03/14-15 Lucha Times


AAA-MEX: Zorro/X-Pac, Chessman/Mesias.

FOX/LATV: Women’s match, the never ending battle between Tiger and Angel here, Guerreros vs Panther/Mictlan/Sagrado

52MX: Felino/Skandalo/Vangelis vs Fabian/Leono/Stuka and trios title feud

CMLL: Galavision lists this as 3h45 minute show. That can not possibly be correct. Top 3, unless they start moving around things because they have no TV for next week.

AAA-MEX: Chessman (and Konnan) vs Mesias, DMEX vs HF2

C3: Infernales/Okumura vs Flash/Pegasso/Stuka should be good. Plus unmasked Fire.

03/07-08 Lucha Times

It’s Daylight Saving Time in the US this weekend, but won’t occur in Mexico for another month. The times listed for each part of the chart is based on local time.

Someone asked in the comments about Ras de Lona. I think the “new” episode airs for the first time Thursdays. Whatever episode they air will repeat all week. To be honest, I’ve stopped watching it on TV and just watch it on the blip TV site, because it’s up days earlier and the new episode is always aired.

AAA-US: Mesias vs Chessman, KENTA returns, and more Apaches/Morenos. Overnight airing airs at 3 AM, but that means right after the time switch over.

LATV/FOX: Based on what they’ve been doing lately, this is a whole lot of Hijos del Averno, but they may switch things around with 52MX to spread out the Ephestos.

52MX: Latest iteration of Flash/Stuka vs Infernals and probably Pesta Negra/UG vs Panther/Marco/Dorada. Fun how UG and Panther only get along on Fridays.


CMLL: Time killing for two weeks. Women’s match sneaks on air here for the first time in a while, plus Panther/UG vs Villanos and random tencios vs random rudos.

AAA-MEX: 3 on 2 main event, Air Force vs Poder Norte, and Apaches vs Morenos & Billy (& Tiffany)

C3: UG vs Shocker

02/28-03/01 Lucha Times

box. Sorry for this being late, got busy. I think I should have something for the wiki tomorrow and I think I owe a follow comment or post or something for the Tapatia awards too. Plus, another podcast is on the way.

Let me note here that I wrote everything out, uploaded it, and then realized that maybe there isn’t going to be a February 29th this year. I caught that one, who knows what I didn’t.

AAA-US: another 2h30m episode. I haven’t gotten to this past week’s, so I don’t think if everything’s fine (because they only have five matches) or if that means editing is back. This show has Chessman/Ozz, Aerostar/Argenis/Gato vs Poder Norte and Electro/Jack/Teddy vs the Air Force.

LATV: Last week, the Sunday episode jumped 22 weeks in order to #109. This was supposed to be an episode that didn’t air on FSE, so I don’t know if they FSE just handed them the tapes, they had an empty one and they just stuck in a random episode, or if they – uh, actually, let me just stick with the random episode theory, that’s the best I got. Also, the Wednesday airing seems done – didn’t air last night, isn’t on the website grid anymore (though it’s still on the show page.) So who knows exactly what’s going on here.

Virus/Dorada for sure, plus probably the unaired fourth match trio from Friday and another Dos Jr. heavy main event.

52MX: Quite boring looking, to be honest.

CMLL: If the pattern holds, the minis should sneak on this show (so they can promote the cage match in Puebla?), plus Laguneros/Hijo/Villanos and a main event rematch.

AAA-MEX: Parka/Silver King, Abyss/Abismo, and Charly Manson’s return.

C3: Shocker vs UG and the big return of Sombrita.

02/21-22 Lucha Times

box. Also, check out the tvshow listings; I’ve caught up with the listings for all the CMLL and AAA shows to last week (and beyond in some cases.)

One of these days, I need to do a “most TV appearances on 52MX since I stopped getting 52MX” list. Right now, for those (and for the odd show I couldn’t find elsewhere), I’m just guessing based on what I know aired and what’s like to air, so it’s not totally accurate but it’s pretty close.

AAA-US: Listed as 2h30m except for Saturday overnight (which probably means typo there.) Main event is Mesias/Parka/Silver King vs Electro/Lider/Nicho, the start of a run of many of those. Black Abyss vs Abismo Negro in the semifinal, Metrosexuals return to face Elegidio and the Air force, Clowns versus randoms, and Minis if they didn’t just cut it to make time.

52MX: Fantasma/Mascara/Toscano vs Warrior/Negro/Vangelis, Guerreros vs Panther/tag champs in the end of Sombra

LATV/FOX: Poder Mexica vs randoms, Damian 666 vs Bam Bam, and Dos vs Ultimo.


