CMLL LATV GdR - 01/17/09 (#128)
Recapped: 01/17/09

Everyone is still using the Fox Sports mic bands. Which is right because they're still on Fox Sports, but I bet they swap them out for CMLL bands next week. Announcers stand up interviews - Sombra & Volador, and Mr. Niebla, who the announcers say is the leader of Pesta Negra.  

Match 1: Rosa Negra, Princesa Sujei, Amapola (c) vs Marcela, Lady Apache (c), Princesa Blanca
Arena Mexico, 01/09/09

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Winner: rudas (2-0)
Match Time: 5:51
Approx Rating: Not much more than the angle.
Other Match Notes: If I didn't know how this was going anyway, the show opening clips showing Blanca attacking Marcela might have given me a clue. Let's play thru anyway. No entrances. Baby Richard and Bestia Negra are referees - I don't know why they need to talk over the announcer saying it to say it themselves. 

1: Lady Apache and Rosa Negra start the segment we see, Rosa rolling over a backdrop attempt and clotheslining Lady Apache. Forearm to the face. Kick to the midsection. Corner whip, Lady Apache springboards, Rosa opts to bend over and cover up instead of avoiding, and Apache dropkicks her. Other rudas in and stomping Apache, but she quickly comes back with a double springboard 'rana, a headscissors on Sujei, and a bodyscissors bulldog on Amapola. Sujei cuts her off with a dropkick, but Amapola misses the corner charge and spins around the post. Spinning backbreaker for Sujei. Crowd into Apache's comeback and cheers as she stops to pose. Blanca and working over Sujei. Whip, reversed, and Rosa Negra gets in a kick from the outside. Rosa holds on, Sujei kicks, Blanca moves, and Sujei kicks her partner. Amapola goes in the ring to grab Blanca, but of course Sujei ends up kicking Amapola (this time in the backside.) Which Princesa is turning her? Amapola and Sujei actually shove for a second until Marcela rushes into slap both of them. That get them united into slapping her, then in moving out of the way as Blanca charges, so her clothesline gets Marcela instead. Apache storms in the ring and spins Blanca around, and Blanca clotheslines her. That didn't seem like an accident, and Blanca doesn't seem so sad about it. Amapola lifts Sujei into the bodyscissors leg drop on Apache, and she stick on to cover. Rosa Negra helps, and that's the fall. Amapola busies herself trying to figure out Blanca's deal, but she's not talking. Rudas are all confused and greet the victory with a shrug. 

2: Also joined in progress, with Marcela down, Lady Apache being worked over, and Princesa Blanca just standing on the floor. Apache's hung off the top rope for an Amapola missile dropkick, knocking her to the floor. Amapola celebrate and Marcela tries to attack her from behind, but she's caught by the others. Double whip, dropped on the ropes, and Sujei gives her a double arm wringer. Double dropkick by the rudas. On the positive side, Marcela's green outfit is really tecnica. Lady Apache recovers enough to tell Blanca to go in, which she considers and decides against. Amapola pulls in Lady Apache and works other over on the ropes, while Rosa goes after Marcela. Both in, both spinebustered, and lined up head to head. Rudas set up for something, but Blanca pulls out Rosa Negra on the run and hits her in the midsection, and Marcela moves out of the way on the legdrop. Tecnicos get in dropkicks on the rudas, then spinning backbreakers. Boosted dropkick sends them both out, and Marcela boosts Lady Apache into a pescado on Amapola. Princesa Blanca in, and knocked down Negra with a back elbow. Sujei misses a charge, and gets smashed into the buckle by Marcela. Blanca flapjacked Rosa Negra and goes for a casita, but Rosa slips free and Sujei recovers enough to sunset flip Blanca. One two, Blanca reverses just in time to get dropkicked by Marcela. Marcela frets, but grabs Sujei for the double underhook. Too bad Blanca has had enough, breaking that up with a kick and throwing Marcela down by her hair to pound her. Lady Apache pulls Blanca off, but Rosa grabs her. Blanca grounded and pounded Marcela as the rudas take care of Lady Apache. Double choke bomb by Amapola, and a triple submission we don't get to see so well. It's good enough for that win, that's sure.    

