CMLL & AAA previews, The Crash, Ricochet in NJPW

Tonight’s CMLL show a relevos increíbles listed as the main event, but it’s really everyone playing the sides they should be on. Thunder teams with sorta-rudos Rush & La Sombra against Diamante Azul, Volador and sorta-tecnico Ultimo Guerrero. The twist is Thunder’s turn happened because he wanted to fight Rush, and now they’re going to happen to team. Semimain has Rey Escorpion versus Gran Guerrero, which probably should be Escorpion getting a big win to prove he’s got a chance to beat heavy favorite Ultimo Guerrero in the mask match, but it might just turn out to be an angle instead. (They’ve already done the switch once.) En Busca de un Idolo has Disturbio versus Canelo Casas and Delta versus Guerrero Maya Jr. match between long time partners. It’s not the first match between the tecnicos: they got put together after they faced off in a similiar 2011 Forajido de Idolo tournament block, and Delta won way back then.

The En Busca de un Idolo fan poll results are in thru week 4

Flyer got the full 40 points for first, catching up 27 points on Esfinge (13) and 22 on Disturbio (18). He’s been treated as the lowest man in the decisions (the only guy with an under 500 record), but could end up being the guy who gets brought thru via fan support.  Tonight’s Disturbio/Canelo match outcome could swing things. They got the same fan votes, they’ll probably be near each other in judging points, it’s the 20 points decision that could weigh big.

AAA is also taping tonight, in Tampico. Now that TripleMania’s date has been announced, this is the show to start to announce some matches for the show. Mistico and Averno face off in a singles match for no apparent reason in the semimain, which suggests there’s a plan there for a TripleMania match. Brian Cage and Alberto el Patron will definitely be wrestling at TripleMania, but tonight they’ll team up to face the equally odd couple pair of Blue Demon & Villano IV. Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. makes his first AAA TV appearance in a year, so his mystery admirer storyline may finally be explained.

A bunch of AAA wrestlers who would normally be on the taping are instead in Tijuana for The Crash. Pentagon Jr. accused Rey Horus and Bestia 666 of not showing up for the press conference for the show because they were scared of him. Rey Horus isn’t even in Pentagon Jr.’s match (he’s in a four way with Extreme Tiger, Bestia and ACH), but Pentagon is just that scary.

Ricochet made a surprise appearance on today’s NJPW show, challenging the winner of the KUSHIDA & Kenny Omega junior heavyweight title match. The optimistic way to look at it is that match could just be coming during the couple month stretch of time he was already expected to be in Japan for Dragon Gate and it won’t affecting his Lucha Underground status. The pessimistic (and probably more realistic) way of looking at it is Ricochet is looking for work elsewhere and doesn’t think he has Lucha Underground work. (He seemingly doesn’t think appearing on NJPW, which airs on AXS TV in the US, conflicts with his Lucha Underground deal. Maybe he got permission.)

Everything can be worked around, but it doesn’t look great. No one with Lucha Underground is saying they’re not coming back for season 2 or not coming back, but they’re also not really saying much at all. There’s still people who will say ‘it’s close, news is coming soon’, but they’ve been saying that for months and there’s been no news. It’s not dead yet.

AAA luchadors were at the premiere of Terminator: Genisys Wednesday. Rey told the press he watched the Santo/Demon movies when he was young and would like to be in one.

Ultimo Dragoncito says when he first wanted to start training lucha libre, he was rejected for being too short. He was told that if he really wanted to be a luchador, he should go prove it by doing amateur wrestling, and Dragoncito did for many years. He still was rejected from being luchador until a Guadalajara promoter needed some new wrestlers, with Dragoncito only getting a spot because they needed one more to round out the field. He did well and eventually became Misteriosoito in 1989. Misteriosito got caught up in the big CMLL/AAA split in 1992; most all the minis went with Antonio Pena and his new company. Dragoncito said he never did (though there’s at least one early AAA card with a Misteriosito billed), but stopped getting booked and didn’t know what had happened. It took him months to get the courage to ask Paco Alonso about his situation, only to find out Paco had assumed Misterioso jumped with the others and that’s why he wasn’t booked. Paco did make it up with him by paying Dragoncito for his down time, giving him the new Ultimo Dragoncito gimmick and bringing in more minis to work with.

