CMLL FSE GdR - 08/24/08 (#107)
Recapped: 08/25/08

Match 1: Averno (c), Mephisto, Terrible vs Sombra, Sagrado, Volador Jr. (c)
Arena Coliseo, 08/17/08

  1. rudos
  2. rudos

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:41
Approx Rating: not what it could've been without, would like to see it with Volador actually going the whole way
Other Match Notes: Tecnicos have their trios belts and matching red/white gear. Well, Sagrado doesn't have a personalized Guardian Angel shirt. La Sombra does his promo with Espanto Jr., his uncle. Terrible can't help but dance to his music. Averno (& Mephisto) has half red/half blue tights with the Perros log on them. He's got to figure a way to work in Rencor Latino so there can be infinite things going on. 

1: Sagrado and Mephisto start off with the basics, a bit even. Averno grabs Sagrado and backs up to the ropes, sandwiching a referee who was in the wrong spot (and remains stuck in the wrong side of town for the few minutes, just blocked into staying in the way.) Sagrado shot off, over, and into a kick form the outside on Terrible. Sagrado lunges at Terrible, Terrible leans back and away, Sagrado turns, Mephisto shoves him lightly, and Sagrado takes a big bump. Mephisto puts his hands on his knees (and sighs?) Sagrado leaps back up and superkicks him. I only noticed how completely odd that was on the third watch, I swear. Mephisto rolls out, and Sagrado rolls out after. Terrible dropkicks Sagrado out. Sombra gets Terrible with a springboard armdrag, Averno gets Sombra with a weak kick, Volador gets Averno with a oh no he didn't get him. Volador leapt high in the air for a springboard headscissors, only Averno didn't catch his legs  (he tried, but it looked like a whiff)  and Volador powerbombed himself. Averno gives Volador the lightest stomps imaginable as everyone else pauses for a second, then hits the ring for mass chaos. Sagrado covers up his partner as he and a ref check on Volador, Mephisto lurks near those two, and the other rudos beat up Sombra. Mephisto and Averno switch places, Averno pulling Sagrado away from Volador to brawl. Referees move Volador carefully towards the ropes as the doctor comes to check on him. He seems conscious, though woozy. Tecnicos are held in the corner and worked over, then whipped into each other. Rudos work over Sagrado while trying to get past the referees to attack Volador (got finish off the downed man), but the referees block them off. Perros take it outside, lifting Sombra and slowly ramming him in the post. Averno slams Sagrado on the ramp. Right behind him, Volador is walking off with the doctor and a ref; he's walking on his own power, but seems to be hurting. Sombra's brought back inside by the Perros, and finished with a triple submission. Sagrado's brought in, and gets the same. Replays of Volador's injury and the finishes. Perros continue working over the tecnicos leading to break.

One of many Sin Piedad ads. I do recall they did this for Heavy Metal/Toscano, except it aired much after the fact because of the delay. Not so much this time, though of course they're advertising a show we can't see unless we get some plane tickets and quick. 

2: Rudos still in total control. Both refs in, and rudos content with 3 on 1 beatings. Averno goes after Sombra's mask. Sagrado make a comeback after a mistake, getting Mephisto with a headscissors and Sombra dropkicking Averno out. Sagrado works over Terrible on the inside, and Sombra is able to make Mephisto and Averno's attempt at double teaming on the outside fails. Sagrado just gets the spinning backbreaker on Terrible, and teases fate by doing another one. He keeps Terrible 3/4ts the way around, then holding up just before turning him all the way over. Maybe it's his new thing. Sombra gives Mephisto a monkey flip on the ramp. Sagrado's checking that out, and missing Averno come in, but Sagrado quickly gets him with a headscissors. Sagrado follows Averno out, knocking him up the ramp with a thru the ropes tope. Sombra dropkicks Mephisto out, but Terrible hammers him with his own dropkick. Terrible whips Sombra in the corner, misses a charge and throws himself out. Sombra follows out with a double jump tornillo. Mephisto and Sagrado in. Sagrado's tilt-a-whirl backbreaker are much faster this time. Averno comes in to switch his partner, and knocks down Sagrado with a back elbow. Oddly timed break.

Rosalio Vera feature; to fill time because of the outcome of this match? Lots of cool photos. It'd be nice if you could see more of CMLL's Official Photographer on CMLL's site. (3:41)

2-cont: they back up a few seconds to pick up right before that back elbow. Averno corners Sagrado and chops him. Corner whip, Averno rushes into a boot. Sagrado cartwheel backflips over Averno's backdrop, and sends him out with a headscissors. The other rudos in, Sagrado backflips over their back drop, kicks Mephisto when he puts his head down too soon, and superkicks Terrible when he gets his head up. Tag to Sombra. Averno decides to teasing walking out rather than fight him. He does come back. Off the ropes evidence doesn't last long until Terrible trips Sombra form the outside. Sombra uses the numbers against them, gets Terrible with a headscissors, gets Averno with a tilt-a-whirl armdrags, and scares Mephisto before he even comes in to fight. Mephisto's dropkick misses, Sombra's backdropped to the apron but knocks Mephisto out form there. Sombra springboards in with a front flip into a headscissors! Sombra fakes the dive. Sagrado back in, and both Terrible and Mephisto try to meet him. He misses a dropkick on them both, they corner him, then pulls Sombra in to whip them together. Sagrado backdrops his partner to the apron, kicks away the Perros when they charge, and Sombra planchas both. Averno helps, gets double chopped. Tecnicos dropkick out Mephisto and Terrible and set up for dives, but Averno cuts off Sagrado with a kick. It's the numbers. It's also Averno slipping in a pointless foul on Sagrado when the referees are arguing for no reason. Terrible helps Mephisto with a Devil's Wigs on Sombra and pins him with one foot. That's it.

