus' promo seems better.

1:  Joined with Virus on the apron and Purpura going for a punch. Virus drops to the floor to escape, and annoy the crowd. Virus back up on the apron, Purpura's punch is blocked by Virus' is not. Slingshot elbow drop. Virus stop to nod, then covers - one two no. Chop. Corner whip, reversed, Virus headstand to the apron and yells at Purpura to come get him. Purpura charges with a punch and gets caught, Virus grabs him by the hair and pulls him over the ropes, but Purpura reverses it to an armdrag and Virus take a big back bump to the floor. Replay of that. Purpura up to the apron as Virus recovers. Asai tornillo moonsault! Is that new? That's not something usual with him, for sure. Purpura catches his breath in front row. Replay. They're back in when the video picks up, Purpura sitting on the top rope and Virus coming up to join him - middle rope bodyscissors? Purpura's thrown to the mat, Virus crawls on top, one two no. Purpura trying to rally with the crowd. Both looking tired. Purpura with the pausing shoulderblock, to the ropes, Virus behind him with a handspring back elbow, but Purpura just moves out of the way. That looked graceful and painful. Purpura charges Virus, who backdrops him to the apron, Virus charges again and slides, Purpura gets his legs up then kicks Virus when he ends up outside. Asai - no, Virus pulls him down by the leg. Both recover on the outside. Virus misses a clothesline, Purpura bars the arm, but Virus towards the corner for the big ringpost armdrag. Referee comes out to check on Purpura, then back in to resume the countout. Replay of the armdrag, cool as always. Purpura really sucking air. Virus in first. Crowd booing. Might Virus win by the ringpost armdrag? NO, Purpura back in the apron. Waiting for Virus to get up. Springboard plancha, One two NO. Purpura chest slaps Virus as he stands. Corner whip, reversed, Virus charge in but no one's home, inside cradle, no, Virus rolls thru and hooks on a double armbar! Is Purpura down? Purpura seems in trouble, but he's refusing to give up. He's holding on, he's holding on, he's holding on, he's finally remembering to move his legs, and he reaches out just far enough to get his a foot on the ropes. Virus wastes no time. Whip, leapfrog, Purpura slide under, thrust kick connects and Virus back up to the ropes. Purpura stops to fix his pants. Off the ropes, slow charge gets him backdropped into the ropes, handing upside down. Virus adds the dropkick to sing him back in. Virus setting up of the Gory? No, Purpura shoves him off. Referee is completely missing this, talking to someone - probably about the time limit, since they were actually near or over 10 minute at this point. Anyway, Virus gets that inverted Gory and drops Purpura in the Gory Driver, so the referee missed the near martinete of that move too. One two three. 

Wait, a complete match with no Purpura SSP? Not possible. Must've happened in the clipped portion. 

Move of the Week: It's back! With the names of the moves! Arturo Berstain hosts "El Tirauzon". Maximo demonstrates while they point out the points of impact.

Match 3: Black Warrior vs Mistico
Arena Coliseo, 01/18/09

  1. Warrior half tapatia (2:13)
  2. Mistico spinning small package (1:43)
  3. DQ Warrior - foul (9:36)

Winner: Mistico (2-1)
Match Time: 13:38
Approx Rating: Good, not great.
Other Match Notes: Mistico has CMLL Welterweight Title. Black Warrior is wearing a tie, vest, and no shirt. Black Warrior can pull that off. Ref is Rafa el Maya 

1: Crowd much more pro Mistico than Arena Mexico. Match joined with Mistico down and hurting and Warrior happy. Whip, reversed, Warriors slides out, Mistico slide out after him. Warrior misses a clothesline, Mistico gives him a headscissors on the ramp. You can hear the boos here, and they sound more like a small vocal subset of the fans then  in Arena Mexico. Mistico goes for more, but Warrior just trips him on the ramp and sneaks back in. Announcers are promoting the women's cage match in GDL. I have no idea why. Mistico thrown in from the apron. Warrior walking around the ring and taking his time recover. Whip, drop toe hold, back elbow drop, dance. Warrior rolls Mistico to his feet, then kicks him down again. Double underhook backbreaker. Mistico rolled onto this back, and Warrior puts on a one legged tapatia as the announcers talk to Black Warrior's wife. Distracting, but not for Warrior, who gets Mistico to give up quickly. 

