CMLL FSE GdR - 06/07/08 (#93)

Intro: Announcers hang out at the mask stands. Monito mask!

Angeles del Ring: Yes, they're actually doing something with the group. Shocking. Bumpers through the show with one guy or another talking directly to the camera while everyone else poses behind him. By the end of the show, we've got Volador, Hector Garza, Stuka, Angel Azteca Jr., and guys who aren't ever identified but must be the Angels. I guess the idea is they're pitching Metalik to join the group, I'm very confused because I thought he was in the group.

Match 1: Satanico (c), Sangre Azteca, Hooligan vs Metalik, Grey Shadow (c), Stuka Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 05/25/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 7:56
Approx Rating: fun, but not as much as I thought
Other Match Notes: Entrances. Hard to pick midcard opponents that'll make you look better than this rudo trio. Metalik is mentioned as the Occidente Welterweight Champion here and in the open. Metalik does the promo to introduce himself. Satanico does the promo for his team, promising to test Metalik and all the new guys

1: JIP, just as the rudo beatdown is starting. Sangre still hates Shadow, and dropkicks him directly in the face to prove it. Stuka may be wearing a shirt for the new tecnico group but we never really get a close look at it. It'll come up a little later. Metalik gets flapjacked, and everyone takes turn throwing him around by his mask. Welcome to Mexico City! Satanico finishes him off with a reverse Boston Crab. Hooligan backdrops Stuka, and Sangre gives Shadow a face first powerbomb to finish the fall.

The fan segment here, with the crazy rudo fan with a megaphone, is the only one that's every been great.

2: Rudos still in control. Lots of talk about Metalik here. Stuka takes a Sangre questionably slow dropkick followed immediately by a higher Hooligan one. Why are they talking about the Villanos website? I dunno anything. Rudos aren't really doing as much selling as I thought, seeing as they just keep stomping Metalik and the others around. Announcers talking about the NFL. Of course. Shadow finally ducks a double clothesline to start the comeback. That one knocks Satanico out, Sangre rolls out to fight someone, and Shadow - gets into a chest slap battle with Hooligan. Shadow finally gets Hooligan out with a thru the ropes deke and follows with a tope of his own. Metalik and Sangre in, Metalik takes him down and holds him for a Stuka splash. One two three. Metalik top rope quebrada on Satanico one two three.

The members from some random band, not as cool.

Arte de Catch: - again, no move names by Tony Salazar.

Grey Shadow still wants a mask match with Sangre Azteca. I'm thinking no.

3: Satanico has Stuka down as this fall starts. Off the ropes, Stuka under a clothesline, backflip for fun, armdrags ends out Satanico. Sangre in to face him, and then jump Stuka with a kick when Stuka thinks Sangre's posing. Sangre goes a little crazy with stomps and running in place on Stuka's chest. Sangre off the ropes, clothesline misses and Stuka monkey flips him all the way across the ring. Sangre backdrops Stuka to the apron, Stuka waits for a moment, then runs to the top for a headscissors, which connects. Hooligan in, big boot to Stuka, Hooligan charges for more, Stuka moves, and Hooligan throws himself out of the ring. Stuka teases a running dive, Hooligan ducks, Stuka slingshots to the apron, Hooligan runs to escape again, Stuka cartwheels out of his dive to the floor, and gets Hooligan with a headscissors on the floor. Shadow and Sangre in. When we're looking at the whole crowd, Sangre gets Shadow in a headlock and tags in Satanico to chop him to pieces. Corner whip, Satanico follows with a back elbow, but no one's home. Shadow's mastered the art of the time killing submission and gets on Satanico. Sangre charges to break it up, Metalik comes off with a top rope plancha and Sangre swats him out of the air with a dropkick - THAT'S HIS MOVE! One two three. Too bad for Metalik, looks like he made it one match in DF before being killed. Hooligan breaks up the hold on Satanico, and Stuka crashes and burns when trying to dive after the Tuareg member. Hooligan outs on a double armbar to get him, just as Satanico puts Shadow in an arm hook submission. You'd think if they were pushing the great high flyers, they would've not get owned here.

Match 2: Rey Bucanero vs Alex Koslov for the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship
Arena Coliseo, 05/25/08

  1. Alex inside cradle (1:35)
  2. Rey powerbomb with feet on the ropes (1:12)
  3. Rey Buca Storm (9:14)

Winner: Rey Bucanero (2-1)
Match Time: 12:01
Approx Rating: Good, not great. Typical singles match in CMLL. 
Other Match Notes: Alex has Grey Shadow as his second. Alex says he's prepared and ready to win this for the fans and be the next champion. Rey has Loco Max as his second? Between this and the opener, I guess the Tuareg and the Guerreros are okay again. Loco's the most excited man to help up a belt for someone else in the history of such things. Also, Rey's dyed his hair to look like a skunk, I think. I have no other explanation for that, or his jeans vest. Rey Bucanero has a different fashion sense than I and most of the rest of the world, that's for sure. Rey is at 94 kg, Alex is at 90 (I think.) Leo Lopez represents the commission, Rafa el Maya is the ref. Alex and Rey get into a shoving match as the picture is being taken.