Boby Zavala is thrilled to be leading the En Busca de un Idolo, and Delta & Guerrero Maya should be less worried about their fan’s votes not counting on the form and more concerned about making their matches less boring.

Fantasma kept the IWL title over Mr. Jack in Arena Aficion.

+LuchaTV has full match video of the Dinasita Casas vs Dinastia Crazy and Rush & Mr. Niebla vs Hijo de LA Park & LA Park from the recent Lucha Libre Boom show.

Rob has a music video of 03/10/15 CMLL.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news report

Segunda Caida reviews Infernals vs Familia de Tijuana from October 4, 2002.

Promo from Mike & Leo for the Lucha Mutante show.

Valiente & Dragon Rojo will be at the Mexico national bodybuilding contest this weekend.

SuperLuchas looks at the current champions and reigns at the half year mark, wonders why CMLL has so many championships.

Profile of Chihuahua’s El Novato.


AAA LUCHA FUTURE (SAT) 07/11/2015 Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom
1) Blue Demoncito & Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Histeria
2) Fénix vs Pentagón Jr.
3) Drago & Sexy Star vs Bengala & Faby Apache
4) Blue Demon Jr., La Parka, Psycho Clown vs Hijo del Fantasma, Texano Jr., Villano IV

Somewhat surprised we’re getting a lineup. The UK gets Fenix versus Pentagon Jr., which is pretty cool. They’re probably not getting Texano and no idea how they work around that.

CMLL LLB (THU) 07/16/2015 Arena Naucalpan
1) Esparta & Kid Jaguar vs Halcón 2000 & Robin Maravilla
2) Kilvan, Rey Lobo Jr., Shadow, Yoruba vs Leo, Mike, Rafy, Teelo
unclear if it’s an atomicos, just listed as team vs team.
3) Freelance, Mike Segura, Pantera I vs Arez, Belial, Impulso
4) Black Terry, Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Plata vs Carta Brava Jr. (IWL), Cerebro Negro, Fantasma de la Ópera and Ángel o Demonio, Eterno, Ovett [super libre]
5) Crazy Boy & Pesadilla vs Felino & Negro Casas
6) La Máscara, La Sombra, Marco Corleone vs Máximo, Último Guerrero, Volador Jr.

Lucha Libre Boom, using CMLL’s wrestlers and IWRG’s building. Slightly confusing.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of July 3rd


  • CMLL’s not aired matches with outside talent on All Elite shows in the past, this All Elite show had outside talent on every single match, who knows what they’re going to do. Maybe Puebla airs on 52MX and GDL moves to there? Maybe they just air a random episode from the past?
  • I hope Puma’s big win turns up anywhere. He only gets one every three years.
  • Alas de Oro is must see – but it seems like AAA’s posting shows on a one week delay now, so you’ll be stuck going to my channel to see it.
  • Metalico is inescapable.
  • The commercial for next week’s Lucha Underground makes it seem very exciting! They still haven’t aired the other half of the All Night Long taping, which makes life really hard when you don’t want to post results from a taping until all the matches have aired.

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Guadalajara, Gym Hip Hop wins, Texano’s injury

there’s been so much turnover in GDL that I don’t think I can identify one person in this picture./photo by Jose Aldape-CMLL

CMLL (SUN) 06/28/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Arena Coliseo Guadalajara]
1) Mercenario & Mr. Brisa b Johnny Dinamo & Máscara De Oro
Rudos took 2/3. Johnny Dinamo’s first match here since 2010.
2) Thunder Boy b Frezzer and El Divino and Explosivo and Star Black and Reycko and Gitano and Relampago and Guerrero de la Muerte and Quca [cibernetico]
56th Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Anniversary cibernetico. El Divino replaced Linterna Verde. Quca (or Quka?)’s first match here since 2011. Thunder Boy beat Freezer for the win.
3) Magnum, Nube Roja, Toro Negro b Centella, Furia Roja, Ráfaga
Tecnicos took 1/3, Magnum beating Rafaga
4) Exterminador & Maléfico DQ Pitbull I & Pitbull II
Exterminador pulled Pitbull II’s mask for the DQ, then the unmasked rudos shined their boots with it.

