CMLL FSE GdR - 09/14/08 (#110)
Recap: 09/25/08

Lots of ads for the Discovery Channel show throughout.

Intro: Amapola and Lady Apache promos amidst the announcers trying to figure out what to do with their hands when they're not talking.

Match 1: Dragon Rojo Jr., Rey Bucanero (c), Sangre Azteca vs Grey Shadow, La Mascara (c), Sagrado
Arena Coliseo, 09/07/08

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:58
Approx Rating: mixed - had some good moments, and some not so good.
Other Match Notes: Sagrado is wearing flag colors and a Mexico soccer jersey. Mascara doesn't have the jersey, but does have the colors. Sangre has his title and a great looking mask. Rey has a new full length coat with cape and hood. It's quite something.  No promos? Oh there they are by the captains. Oh no, Rey is talking about his title match vs the Americano. Poor Bucanero.

1: Grey Shadow and Sangre Azteca of countering on the mat for the first three minutes. It's got it's rough moments but is pretty good. This speeds up massively from there, Rey and Sagrado in and out with in 30 seconds so the others can come into play, and people quickly knocking each other out from there. All the rudos end up on the outside, on the camera side, and the tecnicos rush them - triple tope! Shadow and Shadow added the flip, but Mascara went straight thru. Shadow almost out jumped Bucanero, but Bucanero grabbed on and pulled him on top. Sangre is consoled by front row fans. Tecnicos pull back to the ring first - and the rudos never make it in! That was a quick 20, but going back and checking, it was accurate. They usually just don't count that fast.

2: Back to Shadow and Sangre again, far more even than you'd expect for a showcase spot here. I think some of that's just the style Shadow is trained to work - lots of stuff set up on counters or reversals means the other guy has to be doing something to set that up. After Shadow spin kicks Sangre out, Rey rushes in, knocks Shadow down with one blow. Shadow's content to roll out, but Rey - maybe noticing how his shot didn't really come close - pounces on him and throws more punches while Shadow is laying on the apron. That looked odd. Mascara quickly gets Bucanero with a headscissors, and Dragon just as quick gets him with the inside out dropkick. Dragon Rojo does a "grating cheese over my abs" motion (I think that's what that is), but ends up enziguri-ed by Sagrado. Sagrado celebrates and gets knocked down and stomped down by Sangre. Sagrado's clearly supposed to rally back against both rudos, but it doesn't really come together - they're not on the same page or Sagrado just screws up. Dragon Rojo just ends up armdrags Sagrado out to get rid of him, and tweaks his back in the process. Shadow in, rudos attack him too, and all the sudden the beatdown is on. Sangre gets in a plancha on Sagrado in the midst of this. Bucanero grabs Shadow on the outside, and Dragon Rojo gets a plancha on him. Rey comes back in, Mascara charges him, and Rey drops him with the Buca Storm. That's it.  

3: Rudos still in control. Rey almost tosses La Mascara into the ring girl, who runs for her life. The other rudos work over Shadow in the ring while Bucanero show off his jab to Sagrado. Dragon Rojo rolls out to get an argument with someone. Sagrado gets in the ring free, but gets jumped form behind and the rudos untie his mask. Mascara charges in, which gives Sagrado a chance to lave. Mascara backdrops Dragon Rojo on a corner charges, side steps Sangre (who gets crotched) and superkicks Bucanero to start the comeback. As the others brawl on the outside, Mascara gives Rey a backbreaker and a spine kick on the outside. Sagrado comes in so he too can backbreaker someone, and goes after Dragon Rojo's mask. Sangre may have gotten a drink thrown on him on the outside. Everyone retreats to their corner, leaving Mascara and Rey in. Chop fight, Rey winning when he decides to cover whip Mascara. Mascara reverses, Rey rebounds back, Mascara isn't ready to inside cradle him so Rey just falls down. Mascara picks him up, inside cradles him again, Rudos come in to break it up, tecnicos cut them off with sunset flips, one two NO. Dragon punches Shadow out of the ring, Mascara superkicks Sangre out, Tecnicos take a rudo and charge with headlocks. Tecnicos are shoved of into each other, stop short of hitting each other, Dragon tries a dropkick and gets Rey instead. Tecnicos put on the Star, Shadow and Sangre come back in, Shadow gets a 'rana right in the center, one two Rey breaks up the pin and hold. All six men get up. Double thrust kick knocks Rey out. Dragon Rojo tries to thru Sagrado out, but he won't go and Sangre stops him anyway. Double clothesline  Mascara misses, and Mascara runs by to tope Bucanero on the outside, even getting him with an armdrag. Sagrado grabs Sangre, Shadow dropkicks, but Sangre breaks free and Sagrado gets hit. Sangre whips Shadow towards the corner, Sagrado backdrops him to safety and kicks Sangre on the charge. Dragon misses on his clothesline, Sagrado tries a springboard 'rana, but Dragon Rojo catches him and powerbombs him. Shadow tries a plancha, Sangre dropkicks him out of the sky. That's his move! One two three. Just as this is going on, Mascara takes a huge hiptoss on the ramp, making a loud noise. Painful end for the tecnicos. 

After replays, Shadow wants to go with Sangre right now. Sangre walks off - so Shadow chases him into the locker room.   

Match 2: Amapola vs Lady Apache for the CMLL Women's Championship
Arena Coliseo, 09/07/08

  1. Apache armbar (3:03)
  2. Amapola sideways campana (2:40)
  3. Amapola backcracker (5:32)

Winner: Amapola (2-1)
Match Time: 11:15
Approx Rating: Good
Other Match Notes: Amapola's hair is very slowly going back. Both are all business (and both have the belt in their photo.) Nitro is Amapola's second, Fabian is Lady Apache. Fabian el Gitano, always a bridesmaid never the bride.

