CMLL FSE GdR - 06/01/08 (#92)

Intro: promos by Shocker and Atlantis & Olimpico, who appear in a jovial mood. I don't think Atlantis actually gets a line in.

Baul de Ring

Match 1: Bronco III, Skandalo, Arkangel (c) vs Mictlan, Metalico, Fabian el Gitano (C)
Arena Coliseo, 05/04/08

  1. tecnicos
  2. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 7:51
Approx Rating: bad in parts, worse in others
Other Match Notes: No match in the opening segment and entrances for this match means they've got time to kill this week. What a trio of tecnicos this is. Metalico does the promo for his team and has a Metalico shirt. It's very generic, seems about right. Bronco does not look like a horse, sadly. Sadly to me, anyway. Bronco may be from the US. His Spanish sounds that way. Also, he's actually wearing a t-shirt that says "American". I'm Sherlock Holmes like that.

1: Fabian/Bronco is JIP, Fabian in control. They lockup, spin into the ropes, and Bronco forcibly breaks it up. Bronco's a few inches taller than Fabian, who's not a short guy in this crew. Bronco's also Euforia-like lean. Battling over waistlocks. Bronco escapes to a hammerlock and hiptosses Fabian, mocking him while he lays on the ground. Hi fives for everyone. Fabian holds his left hip as he gets up. Lockup, Bronco with a hammerlock and very focused on it. Fabian rolls on the mat to get control, and finally turns it around enough to get in an armdrags. Bronco rolls out, Fabian celebrates. Metalico and Skandalo are next and not as interesting, unless you like a lot of moments where both guys look at each other before doing another move. Metalico comes up short on his tope and was clearly going to the whole way, and Skandalo just kinda watches him fall short. Way not to catch, dude. That was a very bad 15 seconds. Why are they bringing up Rey Jr.? Mictlan gives Arkangel a spinning backbreaker. Ark has an odd white mask. Mictlan celebrates, then catches Ark charging again and finishes him with another. Fabian cuts off Bronco with a top rope plancha and then almost goes over Bronco on a quebrada. Fabian must've thought he blew it, because he adds a legdrop for no other clear reason. It was fine, but better to make sure.

El Arte del Catch - hey, actual new footage! And they put a Guerreros del Ring clip there so they can use this on both shows - but they don't actually have anyone mentioning the name of the move. It's just "here's a MOVE". How odd.

To top that, here's a random Shocker promo about Mother's Day.

2: More JIP, because not only did we miss the start of the beatdown, we pick up with Fabian hitting a springboard double reverse tope to start the comeback. I'm okay with this one being clipped, especially after Metalico nearly loses Arkangel on a tilt-a-whirl slam and then does lose it with Skandalo. Metalico begs off from facing Bronco - I would think it might be the other way. Mictlan, the worker of this trio (!!!), gets Bronco with a springboard dropkick, Arkangel with another dropkick, and Skandalo with a clothesline. Fabian comes in to go after Arkangel's mask for no particular reason, and the fight slowly heads outside the ring for brawling. I have no idea why. Actually, there's the reason - Metalico really wanted to step off an armrest for a big armdrag on someone, and Skandalo happened to be there. Meanwhile, Arkangel and Fabian and literally slap fighting in the ring. I must've missed their four year death feud. Chest slap battle is impossibly won by Fabian. No, Arkangel got him with another one when Fabian leaned over to pick him up. Whip, Fabian sunset flip, Arkangel casually falls backwards to take it, one two no. Fabian can't get up without tripping over Arkangel's leg. Everyone's back at their corners and I'm kinda hoping for a tag. Fabian almost doesn't get up enough for a 'rana, but manages to pull thru pretty okay, Arkangel reverses one two no. Both guys resting on the mat, instead of just tagging someone, I guess. Ark back elbows Fabian to the ropes, Ark to the far ropes, Fabian follows and sends out Ark with a dropkick. Fabian teases a dive but is caught off by the other rudos. Metalico comes into face them and gets knocked down. Double whip, double boot, Metalico gently falls out. Skandalo whips Bronco into a dive as Magadan calls him "Crazy Horse" (great idea) - slingshot tornillo! Metalico freaked out with this large man started flying towards him and actually started falling before making the catch, but did cushion the fall. I don't think Bronco can do that every week unless he's got bigger guys to catch him. Back in the ring, Mictlan handles Skandalo easily and gets him in a time killing abdominal stretch. Fabian and Ark come back in, Fabian gets a springboard plancha but doesn't hold on for a pin, Fabian lands a big boot, and finally Ark pulls his mask for the finish. About time, Mictlan was tired of holding on. Fabian whips his head back, taking the hair away from his face and exposing for a second, allowing everyone to see it (including us at home, despite the far camera they use) and then drops down to cover up. He is SO losing his mask. Mictlan argues, and Skandalo gamely tries to cradle him for a win, but when I said everyone's saw Fabian's face, I meant the refs too. That's the match.

