CMLL FSE GdR - 02/15/08 (#77)
Recapped: 02/15/08
Volador vs H. Perro Aguayo

Open: Maximo and a valet welcome us to the show and debate hair care.

Intro: Felino joins the announcers, does not get dived on by his son. Ohara does his team's promo in Japanese, confusing everyone. Volador also gets to talk about the big main event and tries real hard to talk with a growl. Perro congratulates Volador on his chance to be in the main event (and lose.) Felino's looking forward to the match.

Outside the Ring: Nitro

Match 1: Ohara, Satánico (c), Super Nova vs Felino, Máximo (c), Neutrón
Arena Coliseo, 01/20/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:58
Approx Rating: Could've been worse.
Other Match Notes: Dubbed entrances. Felino remembers to turn around to look at the camera before the entrance right when the door opens, so it's very confusing for him. Ohara is attempting to grow a goatee. Super Nova is a fill in rudo for Okumura. He seems to be as confused about being here as everyone else. Satanico has a fantastic cape. 

1: Clipped ahead to beatdown in progress. Magadan talks about how great an opportunity this is for Super Nova, to team with someone as worrisome as Satanico. He may have a point. Neutron takes corner charges. Maximo gets boot choked forever - I think Satanico was waiting for the rudos to whip him cross ring, but they never got around to it. Ohara does mange to give Maximo a butt punch.  Satanico finishes him off for a quick fall.         

2: Beatdown continues, breaking down into 1 on 1 battles. Didn't expect much teamwork from this trio. They ditch everyone but Felino so they can all pound him. Corner clotheslines for him. Neutron manages to sneaking a dropkick on Ohara, but gets stomped down. Satanico urges the other two to leave so he beat up Maximo himself. He doesn't really have a problem doing it. Lots of punches. Ohara yells at the crowd a lot. Satanico shoulderblock Maximo and head off the ropes, but Maximo stops him with a jumping butt bump. Perhaps a mistake. Super Nova is a little bit slow in realizing he should be in, and then doesn't quite know what to do when he gets there. Maximo ends up circling him around until Felino can attack from behind, and such begins a very undramatic comeback. Super Nova gets to Maximo's running butt bump to the groin. Crowd, prompted by the tecnicos chants for one more, and Super Nova gets it again. This'll teach him to go rudo. Maximo finishes off Super Nova with an abdominal stretch with butt grab, while Neutron takes care of Ohara. 

Arte de Catch: Cruz Nipona
Fan: the guy with the restaurant

3: Satanico knocks Maximo around to the point of tears. Armdrag, shoulderblock, Satanico off the ropes, Maximo spins out of the way, sneaking behind Satanico's back and surprising him. Satanico chest slaps him hard. Satanico off the ropes, Maximo sneaks behind him again, and hand kisses him. Maximo armdrag, and butt bump sends Satanico out. Super Nova in, and right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. And right into another one. Big chest slap. Felino decides to help out some more, putting Super Nova in a camel clutch so Maximo can do his crawl and kiss. Nova is quite grossed out. This is like Scared Straight, except not so straight. Felino and Satanico exchange shots, which Felino actually winning. Whip, reversed, Felino hiptosses Satanico. Satanico gets the edge in chest slaps when they get back up, battering Felino into a corner. Ohara comes in to help, and of course screws it up. Ohara gets dropkicked to the head after Satanico's clothesline out, and Felino beheads Super Nova with three clotheslines after he jumps in. Nova starts to get up again, sees the front clothesline coming, and just decides he might as well fall down on his own and get out. Maximo back in, and waiting for someone to fight. Not a lot of Neutron here. Satanico back in face him, and Maximo backs up, sacred. Satanico punches him. Maximo strikes back with a chest slap, but gets punched again. Maximo chest slaps him back, and Satanico claims a low blow. Referees somehow do not believe this. Satanico shoulderblocks Maximo, but ends up dropkicked out. Ohara dropkicks Maximo out, Neutron dropkicks Ohara out, Super Nova dropkicks Neutron out, Felino waves by Nova, so Nova reveres a flapjack into a dropkick on him. Nova the last one in, and he flies out with a great tope con giro. Maximo and Satanico back in, Maximo completely whiffs on the butt bump and Satanico puts him in a hammerlock - for the win? Wow. Ohara side steps a Neutron springboard reverse tope and puts him in a tilted sharpshooter too, but the fall's over. This seems like an upset. 