CMLL-MEX: Normal time and only five matches, so the Angels probably make this show again. Panther/Maximo/UG vs Averno/Texano/V5, Garza/Marco/Msitico vs Atlantis/Niebla/Bucanero

AAA-MEX: Chessman/Mesias, Zorro/X-Pac and Abismo/Alan/Latin vs Abyss/Kenzo/Konnan

C3: Mascara/Shocker/Volador vs Metal/Negro/UG

02/14-15 Lucha Times

two to zero! I’m guessing the first 15 pages of Ovaciones are dedicated to this tomorrow.


AAA-US: First taping of 09. Apaches vs Morenos/Billy and Poder del Norte vs Air Force should be good. Plus, DMEX vs HF/Zorro, the Atomicos title match and Abismo/Parka/Mesias vs Legion

52MX: Fabian & Leono seem to team up here every week, which is good for people who don’t have this channel. Poder Mexica vs Panther/Fantasma/Mascara in the main event

FOX/LATV: Dos Angels & Metalico vs Tuareg would be interesting if it wasn’t in the clipped match spot. Astro Boy/Caligula should have at one good dive. Guerreros/Lizmark vs Dos/Marco/Mistico in the main.


CMLL: Tag Title match, plus more Laguneros vs V3/Hellions

AAA-MEX: Mesias vs Chessman ends, kinda. KENTA & Tiger vs Alex & Rocky, Apaches vs Morenos/Billy (sounds familiar) and minis, plus Silver King’s big move

C3: A show. Angels/Astro Boy vs Tuareg; I think we’re just starting a million match feud between those sides. Main event is Fantasma/Marco/Shocker vs Lizmark/Rey/UG

02/04-05 Lucha Times


AAA-US: Last taping of 2008. One more KENTA match, Clowns vs Sect in the main event, and the debut of the new Espectro de Ultratumba and the new Mini Psicosis. Still waiting for the second TV match for Espectro.

LATV/FS: Finally, the women’s title match. Perhaps the first match in this feud to get seven minutes? Also, Coliseo main event.

52MX: just randomness.


CMLL: Villanos/Terrible vs Laguneros, Rey de Aires vs Atlantis/Niebla/Negro II

AAA-MEX: Chessman vs Ozz, Jack/Teddy/Electro vs the Air Force, Mesias/Parka/King vs Hermandad/Kenzo

C3: Trios Title match.

01/31-02/01 Lucha Times


AAA-US: This is listed as three different lengths on Galavision’s website, but I believe it’s a 90 minute show; it was when it aired in Mexico. Matches are Zorro/Chessman, another AAA tag team ladder match, and Abismo’s big return. All this are up on my DailyMotion already, FWIW.

52MX: The Dos/Ultimo program should be headed here, plus Purpura/Maximo/Micltan vs Felino/Vangelis/Virus.

LATV/FS: One more women’s trios before the title match, plus Super Comando/Pegasso and an effortless match from Coliseo.

LATV’s repeat episode has a minis match (Fire masked! Bracito de Oro still existing!) and the Amapola/Dark Angel title match.

CMLL: It’s a one hour slot, so it’s top 3 if they want it. Could see the Arena Coliseo Tag Feud trios match getting passed by, though.

AAA-MEX: A couple hours earlier – to avoid the Super Bowl? last week’s taping – HX/Electro vs Mesias/Parka/King in the main event. Clowns win but lose. Minis perhaps actually make TV.

C3: top 4 from the show I haven’t put results up for. Be the first on your block to identify Metro III.

01/24-25 Lucha Times

The Wednesday night LATV airing of GdR turns out to be the same show on Saturday. Didn’t see the Sunday one, but since everyone says it was a Grey Shadow show, I have no idea what that means for week to week. Might as well tape it all and figure it out later.

LATV’s listings, at least the one they send out to cable companies, is still not updated. If you use a DVR that normally works by program name, you’ll have to set up a manual recording to catch these shows for the time being.

Saturday 7pm EST
Sunday 7pm EST
Wednesday 11pm EST

The Wednesday’s taping is listed as Ras de Lona on guide. That won’t air this week until tommorow afternoon, even then it may be a rerun or an episode 4 days late from Mexico. What would be neat is if I could let you watch the episode of that, right now, even if you didn’t have access to LATV.

Oh, wait, I can:

I didn’t know what blip.tv was until about an hour ago, when I was idly googling stuff to see what might turn up. What did turn up is someone uploading a lot of MVS shows on the site, complete and great quality. Looks like a legal upload, even! In usual form, no one’s gotten around to mention this (and they’ve been doing it for a couple months, by the looks of it.)

