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We’re back to talk about the upcoming major shows. RobViper and I break down Homenaje a Dos Leyendas & Rey de Reyes and where it leaves both companies going forward. We also talk about the Chairo shows, ChilangaMask Elite and other things going on.

The podcast goes about 100 minutes. I stumble around for the first few minutes – ironically as I talk about much better podcasts – but get better as we go along.

RIOT, IWRG, GDL, Puebla, LU/SXSW, Pirata Morgan versus a clown

photo by Black Terry Jr.

RIOT (SAT) 03/12/2016 Arena Femenil, Monterrey, Nuevo León [LuchaMania Monterrey]
1) Alberto Dos Rios b Psycko Kid
Alberto won with a destroyer, demanded a bigger challenge in the future.
2) Kratoz b Kamikaze
Kratoz won with a frog splash
3) Sammy Guevara b Erick Ortiz, Último Ninja Ultimo Ninja vs Sammy Guevara vs Erik Ortiz | RIOT | 12/03/16 (posted by tvluchadelpasado)
Ultimo Ninja beat Erick to eliminate him. Sammy faked an injury and tried to get in a foul, but ultimately was beat by a Ninja armbar.
4) Aero Boy & Violento Jack b Hooligan Byron & Kaientai Aero Boy y Violento Jack vs Kaientai y Byron | RIOT | 12/03/16 (posted by tvluchadelpasado)
Tombstone/missile dropkick combo on Aeroboy for the win. The two teams shook hands after the match.
5) Tony Rodríguez b Rico Rodríguez Tony Rodriguez vs Rico Rodriguez | RIOT | 12/03/16 (posted by tvluchadelpasado)
Tony won with a Spanish Fly
6) Caifan b Arez, Dralion Caifan vs Dralion vs Arez | RIOT | 12/03/16 (posted by tvluchadelpasado)
one fall to a finish: Caifan beat Arez with Destroza Caras (cutter) to win. Dralion wanted another match with Caifan, noting he didn’t get pinned. Caifan said he’d do it if the crowd wanted it, and they did.

I haven’t watched the highlights yet but it sounds like a good show.

CMLL (SUN) 03/13/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Guerrero de la Muerte & Javier Cruz Jr. b Capitán Cobra & Johnny Dinamo
Jaiver Cruz Jr. replaced Diplomatico, did not get along with Guerrero. Tecnicos took 2/3.
2) Explosivo & Star Black b Gran Kenut & Mr. Apolo
Gran Kenut replaced Carlos Rogi. Tecnicos took 1/3.
3) Espectrúm b Vaquero Jr.
Espectrum used a weapon to take fall 1, got DQed in the second, and used the ropes to win the third. Vaquero Jr. wants a hair match still.
4) Gallo, Súper Porky, Titán b Furia Roja, Maléfico, Último Guerrero
Tecnicos took 2/3, Porky sit on UG.
5) Puma © b Omar Brunetti [OCCIDENTE LH]
Puma took fall 2/3, the last with a super powerbomb. Puma’s first defense after winning title last June

A bit of a surprise for Puma to win, given CMLL luchadors won’t be coming here on Sundays (at least for the time being) and so it’s less likely he’ll be around to defend the championship again any time soon. Maybe that’s not a big problem for CMLL titles.

Also Sunday in Guadalajara, Cien Caras Jr. defeated Rayman by DQ when Makabre ran into help. (The match was super libre, so a DQ for a run in doesn’t make any sense, but let’s move on.) It was a bloody match, and part of a rudo/rudo feud in Arena Jalisco for the last year between Rayman & Makabre versus a bunch of local rudos, including Cien Caras Jr., with both sides brawling after the DQ. Interestingly, Cien Caras Jr. and Rayman made mask mask challenges after the match. Sanson and Cuatrero have noted in CMLL interviews that their father gave away the rights to the Hijo/Jr. names long ago and they’re happy with the names they had, but Cachorro & Black Panther were also happy with the names they had until they were just no longer their names. Cien Caras Jr. losing his mask might open the way for that name change to occur. There’s a small chance of any mask match challenge coming thru, and Arena Jalisco just ran their big match of the year last month – they might hold this feud out until next February if they ever resolve it – but it’s something that jumped out to me.

