CMLL FSE GdR - 07/06/08 (#99)

Intro: Shocker, who's wearing his Guapos U shirt again.

My favorite part about the opening is they have all big spots from the torneo, and mixed in is Diamante Negro doing a shoulderblock. Big spots are where you find them.

Match 1: Amapola (c), La Nazi, Medussa vs Dark Angel (c), Goddess, Luna Mágica
Arena Coliseo, 06/22/08

  1. rudas
  2. tecnicas
  3. rudas

Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 9:20
Approx Rating: Okay till the near death
Other Match Notes: Sahori overshoots her cue for some reason, and hurries in behind Goddess. Maybe it makes more sense if we could hear the actual music. La Nazi does not have her helmet. Amapola has the belt. No promos? No time!

1: One on one start. Sahori and Medusa, then Dark Angel in to face someone. Amapola says no, changes her mind and comes in, and then leaves anyway. It'll be La Nazi again. Pose off! This is semi-ridiculous. La Nazi just leaves after the pose off! Fine with me, Amapola vs Dark Angel instead. Dark Angel off the ropes, Amapola tries to hiptoss her, Dark Angel blocks it, puts her leg over Amapola's neck, pulls herself on top for 'rana, but, Amapola reverses it into a powerbomb. That's enough to start the beatdown. Amapola clears the apron herself while the other two pick up Dark Angel so Amapola can hit her. Double boot sends Sarah out. Sahori in, and corner whipped into Nazi's boots. Goddess in, corner whip, corner elbow, corner splash, and big corner splash. La Nazi grabs Goddess for a giant swing, and Medusa crushed Goddess with a dropkick. Medusa wanted to make sure she hit Goddess, and she sure did. Goddess tries to roll out, but Amapola keeps her in. Nazi spinebuster, Medusa senton, that's it for her. Amapola gives Dark Angel a side campana to win the fall, and the other rudas stand Sahori on her head just to beat her as well.

2: Rudas still hold the ring. Goddess is worked over and thrown out. Dark Angel is booted in the corner. Nazi gives Sahori a running splash, but decides not to stay on for a pinfall. Dark Angel is thrown around by her hair. Goddess brought in, and given a triple big boot. Sahori and Dark Angle both trying coming, and they're knocked down. Back elbow for Sahori to knock her out. Dark Angel is whipped, and Medusa clotheslines her down. The way Amapola walked away from it and started yelling at the crowd, I thought that was supposed to be the miss. Nazi and Medusa whip Dark Angel again, and Medusa misses the clothesline this time. There you go. Dropkick for Nazi, kick for Amapola, Dark Angel waves at Medusa to charge her already, and then kicks her out of the ring into a dropkick on Nazi. One more dropkick for Amapola and Sarah heads up the ropes. Top rope plancha onto the rudas. Sahori in and running, Amapola misses a clothesline, Sahori grabs the ropes, then starts running again, and Amapola boosts her for a pescado onto the group outside. Goddess in, Amapola charges her, Goddess takes her down - sharpshooter? Reverse figure four. That's enough for the fall.

Replays, but no break. They do kill time waiting for the ring girl to show up.

3: Nazi is working over Dark Angel when they get around to showing the match. Whip, Angel tries a plancha, but Nazi catches her and slams her. Dark Angel off the ropes, running splash misses, Dark Angel out of the way. Sarah charges, and manages to take over Nazi with a 'rana. Both up, and Dark Angel walks right into a La Nazi punch. That knocks Dark Angel back into the corner. Nazi charges, Dark Angel moves, then charge herself. Nazi boosts Angel out, Angel lands on the apron, climbs up, and missile dropkicks her. Nazi stumbles backwards, and takes an easy bump out of the ring. Dark Angel sets up, runs off the ropes, charges - and hits the top rope on the way thru a tope con giro! It's ugly and short of Nazi, but Dark Angel completes her flip and lands on her back, though she may have still banged her head on the floor on impact. I can't remember her trying that before - she just didn't get high enough this time. Nazi keeps Dark Angel from getting up, and a referee and a doctor are quickly over to check on her. All other four get in the ring, and the tecnicas get roll up pins, only for the rudas to kick out. Tecnicas off the ropes, but the rudas catch them in signature moves - Amapola gives Goddess a backstabber, Sahori takes a spinning side slam for Medusa - and that's the match.

