CMLL FSE GdR - 06/29/08 (#98)
Recapped: 07/05/08

Open: Dr. Wagner Jr.

They actually name all eight teams in the open.

Intro: Misterioso and Miguel talk about the main event.

Match 1: Hooligan vs Nosferatu vs Artillero vs Caligula vs Metalik vs Rayo Tapatio I vs Angel Azteca Jr. vs Tony Rivera in a seeding battle royal
Arena Mexico, 06/15/08

Winners: Nosferatu and Rayo Tapatio I
Match Time: 2:13
Other Match Notes:  Still can't believe they're doing (half of) the Arena Coliseo tag team tournament in Arena Mexico. No shot of the ring before the whistle blows and we're looking at the valets after, so hopefully no one goes out quick before I can notice they're in. Tony walks up the ropes for no reason and Hooligan wastes no time in shoving him out. What a goofball. Wait, how am I supposed to figure out which Rayo this is? Hmmm. Lots of brawling, rudos control because there's more of them. Announcer struggling to remember who Tony is teaming with. I wish I had that problem. If you like people battling in corners, this is your kind of battle royal. Angel Azteca and Hooligan battle near the ropes, which is a mistake it's easy for Metalik, Rayo Tapatio I and Artillero team up and throw them all out. Azteca makes sure to hit the apron on the way out, so Hooligan lands first. This clears the ring enough to let people run the ropes. Nosferatu uses this to knock down Metalik a few times. Caligula slams Artillero, but Rayo I whips him back at the commando, who monkey flips the Roman to the floor. If you're going to get eliminated on TV, Messala decided to make it good. Artillero leans over the ropes, surely bringing up something from a Neza related feud, and Rayo I dumps him over too. Meanwhile, a Metalik corner charges Nosferatu, and the Infernales just backdrops him to the floor. Odd to a see high flyer not just land on the apron there, seems to break the lawyers of their usual psychics.

Anyway, that leaves Rayo II and Nosferatu, who are more than ready to get it on, only the referee won't let them because they're the final two.

Promo: Messala and Caligula want to win the titles on Fox Sports. Everyone getting promo time tonight? Break.

Match 2: Arkangel & Hooligan vs Tony Rivera & Leono in a eightfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Tournament
Arena Mexico, 06/15/08

Winners: Arkangel & Hooligan
Match Time: 1:38
Other Match Notes: I did not make up "Eightfinal", I swear. I guess I could just say "quarterfinal of Block A", but I'm a big picture person.

JIP, which I suspect will be the pattern. Probably just after a comeback started, with Tony boosting Leono in a dropkick on both nomads. Bad dropkick by Leono, of course. Rudos roll out, tecnicos go off the far ropes, charge the rudos and dive double tope, except Leono hits the ropes and ends up way short. Looks like his feet hit the ropes, but he landed okay. Everyone takes their time getting back in, and we bed up with Arkangel and Tony. Ark runs right into a spinning backbreaker one two no Hooligan breaks it up. Hooligan puts on an armbar and waits, and Leono is a beat too slow with another (bad!) springboard dropkick. This is a bad day for Leono, if you can imagine that. Ark with a whip, on Leono, and tosses him out of the ring to Hooligan on the apron. Hooligan catches him, and hooks him Hooligan Crash on the stage! (Leono probably should sell it right away instead of looking at the crowd, but whatever.) Ark rushes Tony on the apron, but Tony forearms him away, climbs the ropes, waits for Arkangel to get up and jumps directly into a powerbomb. One two three.

Match 3: Caligula & Messala vs Angel Azteca Jr. & Mascara Purpura in a eightfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Tournament
Arena Mexico, 06/15/08

Winner: Angel Azteca Jr. & Mascara Purpura
Match Time: 1:03
Other Match Notes:  JIP. Romans are in the midst of a double atomic drop, double back elbow combo. They make a wish with Angel Azteca's leg for fun. Corner whip, Caligula whipped in after for a clothesline, Messala boosted up for a dropkick. Mascara Purpura in, but immediately kicked in the corner. Corner whip for him, Caligula whipped in, Purpura moves out of the way, then reverses a Messala clothesline into a whip toward Angel Azteca, who gives him a backbreaker. Angel Azteca Jr. immediately gets Messala in a reverse neckbreaker hold for a submission, while Purpura gives Caligula a springboard reverse tope and (of course) a running shooting star press. Post match crowd shot is about 1/3rd as long as the match.

Match 4: Artillero & Super Comando vs Metalico & Metalik in a eightfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Tournament
Arena Mexico, 06/15/08

Winner: Metalico & Metalik
Match Time: 1:21
Other Match Notes:  JIP. Guerrilleros are working of Metalico with double team moves. Corner whip, Metalik boosts his partner to safety, then handstands over oh, not so much. Metalik blows the handstand landing, rudos wait for him, and Metalik backflips over the clothesline as fans get on him. Super Comando boots the GDL youngster down, but the rudos turn and walk into Metalico's top rope plancha. Metalik off the ropes, and boots into a headscissors on Super Comando to send him out. Artillero knocks down Metalico with a back elbow, but Metalik backdrops him out as well. Dive time? Metalik runs to the rope rope, and planchas Artillero as Metalico goes underneath with a tope on Super Comando. Tecnicos rolls back in, and referee counts out the rudos in record time. Fans not happy.