IWRG (SUN) 03/13/2016 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, The Gladiatores]
1) Dragón Fly & Kanon b Matrix Jr. & Picudo Jr.
2) Diva Salvaje, Miss Gaviota, Pasion Kristal b Artillero, Dr. Cerebro, Metralla Diva Salvaje, Miss Gaviota, Pasion Kristal vs Artillero, Dr. Cerebro, Metralla (posted by thecubsfan)
Gavitoa’s first match here since October.
3) Cerebro Negro b El Hijo del Diablo El Hijo del Diablo vs Cerebro Negro (posted by thecubsfan)
Hair match challenges followed.
4) Danny Casas b Matrix Jr., Máscara Sagrada Jr., Hijo del Solar, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Diablo Jr. I, Picudo Jr., Hijo De Dos Caras, Apolo Estrada Jr., Hijo del Alebrije [Rebelion de los Juniors] Rebelion de los Juniors from IWRG Zona XXI: 2016-03-14 (posted by thecubsfan)
Solar’s first match here since August. Matrix Jr. & Picudo Jr. worked twice, replacing Super Nova & Trauma II. Danny Casas faces Golden Magic earned the title shot.
5) Golden Magic, Máscara Sagrada, Solar I b Canis Lupus, Eterno, Trauma I
Sagrada’s first match here since September, Golden Magic’s first since November. Danny Casas showed up after the match to challenge Golden Magic next (though not next week as originally promoted, since it’s an Elite show instead.) +Lucha has this as the main event, IWRG has this as the semimain.

No word if IWRG removed Trauma II or if he backed out himself. He’s been quiet since the story broke.

CMLL (MON) 03/14/2016 Arena Puebla [thecubsfan]
1) Arkalis & París b El Malayo & Guerrero Espacial LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 14 DE MARZO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
11:57. Tecnicos took 2/3.
2) Acero, Astral, Último Dragóncito b Mercurio, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Violencia LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 14 DE MARZO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
12:53. Tecnicos took 2/3.
3) Fujin, Okumura, Raijin b Blue Panther Jr., Stigma, The Panther LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 14 DE MARZO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
11:55. Rudos took 1/3. Fujin pulled Blue Panther’s mask and pinned him to win. Panther Jr. wanted a rematch, ended up unmasked again.
4) Ángel de Oro, Stuka Jr., Súper Porky b Kráneo, Rey Escorpión, Ripper LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 14 DE MARZO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
11:04. Tecnicos took 2/3. Rey Escorpion replaced Hechicero (who hasn’t been around for a month.)
5) Carístico, Máscara Dorada, Máximo Sexy DQ Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 14 DE MARZO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
9:30. Tecnicos took 2/3, the last when UG fouled Caristico. Caristico demanded a singles match next week and UG accepted.

First match was fun, but this was generally another forgettable show. It was a quick show too; they were even shaving time in between falls early on.

CMLL’s show is relocated to Arena Coliseo tonight due to work being done on Arena Mexico. The show tonight has Marco Corleone versus Kraneo today, and I’m not sure there’s any bigger match (literally.) This is a rematch; Marco got his hand raised back on November 1st on the second Dia Los Muertos show. Somehow, this is not the main event – that’s Volador, Valiente and Super Porky versus Gran Guerrero, Euforia, and Niebla Roja in crowd pleasing but very predictable match. The show also has a Boricuas match in the fourth match and isn’t much of an interesting card outside the singles match.

The show will start at 7:30pm local, but it’s an hour later in the US due to daylight savings time. It should be streamed on CMLL’s website and YouTube, but the announcers were strangely pushing the return to Arena Mexico next Tuesday instead of this show last night. I don’t know if that was their subtle way of saying they wouldn’t be streaming from Arena Coliseo or just normal randomness. (They did start pushing the iPPV.)

Guadalajara has Atlantis, Dragon Lee, Mistico versus Cavernario, Felino, Mr. Niebla.

Today’s also the Lucha Underground at SXSW festivities. The panel discussion will be at 2pm, and the show will be at 8pm central. The panel requires a ticket to the festival itself, which will also get you into the show. They will be offering a limited out of tickets to the show itself for $10; I’d get there as early as possible if you’re looking to get one. No matches have been announced for the show, but a bunch of usual LU luchadors are known to be around.

Businesses go to SXSW to create buzz for their products, so it’d make sense as a place for that sort of announcement – like, if they’re close to a Netflix deal, maybe that gets talked about here. There’s been no mention of official LU coverage of their events, but the crowd attending this convention is far more into social media than most and you may want to keep an eye on Twitter for Periscope streams.

One topic that probably won’t be talked about at SXSW – though feel free to ask – are all those Konnan Twitter posts against AAA. He’s been at it more often the last couple of days, perhaps because he’s been flying back from Africa and had nothing better to do while waiting for flights. You can see a collection of the recent ones here; the most recent complaint has been about Rey Misterio, Johnny Mundo, Brian Cage, and Chris Masters months behind in being paid what they were owed. The Masters complaint likely has to do with AAA not helping him out after his knee surgery, since Masters himself has been very loud about that. Misterio, Mundo and Dorian Roldan are all on the SXSW panel today, hope that’s not awkward The WON had recently said AAA was all caught up with pay with Misterio, but Konnan would know better.

Psycho Clown says Dr. Wagner tries to intimidate his rivals, but he can’t be intimidating. Psycho feels he’s done better against Wagner every time they’ve been in the ring and, while it will be on of the toughest challenges of his career, he’ll definitely win at Rey de Reyes.