Match 2: Pequeño Damian 666 vs Bam Bam in a hair match
Arena Coliseo, 08/17/08

  1. Pequeño Damian small package (1:50)
  2. Bam Bam valaguesa (2:34)
  3. Pequeño Damian double underhook piledriver (6:22)

Winner: Pequeño Damian 666
Match Time: 10:46
Approx Rating: Really good.
Other Match Notes: Bam Bam has his title belt, and attacks Damian as he enters. Electrico is Bam Bam's second, Bronco is Damian's. ("Make the young guy do it!") Bam Bam and Damián brawl near the entrance, with Bam Bam eventually backing him up long enough to superkick. 

1: They're still on the outside as the whistle blows. Bam Bam slams Damien on the ramp, then takes him all the way around to the other side of the ring before throwing him in. Bam Bam comes in himself with a springboard dropkick. Damián rolls out ramp side, and Bam Bam rushes him with a thru the ropes tope con giro. (So that's why he went around the ring.). Bam Bam borings Damian back in and swats him with a chest slap. Whip, double leg takedown, Bam Bam yells to the crowd about the hold he's going to put on. Don't drop the legs! Bam Bam drops the legs, points to the crowd, picks up the legs, starts four a figure four, and Damian small packages him one two THREE. Damián is ecstatic, Bam Bam is disbelieving.

2: Off the ropes exchange ends with Damian getting in a clothesline. Damian throws Bam Bam around by his hair. Hard slap to the back. Corner whip, Damian charges in and connects on a clothesline, then out for a hair pull bulldog. Chinlock? No, Damian's biting at Bam Bam's head. Good luck with that. Whip, tilt-a-whirl face first slam! One two Bam Bam gets his shoulder up. Damian's distracted by the crowd chanting for his opponent. Corner whip for Bam Bam, Bam Bam reveres it, Damian boots him to the apron. Bam Bam fights him off, and spins him with a top rope headscissors. Damian slides to a stop on the apron, and Bam Bam brings him in for more. Bam Bam misses a corner charge, but catches Damian on his own charge try and sets him up top. Two slaps to the face, and pulling him off - hey, it's the Valaguesa! That's how he won the title! One two THREE. Damian's own move is his biggest weakness.

3: Damian rush Bam Bam at the bell, Bam Bam flips him to the apron, Damián fights him off and lands a top rope plancha. One two NO. Damian off the ropes, sunset flip, Bam rolls thru, gets u, and grabs the ropes. Damian tries to dropkick him, Bam Bam doges him, Damian hangs himself in the ropes, and Bam bam gets him with a guillotine legdrop. One two NO. Bam Bam elbow drops Damian and points to the corner. He's taking his time climbing, and Damian's up behind him - big shove, and Bam bam crashes to the floor. Damián celebrates, then heads up himself - top rope plancha to the floor, completely squashing Bam bam. Bam Bam got flattened there. Damián flings Bam bam in, and then comes in himself with into the ring pescado. Don't see that much. One two feet on the ropes. Refs was quite slow getting into position there. Damian chest slaps Bam Bam, then taunts the crowd. Whip, Damian misses a clothesline, Bam Bam jumps on his shoulder sand comes off with a 'rana one two NO. Lots of shows of the seconds, so it's not clear how Damian gets Bam Bam in a cristo, but the pancake slam he does out of it is pretty cool. Damian puts Bam Bam in an armbar to see if he can win that way, but nope. Doesn't help that the chants for Bam bam are getting to Damian. Gori Special by Damian! Damian breaks free, sunset flip, one two NO. Armbar by Bam Bam, forward roll into an octopus hold, but Damian's not going to give up here either, and Bam Bam can't hold it. Damián kicks Bam Bam, chops him loudly, and drags him around by his hair. Whip, Bam Bam does the Tiger Mask fake and Damian throws himself out. Bam Bam keeps running, tornillo! Both men down on the floor as they roll replays. Bam Bam throws Damian in, and tiredly follows himself. Corner whip, Bam Bam charges, Damian moves out of the way, Bam Bam jumps to the apron, Damian punches him. Damian off the ropes, back with a slingshot over the ropes - sunset flip bomb off the apron? No, RUNNING sunset flip bomb onto the ramp! Bam Bam just got taken out! Damian even jumped while throwing Bam Bam down. Damián lifts Bam Bam's body on to his shoulders, and throws him into the ring. Double underhook PILEDRIVER! That was completely unnecessary and totally crushing. One two a billion. That's a win.

Damián celebrates, kinda tired, while Nam Bam's checked on. The doctor actually begins to make a makeshift neckbrace with Electrico's towel, but they must change their mind. Mini Damian gives a celebratory interview, and wants a title shot of course. Bam Bam wants to give Damián the scissors, but he has to fight to get it from him first. Damian goes right for the mohawk. Bam Bam does an interview asking for a revenge mask as his hair is getting buzzed off. More replays, and they're done.