CMLL FSE GdR - 07/20/08 (#101)
"Black Warrior vs Sombra"

Intro: promos by Sombra and Warrior, but no announcer stand up. They show us valets dancing from Arena Mexico instead, in what looks like a segment taped for Ras de Lona. This is the whole first segment.

Match 1: Bronco, Vangelis, Arkangel (c) vs Hijo de Faraon, Stuka Jr. (c), Metalik
Arena Coliseo, 07/06/08

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  2. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 11:03
Approx Rating: Not as much as I'd hope
Other Match Notes: They need to create another doctor gimmick to work as a tecnico and team with Metalik. Preferably a legit doctor. Stuka has the big read belt. Hijo de Faraon talks for his team, and seems much more composed than most guys debuting. And as I say that, he stumbled over a line, but he's mostly fine, I swear. Magadan, during the introduction for the rudos, emphasizes "NAZIS" when talking about Vangelis. Arkangel is really proud of his head wrap today. I dunno why. Vangelis reminds us he's 100% rudo, in case you were wonder if he was one of those nice guy Nazis. This is theoretically an Angels team up, though it doesn't seem to matter more than any other combo of three tecnicos.

1: Director prefers to show Hijo de Faraon standing on the apron then Metalik and Arkangel's opening exchange. Metalik can't do much on the mat - his only counter to Ark's stuff is doing a takedown and putting on a toe hold - but he can cartwheel his way out of an armbar and armdrags Ark out. Stuka and Bronco are next. Bronco immediately gets a full nelson and yanks Stuka around. It's as good as Chris Masters, he'd cost a little less, and sell as many tickets if AAA wanted to steal him. Stuka finally gets free with a leg pick, and covers for zero. bronco looks on am armbar, and Stuka reveres it and get in a hiptoss. Lockup again, Bronco with a waistlock, and  measured elbow drop. Bronco aimed that one (and still kinda missed, but no more than usual.) Front facelock for a bit. Bronco pulls Stuka into a crucifix, Stuka escapes to his own, Bronco escapes and lands on top, all to counts. Stand/kneel off. Stuka's short enough already that he doesn't need to be giving Bronco more inches, but that's what he does. I wonder why these two are getting the long mat opening, but then which two would I like? I dunno. Stuka wins another lockup, front facelock, snap mare, off the ropes, Bronco is covering up for about three seconds before Stuka gets back to dropkick him in head. Bronco rolls out, Stuka slides after him, Bronco runs up the aisle to be safe. Hijo del Faraon and Vangelis are ready to go in the ring, but the other four end up facing off on the outside for no particular reason. Arkangel is not intimidated by Stuka at all, so Stuka just whacks him with a chop to knock him down. Referees have to go to get them back out off to their corners to the match and continue. Faraon quickly get a takedown, backs up to the corner, cartwheel over and backflip for no reason. Faraon charges, slides under Vangelis' leapfrog, shoulderblock and a springboard armdrag to send Vangelis out. Hijo del Faraon is apparently auditioning for the prestigious "18th best high flyer in CMLL" spot. Ark dropkicks Faraon back to his corner, Metalik comes in with a springboard headscissors for him, Ark slides out, Metalik backdrops Stuka to the apron, and Stuka lands on apron with an Asai Moonsault. Metalik trips Vangelis out of the ring, and get just enough of him on a springboard tope con giro. Faraon and Bronco in, and the slightly newer kid gets killed by a Bronco clothesline. Bronco misses another, Faraon off the ropes and - I'm not sure how to describe Faraon's move, but it's ends with a seated armbar, and that's good enough for the submission. Bronco sells it huge. Other rudos get quietly counted out. It's almost like a reverse Mistica, but that's not it either. Many replays. 

Promo: In the usual bumper promo, Mr. Niebla talks about Pesta Negra and emphasizes CMLL being the best lucha libre in the world

2: Bronco is already sliding out to avoid Metalik, so obvious JIP. Bronco's still favoring that right shoulder, and Arkangel is angry at him for some reason. Stuka and Vangelis in, Stuka yelling as he runs the ropes to get his flips in. Bronco tries to help, and ends up getting chopped by his partner. Stuka very very slowly gets the rebound double armdrags. Stuka ducks under Ark's clothesline as he comes  in, slides out after teasing a dive, get backdropped on the apron, and comes down with a spinning headscissors. Stuka poses, but the rudos attack him on the outside. Brawl breaks out on the floor, with the rudos quickly winning Bronco slams Metalik on the floor, which actually does not break him. Captains stay out while the other two rudos work over the other two tecnicos in the ring. Bronco has a strut going. Faraon is eventually left in with all three rudos. Double back elbow, and he's held up while Bronco goes to the top - missile dropkick knocks Faraon all the way out. Stuka checks on him, then comes in to take on all the rudos. he's quickly held on the ropes,. Whip, bad wheel kick from Vangelis. Metalik brought in and chopping into the corner. He's whipped into Arkangel's double corner boots, and his legs are held apart for Ark's middle rope low blow elbow drop. Foul? No foul. Stuka brought in again and held on his knees so the rudos can untie his mask. Vangelis is doing most of the work, while Ark keeps the other guys away. They start to pick Stuka up, then snap mare him back down for a triple submission. Metalik comes in, Bronco lets go of his his hold to kick Metalik away and then puts his hold right back on. Stuka won't give, oddly. So they let go  and place him in the middle of the ring. Triple dropkick? No, tecnicos pull out everyone but Vangelis, Vangelis is slow to start charging, Stuka ducks his non-existent, Stuka tries to tilt-a-whirl Vangelis, Vangelis slips free and yanks of Stuka's mask. That's it. Kinda waste of time.     