Octagon, in doing another interview about Octagon Jr., says everything will be resolved in two months. I’m holding him to that. Octagon also says he informed all the locals commissions to not allow Octagon Jr. to use that name. It doesn’t seem like Naucalpan stopped him.

Konnan Big wants Rush in a cage with hair on the line. That would probably make a lot of money.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Segunda Caida reviews last week’s Lucha Underground.

SuperLuchas has an obit for Cinta de Oro.

Monterrey luchadora La Bandida put her career on the line for a title match against Princesa Maya and lost; she’s retiring after a ten year career.

Estrellita wants to be CMLL World Champion. She’s got as shot with Dalys as champ.


AULL (SUN) 03/20/2016 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Palacio Maya & Slash vs Pakal & Prehispanic
2) Alas de Oro, Spider Boy, Súper Terry vs Alastor, Ironía, Vengador
3) Shibata vs Holkan © [AULL Light]
Holkan second defense (last defense last April)
4) Ángel Del Amor & Yakuza vs Samael & Tormento © [AULL TAG]
first defense (won titles last April)
5) Argos, Chucho el Roto, Emperador Azteca vs Epitafio, Leviatham, Súper Colt

It’s time for the annual title defenses! Argos & Azteca are Elite reps, I guess.

CMLL (MON) 03/21/2016 Arena Puebla
1) Astro & Asturiano vs Espanto Jr. & Fuerza Chicana
2) Astral & Eléctrico vs Mini Joker & Saurón
3) Black Tiger, Hombre Bala Jr., Súper Halcón Jr. vs Espíritu Maligno, King Jaguar, Metálico
4) Blue Panther Jr., Stigma, The Panther vs Fujin, Okumura, Raijin
5) Dragón Lee, Máscara Dorada, Volador Jr. vs Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
6) Carístico vs Último Guerrero

Doing Caristico/UG sure seems like it’s running counter to Elite’s own show on Thursday in Puebla – or maybe that got canceled, since Elite’s Facebook doesn’t seem to be mentioning it?

Fifth match could be really good depending on who actually shows up.

FULL (SAT) 05/14/2016 Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal
1) Ángel Del Amor & Saru vs Pequeño Black Warrior & Tupac Amaru
2) Lady Apache & Reyna Dorada vs Ludark Shaitan & Quimera
3) Decnnis, Marabunta Jr., Zumbido vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Sucesor, Veneno
4) Hijo De Dos Caras, Hijo de Máscara Sagrada, Huracán Ramírez vs Cien Caras Jr., Scorpió Jr., Silver Kain
5) Grond XXX, LA Park, Tinieblas Jr. vs El Hijo del Solitario, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Pirata Morgan

FULL (SUN) 05/15/2016 Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal
1) Charly Madrid, Saru, Shadow Boy vs Luzbel Jr., Pequeño Black Warrior, Rider
2) Alushe & Quemonito vs Guapito & Trolli
3) Alan Stone & Relámpago vs Fishman Jr. & Toscano
4) Marco Corleone, Octagón, Súper Porky vs El Hijo del Medico Asesino, Rey Bucanero, Sagrado
5) Atlantis vs Tinieblas Jr., Pirata Morgan, Shocker [FULL Campeon de Campeones]

Back to back shows in Juan de la Barrera is optimistic. They have reasonable ticket prices and a cross over promotion with clown/singer/actor Cepillín, who runs a circus in Mexico City at last check. He got into a near fight with Pirata Morgan, because of course.

CMLL Puebla: 2016-03-14 

Dorada boost tope con giro
Dorada boost tope con giro

Recapped: 03/14/2016

What happened: Ultimo Guerrero fouled Caristico, which sets up a singles match between them next week. Fujin stole Blue Panther’s mask, setting up a rematch next week.

What was good: I liked the opener! That was pretty much it.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s YouTube channel


Puebla tonight (but one hour later in the US), Cinta de Oro, CMLL weekend lineups

I was holding out for full IWRG results, but no such luck yet.

Puma retained the Occidente Light Heavyweight Championship over Omar Brunetti last night in Guadalajara.

The one thing you need to know about today’s Arena Puebla show: it’s an hour later. Daylight Savings Time starts to affect the streams tonight. It’s still 9pm start time in Puebla, but it’s 10 pm Central Daylight Savings Time in the US, 11 pm on the East Coast. This might be the time to start watching these after the fact (he writes, knowing he’ll probably watch it live anyway.)

Tonight’s main event is Caristico, Mascara Dorada and Maximo versus Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja and Ultimo Guerrero, continuing the UG/Caristico feud. It’s one of the two main events for Puebla this week: he’s also headlining an Elite show in Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo on Thursday, and there probably should be some crossover promotion for that show. (It’s one of four shows for Elite this week, a very busy week for them.)  It’s also the second CMLL show in Puebla that same day; a few of the same luchadors are also working a 3:30pm show in Cuautlancingo, which is about 30 minutes from Arena Puebla.