Match 2: Olimpico, Atlantis (c), Rey Bucanero vs Alex Koslov, Marco Corelone, Shocker (c)
Arena Coliseo, 05/04/08

  1. Guerreros
  2. tecnicos
  3. Guerreros

Winner: Guerreros (2-1) 
Match Time: 13:43
Approx Rating: Good, better than average.
Other Match Notes: Toscano vs Heavy Metal hair match hype! We're a little behind, huh. At least they're using this show to actually sell things for once. The High Society breakup match! No one cares! Alex does bring up the High Society but more Society/Guerreros than anything having to do with Rey being an ex-member. Atlantis is given an Atlantis action figure by a fan. I would think he has one. Rey does the promo for his team and focuses on Shocker.

1: JIP, Atlantis and Alex battling on the mat. This time, Atlantis seems to getting the best off it, until Alex sneaks out the back on a camel clutch, traps a leg, and puts on a chinlock. Atlantis is able to break free and locks on a knee submission. Alex battles, but Atlantis flips him onto his stomach, puts on an armbar, then a camel clutch, then rolls him over for a bridging pin. One two no. Tag to Rey, who's a lot more interested in facing Alex then he is when Shocker comes in. Rey keeping his distance. Rey rolls out, and the Guerreros think about walking out. Huddle near the entrance ramp. Atlantis asks for a timeout but strangely the refs don't give it him. Hey, when did Monito get here? I missed him. When the Guerreros get back to the ring, Olimpico comes in, not Rey. This does not please Shocker, who rushes out to face Rey. Rey tries to back away, but Shocker hits him, and his him hard enough to convince him to take it back in and fight. Battle on the mat is an odd choice, and broken up by a crowd shot. Shocker get a couple armdrags to send Rey out, and Rey slides back in when Shocker slides out to face him. Shocker comes back in and they get into c chest slap fighting. Rey tells him to take o it outside, and they chest slap out there. Rey tells him to take it back inside, Shocker goes in, Rey takes his time, Shocker tries to boot Rey as he gets up. Rey dodges, Shocker walks backwards to the ropes and Atlantis trips him up. Well, if you're going to walk backwards into it, that's only fair. Olimpico rushes Alex and takes care of him with a boot. Atlantis tries to take Marco down. No luck, but shoulders to the midsection and punches have some affect. Double whip with Olimpico, dope toe hold, and Atlantis stomps him down. Rey takes Shocker on a tour of ringside while the other Guerreros work over Corelone. Whip into a double corner boot, elbow drop from Olimpico. Alex tries to come into help and gets kicked coming thru the ropes. Shocker takes a monkey flip on the ramp. Atlantis pulls Alex into a spinning backbreaker, and Olimpico works him over more as Rey dumps Monito on top of Atlantis. Alex is rolled away, and the other Guerreros double suplex Marco. Cover, one two three. Alex brought back in, whip, Atlantis slaps him down, Olimpico holds him over his knees, and Rey adds the top rope twisting senton.

Shocker is in too late to help, but in plenty of time to be held for punches from Rey. Kicks to the head to finish him off.

