CMLL FSE GdR - 10/12/08 (#114)
Recap: 10/15/08

Intro: Loco Max and his flaming skulls button up shirt join the announcers

Outside the Ring: more with Dragon Rojo Jr.

Match 1: Damian 666, Averno (c), Mephisto vs Mictlan, Sagrado, Volador Jr. (c)
Arena Coliseo, 10/05/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 7:58
Approx Rating: usual
Other Match Notes: Mictlan still looks a lot like Alex Koslov. Sagrado and Averno & Mephisto do the promos. 

1: Averno is wearing his split Rencor Latino/Averno mask, while Volador has a cool Volador/Sagrado/Sombra hybrid. Sagrado is wearing completely different gear. Sequences are Averno/Mictlan (eh), Volador/Damian - that gets interrupted with the other tecnicos pulling out Damian and chopping him for no particular reason. Volador sets up for a dive, but the rudos retaliate, pulling him out. They try to add a clothesline, but Volador ducks and the other tecnicos eventually show up for dives. Volador gets Damian with a 'rana in the ring, Damian rolls thru, one two three. That was a sudden end and a surprise one.

2: Joined mid comeback, which is a surprise because there was no beatdown when we left. Sagrado flips over a double clothesline to set up a Volador flying headscissors and a Mictlan spinning backbreaker. Sombra's moonsault doesn't really hit square and even a camera switch can't hide it. that's the fall, though. If you're here to watch wrestling, sorry, wrong show.

3: Rudos, presumably winded by the long periods of action in this match, kill time regrouping on the ramp as this fall starts. Mictlan does a rolling dropkick, so he at least he's amusing me. Mictlan teases a dive with a handspring, causing Mephisto to give him a big hug. And a big slap to the chest! That was great. Damian stand around while Sagrado runs past and over him a few times, then takes a springboard armdrag to the floor. Sagrado has fancy double spin armdrags for Averno and Mephisto. Rudos have had no offense make air in this match. Rudos take their time before facing Volador, and then he and Averno compare crowd chants. Volador flipping run, check. Mephisto gets in a cheap shot form the outside before Volador has actually even gotten in any offense. Rudos are too busy posing to actually follow up, so Volador has time to recover, stand and give Mephisto a superkick. Rudos knock him do with one blow, but Volador ends up tossed into a headscissors. Fireman's escape headscissors on Averno. Damian takes the sliding chest bump to the floor. You going to dive, Volador? Yes, tope con giro. Other tecnicos miss dropkick, other duos try bulldog but get shoved into each other. This transitions into Averno & Mephisto finish #4 - one tecnico boosts the other (Mictlan) into a dropkick, Averno & Mephisto dodge, each kick a tecnico in a stomach, and give them Devil's Wings. One two three. How many time has this happened, right after Volador does a dive? Seems a few.

Prom: Tony Rivera with Julio Cesar. Because this promo right here, half way thru a show, is totally going to make or break me staying around for another 30 seconds for this match.

Match 2: Loco Max vs Tony Rivera
Arena Coliseo, 10/05/08

  1. Loco Max Anaconda Vice (1:38)
  2. Tony top rope splash (1:47)
  3. Loco Max armbar (5:34)

Winner: Loco
Match Time: 8:59
Approx Rating: usual, but shorter
Other Match Notes: Tony has quite the fur jacket for October. AND another promo! Wow, badly laid out show here. Really, if you haven't sold me on caring about this match, the 15 second promo before the match isn't going to do it either. If I've gone this far, I'm probably sticking around to watch it. Loco rushes to the ring, circles around, then attacks Tony but they break away from that so we can see the completely pointless Loco Max promo. Tiger Hispano is the referee, and that always goes well.

