CMLL FSE GdR - 07/13/08 (#100)

Open: Damian 666 and Mr. Aguila and Mr. Aguila's hair. 

Intro: features tight zooms on the FSE logos. They mention Espantos and Villanos as ex champions - there's more on this in Luchas 2000, of course.

Match 1: Amapola (c), Medusa, Rosa Negra vs Marcela (c), Princesa Blanca, Luna Magica
Arena Coliseo, 06/30/08

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Winner: tecnicas (2-0)
Match Time: 9:10
Approx Rating: Okay
Other Match Notes: Remember Blanca has a fur skirt or tail or something. I have no idea. Marcela has her belt and quite the outfit. when Rosa Negra was a tecnica for a week? Don't worry, neither do they. Amapola has her belt. Everyone seems to be in a happy mood this week. No promos?

1: Marcela and Rosa to start, Marcela with a snap mare and a big kick to the back. Kneeling surfboard. Rosa Negra stands up out of it and gets a knee bar. Dropping down to tie the legs up. Tapatia?  NO, not quiet, Marcela slaps free and kicks her away. Lock up, Marcela armdrags. Zero leg trips, except Rosa gets her boots up when Marcela tries to cover her. Marcela dragged around by her hair. Break? Odd.  

And they pick up right where they left off. Rosa lifts Marcela into a crucifix, and flips her over for a gutbuster. Corner whip, Marcela jumps up the corner and jumps back with a missile dropkick. Amapola lifted in a fireman's off for a backbreaker. Marcela does a dive fake (not even to the side Rosa goes out) and tags. Amapola and Blanca in. Whatever Blanca was wearing before, she's taken off now. They battle over headlocks for a moment. Amapola shot off, back, under, rolling over, knocks Marcela down with a back elbow. Amapola off the ropes, into a slow spinning backbreaker.  Once more - no, Amapola escapes, knees Blanca, and throws her down by her hair. Amapola drags her to the corner, but Blanca breaks free and throws her by her hair. Amapola rolls out. Tags to Luna and Medusa. Medusa is seems significantly smaller than she used to be. I shy away from that topic with women wrestlers but it's hard not to note it here. Luna cartwheels over a drop down, and gets dropped via elbow anyway. Medusa works over on the ropes. Whip, Medusa misses a clothesline, Luna back with a swinging headscissors. Luna off the ropes, 'rana, no, I guess facebuster instead. Dropkick instead. Cartwheel celebration. Captains both in. Amapola rushes and knocks Marcela down with a boot Off the ropes, boot caught, and Marcela hammers her with a clothesline. Whip, reversed, Amapola miss her shot, Marcela bumps her and goes to the ropes - swinging headscissors. Amapola rushes Marcela one more time, and Marcela sweeps to the outside. Marcela slingshots, towards the floor, hits her feet on the ropes and - abrupt crowd shot - lands a pescado. They didn't really cover anything up there, and it looks like the dive connected anyway. In the ring, tecnicas dropkick rudas. Corner whips are reversed, but tecnicos end up with stalling submission holds. Amapola in first - Marcela in after a delay. Amapola misses a clothesline, Marcela tries to dropkick but knocks Luna Magica out anyway. Amapola use the moment to break Rosa Negra out of Princesa Blanca's hold, and they both double boot out Princesa. Medusa get the best of Marcela, and holds her for the other two to keep kicking. Marcela gives, but the rudas do not look interesting in stomping. Referees call it, but the rudas keep working Marcela over. Referees are able to break Marcela enough free to raise her arm, but the rudas swarm again and stomp a mudhole in Marcela. This actually feels like excessive violence for once. Rudas only break from working over Marcela to stop the other tecnicas from coming in, and then to argue the finish. 

Replays include a full replay of the dive they were trying to hide before. Does anyone actually watch this show, or do they edit it blind? I need to know.

2: Rudas still in control, but that ends right after the fall graphic. Marcela backdrops Medusa to the apron on a corner charge, then takes the other two with an armdrag headscissors combo. Marcela goes out after Medusa as they other two clear the ring. Outside the ring brawling comeback. More standing around then brawling, actually. Medusa and Marcel end up brawling in the ring for a moment as everyone else goes to a corner. Amapola in for her side, and Marcela grabs her in a waistlock roll up with a bridge, but only for 2. Marcela off the ropes, spinning headscissors into a deep leg hook cover, one two no. Corner whip, reversed, Marcela hops to the top rope, Amapola waits for her, and Marcela flattens her with a big missile dropkick. The other rudas clear Marcela out, but the other tecnicos give them missile dropkicks. Blanca gives Medusa a casita for one pin, Magica puts Rosa Negra in a nudo, and Marcela gives Amapola a double underhook backbreaker for the straight fall win.