Some guy in a suit I probably should know is out there checking on Dark Angel, and a stretcher-ed is quickly rushed out to her. She's conscious but looking out of it. Sahori seems to vanish out of there, while Goddess takes her time selling Amapola's move. Replays of the dive gone wrong form multiple angles. It's a great job by Sarah of bending her head forward so it took as little of the impact as possible.

Promo: Mictlan/Fabian. Pass!

Match 2: Bronco vs Vaquero vs Vangelis vs Skandalo vs Sensei vs Flash vs Mictlan vs Astro Boy in a seeding battle royal 
Arena Coliseo, 06/22/08

  1. Skandalo (out Sensei) (1:48)
  2. Sensei (self) (1:48)
  3. Flash (by Astro Boy) (2:27)
  4. Astro Boy (self) (2:36)
  5. Vangelis (by Mictlan) (3:12)
  6. Vaquero (by Vangelis) (3:52)

Winners: Bronco & Vangelis
Match Time: 3:52
Other Match Notes: This match starts - they even did team introductions and all - and I still don't know who all is in it until they give me a good look in the ring.

Fights break out in all four corners. I forgot Vaquero lost a hair match, but he's got it short here. Lots of brawling, and a longer time before our first elimination this week. Astro Boy tries to choke Bronco thru the ropes, which probably won't work out so well. Tecnicos seem to have no problems fighting tecnicos here. Sensei takes himself and Skandalo out of with a headscissors, so there's our first match. Shouldn't that be the strategy here? Figure out the weakest team and make sure you face them in the first round? I think honor or pride stands in the way, which is a good reason not to have those two things. Flash gets Astro Boy with a bodyscissors armdrag, but then charges again and gets backdropped to the floor. Diamante Negro whips Flash, and just stands and watches as Astro Boy does a tope con giro out of the ring onto Flash! I guess Astro Boy thinks Flash is the weakest! Oh, wait, no, he's trying to get back into the match! Now we know who's the smart one in the family. It does not work, Astro Boy's told to hit the bricks. Mictlan is backdropped out by Vangelis, and we're left with all rudos. Vaquero and Vangelis team up on Stuka, kicking him down in the corner, then dropping him with a double clothesline. Vangelis whips him towards Vaquero, who knocks him down with a back elbow instead of tossing him up. Vangelis waits by the ropes as Vaquero picks up Bronco. Whip, reversed, Vangelis sees Vaquero running towards him and decides one elimination is as good as another, backdropping Vaquero to the floor. That's the match, though Bronco and Vangelis take turns missing each other's moves before a referee finally gets involved.

Match 3: Skandalo & Nitro vs Neutron & Sensei in a eightfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Tournament
Arena Coliseo, 06/22/08

Winner: Skandalo & Nitro
Match Time: 2:14
Other Match Notes: Skandalo has shaved his head and now has a open back mask to expose it, for some reason. He's also got Abismo Negro like mouth makeup going on. JIP, as I'm sure all will be. Sensei gets Skandalo with springboard bodyscissors armdrags, then a walk the ropes rope flip into a standing position into a headstand headscissors. I was wrong, the real strategy is to do your most eye catching spot in the one minute of TV time they're giving you. Rudos miss a double clothesline on Sensei, Neutron in, Neutron boosted into a double dropkick on both. Rudos out , tecnicos running - stereo tope. Skandalo not in the mood for catching, more in the mood for sitting. Neutron's holding his skill, not sure why. (Besides hitting Nitro with his head, of course.) Everyone slow back in the ring, making sure this is longer then most matches last week. Nitro in first, but looking tired and waiting for someone to come in. Neutron does, off the ropes, Skandalo trips him up. Double whip, drop toe hold, double elbow, camel clutch hard dropkick to the head. Pin? No, Sensei's in. Corner whip, corner clothesline, whipped the other way, and Skandalo loads him up for a behind the back piledriver. Neutron whiffs on the springboard reverse tope, and Nitro stretches him for a submission.