The best match on the show might be the Panthers & Stigma versus Fujin, Okumura and Raijin in the tercera. The only locals on the card are Arkalis, Paris, Malayo and Guerrero Especial in the opener, though Guerrero Especial & Paris are also listed on a show in  You can see the full card here. Again, the show starts one hour later than usual if your clocks changed over the weekend.

Diario has a longer story about Cinta de Oro‘s passing. He seemed not to be feeling even before his last match. He was told they could give him the night off, but he said no, he doesn’t miss matches. After the show, Rocky Star offered to take him to the hospital, but Cinta said it was just being tired from being old and prefered to go home. He was found the next morning in his rocking chair, having passed away during the night.

Black Terry Jr. has photos from Arena La Loma in Puebla, where Caifan & Black Terry defeated Arez & Gato Montes in the main event.

Aerostar is headed to SXSW, as are others who are part of Tuesday’s Lucha Underground show. That’s cool! Not cool is AAA advertising luchadors in Nuevo Laredo, Queretaro and Piedras Negras this week who won’t be there, because they’ll be in Austin instead.

A Johnny Mundo interview promoting the SXSW Lucha Underground content has a lot of usual info, a mentioned that Mundo lives “five minutes away” from the Temple, and this quote:

“Usually, every match in the WWE, I was the one with the stupid ideas. I’m trying to figure out how to jump off the stage, or turn the logo into a weapon or obstacle. I was always watching Jackie Chan movies or Tony Jaa, and putting moves that I saw in Rumble in the Bronx into matches. When I got toLucha Underground, that mentality helped me immeasurably, when it came to working guys like Prince Puma, and a lot of the guys from [Mexican wrestling promotion] AAA. It was kind of weird, because I was going, man, they have stupider ideas than I do. Now I’m the one going, ‘No, we can’t do a Spanish Fly off the bandstand. That’s crazy.'”

That sounds like Prince Puma. The panel discussion on Lucha Underground is Tuesday afternoon at 2, and the show is at 8pm the same night. There’s always a chance of some news coming out of these.

El Universal has a nice article on Pista Arena Revolucion, the 70s, 80s, and 90s C arena for CMLL & UWA in Mexico City. It actually started out as an ice hockey arena. That didn’t work out.

BxB Fly has highlights of 01/11/16 CMLL.

Super Libre has Asesino Negro & Pablo Romero as guests.

Black Terry Jr. has highlights of Compadres Extremo versus Kaientai & Bryon, Tony Rodriguez vs Rico Rodriguez, Caifan vs Dralion vs Arez and Ultimo Ninja vs Sammy Guevera vs Erik Ortiz from the RIOT show.

Segunda Caida makes the mistake of watching tournament lucha. I’m afraid to point out CMLL’s skipped the incredible partners tournament this year in case it reminds someone to still run it after H2L.

A Puebla photographer is using lucha libre to get kids into photography.


CMLL (SAT) 03/19/2016 Arena Coliseo
1) Bengala vs Cholo
2) Leono vs Apocalipsis
3) Soberano Jr. vs Cancerbero
4) Súper Halcón Jr. vs Arkángel de la Muerte
5) Hombre Bala Jr. vs Nitro
6) Delta & Fuego vs Olímpico & Sangre Azteca
7) Máscara Dorada, Máximo Sexy, Valiente vs Bobby Z, Terrible, Vangellys

I think the main event might be the only good match on the show. There are so many CMLL rudos I don’t want to watch.

CMLL (SUN) 03/20/2016 Arena México
1) Bengala & Leono vs Espanto Jr. & Inquisidor
2) Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, Skadi vs Amapola, Dalys, Reyna Isis
3) Pegasso, Rey Cometa, Tritón vs Puma, Tiger, Warrior Steel
4) Stuka Jr. vs Pólvora [lightning]
5) Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Titán vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys
6) Máximo Sexy, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Ephesto, Euforia, Mephisto

The promised reversion to CMLL shows has occurred, just about two weeks later than we thought – and it’s just back to matches for matches sakes. (Elite Miercoles would seem to start next Wednesday, since Arena Mexico is still closed this week.)

Warrior Steel is the name of note. He’s a long time Mexico State indie guy. I have lineups of him on lineups back to 2006, which is the earliest I really started tracking these things. He’s worked in Arena Neza and for EAW and lot of indie groups, but hasn’t ever shown up on anything I’ve managed to record. He has worked on a CMLL show that was streamed once though: the 07/17/2011 Arkangel 25th Anniversary show that I was unable to record. (I’m still unhappy about that.) He was part of an opening match battle royal with many Arkangel former students, with him and Flamita said to look the best. Things have sure worked out better for Flamita than Warrior Steel after that match. I have no idea why Warrior Steel is debuting now.