Match 2: Nosferatu & Euforia vs Flash & Stuka Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 06/30/08

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Winner: Flash & Stuka, new champions
Match Time: 17:20
Approx Rating: Good, though not great.
Other Match Notes:  Stuka and Flash are wearing (oddly tight) Gen 75 shirts. RED VS BLUE. Way to color co-ordinate. Infernales have the much better promo. We don't see the championship photo, but Tigre Hispano discusses the rules with them for a bit.

1:  Flash and Nosferatu start. Flash still has red elbow pads with his blue outfit. Lockup, Flash with a go behind, Nosferatu very carefully picks a leg to turn him around. Flash tries to break thru the hold as the announcers talk about the belts. Nosferatu with a headlock, Flash turns it into a facelock, Nosferatu escapes to a hammerlock, Flash back elbows and jumping snap mare free. Zorro leg cover - no, Nosferatu is just going to stay on top of Flash and hold onto the arm. I guess he fool Flash that time. Nosferatu stands it up, and Flash cartwheels his way free. Test of strength - Nosferatu cheats with a kick and controls the double wristlock. Flash up on Nosferatu's shoulders, but escapes out the back for a crucifix, one two no. Nosferatu quickly gets in a kick, pouts on an armbar, and tags on Euforia, who goes right after the mare. Flash is flipped to the mat, then Euforia picks him up to spinebuster him, then leans his shoulders down on the mat. Flash kickout in time, then pulls himself up and over Euforia for a sunset flip, two count. Lockup, Euforia with a trips, Flash tries a headscissors from the mat, but Euforia kicks him away, snap mares him over, and kicks him in his spine. Euforia off the ropes - no, on the mat, after Stuka trips him up. Flash escape the other way as Stuka springboard in with a stomp on the rudo. Stuka gets a headlock and holds on tight. Euforia trying to break free, and punches his way to a facelock. Swung around into a headlock. Stuka shoots him off, and Euforia knocks him down with a shoulderblock. Monkey flip leverage spot allows Stuka to get to the top rope - but not stay there, slight slip which the crowd is quick  to jump on . Euforia hiptoss Stuka in, but Stuka stands on his feet and armdrags Euforia way. Zero leg trips, this time Euforia tries to stay on top of Stuka and takes a headstand headscissors into a cradle, one two no. Stuka kicks at Euforia, but Euforia deflects him away and chest slaps him. Stuka chest slaps right back, so Euforia kicks him down. Corner whip, reversed, Stuka charges, Euforia gets his boots. Euforia charge out, sunset flip, Stuka rolls thru, Flash springboards in on Euforia with a splash, Nosferatu tries to break it up, Flash moves then covers both, one two rudos push him off, both Stuka and Flash cover, one two and rudos shove them off again. Tecnicos charge, but the rudos handle them. Nosferatu gets each in a side headlock, Euforia stands on their back and grabs an armbar from each side. That's it!     


2:  Stuka and Euforia in to start. Stuka off the ropes, over, under, into a monkey flip. I think Stuka was caught by a surprise a bit there. Euforia off the ropes, under a clothesline, and knocking Euforia down with a back elbow. Too bad for him, Nosferatu knocks Stuka down with a spear. before he can do any more. Both Infernales take Stuka to the ropes. STUKA chant, but the chop still hurts. Whip, double clothesline, Stuka going out almost before he got hit. Flash in, rolling in past both guys, but still getting knocked down. Nosferatu loads him up for a Euforia face powerbomb, but Flash reverses to a bodyscissors cradle one two Nosferatu break it up. He realized what was going on at the last second there, which is about three sooner than usual, Flash whipped, over Euforia, and turning Nosferatu's attack into a springboard headscissors on Euforia. Euforia out, Stuka in - Nosferatu boots him. Flash off the ropes, Nosferatu ducks his clothesline, Nosferatu waves him by the next pass, and Stuka lifts him from behind into an moonsault plancha onto Euforia! That was different. Stuka charges Nosferatu, catches his clothesline, and drops him with a forward fireman's carry slam. Stuka to the top - Stuka splash MISSES, Nosferatu just barely rolled out of the way. Nosferatu on top, one two THREE. But that's not it, Flash back in and fighting. Chest slap battle with Nosferatu. Flash isn't going to win that, so he kicks Nosferatu instead. Whip, drop toe hold, off the ropes, Nosferatu drops to all fours, Flash hooks one arm with his foot and rolls over Nosferatu's body to pull him into a cradle. One two three! Euforia in and quickly running Flash over. Euforia off the ropes, 'rana, Flash blocks it and powerbombs him. Flash going up the ropes, somewhat in an odd fashion. 450 splash, one two three. Looked like Flash might have done a 360, and then dropped on top for the pin.