Feels like they’re setting up the two rudo teams for an apuesta match

CMLL (TUE) 06/30/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [CMLL]
1) Flash II & Magnum b Furia Roja & Joker
Mangum beat Joker.
2) Meteoro, Stukita, Último Dragoncito vs Mercurio, Pequeño Olímpico, Relampago
Relampago replaced Pequeno Nitro. Meteoro upset Pequeno Olimpico for the win.
3) Cancerbero, Okumura, Raziel b Gallo, Hombre Bala Jr., Súper Halcón Jr.
Raziel beat Hombre Bala with a counter dropkick.
4) Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Super Porky b Misterioso Jr., Pierroth, Sagrado
Panthers submitted Misterioso & Sagrado after their usual bit of errors.
5) Máximo, Mistico, Volador Jr. DQ Ephesto, Rey Bucanero, Rey Escorpión
Rey Escorpion fouled Maximo.

Raziel and Cancerbero want a title match with Gallo & Esfinge. As the interview notes, it’s not likely to come while En Busca de un Idolo is going on – or at least not until the Tuesday shows are over.

team Hip Hop Man/photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG FILL (WED) 07/01/2015 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), Mas Lucha, The Gladiatores]
1) Blue Metal, Canario, Fly Tiger b Demonio Imperial, El Teniente, Sardito
2) Magnum 44, Rey Terco Jr., Vampiro Metálico b Centella De Oriente, Chicanito, Voltar
3) Guerrero 2000, Picudo Jr., Troll b Acero, Adrenalina, Hijo Del Alebrije
Troll (a new one) had Trolli with him.
4) Aeroman, Dragón Celestial, Dragon Fly b Araña de Plata, Electro Boy, Power Bull
Aeroman beat Power Bull. Arana de Plata & Electro Boy attacked Power Bull after the match, while Dragon Celestial said Electro Boy would pay for betraying Black Terry.
5) Alas de Acero, Aramis, Atomic Star, Black Ángel, Chapulin, Kanon, Rayo Star, Super Jack b Brazo Cibernético Jr., Caballero De Plata, Dr. Letal, Fiero, Maquiavélico, Meteoro, Sonic, Voraz[Copa High Power]
Gym Hip Hop Hop (Voraz) vs Gym Fill Eterno (Aramis). Brazo Cibernético replaced Villano III Jr. Black Angel beat Fiero for a win after Eterno argued with the ref over the counter and Oficial 911 ran in to foul Fiero. 911 explained he was still bitter Hip Hop Man’s team beat his Gym Zeus team in a previous match, and the two schools brawled to end the show.

Texano Jr. says his injury is to a pectoral, suffered in San Luis. The AAA interview still says the return is indefinite. A Wrestling Observer Newsletter report on the injury says Texano is expected back in a month. Which probably means he’s working TripleMania whatever his status is.

Univision is filing for an IPO, which means it has to begins to release certain information about it’s finances. Univision owns some part of El Rey Network (less than 20%), so they’ve got the El Rey numbers on there. They are not pretty: the channel cost $109 million to run and only brought in $44.9 million, leaving a loss of $72.3 million. That’s an incredible amount of money. Not all of that is Lucha Underground, but the idea that it cost $20 million (or whatever) to do that show is completely plausible in that context. It was explain why we still haven’t heard about a renewal; it’s got to be a tough call to keep throwing money at it, even if it is excellent. (It would also explain why the most recent El Rey campaigns have been very DIY stuff – “send us a video of why you like this movie and we’ll put it on!”)

CMLL Informa did not air on Terra due to satellite issues (which seem to happen occasionally to Informa but almost never seem to happen during their match broadcasts – also why does this show need a satellite?), but it’s up on YouTube.

This interview with Zeuxis mentions Lluvia will take Goya Kong’s place in the 10th anniversary cibernetico (and probably in general, but that’s not said.) That’s more acknowledgement to someone leaving than CMLL usually does. It’s tough to square CMLL celebrating 10 years of their new women’s division and 80 years of women wrestling.

El Santo famously briefly unmasked on television a few days before he passed away. The host of that show, Jacobo Zabludovsky, passed away earlier today.

In additional to the TuraLuchas promotion, there’s a Mexico based Japanese language company doing tourist trips to Arena Mexico.

SuperLuchas looks back at a show where Sangre Chicana lost his hair to Satanico.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news report.

Voices of Wrestling has a review of this week’s Lucha Underground episode.