CMLL (SUN) 03/20/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Black Sugar & El Tapatío vs Diplomático & Guerrero de la Muerte
2) Dark Fire & El Alteño vs Mr. Brisa & Payaso Infernal
3) Cosmos & Metatrón vs Gran Kenut & Thunder Boy
4) León Blanco, Nautilius, Neutrón vs El Chakal, Joker, Sádico
5) Gallo, Magnum, Vaquero Jr. vs Espectrúm, Maléfico, Ráfaga

And, with CMLL getting the full Sunday card in Mexico City, they’re no longer being sent to Guadalajara on Sundays. Dark Fire and Payaso Infernal from Sinaloa are back to help make up the numbers.

Cinta de Oro passes away, UG keeps title over Atlantis, CaraLucha

photo by CMLL
photo by CMLL

CARA LUCHA (SAT) 03/12/2016 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México [+LuchaTV, Estrellas del Ring, KronoSport]
1) Lady Pink & Máscara Celestial b Pyrot & Reyna Oscura
2) Templario b Ángel del Misterio
3) Andy Boy, Chik Tormenta, Diva Salvaje DQ Demasiado, Keira, Yoruba
Neza Kings ran in for the DQ to attack Yoruba as part of a Resistancia/Neza Kings feud.
4) Flama Roja & Toro Negro Jr. b Centvrión & Látigo
bloody match. Flama Roja did a dive off the first balcony. Latigo & Toro Negro are still making mask challenges.
5) Daga b Rayo Star
6) Danger b Cíclope, Joe Lider, Wotan

Attendance seemed down from recent shows, which have been on more competitive nights. There weren’t as much indie shows. Indie promotions run hardcore matches – like the main event – because they usually draw well but this didn’t work for whatever reason.

CMLL (SAT) 03/12/2016 Arena Coliseo
1) Pierrothito b Acero
2) Flyer b Espanto Jr.
3) Hombre Bala Jr. b Akuma
4) Súper Halcón Jr. b Disturbio
5) Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. DQ Boby Z & Okumura
Bobby fouled Delta
6) Blue Panther, Dragón Lee, Stuka Jr. b Ephesto, Gran Guerrero, Luciferno
Tecnicos took 1/3.
7) Último Guerrero © b Atlantis [NWA MIDDLE]
Gran Guerrero and Soberano’s were seconds. Guerrero took 2/3, the last with the Guerrero Special, to retain the title. Money thrown in. fourth defense for Ultimo Guerrero. Atlantis is currently Mexican Light Heavyweight Championship

Main event sounds like it went pretty well. Attendance looked about normal; you’d have to be a dedicated fan to know anything out of the ordinary was happening.

CMLL Elite (SUN) 03/13/2016 Arena Coliseo
1) Pequeño Olímpico & Pierrothito b Shockercito & Último Dragóncito
2) El Cuatrero & Sansón b Emperador Azteca & Magnus
3) Dinamic Black, Rey Cometa, Tritón b Eterno, Fresero Jr., Heddi Karaoui
money thrown in
4) Rocky Lobo & Súper Crazy b Felino & Tiger
5) Dragón Lee, Golden Magic, Máscara Dorada b Argos, Kamaitachi, Volador Jr.
6) Atlantis & Carístico DQ Cibernético & Mr. Niebla
Cibernetico fouled Atlantis.

Elite posted phone video of the segundatercera (part 2), fourth, fifth and main event – the last three are more complete than the first couple. This show returns back to Arena Mexico next week, though your guess is as good as mine as which brand is running it.

Juarez legend Cinta de Oro passed away. He was 51 and had just wrestled Saturday. He, along with Rocky Star, were local stars during the great period for lucha libre in the 80s and 90s. Alfredo has more on Cinta de Oro in the Lucha Report.

Sangre Nueva Jr., 28, also passed away due to a heart attack on Tuesday. He’s Mascarita 2000 Jr.’s son, who had wrestled around Mexico State a bit.

Pentagon Jr. won the Perros del Mal Light Heavyweight Championship in Atlanta.

Black Terry Jr. has photos from the RIOT show Saturday night.

RobViper has highlights of 08/28/15 CMLL

R de Rudo has photos from the Hijo del Perro Aguayo photo exhibit.

This week’s Box Y Lucha (#3225) has the Homenaje a Dos Leyendas matches on the cover.

Tijuana lucha promotion Evolurion Lucha Libre says they’re getting local TV.