1: Alex and Rey start face to face, with Loco Max still in the ring for whatever reason. Rey drops Alex with one punch, and I guess now the match is really on. Alex tries to recover and getup, but Rey stomps him down in between celebrating. A little too much celebrating, and Alex pops up and dropkicks him out. Alex wastes no time, off the ropes, tope con giro! Alex quickly up and pounding Rey, who's a bit overwhelmed. Lots and lots of punches. Replay of the dive as Rey retreats back in the ring. Rey grabs Alex as he comes in and whips him, but Alex comes back with a sunset flip one two no. Alex drop toe hold, casita, one two NO. Alex tries a clothesline, Rey catches the arm, grabs him, hooks a leg, and tosses him behind - I don't know what that was, but it worked. Rey adds a standing senton, one two NO. Rey sits up to protest, the count - and Alex cradles him from behind, one two THERE. Rey and Loco have trouble believing what just occurred.

El Inmortales: they don't actually use the name, but we get the old TV with a dial graphic. I guess they don't want to advertise this as a match from deep in the vault because it's actually Mistico vs Black Warrior from 2006.

2: Rey stalls rather than start this fall. Alex gets on him with chest slaps, Rey reveres a whip, Alex handstands and backflips over it and puts up the Stop Sign, which seems out of place in a match like this. Rey maybe thinks the same, because he throws a clothesline instead of just waiting. Alex ducks it, and headscissors Rey. Rey falls back to the corner, Alex gives chase, Rey flips him to the apron, Alex slaps him away and knocks him down with a top rope plancha. Both get up, then rest and look for a second. Alex charges and jumps for a 'rana, Rey powerbombs him (Alex landing awkwardly) and pins him, putting his feet on the bottom rope. One two three. Loco Max is in so fast to celebrate, he had to be in before the finish.

Okay, random girl fan swearing is good as well.

El Arte the Catch

3: Worst job of hiding a clip ever. We start with Alex flying at Rey and connecting with a springboard forearm. Alex waits for Rey to get up, and dropkicks him out. Alex slings to the apron, sets up for an Asai, but Rey trips him up and pulls him off. Loco tells him to follow up, but Rey's going at his own pace. Rey in, Rey running out, Alex diving in, Rey slides out not a safe role. Rey turns towards the ring, and Alex levels him with a springboard plancha. Both men down on the floor. Grey Shadow remembers he has a towel to wave while Loco Max just acts like Loco Max. Clip to both guys being back in the ring. I think we just skipped the cavernaria! Alex charges for a 'rana, and Rey awkwardly powerbombs him again. Senton, leaning back cover again one two NO. Rey argues the pin again - maybe now's not the time to go to a crowd shot, guys, since Alex just won a fall this way. Sure enough, just as they're coming back from one, Alex pulls Rey into a crucifix again for a near fall. Rey slams Alex and lets everyone know he's going up. Loco Max working hard to discus this with Rey. Is he going to do it? Well, not if he discusses this forever. Rey to the second rope, flying - nothing, right into Alex's enziguri. One two NO. Alex up and looking at the crowd. Alex thinking about going up but taking his time too. Rey's waiting for him, Alex plancha, Rey rolls thru, one two NO. Rey was actually close enough to hook the ropes that time, but must've not seen it. Loco Max yells in more instructions, and Rey crawls on top of Alex for another pin try, one two no. Rey off the ropes, Alex with a wheel kick, which actually doesn't come close to hitting. Perhaps that's why Rey is able to quickly turn the tables on Alex when he picks him up, pulling the Russian into a a set of backbreakers and dropping him, with a face first powerbomb. One two NO. Rey misses a punch, Alex does not miss a superkick. 'rana, no, Rey again reverses to a powerbomb and puts his feet on the ropes. This is right in front of Shadow, who shakes the ropes to get his feet free, and then tries pushing them off. It doesn't really work in time, but Alex kicks out in time either. Loco Max swats him with a towel, and those two almost have a fight while the other two in the ring are recovering. Rey up first, clothesline is telegraphed, Alex ducks under and goes for a springboard, but Rey trips him up and pulls him off the ropes into a backbreaker. Rey off the ropes, running sliding dropkick knocks Alex off. Rey off the ropes again, rolling to the ropes and slingshoting out with a tope con giro to bowl over Alex. Both men down on the ground and being checked by their men. Replay of the dive. Loco gets warned for trying to help Rey up. Rey's the first one in, but just enough to break the count and stomp Alex. Alex attacks Rey from behind as he crawls back in, and grabs his arm - cavernaria around the ropes! That's both vastly effective and vastly illegal. Rey quickly nods his head to give up, and the ref tells Alex to break. Shadow and Alex think the title is over, but the referee is indicating the hold has got to be broken because it's in the ropes, which Loco Max storms the ring to make clear. Rey's ecstatic when he finds out he's still got a shot, and Alex is in disbelief as the match goes on. Rey restarts things with chest slaps, and wins that battle with a kick. Rey of the ropes, clothesline misses, Alex charges, bodyscissors revered right into a neck crunching Buca Storm. One two THREE.

Shadow comes in to check Alex is still alive as Rey and Loco celebrate. Lots of rudo fans celebrating too. Replays, Alex claps for Rey and lets him know he wants another match, and that's it.