Both side brawl after the whistle, mostly Stuka and Vangelis once Stuka gets his mask back. Both sides get broken up a couple times, only to get right back in it. Vangelis eventually walks away with Stuka's mask, though the fans then Hijo del Faraon almost grab it back. I'd be more into this - because this seems like a clear build to a mask/hair match between the two - if this ended up going anywhere. 

Promo: Ultimo Guerrero

Match 2: Black Warrior (c), Sangre Azteca, Olimpico vs La Sombra (c), Valiente, Grey Shadow
Arena Coliseo, 07/06/08

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Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:26
Approx Rating: Okay.
Other Match Notes: Sombra has his NWA belt. If you expect Grey Shadow talking about Sangre Azteca again, you win. Shadow's now talking about a shot at the belt, which Sangre doesn't even bring to the ring. Olimpico does the promo for his team and talks about Valiente. Those two are quite opposites, now that I think about it.

1: Sangre and Valiente start on the mat, both doing a lot more than last week. Sangre tries tying Valiente in notes, but Valiente has some natural defense to that. Warrior comes in, and both Warrior and Shadow ant at him for some reason. Sombra gets to stay. Sombra off the ropes, over, dropkick to Sangre just for a standing on the apron. That gives Warrior enough time to stop Sombra, chopping him and kicking him near the rudos. Sangre and Olimpico get in shots from the outside. Corner whip, reversed, Warrior stops short, Sombra charges, Warrior backdrop him, Sombra drops to the apron. This seems to be the point where a tecnico jumps in to take his place, but Shadow just hangs out watching for a second, and then finally does something after   Warrior just looks at the corner. Springboard in, Warrior moves out of the way, and Olimpico knocks Shadow down from behind, and Warrior clears off the apron with punches. Olimpico whips Shadow and knocks him down with a back elbow. Sangre joins in while Warrior clears off the other two guys by himself. Shadow takes a double backdrop, and Shadow chops him around while he's all ready weak. Valiente whipped around, Olimpico drop toe hold, Sangre dropkick to the gut. Meanwhile, Warrior gives Sombra a DDT on the ramp. Shadow back in and kicked around. Corner whip, Olimpico running clothesline, who sends him out into Sangre's takedown. Warrior and Olimpico grab the leg as Sangre goes up - top rope low blow missile dropkick connects. Valiente brought in, while Warrior covers Shadow for one pin. The other two give Valiente a double tapatia, and Warrior adds a facelock for fun. That's the fall. Sangre drops Shadow on a front row chair for fun.

Promo: Olimpico

2:  Rudos still in control. Olimpico finds time for muscle posing in between working Valiente. Double back elbow for Valiente. Rudos have big plans, but can't get Valiente in the right position, so they just kick him out. Shadow in, rudos not really organized but end up getting the slingshot hold/Olimpico springboard splash on him. Bad splash by Olimpico, not much spring. Sombra in, and kicked around. Corner whip, Sangre charges, Sombra moves and Sangre splashes the corner. Sombra gets Warrior with a headscissors, avoids, Olimpico's senton, and flattens warrior with a tope con giro. Valiente gets Olimpico with a plancha, a Russian legsweep, and a grounded octopus hold. Shadow gets Sangre with a fireman's carry into a double knee gutbuster, and the match is tired.

3: Valiente and Sangre to start. Valiente is all over Sangre, including escaping a monkey flip while landing on his feet, and monkey flipping Sangre right out of his mask. That wasn't planned - it was untied by Shadow earlier, who celebrates it - and I guess the refs will let it go. Sangre retreats outside to put his mask outside, and Valiente follows him out with give him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The referees give him a stern warning about his behavior. Sombra and Warrior in. Replays. You can see Sangre's face if you pause it, but it's not that blatant. His mask totally went flying, and everyone went nuts because it was at an unexpected spot. Back in real time, Sombra must've got a cheap shot on Warrior, because he's celebrating it and Sombra's not moving. Warrior takes his time following up, because Sombra is down and hurting for quite a bit. Warrior leans over Sombra and feeds his arm for Sombra to kip up off, and they show the referee instead of the start of the spots. Sombra headscissors Warrior around the ring. Warrior stops him and kicks him in the corner, but takes the knee bump on the charge. Sombra has a rope flip dive tease. Tag to Shadow, who wants Sangre and gets Olimpico. Olimpico focus on poising. Shadow gets a headlock, shot off, over, under, waved by, back with a spinning headscissors. Olimpico first and back elbowing him down. Raise the roof. Olimpico corner whip, charge, Shadow gets his feet up too soon, Olimpico tosses him, Shadow lands on the apron, knocks Olimpico away, and knocks him down with a plancha. Shadow in, under a clothesline, kick catch enziguri is ducked, but the back heel kick is not. Shadow off the ropes, tope was a bit of a surprise but it connects. Sangre quickly going up top - plancha on Shadow. Valiente waiting for this spot - Valiente Special on Sangre! Warrior and Sombra left in against each other. Warrior  misses on the clothesline, Sombra 'rana one two NO. Sombra bodyscissors cradle one two NO. Sombra 's fired up but not getting the pin. Sombra charges, Warrior flips him to the apron, Sombra comes back with a 'rana - no, he's short, and Warrior capitalizes by turning it into a powerbomb, one two three. That didn't look like how the spot was supposed go, but it worked for a finish. Tecnicos are in quick to check on their partner, and to stare at the rudos.

Sombra checks his neck but seems okay. No challenge shown. That's it.