Sanson & Cuatrero talk about being on Homenaje a Dos Leyendas

great match roundup, week of 2016-03-05

all of this week’s ratings – I liked the three way a lot.

rating matches TV Show taped
excellent Mil Muertes © vs Prince Puma, Pentagón Jr. [LU CHAMP] Lucha Underground: 2016-03-09 2015-11-22
good Ludxor & Venum vs Carta Brava Jr. & El Apache AAA on Televisa: 2016-03-05 2016-02-19
good Rey Samuray & Zaeta Roja vs Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr. CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-03-07 2016-03-07
good Marty Martinez vs the Mack Lucha Underground: 2016-03-09 2015-11-22
good Cage vs Taya [no DQ] Lucha Underground: 2016-03-09 2015-11-22
good Astral & Stukita vs Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro CMLL on 2016-03-11 2016-03-11
good Marcela © vs Dalys for the CMLL World Women’s Championship CMLL on 2016-03-11 2016-03-11
good Marco Corleone, Máximo Sexy, Último Guerrero vs La Máscara, Rey Escorpión, Rush in a relevos increíbles match CMLL on 2016-03-11 2016-03-11
ok Dinastía, El Elegido, Goya Kong, Pimpinela Escarlata vsHijo de Pirata Morgan, Mamba, Mary Apache, Mini Charly Manson AAA on Televisa: 2016-03-05 2016-02-19
ok La Parka vs Psycho Clown, Averno, Zorro [AAA Rey de Reyes] and in a tournament semifinal match AAA on Televisa: 2016-03-05 2016-02-19
ok Blue Panther Jr., The Panther, Tritón vs Fujin, Raijin, Skándalo CMLL Titanes del Ring: 2016-03-05 2016-02-26
ok La Máscara, Rush, Vangellys vs Marco Corleone, Máscara Dorada, Máximo Sexy CMLL Titanes del Ring: 2016-03-05 2016-02-26
ok Carístico, Máscara Dorada, Mistico vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Último Guerrero CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-03-07 2016-03-07
ok Flyer & Leono vs El Rebelde & Inquisidor CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-03-08 2016-03-08
ok Hombre Bala Jr., Star Jr., Súper Halcón Jr. vs El Cuatrero, Sangre Azteca, Sansón CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-03-08 2016-03-08
ok Estrellita vs Zeuxis in a lightning match CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-03-08 2016-03-08
ok Esfinge, Stigma, Tritón vs Fujin, Okumura, Raijin CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-03-08 2016-03-08
ok Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., La Máscara vs Misterioso Jr., Pierroth, Sagrado CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-03-08 2016-03-08
ok Blue Panther Jr., Fuego, The Panther vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus CMLL on 2016-03-11 2016-03-11
ok Blue Panther, Stuka Jr., Súper Porky vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys CMLL on 2016-03-11 2016-03-11
ok Máscara Dorada, Súper Parka, Volador Jr. vs Cavernario, Kamaitachi, Negro Casas CMLL on 2016-03-11 2016-03-11
below average Mistico, Súper Parka, Volador Jr. vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas CMLL Titanes del Ring: 2016-03-05 2016-02-26
below average Black Tiger, Robin, Stigma vs Artillero, Camorra, King Jaguar CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-03-07 2016-03-07
below average La Vaquerita, Lluvia, Princesa Sugehit vs Amapola, La Comandante, Tiffany CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-03-07 2016-03-07
below average Máximo Sexy, Súper Porky, Titán vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-03-07 2016-03-07
watch later Máscara Dorada © vs Negro Casas for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship CMLL Guadalajara: 2016-03-05 2016-03-01
watch later Alas de Acero, Aramis, Atomic Star, Dragón Fly, Freyser, Kanon, Power Bull, Violencia Jr. vs Black Mercury, El Resplandor, Gemelo Fantástico I, Gemelo Fantástico II,Iron Kid, Príncipe Pantera, Príncipe Pantera Jr., Psycho Kid [Copa Higher Power] IWRG Zona XXI: 2016-03-05 2016-03-02
watch later Leo, Mike, Rafy vs Factor, Rayan, Spector IWRG Zona XXI: 2016-03-05 2016-03-02
watch later Rico Rodríguez © vs Mocho Cota Jr., Ninja Jr., Galactar[LyC CRUISER] Noches de Coliseo: 2016-03-06 2016-02-28
watch later Cibernético vs Rush and Konnan Big Noches de Coliseo: 2016-03-06 2016-02-28




03/11 AAA TV Results (Naucalpan)