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great match roundup, 2015-06-06

rating matches TV Show taped
great Alberto el Patrón, Myzteziz, Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Johnny Mundo, Ken Anderson, Matt Hardy in a tournament final match AAA on Televisa: 2015-06-06 2015-05-24
good Alberto el Patrón, Myzteziz, Rey Mysterio Jr. vs ACH, Brian Cage, Moose in a tournament semifinal match AAA on Televisa: 2015-06-06 2015-05-24
good Stukita vs Mercurio in a lightning match CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2015-06-06 2015-06-02
good Negro Casas vs Dragon Lee in a CMLL’s Leyenda de Plata Tournament match and in a tournament final match CMLL Lucha Azteca: 2015-06-06 2015-05-22
good Súper Halcón Jr., The Panther, Tritón vs Cancerbero, Canelo Casas, Raziel CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-06-06 2015-06-02
good Fuego, La Máscara, Stuka Jr. vs Boby Zavala, Puma, Tiger CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-06-06 2015-06-02
good Drago vs Hernandez, Cage, King Cuerno in a Number One Contenders Match match and [LU CHAMP] Lucha Underground: 2015-06-10 2015-03-22
ok Johnny Mundo, Ken Anderson, Matt Hardy vs Blue Demon Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Solar I AAA on Televisa: 2015-06-06 2015-05-24
ok ACH, Brian Cage, Moose vs Blue Demon Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Solar I [third place] AAA on Televisa: 2015-06-06 2015-05-24
ok Fuego, Magnus, The Panther vs Okumura, Sangre Azteca, Virus CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2015-06-06 2015-05-26
ok Super Porky, Titán, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2015-06-06 2015-05-26
ok Atlantis, La Máscara, Volador Jr. vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2015-06-06 2015-05-26
ok Marco Corleone, Máximo, Volador Jr. vs Euforia, Thunder, Último Guerrero CMLL Lucha Azteca: 2015-06-06 2015-05-22
ok Bengala & Leono vs Apocalipsis & Espanto Jr. CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-06-06 2015-06-02
ok La Vaquerita, Lluvia, Silueta vs Amapola, Dalys, La Seductora CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-06-06 2015-06-02
ok Ángel de Oro, Dragon Lee, Mistico vs Ephesto, Kamaitachi, Mephisto CMLL Titanes del Ring: 2015-06-06 2015-05-31
ok La Sombra, Marco Corleone, Naito vs Euforia, Thunder, Último Guerrero CMLL Titanes del Ring: 2015-06-06 2015-05-31
ok Volador Jr. © vs Negro Casas for the NWA World Welterweight Championship CMLL Titanes del Ring: 2015-06-06 2015-05-31
ok Flyer vs Esfinge in a En Busca de un Idolo match CMLL on Terra: 2015-06-09 2015-06-09
ok Blue Panther Jr. vs Disturbio in a En Busca de un Idolo match CMLL on Terra: 2015-06-09 2015-06-09
ok Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Blue Demon Jr. [no dq] Lucha Underground: 2015-06-10 2015-03-22
ok Barrio Negro, El Siniestro De La Muerte, Trece vs Bengala, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata Lucha Underground: 2015-06-10 2015-03-22
ok Brazo de Plata, Pegasso, Tritón vs Misterioso Jr., Pierroth, Sagrado CMLL on Terra: 2015-06-12 2015-06-12
ok Flyer vs Disturbio in a En Busca de un Idolo match CMLL on Terra: 2015-06-12 2015-06-12
ok Blue Panther Jr. vs Esfinge in a En Busca de un Idolo match CMLL on Terra: 2015-06-12 2015-06-12
below average La Sombra, Naito, Rush vs Ephesto, Shocker, Thunder CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-06-06 2015-06-02

AAA show was a World Cup review, so skipping the recap of that show.

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Lucha Underground 1×34: Gold and Guerreros

leg to the face


Texano Jr. beats Delavar Davari (6:09, powerbomb)
Hernandez DQ Drago (6:57, DQ for belt choke)
Alberto submit Marty (0:54, Destiny armbar)
Prince Puma pinned Chavo Guerrero (4:54, 630 senton)

All the gifs from the show are here.


