CMLL FSE GdR - 11/23/08 (#120)
Recap: 11/25/08

Open: announcers talk with Mascara Dorada, who looks much thinner in street clothes. Magic how that works. 

Outside the Ring: La Mascara

Match 1: Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito (c) vs Bam Bam, Mascarita Dorada (c), Pequeño Olímpico
Arena Mexico, 11/14/08

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:38
Approx Rating: Good
Other Match Notes: No entrances. Warrior is also wearing Pierroth's yellow and the rudos salute the Puerto Rico flag before getting going. Violencia is opting for a black/white/red outfit with blue hair.

1: Joined as Dorada is getting the best of Violencia. Highlights include a springboard quebrada into a headscissors, both doing front flips to face off, and then Dorada winning the ensuing slap battle. Tries to complain about that being illegal. Pierrothitho and Bam Bam in next. Bam Bam's gone back to a natural hair color, and he's got a normal hair at the moment. Handshake to start. They flow well off each other, with Pierroth getting as much tecnico offense as Bam Bam before they slap hands and split. Olimpico and Warrior in last. Again, sides are a little bit reversed - it's Warrior who does an elaborate flip out of the corner, and it's Olimpico who clotheslines him down. Warrior gets in a couple more high spots, dropkicks Olímpico out, and follows with a feet catching the ropes tope. Bam Bam in and plancha-ing Violencia, then hiptossing after blocking his own. Bam Bam charge again, and takes giant backdrop to the floor. Mini Pierroth gets him with the double jump plancha, Dorada came in with a dropkick on Violencia, gives him the fireman's carry drop, runs over him on the way to the springboard moonsault, and utterly eats Violencia's feet. he's done for sure, and Violencia puts him in a nudo lagunero to clinch it. 

2:  Mini Warrior makes time with the ring girl as the fall starts. Bam Bam superkicks out Violencia, but doesn't even fake a dive. Dorada comes in with a springboard headscissors for Mini Warrior, and has nice springboard reverse tope. Spinning headscissors goes once, twice around before sending Warrior out and into the third row. Pierroth dropkicks Olimpico so hard, Olimpico falls down before he's even hit. It's just that hard. Olimpico has problems with a spinning headscissors into an armdrags, and the crowd that's seen a ton of high difficulty moves performed well gets on them for that. Violencia is accidentally bounced off the apron by his partner, Pierrothitho is tripped into hanging on the ropes, and Olimpico boots Dorada onto the ropes, where he jumps off on Violencia. That doesn't really look so great, but it left Pierroth in a good place for Bam Bam's guillotine legdrop. Referee actually refuses to count until Pierroth is pulled in under the ropes, how about that. Olimpico gets Warrior with a springboard reverse tope of his own. 

3: Despite the tecnicos being in control when we last left, they're getting beat down here. I was wondering how they were going to get that in, and I guess it's required to get in once. Warrior spins Dorada around by his mask, and leaves Dorada dizzy. Warrior holds him upside for dropkicks from both sides, then Dorada sits up for a triple dropkick to the head. Bam Bam evades a Pierroth charge, and drop toe holds Warrior into a low blow to start the comeback. Superkick for Warrior, chest slaps for Violencia. Other tecnicos just hang on the apron. Violencia falls for a Tiger Mask fake and throws himself out of the ring, and Bam Bam throws himself out next, with a huge tornillo. Pierroth charges him on the ground, knocks him down and sets him up for Warrior's slingshot tornillo. Dorada adds a thru the ropes tope con giro to the pile. Warrior catches him, but Dorada gets him with a 'rana. That was good Pierroth and Olimpico in, Olimpico's mask untied. One spinning backbreaker, two spinning backbreakers. Olimpico goes for a nudo, Pierroth goes for the mask, and gets there first. That's the match, both refs saw it.

Match 2: Averno (c), Ephesto, Mephisto vs La Sombra (c), Mascara Dorada, Mictlán
Arena Coliseo, 11/16/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 13:43
Approx Rating: Better than usual, but nothing extraordinary.
Other Match Notes: Entrances. I understand this makes me crazy, but I'm sure Dorada is wearing something to make his upper body look bigger. Mictlan looks slightly less Alex Koslov than usual. Dorada does a generic promo. Rudos enter as a group! With t-shirts that oddly have hoods! They're back to using generic music this week, by the way. I'm so used to that I didn't even notice. No promo from them? Huh. 