AAA TV (FRI) 03/11/2016 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, AAA]
1) Mamba, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Xandåo b Argenis, El Mexicano, Estrella Divina
Los Perros del Mal destroyed both teams after the match. Said to be a dark match.
2) Dinastía, Faby Apache, Niño Hamburguesa b El Apache, Mini Psycho Clown, Taya
Hamburguesa splash for the win. Faby asked Taya for a title match. Taya said no since Faby had not beat her directly.
3) Drago, Fénix, Octagón Jr. b Averno, Chessman, Ricky Marvin
Octagon Jr. was announced as the surprise luchador a few days prior and got a better reaction on this show. Fenix beat Marvin with a huracanrana. Ricky Marvin told the press this was the start of a new chapter in his career. Los Perros del Mal interrupted post match (and may have distracted earlier) to tell Averno & Chessman that Lider & Daga were winning the tag titles at Rey de Reyes.
4) Garza Jr., Jack Evans, La Parka b Pentagón Jr., Taurus, Villano IV
Garza beat Taurus. (Said to be Taurus’ first defeat, but he lost in Rey de Reyes as well.) Pentagon said he’d beat Demon, Parka and Villano at Rey de Reyes, then go after Jack Evans next.
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., El Mesías, Texano Jr. b Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown
Mesias and Texano didn’t get along but it didn’t cost the match. Wagner beat Psycho Clown with a Michinoku Driver, then challenged Psycho Clown for a title match and a mask match. Psycho tried to respond but Wagner took his mask.

Air Date: 03/26. Match one may not air – though since the Perros turned up at the end, maybe they’ll edit it into being the open or something. It could also just be on YouTube.

Appeared to be a sellout, which would be the second in this arena in five days. The Elite card will likely make it three in two weeks. IWRG cards will generally do a couple hundred people. The building isn’t dead, it’s about getting giving people what they want to see.

Though this is a lame duck position, they did do some work to build up the lesser matches on Rey de Reyes. The mixed trios match now has a purpose, Faby’s got to beat Taya to get a title match. There’s at least a little bit of effort into the tag title match. Even the Pentagon/Jack thing, a dropped angle from the fall being picked up, points at a post-Rey de Reyes plan.

Back prior Guerra de Titanes, I argued Psycho & Wagner would win the title shot match because they’d be the best choice to main event Rey de Reyes. They did not win, but it still feels like they’re going to be main eventing Rey de Reyes. They’re definitely the biggest match; whatever they’re doing with Mesias & Texano is not not coming across strongly in results. That title match is only going to get a reaction if it’s a hot crowd or they do some great work in the match itself.

Drago, Fenix, Octagon vs Averno, Chessman, Ricky Marvin sounds like the best match on the show. The comments Mas Lucha got from Ricky made it soudn as if Bengala is a beast of the past.

Garza Jr. told Furia de Titanes that any talk of him going to WWE is simply rumors. I wonder if “rumors” has a different connotation in Spanish than in English. Rumors in English can mean true or false, but every luchador says “rumors” like it’s obviously false. (That’s what Sombra said in the identical situation.) This seems like the English version, but it also seems like the only thing Garza can really say in the situation – neither WWE or AAA would be happy with him saying more. It does seem like AAA can’t be too concerned about him leaving if they’re starting to give him actual wins.

Next taping is 03/23 in San Luis Potosi for Rey de Reyes, which will be their first taping in that venue since Alberto left. This week’s TV show announced a 04/08 return to Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera, which would be the following show. Outside of Rey de Reyes, they’re not venturing too far away from the Mexico City base so far this year. That’s not too abnormal, but shows directly in Mexico City is a bit unusual.

AAA also announced tickets on sale for a 05/14 TV taping in Orizaba. There’s likely two to be announced in between.

Dalys is new women’s champion, Casas & Maximo win, RIOT & CaraLucha tonight

Super Porky is too fat

CMLL (FRI) 03/11/2016 Arena México [CMLL, Kronosport, thecubsfan]
1) Astral & Stukita b Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro
16:32. Tecnicos took 2/3. Astral & Stukita replaced Shockercito & Ultimo Dragoncito on Monday.
2) Blue Panther Jr., Fuego, The Panther b Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus
14:42. Tecnicos took 2/3.
3) Blue Panther, Stuka Jr., Súper Porky b Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys
11:49. Tecnicos took 2/3.
4) Dalys b Marcela © [CMLL WOMEN]
12:39. Dalys took 1/3, the last with a casita, to win the championship. She’s the 18th champion. Marcela falls in her 3rd defense, first since September
5) Cavernario, Kamaitachi, Negro Casas b Máscara Dorada, Súper Parka, Volador Jr.
5:40. Straight falls. Volador had Casas beat in the second fall, but Tiger and Puma interfered to help Casas foul Volador and win. The rudos beat up the tecnicos post match.
6) Marco Corleone, Máximo Sexy, Último Guerrero b La Máscara, Rey Escorpión, Rush [Relevos Increíbles]
8:20. Tecnicos took 2/3, Maximo kissing Rush in the third fall.

There weren’t any stand out matches but it worked as a build up to next week’s big matches. They set up two plot points – Volador being overwhelmed by the Casas family and Maximo’s kiss being deadly – which seem like they’ll play into next week’s title match.

Dalys winning her first title the week before Negro Casas has a hair match is interesting timing.

The broadcast barely mentioned the iPPV, if they did at all. There is a promo for it on their YouTube channel.

Seemed like an average or below average turnout.