Again, they kill about a minute looking around the ring and watching replays of the dives.

Promo: Rayo Tapatios want the titles. Break.

Match 5: Nosferatu & Euforia vs Rayo Tapatio I & Rayo Tapatio II in a eightfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Tournament
Arena Mexico, 06/15/08

Winner: Infernales
Match Time: 1:53
Other Match Notes:  The graphics actually show that Rayo I is wearing a top, and Rayo II isn't. Helpful! Match picks up with Nosferatu spearing Rayo I,. Rayo II in, and reveres a backdrop into a sunset flip. Euforia breaks that up with a dropkick. Infernales whip II into the ropes, double clothesline misses, Euforia tosses II but he  dropkicks Nosferatu out. II celebrates, and Euforia kicks him down. On the outside, Nosferatu charges Rayo I and takes an armdrag. Euforia's backdrop gets reversed into armdrags, and Rayo I grabs him on the outside. Rayo II dives, but Nosferatu pulls his partner to safety and II takes out I with a tope. That's the end for them, for sure. Tigre Hispano counts fast are they doing ten counts today? - but the rudos ram II backside first into the post before bringing him back in to break the count. II takes the full nelson stretch, and he's done. I makes a return, but only to be clotheslined by Nosferatu and given a double press slam by the rudos.

Match 6: Arkangel & Hooligan vs Mascara Purpura & Angel Azteca Jr. in a quarterfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Tournament
Arena Mexico, 06/15/08

Winner: Mascara Purpura & Angel Azteca Jr.
Match Time: 0:49
Other Match Notes: Purpura's just knocked Hooligan out, but Ark hammers him with a clothesline, Azteca ducks under Ark's clothesline, and keeps running into a tope on Hooligan. Inside, Ark tries to get Purpura with a pinning clothesline, but Purpura blocks it and forearm slams him. Going up top what could this be? Shooting Star Press hits good, one two three. Wow, that was short even for these. Oh, they're padding the time with a countout on Hooligan, who's making no particular effort to get back in. It does seem to be a 20 second deal this time, just a quick one.

Match 7: Nosferatu & Euforia vs Metalico & Metalik in a quarterfinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Tournament
Arena Mexico, 06/15/08

Winner: Infernales
Match Time: 1:18
Other Match Notes: Looks like the Infernales were planning a double boot on Metalico, but Metalik yanked Euforia out and Metalico caught Nosferatu's boot. Euforia recovers quickly, lifting Metalik on to his shoulder and flapjacking him on the apron. Inside, Metalico gets a spinning headscissors on Nosferatu to send him out, ducks Euforia's clothesline on his way to sliding out, charges Nosferatu, gets tossed to the apron, fights off Euforia from there, and lands an Asia moonsault on Nosferatu. Metalik back in with a springboard headscissors on Euforia, and follows with a tornillo gone horribly wrong! It started off fine, but Metalico spins the wrong way, got no distance from the ropes, hit them with his feet, and hit the ground hard. Everyone's quickly over to check on him, because it looked like he landed on his head. Infernales take Metalico back in, and Nosferatu get a top rope splash to end it. They don't seem to countout Metalik, who's being stretched out quickly.

Multiple replays of the dive. Looks like Metalik landed on his back, just enough.

Match 8: Nosferatu & Euforia vs Mascara Purpura & Angel Azteca Jr. in a semifinal of the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Tournament
Arena Mexico, 06/15/08

Winner: Infernales
Match Time: 4:08
Other Match Notes:
 Although both teams are fighting when the match is joined, this one is actually joined at the whistle. Everyone's knocked out until it's Nosferatu and Angel, and Nosferatu knocks the smaller man down with a shove. Nosferatu with a whip, and a backdrop, but Angel slips out to his feet and dropkicks Nosferatu out. Angel off the ropes, Euforia cuts him off with a boot. Mascara Purpura in, tossed up, but down with a 'rana one two no. Both looking for support from the crowd. Euforia misses a clothesline, Purpura up on his shoulders, down the back for a sunset flip one two Nosferatu saves. Euforia and Purpura roll out, and Azteca comes into a chop Nosferatu. Abdominal stretch cradle, one two Euforia breaks that up with a dropkick. Euforia with a whip, Angel Azteca sunset flip, one two Azteca reveres it so Euforia takes Nosferatu's dropkick instead of him. Azteca tries to dropkick Nosferatu, but misses for real, then misses again. Azteca off the ropes, charge, Nosferatu catches him on his shoulders and drops him backwards electric chair suplex, bridging pin, one two three! (1:51) Nosferatu celebrates, but Mascara Purpura grabs him with a flying 'rana one two three. (2:08) Crowd ecstatic and into the match. Euforia can't believe it, but it's down to these two. Purpura off the ropes, right in a spinning faceslam one two NO. Euforia looks at Nosferatu and the crowd. Off the ropes, Purpura tosses him up and powerbombs him, one two NO. Crowd thought that was it. It can't end without Purpura going for another SSP, can it? Purpura's all fired up. Both are selling big exhaustion. Corner whip, reversed, Euforia a charges in, but no one's home. Mascara Purpura lets him rebound out into a fireman's carry forward slam, and calls for his move. Crowd not sure about it and Purpura briefly hesitant. 450 splash (!), Euforia moves, Purpura rolls to his feet, Euforia kicks him anyway. Euforica Special! That's it! Infernales take this block. Crowd seems to approve.