2: Rudos still in control, but it's not as though the tecnicos are doing anything as we return. Rey is finding front row fans to throw Shocker at. Alex is screaming after every stomp - I guess they're working over his hand. Marco gets crotches coming in, and Atlantis kicks the ropes again to send him out. Drop toe hold, elbow drop. Whip, dropkick, out goes Alex. Rey joins his teammates in the ring to give Corelone the flying sit - except Shocker trips up Rey, Alex takes out Atlantis with ah is springboard forearm, and Corelone knocks down Atlantis with the left hand of death. Monito and Shocker ram Rey face first into the post, which is fun, and Shocker throws Rey into the crowd and punches him while Rey's sitting on front row people. Shocker brings it back in, so Monito can get in a (questionably low) dropkick. No DQ, though Rey clearly feels there should be. Rey hits Shocker while he's celebrating. Headlocks, shot off, over, shoulderblocks spins out Shocker. Rey fires himself up, off the ropes, waved by and slid out. Atlantis and Olimpico kick Shocker out, and get into a brawl with the foreigners. Corner whips, Marco and Alex rammed into each other. Whipped into the ropes, dual sunset flips, Guerreros roll thru and comes back with clotheslines, tecnicos duck under and inside cradle the rudos for the win! That was nice.

Toscano vs Heavy Metal

Atlantis talks about Mother's Day

3: Corelone leapfrogs over Olimpico and dances. This is a singles match that needs to happen. Marco does it again, and Olimpico dropkicks him, then attempt to kill him via elbow drops. Olimpico dance! Chest slap, whip, Marco goes over, Marco goes over, Olimpico dances, Marco knocks him out with one punch. We miss it, but Atlantis knocks down Corelone with one shot. We do get the celebration. Marco gets up, Atlantis takes him down, off the ropes, takedown - no, Marco ain't going anywhere. Atlantis has Marco in a bearhug, but Marco just dances. Olimpico breaks that up with a kick and the Guerreros celebrate kicks. Corner whip, Marco kips up and out, leapfrog over their charges, springboard clothesline - but no ones home. Atlantis charges, Marco gives him an armdrags, Olimpico charges, and Marco sends him into Olimpico. Olimpico misses another clothesline, but Marco does not miss on his next springboard clothesline. Air Italia dance. Tag to Alex, who waits for Atlantis to come back in to face him. Crazy tecnicos fans are doing Shocker's bicep kissing dance. Alex off the ropes, cartwheel backflip over, waved by, grabs the ropes to stop from running into Atlantis' clothesline, Atlantis charges but still misses the clothesline, Alex dropkicks him and it's questionably low. Alex yells "WHAT?" but Atlantis sells it and rolls out. Olimpico in, and spins out Alex with a running back elbow. Big chest slap. Another. Olimpico celebrates some. Clothesline caught, and Alex puts up the stop sign. Alex feels himself up, and Olimpico has to be sick of facing these people by now. Armdrags, armdrags, headscissors sends Olimpico out, and Alex teases a dive before stop to pose one more. Rey comes in to face him, so Alex hurries to tag in Shocker. Rey off the ropes, roll over, under, Rey into a monkey flip. Shocker gives Rey one more - no one takes more monkey flips than Rey Bucanero. It's his kryptonite. Just to prove the point, Rey knocks down Shocker with a chest slap, and then charge into a crazy monkey flip to the floor. Atlantis rushes Shocker out from behind to prevent a dive. (Monito gets in a splash on Rey instead of Shocker). Marco charges Atlantis, but he and Olimpico drop toe hold him into the corner. Alex is grabbed and whipped. double clothesline is too high, Alex gets boosted into a weak dropkick to send Olimpico out, Alex tosses Olimpico the apron and enziguri him off there. Marco rushes and leaps to the apron, then leaps off with a double clothesline on Olimpico and Atlantis. Those two recover just in time for Alex to almost go over them with a springboard forearm. Rey and Shocker in, Shocker nearly gets stuck in the corner after missing a boot. We lost one ref, who went out to check on the Guerreros. Rey backs to the middle of the ring, charge, and Shocker flips him to the apron. Rey chest slaps him from there, and slingshots in, ending up giving Shocker a chestbreaker in the process. Rey salutes. Whip, quick reverse, Rey ducks the short clothesline but ends up taking Shocker's big boot. Casita? No, Rey trips Shocker over, cradles him, and scissors the bottom rope with both legs - one two three.

Fans make a reaction like it took a good five seconds to realize Rey cheated. Or the Guerreros fans are just quicker. A ref and the doctor are checking on Atlantis, who must've taken the worst of Alex's dive. Replays show Atlantis got his right knee twisted trying to make the catch, so there you go.

Dramatic replay wrap up video.