El Diseno: Fabian el Gitano

Match 2: el Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs Volador Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 01/20/08

  1. Perro powerbomb feet on the ropes (2:46)
  2. Volador small package (0:55)
  3. Perro mask pull small package (4:18)

Winner: Perro Aguayo Jr.
Match Time: 7:59
Approx Rating: kinda disappointing.
Other Match Notes: Both guys do additional promos before the match. Volador meets Perro in front of the ring, and the brawl has already started once the lineups are done.

1: Perro throws Volador around ringside, headbutts him, and throws him in. Whip, clothesline. Announcers no both guys are solo here - no partners at ringside. Perro sets Volador up on the top rope and goes to work on the mask. Volador's hung upside down in Tree of Woe, and Perro takes a moment to smile at the crowd. Volador ends up falling to the mat on his own, Perro paying more attention to the fans than him. Volador can't stand up, and Perro stomps him down. Corner whip, corner charge, Volador moves, and Perro ends up on the outside. Volador quick to the top, plancha knocks them both down. Volador in first and resting, but smartly on his feet and not on his knees. Perro appears to be limping a little bit. Perro comes in,  charges Volador, and runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Volador's fired up, and waits for Perro to get up. 'rana, Perro blocks it with a powerbomb, feet on the ropes one two THREE.

Q: [Volador] Cuantos Anos Tiene de Luchador Profesional Y Que Nombres Ha Utilizado?

A: 10 Years, "Novato", "Norteno 400", "Hijo de 

2: Perro in control. Volador's mask is very ripped and not covering his face much. Doesn't really look much like a Volador mask. Corner whip, Valor flips to the apron, Volador charges over, Volador of the top with a - well, it ended up being a Perro powerbomb because he was too far away. Perro doesn't hold on to cover, instead letting everyone know that he plans on killing him with a double stomp. Perro leans over to pull Volador in position, Volador small packages him one two three. That was rather quick. Perro is immediately up and arguing, and Volador is looking worse. He surely boinked his head on that landing and may be partially out of it. Volador tries to escape to the outside to get a break, and Perro chases him for a bit, before complaining that it was only at two count once again. 

El Arte de Catch

3: Perro's in the ring to start the fall, still arguing that three count. Volador's on the outside, but he rushes back into the ring while Perro's still arguing, and superkicks him in the back of the head. Volador must've gotten a new mask in between falls. Casita, Perro shrugs him off, Volador dropkick to the knee, casita, one two NO! Perro sticks out his tongue in celebration of escape. Crowd shots of people looking directly into the camera. Perro chant, and he stokes it. Whip, reversed, Volador back with a handspring, Perro catches him and German suplexes him! One two NO. Perro frustrated, but not giving up. They're using a lot of crowd shots to hide the resting periods. Perro directing the chants. Snap mare, Perro finally takes off his shirt skirt, lays it on Volador's head, and dropkicks him. One two th-NO. We're well into slow counts. Perro taking his time. Volador reverses something into a forward cradle into a legscissors! Perro pounds the mat, but of course that's not a submission here. Perro's got a long way to go to the ropes, and Volador pulls him back when he just starts moving. Perro crawls, crawls, reaches, not there, in a lot of pain, and he's got it. Chants louder for Perro. Volador pulls him up. Corner whip, reversed, Perro charges in, Volador boots him to the apron, Perro knocks him down and waves to the crowd again. Perro goes to the top - Volador goes with him. Volador stands on the top rope and pulls Perro up - moonsault sideslip! Volador DOESN'T COVER! What are you thinking?!?! Volador reaches to pull Perro up, Perro pulls the mask and small packages him, one two three. Well, he deserved that.

Perro Celebrates a win harder than he thought he would be, and Volador recovers enough to argue with the referee about missing the mask pull. Replay, a shot of a cut Perro got on the back of his left shoulder. That's it.