Lucha TV Report for July 24th, 2001

This week, nothing aired on Televisa apparently, so there was only 30 minutes of new stuff on Galavision. Hence, the short report.


Satanico introduces the new Infernal, El Mephisto! This guy used to be known as Astro Rey Jr. He already is injured for a few months. Personally I think there are plenty more guys who this gimmick should have given too. Arkangel and Sangre Azteca could both have used the gimmick to name two.

(Arena Mexico) Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Mascara Magica vs. Satanico, Shocker, Averno- Mephisto is able to help his team out by randomly stomping anyone who rolls on the apron despite his injury. First fall is a squash for Satanicoís team. Shocker ends up using the Reinera to make Bucanero quit and Satanico pins Guerrero. Now, inexplicably they cut the second fall down to a few seconds, which is amazing considering Gala must have known they had lots of free time this show. Guerrero and Bucanero absolutely destroy Averno with a double press into a double chokeslam, followed by some strange double bridge pin. Shocker then gets beat down with powerbombs, diving headbutts and an elevated Boston Crab from hell. Third fall gets clipped pretty bad too, I guess. Infernales have Shocker held in a careta near the ropes, so Averno sneaks into the ring and dropkicks Bucanero off Shockerís back! Bucanero takes a wild bump to the floor! Then Shocker springs over, stands on the middle rope and uses a tornillo. Gorgeous. Mascara Magica hiptosses Averno out and follows with a nice tope suicida sending both men into the seats! So Satanico and Guerrero are left. Guerrero goes for a rana(I think) but Satanico gives him a stealthy shot to the groin and quickly covers to end the match! This should have been longer. They really didnít air anything here except the finishes. The Guerrero vs. Satanico war continues to be the most reliable feud for quality wrestling in lucha.

<Next, the entire June 19th show reairs.>

Momentos Estelares

Zeta with a tornillo dive
Volador Jr. with a great plancha on one of the Stones
Niebla with a moonsault
Satanico kicks the ref in the happy area.
Gigante Silva pushes Apollo Dantes onto the top rope with his feet.

Hijo del Lizmark works out in the gym and makes funny faces. Then Villano III comes in and asks for his support and says that his fued with Signo is going to be until ďThe last man falls.Ē

Dr. Wagner Jr., El Signo, Apollo Dantes vs. Lizmark Jr., Hijo del Rayo Jalisco jr., Villano III- Once again they edit the falls to the finish. Rudos take the first fall, as Wagner and Apollo gives Rayito a spike powerbomb that looked like it had to suck. Signo then uses a cristo to finish off Villano. Second fall the tecnicos magically comeback in seconds thanks to the editing. Lizmark actually breaks the rules by press slamming Rayito over the ropes onto Wagner. Then Dantes dropkicks him out and uses a big tope. Villano IV does a run in and gets his brother DQedÖ huh? Oh no, itís some nobody in his mask. Well that was a bunch of bullshit! They should have kept him under the Villano mask to create some suspense. Villano III issues a mask vs. hair challenges afterwards to Signo(it happens this Friday). I say Signo wins. The match probably wonít air on TV, which sucks.


Latin Lover vs. Hector Garza vs. Hijo del Perro vs. Heavy Metal- The winner of this gets to fight Cibernetico for the Champion of Champions belt. Usually they do a tournament for this but now itís just a four way dance. From whever the match begins, they take turns slapping on holds that are going to be broken. Hijo de Perro and Garza then start trading nearfalls off of suplexes and rollups, but Garza gets the better of him with a low blow. Garza and Lover then have a bunch of nearfalls, but Hijo del Perro whacks Garza with a chair and Garza waits a few minutes to start selling. Latin finally use a powerbomb for the pin. Heavy Metal breaks a few pinfalls on Latin and uses a casita which they almost screw up to win the whole thing. I think this whole ďOur pretty boys donít get alongĒ thing has been run into the ground already. The last time they had all four guys in the ring in Monterrey, the crowd was on itís feet! Here, it sounds like the crowd was on itís back taking a snooze.

Cibernetico vs. Heavy Metal (Champion of Champions)- Quick question, if this is the champion of champions, then what are all the other champions? Chopped liver? The match basically goes like this: Cibernetico beats on Metal for 5 or 10 minutes, everyone in the locker room runs out to get some exercise, the ref goes down, and Metal gets the surprise pin when PeŮa comes down to join them. Big friggin deal. I think it says a lot about AAA that their ďChampion of ChampionsĒ canít even win a match cleanly(in fact he didnít get one bit of offense in). Pfffft.