Warrior's son is named Ramses? He talks too. Announcers trick him into saying Mistico is his favorite wrestler. Way to bury the kid. Warrior works over the Mistico a bit between falls, kicks to the legs and such.  

2: Warrior firmly in control. DDT to the start the fall. Bodyslam, is he going for the legdrop? This might do it. Legdrop connects! COVER HIM! No, he's pointing that he tecnico section, oh no. Warrior rips up Mistico's mask, as the referee tries to convince him to finish this. Warrior decides to walk around and encourage the crowd for a bit. Corner whip, charges splash misses - Warrior's got a bad record for that. Mistico off the ropes, headscissors. Warrior's clothesline misses, and he takes a low hamstring bump into the ropes. Didn't actually hit the middle rope I think. Mistico waved by, spinning small package one two three.  

3: Warrior stalls on the outside. When he comes in, Mistico charges, and Warrior moves out of the way. Mistico hits the corner so hard, he bounces back halfway cross the ring. Warrior off the ropes, and Mistico trips him just enough to send him onto the middle rope. 619, springboard headscissors, Warrior out, Mistico Asai Moonsault. Mistico landed on his feet, and then went down grabbing his left knee. He's limping, but he's up and in first. Mistico lets Warrior in, Mistico 'rana, one two no. Warrior fans do not give up cheering for him, and he's actually getting up quicker. When Mistico get sup, he moves quick, bodyscissors reversed in to face first powerbomb, Warrior covers one two no. Warrior doesn't look sure what do to do next. Stomping Mistico across the ring works. Warrior starts to run, but Mistico trips him up form the mat. Mistico off the ropes, Warrior backdrops him to the apron, blocks his punch, and spin kicks him to the floor. Warrior watches Mistico with one aye as he grabs the ropes to get up - apron tope con giro to the floor! He got Mistico and nearly got the camera man too. Warrior in first, Mistico shoulderblocks in, then leaps in with a springboard sunset flip, but Warrior rolls thru and dropkicks him in the head. One two no. Whip, Mistico off the ropes, waved by, into the flipping run. onto Warrior's shoulders and off with the fireman's carry escape armdrags. Warrior out, Mistico after him  with a tope con giro, landing on his feet after impact. Lots of rotation on that one. Mistico back in first, and Warrior's fans cheer him on as we see a replays. Back live, Warrior has gotten Mistico with the obligatory cavernaria, and holds it on long enough for people to take lots of photos. One arm drop, two arm - no, Mistico rallies back and breaks that chinlock. Warrior dropkicks Mistico, then picks up for a spinning slide slam. One two NO. Warrior sets up Mistico for a standing figure four, reaches down for him, and gets small packaged - one two no. Both up, Mistico charges Warrior and get tossed behind, into the turnbuckles. Warrior charges, backdropped to the apron, Warrior punches him down, but Mistico fights him as he climbs. Both up on the top rope - almost losing their balance, hanging on - moonsault sidewalks slam! One two NO. Mistico fires up. Slam for Warrior, and Mistico's going out. Mistico looks around for approval, doesn't really get it, tries it anyway. Moonsault, Warrior slides away, Mistico lands on his feet, dropkick to the knee, casita, shoved off, Warrior with his own casita one two NO. Crowd that that might be it. Mistico fans rally behind him once again. Both slow up. About time for this one to end. Mistico off the ropes, La Mistica, Warrior throws him off, Warrior off the ropes, Warrior - Mistica? NO, crucifix rollup anyway, one two NO. I think Warrior might have planned on going for Mistica and then just took what he had (and barely got that.) Warrior picks Mistico up and just punts him low! Wow, that was out of nowhere and as blatant as possible. Ref saw it, as did everyone with functioning eyeballs. A long way to go to end like that, but Warrior seems happy with himself.

After the replays, Warrior's taken Mistico's mask, and just walks off with it.