Tonight’s Arena Coliseo show has Ultimo Guerrero defending his title against Atlantis. This another thing CMLL’s barely promoted! Atlantis has his own title so it’s unlikely he’s going to win this one.  It’s the first of three straight show in Arena Coliseo – there’s no matches in Arena Mexico until Friday due to work being done.

There’s also a Cara Lucha show tonight, with Ciclope vs Joe Lider vs Danger vs Wotan in the main event, and Daga vs Rayo Star in the semimain.

Tonight’s also RIOT’s third show, with Caifan vs Dralion vs Arez on top.

The Guadalajara Homenaje a Dos Leyendas will now take place on 04/05, according to Super Libre

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update

Star Fire had her (latest) knee surgery yesterday.

CMLL luchadors were present at a Turibus press event announcing expanded service.

Bloomberg has a photo story of a night at Arena Mexico.

Monterrey’s Arena Jaguar has a YouTube channel now. The Pedro Navajas injury mentioned a few days ago is up there and looks ugly.


CMLL (SUN) 03/13/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Capitán Cobra & Johnny Dinamo vs Diplomático & Guerrero de la Muerte
2) Explosivo & Star Black vs Carlos Rogi & Mr. Apolo
3) Vaquero Jr. vs Espectrúm
4) Gallo, Súper Porky, Titán vs Furia Roja, Maléfico, Último Guerrero
5) Puma © vs Omar Brunetti [OCCIDENTE LH]
Puma’s first defense after winning title last June

Lineup got posted a little late for this one. Occidente title matches are coin tosses. Vaquero/Espectrum appears to be a three fall match.

IWRG (WED) 03/16/2016 Arena Naucalpan
1) Alas de Acero vs Adrenalina
2) Black Dragón & Galaxy vs Acero & Picudo Jr.
3) Dragón Fly, Freyser, Zatura vs Astro, Gemelo Fantástico I, Gemelo Fantástico II
IWRG vs Toluca
4) Leo, Mike, Rafy vs Factor, Rayan, Spector
5) Trauma I & Trauma II vs Canis Lupus & Eterno

Elite is running the Sunday show, so this is the only IWRG show of the week. Trauma II still on cards.

CMLL (FRI) 03/18/2016 Arena México
Homenaje a Dos Leyenda 2016, Lizmark & Salvador Lutteroth
1) Oro Jr. & Soberano Jr. vs El Cuatrero & Sansón
2) Ángel de Oro, Rey Cometa, Titán vs Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto
3) Dragón Lee, Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Fujin, Kamaitachi, Okumura, Raijin
4) Rush vs Máximo Sexy [hair]
5) Atlantis, Marco Corleone, Súper Porky vs Cibernético, Mr. Niebla, Último Guerrero
6) Volador Jr. vs Negro Casas [hair]

You already knew this card, but it’d be weird to have a Friday show without it.

ERLL (SUN) 03/20/2016 Arena Jose Sulaiman, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
1) Cíclope (DTU) & Pesadilla vs Galactar & Titanik and Danger King & Wasson (DF) and Dulce Kanela & Larry Miranda
2) Ludark Shaitan vs Chik Tormenta
3) Koko Viper & Memo Valles vs Alberto Dos Rios & Hijo De Centurion Negro
4) El Alebrije I & Histeria II vs Ángel Dorado Jr. & Gato Fantasma
5) Blue Panther Jr. vs Drastik Boy, Rico Rodríguez
6) Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro vs Blue Panther & Silver Star
7) Último Guerrero vs Caifan

Big card for the ERLL match with an Ultimo Guerrero/Caifan match.

CMLL on 2016-03-11 

hooray team
hooray team

Recapped: 03/11/2016

What happened: Dalys defeated Marcela to become the CMLL Women’s World Champion. She’s the 18th champion.

The underdogs for next week’s hair match won both their matches. Negro Casas defeated Volador after a foul and some interference from Tiger & Puma again. Máximo defeated Rush cleanly after kissing him.

Also, the theatrical play La Dama del Negro was honored before the main event for 22 consecutive years off performances. This included La Dama del Negro making a cameo earlier in the night, and various CMLL ‘terror’ characters being the part of a presentation of a giant plaque. One of the actors praised lucha libre (or at least the luchadors he could remember from the old song), but there was no obvious connection to CMLL explaining why they were giving such a big presentation. Someone in charge must be a big fan.

Homenaje a Dos Leyendas was mentioned thru the show, but the fact that it was on iPPV was barely mentioned if at all to the audience most likely to purchase it.

What was good: The women’s match was fine, but didn’t seem at the level of other big women’s title matches. (I liked Silueta/Zeuxis more, without a question.) The minis opener was a lot of fun. The later matches were more angles than matches, the angles were pretty good.

Where can I watch it: The main event is on The show will air on Claro Sports TV in a week or so, and on Azteca on 04/02.