1: Lockup, break, lockup, Amapola takes control with a wristlock. Amapola reverses to a grapevine on the leg, Amapola tries to chinlock her way out of that, but Apache rolls her over to hold her in the hold. Apache flips Amapola on her stomach, ties her legs and stands on her for an actual surfboard (!), posing while Amapola refuses to quiet. Both back to their feet, reversing armbars until Apache lands a armdrags. Zero count off a shoulderblock. Amapola does another, tries to follow with a splash, and jumps right in Apache's boots. Apache picks up Amapola, snap mare her over, and puts on a chinlock. Amapola quickly escapes to a armbar, but Apache reverses  easily and ties up the legs again. Amapola tries to get up, but is just tripped down and tied up again. Apache is schooling her so far. Amapola tries to get a front facelock, but Apache trips her out of it. Apache tries to follow with a splash, Amapola moves and ties up the legs. Apache slips out of that too, though Amapola actually had it for two seconds this time. Amapola gets tossed with an another armdrags. Lady Apache charges to the ropes, Amapola waves her by, dropkick is well short and Amapola grabs the legs while mocking Apache. Amapola did sorta move out of the way on the dropkick, which was smart, but letting go of the legs to hold down Lady Apache with a wristlock doesn't seem as well. Amapola sits on top for a a pin, but Apache bridges up, and won't bridge back down when Amapola sits on top. Amapola tire it again, and Apache tries to leverage up to a monkey flip, but can't quite get it. Amapola throws her down and stomps her. Backing up to the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Apache charges in, Amapola puts her on top, chop, chop, no more chopping when Apache scissors Amapola's right arm with her legs. Amapola tries to get away from the ropes and to her feet, but Apache just sits on Amapola's shoulder as she walks around the ring, and then spins in to the ropes for a takedown. Amapola's in trouble but close enough to the ropes to scissors them for a break. Apache takes her time letting go. Apache off the ropes, crucifix (or maybe satellite armbar?) - no, Apache can't get around to capture the legs, and Amapola just collapses forward instead of taking the rollup. That's about the third time something's happened like that already - there's some really good stuff and there's stuff backfiring. Apache smartly just stays on top of Amapola and puts on a sweated armbar - that'll work for the submission. There was a lot gong on there for a three minute fall.

2: Apache rushes Amapola at the bell for a quickie pinfall attempt, but probably shouldn't be counting along here. One two no. Amapola misses a charge in the corner as Lady Apache flips to the outside, then flips in over Amapola's back. Apache's cut off with a kneelift, but kips up to her feet, gets an armbar, climbs the ropes, and flips off with an armdrag for Amapola. Apache charges for more, but Amapola trips her up on the ropes. Running sit on the ropes is quite fast and painful looking. Amapola takes a moment to celebrate, one of the few so far. Apache is whipped, and kicked down. Whip, side slam, Apache off the ropes, dropkick, Amapola checks Apache and covers, one two no. Leg DDT, and a sideways campana - and that's it! Why did Fabian get up on the apron before the fall was over? I thought he was going to break this up or something. While Apache is recovering, Amapola gets some treatment on her right shoulder.

3: Seems joined in progress, as Amapola is just escaping a small package  to start. Whip, reversed, Apache dusks a short clothesline and dropkicks Amapola in the knee. Lady Apache off the ropes, springboard sunset flip, Amapola rolls thru and kicks, Apache ducks under and inside cradles her one two no. Amapola misses a clothesline, Apache with a waistlock cradle and back bridge one two NO. Amapola up first and putting on armbar - into an abdominal stretch, with Amapola working an elbow into Apache's side. Apache fighting, and reversing it on her own. Down to a cradle, one two  - Amapola's shoulder slightly comes up, so Apache fights her, then gets the farmer's roll . One two NO. You are not Cinthia Moreno! Nitro confirms that was only two. Both women up, Amapola puts her head own too soon on a whip and Lady Apache picks her up - inverted Gory! Amapola escapes, and puts on her own Inverted Gory stretch. Apache escapes up to Amapola's shoulders, then spins it around into a sunset flip, one two reversed one two NO. This is getting good, though crowd not loud into it. Amapola missed on a dropkick, Lady Apache charges into a big backdrop to the floor. She missed the apron there totally. Amapola wastes no time - thru the ropes tope con giro! Amapola got all of Lady Apache with that one, and both need time to recover. Amapola is in first, but resting on the mat mat while Lady Apache pulls her self in. Amapola pulls her to a corner, chops. Corner whip, Lady Apache springboards to nothing, just to standing back in the ring, and Amapola clothesline her into the corner. Amapola backs up, charges, Apache moves, and Amapola gets her spear of the post in. This naturally sets up Apache's dive, a plancha to the floor that connects just as hard. Both women are looking tired and need the recovery time here. Apache is first up, but Amapola pulls her away from the ring to get in first. Amapola is just glued to the mat, and so Apache climbs the ropes uninterrupted, and gets Amapola with a flying sunset flip as she gets up. One two t-NO. Fabian thought that was it, he's back up on the apron again! Perhaps that's his move. Or maybe he's just dying to get his Asai Moonsault in. Lady Apache up first, scooping Amapola on her shoulders and dropping her hard near a corner. Lady Apache going up, and Fabian thinks it's a horrible idea. Apache listens to him and the crowd, and just comes back in to cover, one two NO. Apache stomps Amapola, and she's heading up despite all advice to the contrary. Apache flies off, directly into Amapola's knees. Amapola's found one more surge of energy because he's up quick and yanking Apache up just as quick. Backtracker one two THREE.  Amapola celebrates her win, Apache is down for a while

Amapola talks about getting revenge for her hair and proving she's the best. She's all fired up. Never forget the name.

and dancing to kill time