CMLL FSE GdR - 12/21/08 (#121)
Recap: 12/29/08

Announcer do their standup with music just about as loud. 

Match 1: Hiroka (c), Mima Shimoda, Princesa Sujei vs Dark Angel (c), Lady Apache, Lluvia
Arena Coliseo, 12/14/09

  1. tecnicas
  2. rudas
  3. tecnicas

Winner: tecnicas (2-1)
Match Time: Ordinary women's match.
Approx Rating: 6:46
Other Match Notes: No entrances.

1: Either this first fall is edited, or the first move or the match is Hiroka kicking Lady Apache from the apron. Sujei and Hiroka try to slap Apache down, but she rallies with due to ruda bumping, and gets tossed into a pescado on Hiroka. Sujei swings and miss at Dark Angel (still on the apron), Sarah pulls Sujei down by her down by the hair, and Lluvia starts off with a flying armdrag. 1 for 1! Sujei kicks Lluvia down as Dark Angel just has her way with Mima Shimoda. Armdrags, big side belly to belly suplex. Lluvia gets a seated elbow lock for the other elimination. (2 for 2!) The post match time killing last longer than the fall.

2: No opening whistle, but the referees are counting out the rudas, so I guess they're started. Hiroka and Dark Angel trade turns with moves until Hiroka lands a backbreaker, and that cues the beatdown.  Double boot for Lluvia. Corner charges for Lady Apache, Mima excited enough to want to take a second turn, except Lady Apache has already fallen down by then. double dropkick to the head/big boot combo to stop her for the time being. Lluvia gets a double back suplex an a double gutbuster. Dark Angle is pressed and dropped into Mima's boots, which seems less impressive than everything else but gets the fall.  

3: Beatdown seems to have needed during the break. Hiroka is selling something, Mima's in the wrong corner and Sarah looks like he's leaving, so I'm thinking we had a clip here. Sujei and Apache in. Sujei waves by Apache, Apache tries a springboard plancha, no one's home. Sujei stomps Apache and whips her. Apache reveres but misses the clothesline, Sujei inside cradle, one two no. Sujei argues the count. Off the ropes, headscissors roll - no, Sujei stands up, the better to get hit by a Dark Angel plancha. Dark Angel pops up for a dropkick on Sujei, but Sujei misses and Apache gets knocked out of the ring. Sujei grabs Dark Angel and points to Mima as she climbs the ropes - missile dropkick gets her partner too. Dark Angle and Mima Shimoda left in. Whip, reversed, so Dark Angel just turns it into a tope on Sujei. She might have hit the ropes on the way thru, but got enough. Apache in, off the ropes, and Mima takes her down. Mima waits for Apache to get up and tries to add an ax kick, but seems to miss any bit of contact. Mima off the ropes, charge, and Apache backdrops her out of the ring. Mima lands on the apron, but gets tripped up there by Dark Angel. Lluvia up top - plancha to the floor! (3 for 3!) Apache takes a look, turns to run, and get knocked down by a Hiroka missile dropkick. Hiroka off the ropes, and taken down by a Lady Apache dropkick to the knee. Crowd chants Lady as she looks on her hold - tapatia! Rolling tapatia! Up once, up twice, up thrice, and Hiroka wants off this ride. That's the match. Crowd really into it at the end.

Match 2: Euforia & Nosferatu vs Flash & Stuka Jr. for the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Championship
Arena Coliseo, 12/14/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 20:45
Approx Rating: Pretty good
Other Match Notes: Infernales say they're winning the belts. Stuka says he wants the masks next. Flash says - nothing. Looks like Tiger Hispano and Rodolfo Ruiz as refs.