Match 9: Misterioso II, Rey Bucanero, Olimpico vs Marco Corelone, Volador Jr., Heavy Metal
Arena Mexico, 06/15/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 7:58
Approx Rating: Kid's Day like main event, though shorter. 
Other Match Notes: Looks like we're getting entrance music in Arena Mexico. How odd. Monito is with Volador. Metal walks out wearing a bandana, but takes it off to ravel his bald head before even walking down the stage. In his pre-ring promo, Metal puts a Monster 666 sticker over the Fox Sports logo. Heavy Metal vows to live up to his Monster t-shirt tonight. Rey comes out to speed metal? Huh. Rudos jump the tecnicos as son as they call get to the ring. Rey handles the promos for his team.

1: Rudo beatdown. Metal takes the flying sit on the stage. Rudos double suplex Corelone, Olimpico adds a springboard splash, and this is quicker than the tournament matches! Of course, they get a couple more falls. Break between falls seems condensed. No commercial break.

2: Marco Corelone takes a double boot. Metal takes a triple boot. Volador comes in, despite not being any more people to kick him. Rudos whip him for nothing in particular instead, and he rewards them with a double handspring back elbow. Metal and Corelone storm the ring, Metal getting Rey with the Heavy Punch before Marco goes out to brawl with him. Girls really like Marco, it's quite a surprise at this point. Metal teases throwing Olimpico into fans and ends up sending him into the post instead. Both sides get to their corners rather quick. Misterioso and Volador in. Volador tires the up and over sunset flip, but Misterioso shoves him off and boots him in the corner. Misterioso charges, Volador backdrops him to the apron, Misterioso fights him off and goes up, Volador joins him up top, a short moment off discussion follows, and Volador opts for the off the top rope 'rana. One two three. Metal gets a dropkick to his knee and a casita on Olimpico for the other pin, and Marco is content to pose for Rey. Oh, wait, he's getting in the springboard clothesline too. Pin, even though it doesn't matter at this point.

Promo: Mr. Niebla announces his return to Arena Mexico

3: Olimpico and Heavy into start the match. Crowd behind Heavy, probably because his loss. Olimpico makes fun of his bald head. Kick battle turns into a chest slap battle. Whip , Metal ducks under, armdrags, Metal off the ropes, Olimpico drops down, Metal drops an elbow on him, Olimpico crawls out. Misterioso in, Misterioso takes a Heavy punch and timbers to the mat. Rey in and ready to get a piece of Metal no, he spits at Volador, guess he wants him instead. Volador gets all fired up by the crowd, so Rey decides he ought to leave. Rey walks up the stage, with Olimpico following behind to console him. They agree that Olimpico should face Volador instead, which is not what Volador wants. Olimpico decides, okay, he'll take on Monito again. Tecnicos aren't down with that idea, neither is Monito. SO Olimpico kicks him. Volador chops Olimpico away, but Monito wants in too. Volador still doesn't think this is a good idea, though Olimpico thinks it's a fine idea. Volador gives it his okay with a five step handshake and leaves. Olimpico does pushes and poses. Monito's not impressed he does one arm pushups and kicks dirt at Olimpico. Olimpico kicks him down, and Volador gets Olimpico with a springboard plancha. Volador off the ropes backflip, off the ropes, spinning headscissors. Rey comes in now, and Volador has to get the crowd going again. Volador off the ropes, flipping over a backdrop, under a clothesline, and connecting directly on a superkick. Enziguri takes Rey down, and some how causes him to claim foul. Rey out, Misterioso in, Volador with a spinning headscissors into an armdrags back into a headscissors to send him out, then a top rope moonsault to the floor! Metal and Rey in, Metal with an armdrag, Rye misses a clothesline, Metal takes him of the ring with a Heavy punch, then dropkicks him thru the ropes. Olimpico grabs Heavy in a headlock, but Heavy shoots him off and Marco knocks him down with the heavy punch. Metal grabs Olimpico in a hold while Marco backs up the apron wait, does Monito want to do it? Ah, no, he dives off the stage to get Rey, then Corelone does his Superman dive on Olimpico. One two three. Referees quietly countout the rest of the team, though the fall is called right there.

Replays, dance number to kill some time (yea, they had extra time on this show), and that's it.