Rudas turn back to the ongoing fight, and pull up Marcela so Blanca can have more shots. Lady Apache tries to help, but gets knocked away by the rudas. Marcela fights free enough to pound Blanca, and the rudos just let it go until Blanca's back in control, keeping Apache out of the way. Blanca throws Marcela out to join her, and the rudas give her a recruitment speech. Sujei - her old rival, funny how that works out - tries to raise Blanca's hand in victory to join the rudas, but she's still considering it. Marcela gets back in again, but the refs hold her back, and the rudas cut Lady Apache off. Finally, Blanca agrees to go along, and gets her arm raised. Refs block of any more fighting, but the rudas have pretty much totally won this day. Just when it seems over, Marcela gets in a shot on Blanca as she leaves, Blanca pounces on her again, and they go rolling around the mat for a bit. Rudas are finally convinced to leave.   

Match 2: Euforia vs Stuka Jr.
Arena Mexico, 01/09/09

Winner: Euforia
Match Time: 4:32
Approx Rating: Good, best of this sort.
Other Match Notes: They get entrances. But there's only 2. Also promos. They really should have Flash and Nosferatu out here as seconds, to keep it going.

JIP, naturally. Euforia manages to escape back in the ring form the apron, and pull Stuka down by his mask. Euforia off the ropes, monkey flips, Stuka landing all the way across the ring. Euforia looks around at the crowd. Monkey flip - no, shoved off before he could get it going. Leverage spot, and it's Euforia who uses it to jump to the top rope , and then jump off with a double armdrags. Dude's got skills. TOPE CON GIRO! Like I was saying! Replay. Euforia up and back in first, but looking the way way. dropkick to the knee, and Stuka puts on a cavernaria - actually, it's only the chinlock portion, and Euforia is strong enough to break thru that. Stuka up first and chopping. Corner whip, reverses, Euforia charges in and hits the post. Amapola beats him on that today. Stuka up to the top - moonsault the the floor! This is better than Polvora/Flash, yes. Replay of that too. Stuka reveres a whip and sends Euforia into the post, then gets into the ring. Stuka stop to pose, thinking he's going to stay in for a countout. No, no, he's not - up to the top buckle, slow half twist dead man's plancha to the floor. Stuka kick, off the ropes, jumping somersault neckbreaker. One two Euforia gets a foot on the ropes, and Stuka argues the three count for a while without actually realizing about the foot. Stuka off the ropes, Euforia's up but shoulderblock. Stuka springboard, bodyscissors, reversed into a side slam. Euforica Special! No Flash to save him now - Stuka gives up to the submission part, and that's the match.  Crowd very much approves.

Match 3: Black Warrior, Rey Bucanero, Mr. Niebla (c) vs Mistico (c), Sombra, Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 01/11/09

  1. rudos
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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:47
Approx Rating: Fun. Built good to the match next week.
Other Match Notes: You must be THIS awesome to be in this match. The usual shot from backstage is shot film style for some reason. Warrior suddenly kicks Mistico in the midsection after he hits the ring, which is odd since he's the first rudo out. Bucanero, being a team guy, hurries his entrance and jumps off the stairs onto Sombra. Niebla, being Niebla, has to do his strut on the stage before he can take part. It takes all kinds. Niebla seem to have acquired a stuffed animal side kick, which is not at all surprising. Oh, how I've missed that graphic with Mistico being drowned in belts.

1: Rudos get control, including Warrior headbutting Mistico questionably low in the ring while the others fight on the ramp. and floor. Is Niebla going to wrestle with the chain round his neck? No, he take sit off to choke Volador, smart man. Refs pay no attention so it's good. Bucanero comes in the ring to set up Mistico over his knees for Warrior's second rope legdrop. Pin? No pin, they let Mistico go. Sombra in, Rey kicks him, and gets a bodyscissors powerbomb (I think) while we look at Niebla. Couldn't see if that's what he did or something what wrong there, but it did look odd. Volador brought in, and give in a double half nelson slam. No, that doesn't make a full nelson. Niebla goes up - top rope splash to flatten Volador, and get the fall. Niebla's still taking off his entrance gear. Warrior busies himself by chopping Mistico around on the outside. Warrior tries to steal a Mistico banner but can't get it from the fan. So he steals a Mistico cap, puts it in his tights, and does his hip thrusts, then throws the hat back at the crowd. A fine man.