3: All four in the ring to start - definite clip here.  Infernales end up booting the tecnicos out, then immediately dropping them with topes. Replays as everyone recovers. Nosferatu is up first, and pulls Flash towards the ring. They exchange chest slaps out there, before Nosferatu brings Flash in. Front facelock, swung around into a reverse neckbreaker, one two no. Flash tries to clothesline Nosferatu, but he blocks it lifts Flash onto his shoulders,  and drops him forward. Stomp, and Nosferatu's going up? Risky. Senton con giro comes up empty! Flash crawls on top one two NO. Flash off the ropes, plancha, Nosferatu catches him, and gives him a backbreaker. Nosferatu bends him over his knee for the submission, and Stuka races into break it up with a dropkick. Nosferatu out, Euforia very hesitantly in. Euforia off the ropes, backdrop reverse into a sunset flip, no, Stuka blocks it and rolls it forward into his own sunset flip, one two NO. Both slow up. Stuka tries a headscissors, Euforia blocks and drops him on the ropes, Stuka uses the rebound to break free and cradle Euforia, one two no. Stuka up first, and scooping Euforia up. Slam, and Stuka's going up. Maybe not, he's not so sure after last time. Stuka stops to listen to the crowd, and to stomp Euforia one time. Now he's going up - no, he's not, yes he is but surely taking too long. Moonsault, Euforia moves, but Stuka lands on his feet. Stuka charges Euforia in the corner, Euforia lifts him up and places him on top. Valaguesa! Stuka holding out, and Euforia hasn't snapped to this knees yet. Flash rushes in to kick out Euforia's leg, Stuka falls on top for the pin, Flash helps hold him down one two Nosferatu breaks it up with a sunset flip on Flash one two NO. All four tried and showing it. Nosferatu and Flash are sent out. Stuka and Euforia face off. Euforia charges, waved by, Stuka puts his head down too soon and Euforia loads him up into an inverted Gory stretch! Will Stuka give? No, he's fighting his way free, headscissors cradle, sitting down, Euforia reverses it his own pin one two NO. Stuka's real close to being the first out twice now. Stuka up first, but Euforia kicks him into the corner. Euforia charges, Stuka moves, and Euforia hits the post on his way out. Stuka going all the way up, faster now, - moonsault to the floor! Nosferatu and Flash charge each other, and Nosferatu upends him with a kneelift. Corner whip, Nosferatu charges in, Flash lifts his body over the charging rudo and slides down his back for an inside cradle, one two NO. Flash springboard small package, barely holding onto it, one two NO. Flash dropkicks Nosferatu up, and sets himself. Flash runs to the corners, runs up the ropes, then leaps down to the apron when spots Nosferatu moving out of the way. Flash runs the apron towards Nosferatu - tope con giro comes empty! Flash makes a loud splat noise as Nosferatu steps out of the way. Inside, Stuka lifts Euforia on his shoulders and drops him. Heading up, just a little unsure, and gives Euforia enough time to trip him up and knock him out. Nosferatu grabs Stuka and encourages his partner to dive - tope con giro gets Nosferatu, not Stuka! Who's going to be left standing? Flash is being checked on by the doctor but looks pretty sure he wants to continue. Euforia and Stuka  in, Stuka's clothesline caught - Euforia Special, but he didn't get all of it. Stuka kinda oddly slipped free. Euforia nods to the crowd, but doesn't hurry to cover. Flash still down on the outside. Euforia headed up - moonsault? Nope, Stuka trips him up. Fireman's carry slam, senton to keep Euforia down, and Stuka heads up. Stuka splash! One two three.

Tiger Hispano quickly gets to counting out Nosferatu, who hasn't moved on the outside since taking the dive. Flash doesn't look in great shape, but Stuka pulls him in the ring so they can explain the countout finish. Announcers don't care and talk about them being new champs before the countout happens, so it's all a little odd.

Replays. Stuka has his belt, and Flash gets his own, but we see him being helped to the back instead of posing with the title.  Ending video shows a post match handshake we missed. Oh well.