The show was built around Chavo’s title challenge. He asked for it from Dario earlier in the night. Dario offered Chavo anything he wanted in appreciation for his earlier help, and Chavo really took Dario up on it: no DQ, Crew at ringside, and Puma would lose the title if Konnan interfered in anyway. Catrina and Mil Muertes confronted both luchadors, threatening to beat the winner at Ultima Lucha. Prince Puma seemed a little more disturbed than Chavo, but Konnan warned Puma not to let Catrina play mind games. Konnan was busy himself, recruiting an off screen character to get revenge on Chavo on behalf of Mexico and Blue Demon.

It all built to a big main event, but it didn’t turn out to be much of one. Chavo pulled his hamstring bending over for Puma’s roll over backdrop escape. He was pretty much incapable of going on, so the Crew jumped in and did spots with Puma for about 90 seconds before laying Puma out for the frog splash. Chavo very slowly climbed the ropes, while Konnan signaled for help – which turned out to beTexano, laying out all therudos and allowing Puma to get in his 630senton.Texano declared HE wa Mexico.

Heranndez dropping Draog easily

The show ended with Chavo in the locker room, still in pain. Blue Demon confronted him, mostly to mock Chavo’s failure while promising not to attack an injured man. Chavo took the moment to get in Demon’s head, saying Texano was the real Mexico rep and Blue Demon was a washed up guy who lived in Miami. Demon did not take this well.

Texano had a busy show, seemingly ending his feud with Davari via clean win. Texano charged Davari, but Davari got some help from Big Ryck in fighting back. Ryck again didn’t look totally thrilled with Davari ordering him around. A Ryck lasso punch missed, Texano superkicked him off the apron, then beat Davari with the powerbomb.

Hernandez and Drago met, following up on the recent fights. This one ended as an echo of the last, with Hernandez taking a belt from a fan, strapping Drago with it, then choking him out to get DQed. Hernandez declared dragon’s weren’t real and fans are dumb for cheering for him.

to be fair, it didn’t seem like he was using the belt right

Alberto quickly squashed Marty the Moth. Striker speculated that Dario is trying to run Marty off by feeding him to the top guys. Alberto was aggressive in the match, then declared Mundo had woken up his evil side. Alberto said he’d damage Mundo’s face much like Mundo tried to do him by putting him thru the glass.

Ultima Lucha Card so far

  • Prince Puma (c) vs Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground championship
  • Johnny Mundo vs Alberto el Patron


There’s been better shows. There was nothing bad on the show, but there wasn’t anything great either. There’s a little bit of things being played out a slower to peak on Ultima Lucha, and obviously the main event had some really bad luck.

Texano/Davairi was the best match of their feud, but also hopefully the last. Announcing have a lot of words to pound home Texano as the working man’s hero. I’s still such a leap since how he was introduced with nothing other than the necessities of the plot to explain it. They’re playing the Ryck/Davari issues much quieter.

seventh defense for Puma

Drago/Hernandez didn’t seem to have much chemistry. Drago probably should’ve been more ticked off than Texano, given how much more Hernandez has cost him, but it felt just like another Hernandez match.

Alberto/Marty was a really good squash, and Alberto’s promo was strong.

Chavo/Puma didn’t seem like a thrilling idea, but it really never had a chance. They edited so it just kept going, and the announcers tried to ignore the injury for the most part. (The Demon/Chavo skit was clearly an after the fact addition.) Just a bad fluke.

Next week’s episode looks much better.

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Chilanga Mask in Monterrey, Esfinge & Disturbio win in Busca

Chilanga Mask (SUN) 06/28/2015 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [LuchaMania Monterrey]
1) Gato Fantasma & Mortifero b Hijo Del Guerrero Negro & Tempestad and Alberto Dos Rios & Hijo De Centurion Negro and Ronaldiño & Tequilita
Gato Fantasma replaced Ciber Payaso, who was still around and hit Centurion Negro with a bottle to set up the pin.
2) Dralion b Flamita, Alas de Acero, Lince De Oro
Lince de Oro was added to the match, took the loss to Dralion’s 450 splash.
3) Tigre Universitario b Jeque
4) Impulso & Iron Kid (Estado de México) b Corazon Adicto & Silver Star
Silver Star & Corazon Adicto replaced by Divo & Obesion. Silver got pinne,d but with his foot on the ropes.
5) Hator & Mini Hator DQ Difunto I & Mini Difunto
Hator faked a foul
6) Caifan b Aero Boy, Ultimo Ninja [submission]
Announced as a submission match, ended by pinfall. Caifan beat Ultimo Ninja. talked about facing Hechicero on a future ChilangaMask show.
7) Trauma I & Trauma II b Black Terry & Mr. Niebla
Traumas won when Niebla went for a casita three times in a row and Trauma I just reversed it on the third try.
8) Pagano b Nicho el Millionario
Usual extreme match between the two (which confirms the local commission has not banned it.) Pagano continues to win almost all the time between the two. The two built up their hair match in Tijuana next month.