2: Niebla slaps Mistico around in the front row, and trips his leg in a chair. Referee - I think that's Pompin - tries to get him to stop. Inside the ring - oh, I guess THAT's the move he was trying before. Sombra starts bent over, Bucanero jumps on his back knees first, and then flips to his back for a spinning inverted backcrakcer. Quite insane. And you were secretly questioning Bucanero's awesome credentials, weren't you. Though I don't know if he can do that one with anyone but Sombra. One crowd shot later, and Rey now down in the opposite corner, Volador jumps in with an armdrag on Niebla, but Warrior boots him down. No prob, Mistico is next and gets Warrior with headscissors. Warrior goes out, Mistico off the ropes, TOPE. Niebla misses a dropkick on Sombra, which may have not been the intention based on Sombra's stunned walking around for a sec. Niebla reasserts control with chest slaps. Niebla off the ropes, but tripped in the ropes, and Sombra holds him there for Volador's guillotine legdrop. Volador covers for the pin, and Sombra slams Rey and adds his rope flip moonsault for the other. That's the fall, not that it saves Warrior from eating superkick. 

3: Niebla invades the ring girls' personal space with a big hug. Clip. Volador gets his flipping run and evades Warrior. Warrior gives him the hip thrust, causing Volador to take off his shirt and throw it at Warrior. Who ties the shirt on a as a skirt and does it again. Volador gets him with a headscissors, then losses his place against the other two before getting Rey with a boosted 'rana. Nielbina stops him with one punch, then spits up his gum and manages to catch it again. Or did he? I'm not sure. Niebla is crazy, I'm sure of that. Mistico in to face him, and Niebla ends up knocking him out with one plancha. Niebla very creepily lays on top of him for a pin, and Mistico can't take the smell of his armpit. Announcers are baffled. Niebla picks Mistico up and slaps him on both sides of the head, then swats him with a big punch. Niebla dance. Niebla turns around, and gets superkicked. Mistico of the ropes, but Rey gets him with his shot from the outside, and then springboards in for a chinbreaker. Rey poses, Niebla starts walking around him, then turns back to go back through his legs, and lay his armpit on Mistico's face again. Bucanero with a corner whip on Mistico, and runs into feet. Mistico out, and gets Niebla and Bucanero with an armdrag, headscissors combo. Crowd booing. Rudos miss clotheslines, which Mistico flip on by, and miss clotheslines. Niebla tosses Mistico up, but Rey's paying no attention and isn't there to do anything but eat a superkick. Mistico is confused a bit by that too, but gets Niebla with a headscissors. Warrior in to face him Mistico, which gets cheered. Kick, and mask ripping. Warrior laughs and laughs. Mistico crawls to the corner, and Warrior misses a corner splash. Mistico trips him on the middle rope, 619 misses, Warrior trips him up, and connects on the 619. Mistico sell it big, and gets wheel kicked out of the ring. Warrior up on the apron - tope con giro the floor on Mistico. Other four all in the ring, rudos with headlock but rammed into each other. Sombra boosted up, but the rudos avoid the dropkick this time, and knock both men down by the ropes. Rudos high ten, back up, charge, and take monkey flips to the floor - you don't see that in stereo much. Tecnicos go the apron and climb up - stereo moonsaults. Mistico and Warrior back in again, and Warrior's afraid. Crowd loud. Mistico off the ropes, La Mistica, Warrior tosses him off, kick gets brushed away and sort of knocked into the ref, but nor really near as much as they might have planned. Still enough to get the ref to turn around, which is all Warrior needs to foul Mistico. One two three. Tecnicos are just too late in making the save. Warrior is very pleased with himself.

Replays. Mistico demands a singles match, and a mask vs hair match. Warrior should ask for a shot at one of Mistico's six billion titles. Warrior agrees - to a singles match, not a hair match, very specifically.