1: Euforia and Stuka start, and quickly end up in the ropes on a lockup. Lockup, Stuka inside cradle, how about showing the ref counting the pin? It was not a three count. Stuka gets Euforia back down to his back. Crazy bit of indescribable mat work to final, including both guys standing on their heads with their legs tied. They end up back on their feet, where Euforia bends Stuka all the way back on a wristlock. Euforia tries to stand on his head again just for the extra leverage, can't quite get it, but can drop his weight on Stuka. One two no. Zero leg trips. Crowd into the match, even as they just stand and and look at them. Stuka misses a clothesline, somersault for no real reason, Euforia comes back with a rebound hiptoss. Stuka goes out, and Euforia looks at him instantly, missing Flash setting up. Flash in with a springboard headscissors. Euforia sent out, and Flash kicks at him just to annoy him. Flash to the far ropes and back for the big dive - but Nosferatu pulls his partner out of the way and Flash crushes Stuka with a tope con giro! They miss most of it by looking at the Infernales, but what you can see still look like a heck of a thing. Champs might be done! They're in a lump on the floor. Flash gets chopped around by both rudos and brought back in. Whip, Euforia flapjack/elbow driver. Nosferatu hooks the legs, hooks the arm - this is a day of tapatia! Flash won't give, so Nosferatu legs go for the armbars, Flash starts to sit up, and Euforia finishes him with a bulldog. While Nosferatu picks up that pin, Euforia greets Stuka's return to the ring by giving him the Euforica Special. Fall one goes to the challengers. Can we get a replay of that dive? Revenge angle shows Stuka got hit in the face with Flash's leg. 

2: Even start, for about ten seconds. Stuka and Euforia start again, Euforia off the ropes, Euforia goes over, Stuka tosses him over on the next pass, and Nosferatu spears Stuka while he' snot looking for it. Flash gets decked for standing on the apron. Stuka chopped around by Nosferatu, while Euforia stand around waiting for something. They get back on the same page, whip, double boot. Euforia whipped in, Stuka backdrops him to the apron, Nosferatu charges and dropkicks his partner. Flash in and boosted into a dropkick on Nosferatu, sending them both to the floor. Stuka teases a running dive, leaps to the apron, teases an Asai, and spreads his legs just wide enough for Flash to drive thru with a tope! Nosferatu ducks, but Euforia doesn't. Nosferatu urns around to see the carnage, turns back, and Stuka finishes off that Asai moonsault. Everyone down on the outside. Flash and Euforia recover first, but Flash rolls back out and lets Stuka in. (Odd.) Stuka down on the mat with Euforia up and looking at him. Running back elbow knocks Stuka down. Nosferatu in to help. Stuka's whipped in the corner, and set up for a whip to Nosferatu, but Stuka reveres it and Euforia clotheslines his own partner. Stuka fireman's drop Euforia in position, and Flash adds a slightly off balance looking 450 splash for one pin. Stuka gives Nosferatu a spinebuster, and adds an armbar for the tying fall.

3: Looks like the fight might have got going during the break. Flash and (of course) Euforia start the fall. Flash headlock, shot off, waved back, flip for fun, up to Euforia's shoulders, Nosferatu tries to knock him off with a plancha, Flash rolls it into a headscissors cradle, Nosferatu hit the mat, and Stuka covers him. One two NO on both. Infernales probably should avoid the "flying Nosferatu" strategy in the future. Euforia and Stuka up first. Stuka grabs the rudo in a full nelson, but Flash's dropkick gets his partner. Flash with an acrobatic sunset flip on Euforia, reversing it just in time to have Nosferatu dropkick his partner. All four men get to their feet, and the tecnicos try to clothesline the rudos, but don't knock them down. Rudos have better luck, shoulder blocking and clotheslining the champs out. Nosferatu is fired up, and Euforia watches his partner tope Flash. Euforia tope con giro on Stuka! Replays of the dives. 