Match 4: Astro Boy & Molotov vs Flash & Stuka Jr. in a eightfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Tournament
Arena Coliseo, 06/22/08

Winner: Stuka & Flash
Match Time: 2:06
Other Match Notes: Looks early, with Flash armdragging Molotov around. Zero leg trips, standoff. Stuka, who's wearing a yellow/light blue outfit to match Flash's gear, is a lot more dominate on Astro Boy early. Whip, Stuka misses a clothesline when Astro ducks under, Stuka misses a knee when Astro front flips over onto his feet. Stuka charges, and does a handspring backflip as his own counter. Astro Boy off the ropes, 720 headscissors sends Stuka out, and Astro Boy teases the dive. Flash gets him with a springboard armdrags, but Molotov gets Flash with one of his own. Flash off the ropes, armdrag by Molotov. Molotov off the ropes, springboard backflip escape. Flash tries a kick, Molotov spins him, Flash tries a punch, Molotov grabs and runs up the corner for an armdrag. Flash goes out, and Stuka gets to him with a low power tope. Astor and Stuka back in, face to face. Astro off the ropes, Stuka tries for a tilt-a-whirl but Astro escapes and pulls him into a backstabber. Astro signals a flip, but Flash cuts him off with punches. Flash gives Astro a chestbreaker. Meanwhile, Molotov sets up a leg submission on Stuka, only to be small packaged. One two three on both, and team light blue wins. Stuka seems to be hurting, grabbing his head and not getting up right away.

Match 5: Polvora & Vaquero vs Fabian el Gitano & Mictlan in a eightfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Tournament
Arena Coliseo, 06/22/08

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 2:23
Other Match Notes: I sense a travesty of justice coming this way. Match picks up with Mictlán knocking down Polvora with a springboard splash. Mictlan lifts Polvora up on his shoulders - is that the actual ring whistle? this might actually be complete! and drops him whit a spilt legged powerbomb. Vaquero makes the save, and dropkicks Molotov. Both cowboys in and dropping Mictlan with a double flapjack. Corner whip, Vaquero charges in and knock Mictlán down, then slingshot-ing him into a Vaquero dropkick! That's pretty good. Fabian storms in, knocking down Vaquero with one chest slap. Polvora gets a hold of him, and hold shim for a running kick. Big chest slap by Polvora. Double whip, double pres, double slam. Rudos ask the crowd if they want to see another. Whip, double clothesline misses, and Fabian knocks them both down with a springboard reverse tope. Mictlan gets Vaquero with a spinning backbreaker. Polvora misses on a clothesline, and Mictlán - oh, Mictlan's horrible. Rolling dropkick gets no air, gets nowhere close to hitting. Polvora probably shouldn't have even sold it, but he does throw himself out of the ring. Mictlán off the ropes, then stops before diving (Polvora not up fast enough?) and does a pescado instead. Vaquero and Fabian in, and Fabian runs over the smaller man with a shoulderblock. Fabian misses another, Vaquero grabs him in a waistlock, and Fabian back elbows him away. Fabian scoops him up into a Gory Special. Vaquero gives, and Polvora is quickly counted out for the match.

Promo: Nitro says the titles are coming home to Guerreros Tuareg.


Promo: Loco Max and Vangelis. That's a team right there. They insist they're the future champions.

Match 6: Diamante Negro & Bronco vs Loco Max & Vangelis in a eightfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Tournament
Arena Coliseo, 06/22/08

Winner: Diamante Negro & Bronco
Match Time: 1:57
Other Match Notes: Joined in mid Vangelis cartwheel. That's great. Springboard armdrags takes Negro over, but Vangelis celebrates and Diamante knocks him down with a back elbow of his own. Diamante Negro off the ropes, clotheslines misses, and Vangelis gets him with a dropkick to the knee. Diamante Negro off the ropes, Vangelis dropkicks him out, off the ropes, tope takes them both down. Bronco sets up near those rope - springboard plancha onto Vangelis. Loco Max sets up - slingshot tope con giro onto the pile! Loco's really grown out his hair, something's going down. Loco thrown back in by Diamante, who chops him one time hard. Whip, Negro with a boot, Loco's scooped onto his shoulders, then - kneelift to someplace? Supposed to be the head? To the groin? To the ribs? Who can say, not me for sure. Probably not Loco Max, though he sells it as a foul. One two three. Vangelis gets on the apron, and the production crew is slow to realize this means the match is still going. Diamante Negro ends up suplexing him in, and Bronco adds a top rope splash, one two three.