1: Joined just as Dorada is finishing. That's not a good sign. Ephesto/Sombra start with what we see. Crowd seems into the action, and very girly. Ephesto gets fancy roll up the body counter moves, then does a moonsault to the floor. All other four get in, Tecnicos miss on the boost dropkick bit, and the rudos immediately kill them with stereo Devil's wings. One two three. 

2: rudos beat down the tecnicos, including in the aisle. Card girl opts not to walk down and spin safely in front of the door. Double rebound hiptoss for Dorada. Sombra takes the super high flapjack, and gets kicked until he falls out. Mictlan take the Ephesto splash out of the double rebound hiptoss. No one bothers for pins. Dorada is kicked questionably low. Sombra takes a triple boot, to set up the triple dive fake pose. Mictlan gets kicked instead the leg. Tecnicos try to help out form outside, but are kicked away. Mictlan gets his double handspring back elbow, the move he only ever used to start the comeback. Dorada and Sombra in with springboard headscissors. Mictlan gets Averno with a spinning armdrag to set up all the rudos, and the tecnicos follow with triple topes. Everyone down. Averno and Mictlán are the first ones back in. Mictlan blocks an Averno punch, scoops him up, drops him in the front of the corner for Sombra. Sombra actually has to pass that up to cut off Ephesto via springboard armdrags. Sombra runs back to Mictlan, who boosts Sombra to the corner (where Sombra slips on the landing, oops). Sombra hits the tope flip moonsault fine anyway, and Mictlan gets Ephesto with a pointless 'rana while he's at it. Dorada and Mephisto chase around the ring and up the aisle.

3: Dorada wants a handshake? I've not seen that, and it fails when a tecnico tries it. Ephesto just beats him down. Dorada comes back with one rope grab headscissors - is that going to be it for him? Other rudos cut him off from diving. Double whip, Dorada misses a clothesline, Mephisto boost him up, Dorada pushes off Averno's chest and...falls to the mat. Oops. Crowd on him. Averno and Mephisto chop him down until Averno fails, acting more comically about it than usual. Dorada is backdropped to the apron, fights Averno off from there (including a non-block of Averno's usual punch in that situation - Averno just magically held up) , then inside springboard into a headscissors. Dive fake with backflip, but not all the crowd was won back by the last one. Mictlan and Averno. Mictlan starts to dance, and gets kicked down. Averno works him over, until he misses and Mictlan knocks him down with one punch. Mictlan gets Averno with one kick when drops down too soon. Mephisto in, and he's headscissored out. Ephesto takes a backbreaker, and a second. Ephesto crab walking out is pretty hilarious. Ephesto begs off in the aisle to prevent more violence. Crowd loudest behind Sombra, though there's a rudo section chanting for Averno. Averno decides this is as good as it's going to get and walks out. Mephisto and Ephesto discuss things with him on the ramp, and Averno decides he's coming back. Sombra over, under, and kicked in the head by Mephisto. Sombra just bent down for a second to get ready for Averno, and Mephisto walked in and punted him. rest of the rudos in to help and take turns posing. Choke in the corner, chops. Ephesto leaves, and Mephisto holds Sombra for Averno. Averno talking, talking too close and getting kicks. Mephisto works over Sombra with knees and stomps, nearly going into Perro bezerker rage. Mephisto picks Sombra up again, Averno charges, and of course Sombra still moves. Averno chops his partner, but apologies. That makes a difference. Averno monkey flips Sombra, but Sombra turns into a spinning headscissors on Mephisto. One for Averno. Ephesto actually stops Sombra for a moment, but misses a corner charge and takes a knee bump to the floor. Double jump tornillo! Sombra's great. All other four in, Dorada hits a plancha onto both, Mictlan ads a splash. Tecnico dropkick rudos out, high ten, another stereo dive, this time tope con giro. Looked okay, but they did that two falls again. Sombra in, landing on Ephesto with a springboard plancha. Spinebuster for Ephesto, but Ephesto hooks him with a headscissors cradle from the mat, one two three. A clean win for this trio? They celebrate that rarest of match endings.

Replays, and that's it.