Infernales back in the ring first, bring Flash with them. Whip, double flapjack, double tapatia! It's the night of tapatia! Stuka better get her fast - and he does, slipping in the middle to cover the rudos, who are forced to let go of the hold not to get pinned. All four men down and searching. Stuka's whipped into Flash, which knocks Flash right of the ring. Stuka misses a clothesline on Nosferatu, bodyscissors on Euforia is blocked and the rudos grab a hold of him for the full nelson twist! Stuka screams in pain, but Flash is able to break it up with a missile dropkick. Tecnicos take the rudos to opposite corners and set up for corner whips, but Stuka's get reverse and he and Euforia collide. They roll out. Flash yells, and Nosferatu shuts him up with a kick. Nosferatu suplex. Another? No, Flash slips down the back and gets a waistlock cradle with bridge, one two NO. Flash off the ropes, 'rana, Nosferatu rolls thru one two NO. Flash dropkick can't knock Nosferatu off his feet. Another, and this one knocks Nosferatu thru the ropes and the floor. Flash sets up for a dive, but Euforia trips him up and pulls him out of the ring for a chop. Corner whip, no, reversed, and Euforia gets posted. Stuka in and up to the corner post - twisting plancha to the floor! Nosferatu and Flash in, Flash running clothesline but Nosferatu is too big. Flash dropkick, completely misses, and Nosferatu seats him in the head. Flash picked up, whipped, springboard plancha knocks down the big man. One two Nosferatu casually escapes. Nosferatu is up first and kicks Flash. Corner whip, reversed, Flash charges in, and Nosferatu catches him and puts him on the top rope. Pulling him off - valagueza! Flash gives, I think. Referees aren't really clear at first, but Flash rolls out.

Stuka in, 'rana on Nosferatu one two Euforia breaks it up with a dropkick. Euforia knows they're close. Crowd hotter for the match than the wrestlers, it feels like. Stuka off the ropes, boosted up into a Nosferatu powerbomb, one two Nosferatu pulls him up! oh no. Whip, Stuka backdropped. Euforia celebrates while Nosferatu lazily picks Stuka up, and of course Stuka pulls him into a small package. One two three, and we're all tied up. Euforia is baffled by this turn of events. He's not even angry, he can't be angry because it makes no sense to him.

Stuka off the ropes, Euforia lifts him up and flapjacks him down. What now? Modified tapatia, then Stuka leaned down so his shoulders are down. So are Euforia's - one two both up. Flash rallies the crowd. Euforia chops Stuka. Corner whip, reverses, Stuka charges in, Euforia backdoors him to the apron, Euforia is slow to realize where Stuka is, Stuka punches Euforia away and starts to go up, Euforia punches Stuka and joins him. Meanwhile, Nosferatu and Flash are having a fist fight on the floor until they separate themselves. Euforia superplex! One two NO. Maybe he should've done it two more times. Crowd chanting for the tecnico. Euforia picks him up, fireman's drop, and Euforia is headed up. He looks a little shakey, but it's not going to stop him. Either is Stuka being so far away. Senton con giro - misses! Stuka covers one two th-NO. Euforia almost just lost to missing a dive. Stuka off the ropes, back with a 'rana, one two NO. Going to need more than that. Stuka up first, but Euforia spinebuster him. Euforia locks Stuka's arm and has him in a version of a nudo I should know but can't think of at the moment. Stuka bridges up and, and over into a sunset flip one two NO. Crowd behind Stuka. Both guys slow up. Euforia charges, waved by, Stuka puts his head down too soon, and Euforia pulls him into an inverted Gory Stretch. Stuka holding, literally and figuratively, and again pulling himself up, this time into a headscissors cradle. One two NO. Stuka up first, clothesline caught, and Euforia pulls him in to position - Euforica Special! That's it! One two Stuka gets both arms up! That's different, he doesn't get a shoulder up, he just raise his arms up. Euforia argues the pin, and Stuka cradles him - one two NO. What do they have left? Euforia ducks a clothesline, (bad) STO. Suplex, senton, quick to the ropes, which are a long way away from Euforia. can he make it? Top rope splash - connects! One two THREE. 

Flash will have to celebrate for two, Stuka is dead tired. Clipped ahead to the champs getting their belts, and accepting a handshake from the rudos. Money.