CMLL referee.

CMLL (TUE) 06/30/2015 Arena México [CMLL, Yahoo! Deportes]
1) Acero & Aéreo b Pequeño Universo 2000 & Pequeño Violencia
Tecnicos took 2/3.
2) Arkángel de la Muerte, Metálico, Nitro b Metatrón, Soberano Jr., Starman
Rudos took 2/3
3) Esfinge b Guerrero Maya Jr. [En Busca de un Idolo] Cuarta Temporada del Torneo En Busca de un Idolo Guerrero Maya Vs Esfinge (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Esfinge won with his tricky cradle in about 5:30. Guest judges were Felino & Atlantis (replacing Shocker, weirdly put in a position to judge both his tag team partners.) Esfinge scored a 10 (Felino), 10 (Atlantis), 8 (Gladiador), 7 (Tirantes). Maya scored a 8, 9, 8, 7 and 32. Match was good, though not nearly as good as it was scored.
4) Disturbio b Delta [En Busca de un Idolo] Cuarta Temporada del Torneo En Busca de un Idolo Disturbio Vs Delta (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Referee Pompin blew the finish, counting one for Delta when he got a casita, then continuing the count for &3 when Disturbio reversed the cradle for his own pin. Delta looked better than previous matches, but match was just OK. Judges called the finish controversal, but might have just been talking about Disturbio grabbing the rope on the pin (though he couldn’t do it in time since Pompin only counted two.) Disturbio scored a 10 (Felino), 9 (Atlantis), 7 (Gladiador) and 6 (Tirantes.) Delta scored a 1, 9, 7, 5, which Felino being aggressively anti-Delta.
5) Kráneo, Olímpico, Ripper b Fuego, Stuka Jr., Titán
Invasors took 2/3. Tecnicos took Olimpico, but Ripper bat Titan for the win.
6) Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, La Máscara b Dragón Rojo Jr., Hechicero, Pólvora
Tecnicos won clean with an Mascara casita and an Atlantis rana.

The first two matches were so forgettable that I recorded them and forgot to put them up.

Delta & Blue Panther aren’t eliminated yet, only because there are three matches left. It’s not looking good. The fan poll is going to help Flyer a lot, and it needs to if he’s going to have a chance: Disturbio and Esfinge seem to be doing better in the results and the judges votes. (Canelo does really bad in the fan poll and will fall back once those are added in.)

Today’s Lucha Underground is episode 34, “Gold and Guerreros” There are 6 episodes remaining. Matches taped for the show

  • Delavar Davari vs Texano Jr.
  • Drago vs Hernandez
  • Alberto el Patron vs Marty Martinez
  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Prince Puma (c) in a no DQ match for the Lucha Underground Championship

They’ve announced the first two on Twitter and the main event is announced by the title of the show (and the description.) The third match might go the way of Famous B/Super Fly depending on what else is going on. No video teasers this week.

Goya Kong says she was happy AAA fans gave her a good reception, because she was concerned people wouldn’t remember her since she hasn’t been on TV much. Goya Kong had 10 televised matches this year. Taya has had 6 televised matches in AAA. Anyway, the AAA interview plays up the feud with the Villanos; it seems like there’s more Villanos coming soon and Goya says the AAA locker room is a much happier place than the quiet one she used to be in.

+LuchaTV has an interview with Lucha Dragon and Dinamic Black, who says he’s wrestling in the US soon.

Reynosa’s Arena el Angel has suspended all shows indefinitely.

There’s an AAA house show in Arena Jalisco on 08/23 (which was the other possible TripleMania date.)

Lucha Mutante has promos from Black Terry, Titan, Wotan and Ludark Shaitan for their debut show.

