CMLL FSE GdR - 03/09/08 (#81)
Valiente vs Olimpico

Open: Dark Angel welcomes us to the show.

Intro: Olimpico does a pre-taped promo. Valiente crashes the announcers standup to counterpoint. Valiente talking thru his mask is not a good idea. 

Outside the ring: LA Park gets dressed.

Match 1: Amapola (c), Hiroka, Mima Shimoda vs Dark Angel (c), Luna Mágica, Sahori
Arena Coliseo, 02/17/08

  1. tecnicas
  2. rudas
  3. tecnicas

Winner: tecnicas
Match Time: 11:32
Approx Rating: seen better. Hopefully will be see better.
Other Match Notes: Amapola talks about Sahori? I guessing welcoming her back to get beat up some more. It takes both Sahori and Luna Magica to respond. 

1: Clipped to start, of course. They pick up with tecnico showcase. Mima looks worse than usual versus Dark Angel. Luna Magica and Amapola may be clipped, and Luna is about usual. Amapola actually seems to get the better of that, tripping Luna off the apron to prevent her form doing a move, but Amapola makes the mistake of following out, and Magica ends up doing a cartwheel off the apron into an armdrag. While Amapola is on the outside, Dark Angel drops on her with a top rope plancha. Mima gets get knocked out in here, and Luna takes her with a Asai tornillo. Sahori gets Hiroka with a grounded octopus, which the production counts as the fall. Referees do count out the rudas, good for them. 

2: Sahori and Mima start this fall. Mima's still not good here, but I do like her new hair color. Amapola and Luna circle as if they're going to face off, but Hiroka randomly charges the ring to start the beatdown. Lots of kicking. Luna takes a double spinebuster and a splash. Hiroka covers her with one foot, and then changes her mind. and kicks Luna out of the ring. Dark Angel goes face first into a seat to keep her out. Hiroka finishes off Sahori with a cristo, Sahori gives her up, Hiroka drops her on her face anyway. Amapola takes care of Dark Angel to take the fall. 

Inmortales: Shocker & Rey Bucanero vs Blue Panther & Olimpico 

3: Tecnicas regroup in between falls and try rushing in the ring as a group. They all still get kicked down coming into the ring, and the rudas end up throwing them all out. Luna takes a triple dropkick. Amapola gets lured into a sneak attack just for the sake of doing it. Corner chargers for her. Angel is choked on the ropes. double whip, double - well, not on the same page, so it end sup with a kick. Double back suplex, Dark angle slips out on her feet, dropkick for Mima, other tecnicas in to dropkick the other rudas. Some brawl, some stand around waiting for other people to walk into their slaps. Sahori gets Mima with a silla in here. The other four are left in the ring, and Dark Angel stops a momentary rudo run to set up the double rollup finish.      

El Diseno: Olimpico

Match 2: Ephesto, Olímpico (c), Satanico vs Felino, Máscara Púrpura, Valiente (c)
Arena Coliseo, 02/17/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudas

Winner: Rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 7:13
Approx Rating: Sneaky good.
Other Match Notes: Dubbed entrances. I think for a second Purpura has a tapped up shoulder, but he turns out just to be really white. Ephesto will be wearing his Triad de Terror gear indefinitely. Felino and Satanico do fine promos, though Satanico seems to be looking at something just below the camera for the first half of it. Valiente gets to be captain? Yay for him.

1: Valiente attempts to get into a fist fight with Satanico. Valiente losses. Valiente does win when it comes to catch up with people who shoulderblock them, and getting behind them when they turn around. And he figures out the more effective thing to do with Satanico's punches is to armdrags them. Valiente comes up empty on a handspring reverse tope, and that starts the beatdown. Purpura's held over Ephesto's knees for Olimpico's springboard splash, and that's one elimination. Ephesto's Veg-O-Matic looks les than usual (Olimpico doesn't know to flip Felino over), but it gets the job done.

Q: [Mascara Purpura] ?De Quien Es Hijo? - that's an interesting question
A: Mario Segura, Topeteador del Norte

2: Beatdown continues for about five seconds. Felino rolls under a double clothesline, and Purpura hits the springboard dropkick to get the comeback started. Olimpico finds multiple females to fall into. It sounds like something is going on the ring, and we watch Olimpico and Valiente stand a couple feet away from each other for a while. Satanico must've faked a low blow, because he's selling like it when they get to the ring. Olimpico finds more women to harass. Inside the ring, Felino gives Ephesto a couple backbreakers, but is cut off by a simple back elbow. Valiente dropkicks him out, then boosts Felino over the top into a pescado. Valiente backs up to the corner - Valiente Special! Purpura slams Olimpico and goes up - clean SSP! One two three, and that's the captain. Valiente's has a referee check on his left ankle, and seems to be in some pain. Dive replays. Valiente didn't land that bad, but it's hard dive and he only had Ephesto catching him. He's fine when the third fall starts, or at least seems that way.

El Arte de Catch

3: Clip to start. Satanico and Valiente have a chop fest, Valiente holds his own, and then the punches get him. Satanico threatens punching the referee for telling him not to punch. Valiente whipped to the corner, Satanico charge in, Valiente moves out of the way and flips, Satanico knocks him down with a simple back elbow. Corner whip, Valiente double jump flip escape, and then armdrags when Satanico approaches. Satanico slides out, Valiente rushes and slides thru the ropes to chase Satanico out there. Referees have to stop Valiente form doing more. Ephesto and Felino left in, Ephesto misses a dropkick and Felino lifts him up to chop him. Headlocks, shot off, Olimpico tries to get a boot up from the outside, Felino catches it and runs it into Ephesto. Ephesto is chopped into the corner, right into a referee, who, takes an "accidentally" back elbow. Felino corner whip, reversed, Felino slides out, Ephesto slides out, they chase, Felino uses a camera man for a pick and gets him with a backbreaker. And then Purpura comes out of no where with a tope to blow Ephesto up! That was great. Valiente and and Satanico in, and Valiente rocks Satanico with topes. Shoulder, quebrada but no one's home. Satanico gets him with an armbar on the mat - and that's it! That's what being a veteran can do for you.  

Replays, no interview. That's it.