1: When they go back to the match, Loco Max has apparently been repelled and hides outside the ring,. They almost miss Tony diving after him with a tope while showing the fall graphic. Tony almost misses the dive, kinda short there (and Loco caught him in an odd fashion.) Ephesto and Fabian are here as seconds. Yes, Loco Max is in a group, a group of five men, and not a single one of them could be here to be his second. Awesome. I like how Fabian is the cornerman for everyone single tecnico. Tony gets to the apron, Loco grabs him from the floor, Tony kicks him away, Tony goes for a springboard, Loco trips him up and pulls him off. Loco back on the apron, and then back off with a tope con giro from there. Loco up and kicking. What's the count at, anyway. Loco fights Tony back into the ring, then stays outside to stare at the crowd. Back in. Forearm to the back. Loco whips Tony, misses the clothesline, tilt-a-whirl escaped, Loco kicks him anyway. Powerbomb, no Tony blocks it, Loco tries again and gets it this time. Odd. Loco picks Tony up by the hair, puts him in an armbar, and gives him a STO. Anaconda Vice? Sure, let's call it that. That's the fall. 

2: Loco clotheslines Tony. Another, ugly looking one sends Tony out. Loco charges - slingshot tope con giro! They sure are going to get dives in this one. Lots of towel waving and replays. On the floor, Loco kicks Tony, which causes him to crawl in. Loco punches him in the midsection, in the corner. Corner whip, Tony kip up and out, Loco waves him by on the next charge, Tony gets a walk thru the ropes plancha, one two no. Tony scoops Loco up, hangs him in the ropes, backs up, and kicks him (which causes him to fly back in the ring.) Crucifix powerbomb, kinda, top rope splash, one two three. Oh, Fabian's here so he can show off the shirt advertising his gym! At least someone here is getting something out of this match. 

3: Card girl can't go to the ring, because Tony's beating up Loco max at the end of it. Tony brings Loco back in after the whistle, and then begins nodding to the chants. Corner whip, Loco Max slides out, Tony starts running, Loco opts to not move at all, and Tony gets him with a tope! Not Loco Max's finest hour there. Tony stokes the crowd while they replay the fourth dive of the match. Both back in. Tony pointing up while grabbing Loco. Russian legsweep into a grounded octopus. While Loco give? No, he will not, and Tony lets go. Tony argues with Tiger Hispano over this for some reason. Tony inside cradle one two no. Tony argues the count, which is at least something you can argue with. It's not going anywhere, but whatever. Tony superkicks Loco Max into the corner, backs up, charges, and Loco sidesteps him. (Not too super of a kick after all.) Tony sits himself on the top rope, Loco slaps him, a few times. Loco backs up, charges, runs up, and pulls Tony off with a super armdrags. That's how Tony won last week. One two NO. Maybe it didn't work this time because it looked so much better the last week. Both guys selling exhaustion after wrestling for about five minutes in this match with two breaks. Loc going up? No, he rethinks it, picks up Tony on his shoulders, and drops him down. Crowd loud for Tony. Loco going up for sure this time. Top rope senton con giro misses, of course. Tony falls on top, one two no. Fabian can not believe these counts. Tony misses a clothesline, Loco Max gets him with a drop toe hold, brutal casita is eventually blown, Tony trying to cover it with a pinfall of his own, one two no. I can't believe you didn't get the win off a blown casita! Tony grabs Loco for a powerbomb, Loco Max tries to spread his legs and lean down so he won't go up. Tony pounds Loco in the max, which just makes him go down. Tony switches to backing him up to the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Loco Max his the the corner clothesline. Loco sets up Tony on the ropes facing out, slaps him on the back, and pulls him in the three of woe. Loco backs all the way up, looks around, charges, and really doesn't even try the dropkick till he's past Tony anyway. Loco slides out and Tony gets to his feet. Top rope plancha, Tony just kinda hitting Loco with his arms on the way down. Dive #5! Loco thrown back in. Whip, reversed, (so much for that dive), Loco flapjacks him, off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl escaped, Tony clothesline, Loco reverses into a fujiwara armbar - and that's it. Wow, that's the most lethal move in lucha libre, apparently. Tony didn't fight long at all. Fabian covers Tony up on the mat, sobs, and pounds the mat. Tony looks like he's going to cry too. He may be! He may have a bloody lip too. Loco is pretty happy with himself and happy to point out who won to the tecnicos fans.

There's the barber. There's the haircut. Fabian is still losing his mind, hugging Tony as he's getting his hair cut, he's so the best part of this. Fabian should just be a full time cornerman. Loco Max talks about how big the win was, for him. Tony hands over some hair. Replays. Lots of them, and lots of Loco talking with his hair, because they've got plenty of time as usual. Show ends at 3 to the hour.