Segunda Caida reviews Famila de Tijuana versus the Infernals.

Apolo Valdez enjoyed Atlantis & Octagon match for nostalgia reasons, but was reminded how that generation is close to it’s end.

AAA put up the Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo TV shows from the last two weeks.

Porra Fresa says the Arena Puebla Anniversary show will be on 07/20.

Circulo Negro was unmasked in Morelos by Sioux, and was revealed as Moses Prado Escobar, the youngest son of Javier “Chamaco” Valaguez.

There’s a new book on the last years of Arena Isabel from a local luchador who became a photographer.

Mini Multifacetico took Prayer’s hair in Arena Coliseo San Ramon.

SuperLuchas interviews Baby Angel, looks back to Rene Guajardo beating Jerry London.


CMLL (TUE) 07/07/2015 Arena México
1) Bengala & Robin vs Cholo & Espanto Jr.
2) Leono, Pegasso, Star Jr. vs Cancerbero, Metálico, Raziel
3) Boby Zavala vs Esfinge [En Busca de un Idolo]
4) Blue Panther Jr. vs Flyer [En Busca de un Idolo]
5) Fuego, Super Porky, Volador Jr. vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pierroth, Vangellys
6) Ángel de Oro, Dragon Lee, Mistico vs Kamaitachi, Mephisto, Pólvora

This will be the end of week 5 of En Busca de un Idolo, with two matches left.

Volador Jr. is slumming it in that semimain, and they have to be setting up something with Dragon Lee (versus Kamaitachi or maybe Polvora), or Angel de Oro (versus Mephisto) for Volador not to be in the main event.

Leono is back from where he went. Probably filming movies.

CMLL (TUE) 07/07/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) El Tapatío & Metatrón vs Évola & Exterminador
2) Magnus, Starman, Vaquero Jr. vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Disturbio, Maléfico
3) Dark Angel, Estrellita, Lluvia vs Amapola, Dalys, La Comandante
4) Guerrero Maya Jr., Titán, Tritón vs Ephesto, Hechicero, Luciferno
5) Atlantis, La Máscara, Máximo vs Rey Bucanero, Rey Escorpión, Terrible

Guadalajara getting a match I’d like to see (fourth) right after TV might be inaccesible seems about right. Vaquero Jr. is making a quick jump to TV matches.

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2015 TripleMania officially August 9th, tickets to go on sale tomorrow

Dorian Roldan made the announcement…

Ticket info isn’t up on superboletos quite yet

It’ll probably be on iPPV.

No matches are announced for TripleMania yet.

(I’m likely going.)

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Sombra retains his title, Sin Salida prices, Lucha Underground trademarks

CMLL (MON) 06/29/2015 Arena Puebla [El Popular, Periodico Enfoque]
1) Espíritu Maligno & Guerrero Espacial b Asturiano & Paris
2) Black Tiger, Lestat, Starman b Arkángel de la Muerte, Fuerza Chicana, King Jaguar
3) La Vaquerita, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit b Amapola, Dalys, La Seductora
Princesa Sugehit & Vaquerita replaced Estrellita (?) and Goya Kong (jumped to AAA).
4) Boby Zavala, Kamaitachi, Okumura b Dragon Lee, Stigma, Tritón
Kamaitachi pulled Dragon Lee’s mask and rolled him up. Sets up another lightning match between the two next week.
5) Kráneo, Olímpico, Ripper b Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr.
Invasors demanded a trios title match next week.
6) La Sombra © b Gran Guerrero [NWA MIDDLE]
Sombra retained took 1/3, the last via double knee smash. first defense; Sombra’s held the belt for over a year without defending it.

Third fall of the main event was said to go about 10 minutes.

Tonight’s CMLL main event is Hechicero, Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora versus La Mascara, Atlantis and Angel de Oro. CMLL’s teased Hechicero/Angel as a title match previously, maybe they’ll do it again. The En Busca de un Idolo matches will be Guerrero Maya vs Esfinge and Disturbio vs Delta, in Disturbio’s first tournament match since blasting the judges for not making any sense.

CMLL announced the 07/17 Rey Escorpion vs Ultimo Guerrero will be called Sin Salida. Ticket prices are on Tickemaster already, running from $587 down to $149 (for the lower bowl, nothing higher up on sale yet.) That’s $37 to $10 USD. That’s cheaper than usual for a big show and should help them fill the building, though it won’t be a big gate. CMLL says more info on the card will be released soon.