Checked for Guerreros del Ring. Sorry, no luck there.


AAA-US: part 2 of best of.

52MX: Dos/Marco/Toscano vs Terrible/Texano/HOOLIGAN.

LATV/FOX: Blanca on the ruda side, Virus/Purpura and Mistico/Warrior?

CMLL: 1:45, so maybe top 3

AAA-MEX: first taping from ’09, with the Psycho Circus/Chessman vs Sect, Abismo/Parka/Mesias vs Abyss/Electro/Konnan

C3: Poder Mexica and not so much powerful Hijo del Avernos

01/17-18 Lucha Times


I’m kinda confused on AAA. I actually have a copy of the show that aired in Mexico this week, and I believe they just aired a repeat. I’m pretty sure Chessman/Zorro (and Padrino’s debut) aired two weeks ago, but here it was on again. Or was that episode pre-empted and I forget? See, I’m confused.

AAA-US: whatever the case, the first show from Xapala should air in teh US this week.

52MX: as confirmed by CMLL, the minis cage match airs here. Probably also the 4th match (Ephesto/Terrible/Texano vs Panther/Marco/Shocker), so…

FS-MEX: …this show can get another Infernales/Flash & Stuka match, and the Warrior/Mistico trios match to set up the singles match airing on this show next week.

CMLL: Listed as two hours, but the listings haven’t been that accurate lately. Tag title match is what you’re watching for here.

AAA-MEX: from the last taping of 2008. Maybe the whole taping, since they should have fresh footage next week.

C3: Dos! Looks like they’re airing repeats of this show thru the week now.

01/10-11 Lucha Times


I don’t get 52MX, so there’s no way I can actually check if my listings are right. I don’t get the Fox Sports show anymore, and while we occasionally do get comments mentioning what aired (and very much appreciate it, every time), it’s going to be equally tough to check. Knowing one, I could guess at the other. Knowing neither, it’s just a random guess. In the long run, if DVDs turn up at slambamjam.com or somewhere else, I can go back and correct my listings, but it doesn’t really help you when the shows originally air. And it may not matter, because if no one actually can see a channel, listings for it are kinda pointless. It’s only what actually is listed on eventually DVD that matters. Not sure if I should bother giving listings for those channels.

And AAA’s in it’s own tough to predict world for the next month. Starting with this show (and kinda last week’s), we’re in a set of five straight episodes that are half of TV tapings. I can tell you the TV taping and the main event, since it airs on Accion, but I’m guessing blind on the other matches and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern there.

So I’m wonder, how useful are these posts (and chart) at this point? CMLL’s main show (top 3) and C3 (top 4) are pretty academic. All I’m doing now is putting all the information on one page, which feels like a significant drop off from putting all the (mostly) accurate information in one place.

To oddly mix in some positive news: as suspected, Televisa is only airing RAW on Monday nights. This puts AAA back to 3 hours, and I have no idea what they’re going to do with the extra time these next two weeks. Hopefully, this will settle AAA down, both in the “show the openers and stop clipping everything” sense and the “stop freaking out about WWE and thinking lots and lots of talking is the only way to compete”. You gotta hope.

Things I wish I knew existed years ago: this page, on esmas.com (where I’ve been plenty), has seemingly accurate listings for all the channels. Not just all the Televisa channels, all the channels in Mexico they can get listings for, in a much more readable (if harder to navigate) guide.

AAA-US: second part of GdT, which means Jack & Teddy challenge for the tag titles yet again, AAA Batista debuts, and Mesias vs Zorro for the title.

52MX: Minis probably should follow here, as well as Guerreros/Niebla vs Shocker/Toscano/Volador

CMLL: Sombra/Mistico/Volador vs Hijos, Garza/Fantasma/Mascara vs Hijos/Metal, Dorada/Purpura/Valiente vs Felino/Okumura/Virus. A good time to be a high flying tecnico. Or to watch them.

AAA-MEX: First part of the last taping of the year.

FOX: As far as I can tell, this is still airing in Mexico. It’s listed on Fox Sports Latin American’s schedule grid and on esmas’. They could be lagging behind, but they’re not on the US airing.

Women’s match, Terrible/Texano/Virus vs Dorada/Sagrado/Valiente. The lightning matches have been airing here and I have it listed, but I believe both matches went three falls, which wouldn’t leave much time for it.

C3: Minis Reyes de Aire, what more do you need?