Match 7: Skandalo & Nitro vs Flash & Stuka Jr. in a quarterfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Tournament
Arena Coliseo, 06/22/08

Winner: Flash & Stuka Jr.
Match Time: 1:37
Other Match Notes: Rudos rule the ring. Stuka's in against both. Whip, Stuka ducks a double clothesline, Flash is a beat slow so only Nitro takes the springboard dropkick. Skandalo knocks down Stuka, then gets Flash with a big chest slap. Corner whip, reversed, Flash charges in, Skandalo boots him up and scoops him for his finish. Behind the back cradle powerbomb? No, Stuka dropkicks Skandalo over. Nitro in, and Flash chops him one time hard, knocking him clear of the ring. Chop for Flash while he's at it. Each rudo grabs a tecnico, double whip, stereo powerbombs, one two NO. Skandalo puts his feet on the ropes, and then took them off. Strange. Nitro boots Stuka down, then attempts to chop Flash, only to get Stuka instead. Flash scoops up Nitro on his shoulders, and drops him in position for the Stuka splash. Flash gets Skandalo with a Northern Lights suplex for the other pin, then leads over to say something to him before celebrating.

Match 8: Diamante Negro & Bronco vs Fabian el Gitano & Mictlan in a quarterfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Tournament
Arena Coliseo, 06/22/08

Winner: Diamante Negro & Bronco
Match Time: 2:08
Other Match Notes:  Diamante just did something to Fabian, because he's celebrating it. Whip, reversed, and Fabian gets Negro wit a big hiptoss. Fabian works over Negro with chests slaps. Whip, reversed, Fabian ducks under a clothesline, Fabian back with a spinning headscissors. Fabian off the ropes, spots Bronco waiting to backdrop him and keeps on running. Luckily, Fabian lands on the apron and pulls Bronco down by his mask, before getting Diamante with a Asai Moonsault. It's a bit off line. Inside, Mictlan drop toe holds Bronco and carefully applies a casita, one two NO. Mictlan's clothesline caught and Bronco cradles him, but Fabian's back in to break this up. Both Mictlan and Fabian kill Bronco with a chop at the same time before adding some more. Double whip, and Diamante trips up and pulls out his own partner. Bronco's confused and unhappy with that one. Mictlan and Fabian make belt motions before deciding to go for a double tope. Rudos duck down, tecnicos hold up and do pescados instead, rudos move out of the way, and tecnicos go splat on the floor! Rudos stomp the tecnicos. Bronco elbow drops Mictlan on the floor while Diamante slams Fabian. Lots of stomping. Hey, someone want to get in before they get counted out? Rudos don't seem to be paying much attention - ah, Diamante notices the comments and waves his teammate in. They beat the count, tecnicos aren't moving. We have our semifinalists.

Promo: Bronco and Diamante and are taking the belts back to Laguerno!

Promo: Flash & Stuka tell Nosferatu and Euforia to be ready for them. I guess that sort gives it away, but I they mean it "after we win this tournament"

Match 9: Diamante Negro & Bronco vs Flash & Stuka Jr. in a semifinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Tournament
Arena Coliseo, 06/22/08

Winner: Flash & Stuka Jr.
Match Time: 1:35
Other Match Notes: Everyone down, Stuka seeming upset about a pin on Negro not working. Everyone looks exhausted, but they get up. Bronco clubs Stuka with a clothesline, hitting him in the side of the head to send him out. Flash dropkicks out Bronco, then goes for a spinning headscissors on Negro. Negro blocks him and  powerbombs him down. Referee starts to count, sees the other two coming back in, and seems to give up. Doesn't matter, Bronco gets Stuka with a sunset flip and the ref counts both at the same time - one two NO! Crowd's into it. Stuka and Diamante dropkick out their opponents, and both hit the ropes for a dive at the same time, only to realize they're not in the ring with a teammate and might as well be fighting. Stuka misses a clothesline, but hits a kick. Both are confused for a second, but Stuka end on Bronco's back for a bodyscissors powerbomb. Flash up top, looking a bit uncertain - 450 splash connects! That's a pinfall. Bronco charges Stuka, 'rana countered into a powerbomb, and Stuka quickly up top - supersonic splash! One two three, we've got our second team.

Tecnicos celebrate.

Highlight package and we're done.