Lucha Underground filed for a few new trademarks last week. There’s no news, though it is a little bit of a spoiler if you don’t know the matches happening on Ultima Lucha. (Also, Dario’s brother’s name is officially ‘Monster Matanza Cueto’.) It seems like a good sign that they’re still filling for these things. On the other hand, they usually file for these a few weeks before they debut, which seems like just about when they’re finishing production on episodes. These are final episode things, so I kind of see this as a sign that that production is almost done. Optimistic side says they’re still spending (small) money on this, pessimistic side suggests that if they’re done, this is one of the final acts. Let me do this clearer: it’s really good that things are still being done, but it’s outweighed by yet another day passing with no real news on a renewal.

LuchaWorld has a recap of this week’s Lucha Report, this week’s Poster-Mania, and Friday’s En Busca de un Idolo.

Alberto & Rey Mysterio’s opponents for their 08/01 show in New York will be the Young Bucks.

SuperLuchas looks back at Perro Aguayo losing his hair to Rene Guajardo and a draw a in a heavyweight title match.

Kcidis draws LA Park vs Rush.

Borderzine profiles El Paso’s Hurricane Hector.


CMLL (SAT) 07/04/2015 Arena Coliseo
1) Bengala vs Camorra
2) Magnus vs El Rebelde
3) Starman vs Akuma
4) Flyer vs Raziel
5) Oro Jr. vs Cancerbero
6) Pegasso & Tritón vs Sangre Azteca & Virus
7) Atlantis, Dragon Lee, Mistico vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Niebla Roja, Shocker

Main event is a rematch from last week, where Shocker fouled Atlantis.

IWRG (SUN) 07/05/2015 Arena Naucalpan
1) Alfa & Omega vs Electro Boy & Hip Hop Man
2) Leo, Mike, Rafy, Teelo vs Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro, Imposible
3) Emperador Azteca, Golden Magic, X-Fly vs Eterno, Halloween Jr., Heddi Karaoui
4) Negro Navarro & Trauma I vs Hijo del Pantera & Pantera and Danny Casas & Veneno and Hijo De Dos Caras & Súper Nova and Coloso Chris & Principe Orion and Oficial 911 & Oficial AK47 and Hijo de Máscara Año 2000 & Universo 2000 Jr. and Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Pirata Morgan

Main event is a supposed to be a family tag team match, though I’m not sure how Dos Caras & Super Nova are related. There was a video posted last week of Halloween introducing a new masked Halloween Jr., who I assume is the same guy in this match.

CMLL (MON) 07/06/2015 Arena Puebla
1) Arkalis & Zaeta Roja vs Ares & Guerrero Espacial
2) Asturiano, Oro Jr., Pegasso vs Inquisidor, Rey Apocalipsis, Toro Bill Jr.
3) Blue Panther Jr., Lestat, The Panther vs Cancerbero, King Jaguar, Raziel
4) Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi [lightning]
5) Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Negro Casas, Shocker, Vangellys
6) Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. © vs Kráneo, Olímpico, Ripper [MEX TRIOS]
Reyes del Atlantida first defense

Reyes del Atlantida defending against the Invasors was inevitable as soon as they became champions. It’s what they do. This show, with Lee/Kamaitachi, may or may not air on 52MX, and may or may not air on any random CMLL YouTube stream.

Lestat & King Jaguar are in the tercera.

Chilanga Mask (SUN) 07/19/2015 Coliseo Coacalco, Coacalco, Estado de México
1) Ironía vs Hijo Del Angel
2) Electro Boy & Saru vs Fly Star & Toxin Boy
3) Pantera I vs Aero Boy
4) Caifan & Dr. Cerebro vs Trauma I & Trauma II
5) ?, Reggae Boy, Sangre Dorada vs Fulgor I, Fulgor II, Iron Kid
6) Rafy & Teelo vs Dragón Celestial & Emperador Azteca (IWRG) and Freelance & Mike Segura and Ophidan & Silver Ant and Alas de Acero & Aramis and Impulso & Juana La Loca
7) Ray Rowe vs Bárbaro Cavernario [submission]

That’s an interesting main event, an exciting tag team tournament, and some good undercard matches too.

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