Lucha Report for April 10th, 2001


(Arena Coliseo)Tigre Blanco, Starman, Mascara Magica vs. Valentine Mayo, Halcon Negro, Karloff le Garde-

Primera Caida- Nice to see some fresh faces on EMLL TV… this fall unfortunately is clipped all the way until the end where the rudos take over the ring. LeGarde uses a half crab to make Tigre submit, while Halcon Negro gets Macara Magica with an over-the-shoulder armbar + octopus hold.

Segunda Caida- Tigre gets out of the way of a Legarde corner charge and then starts brawling with him. Magica and Starman team up to do several assisted dropkicks on Halcon and Valentine, and eventually get the pin on Halcon. Starman uses ‘la mecadora’(rocking horse) to make Valentine submit.

Tercera Caida- Magica uses a few armdrags on Halcon and then make shim take a belly-slide to the floor, however, Halcon puts his legs up and catches the ropes on the way out, getting a laugh from the announcers. Starman uses a few armdrags and monkey flips on Valentine then sends him out with an armdrag. Tigre and LeGarde are in the ring last but then all hell breaks loose as both Halcon and Valentine try and assist him. Starman and Magica end up taking them out of the ring with stereo dropkicks and then do double tope suicidas! Valentine’s selling of the dive was awesome in particular as he flew over(and knocked down) one set of seats from the impact. In the ring, Tigre catches Karloff with the Tigre Clutch, a rolling takedown into a face first figure four, and the rudo has no choice but to submit.

[full point] This was a good match. All of the tecnicos were pretty awesome. The rudos weren’t that flashy but did a good job of bumping here for them.

Momentos Estelares

Sicodelico with a twisting slingshot splash
Porky with a plancha off the apron
Felino with a top rope powerbomb!
Tarzan Boy jumps onto Satanico as Ultimo and Markus tie him in the ropes.
Ultimo Guerrero takes a flip bump on a kneecap dropkick

(Arena Coliseo)Zumbido, Dr. X, Veneno vs Solar 1, Astro Rey Jr, Brazo de Oro-

Primera Caida- Matwork from both sides to start. Zumbido argues with his teammates causing them to loose focus, so Astro Rey does a plancha to the both of them. Astro then dives onto Zumbido with a tope. Solar puts Dr. X away with a hold called “buericha” I think which is an upside down chickenwing backbreaker. Ridiculously cool. Brazo de Oro rolls up Veneno.

Segunda Caida- More matwork to start the fall. Then, Zumbido dropkicks Astro Rey Jr from the ring and dives onto him with an awesome tope con giro, while Veneno does similar to Solar(who then lands in a free seat in the front row- LOL). Dr. X makes Brazo quit to an abdominal stretch.

Tercera Caida- Tecnicos start to fight back and clear the ring of all but Zumbido. Here Brazo de Oro uses a rana(which looked really good- credit that to the awesome Zumbido) to get the pin.

[full point] A solid match with two hot first falls. All of these guys are great.

(Arena Coliseo)Shocker, Scorpio Jr., Emilio Charles vs Ringo Mendoza, Negro Casas, Villano IV- 

Primera Caida- Emilio shows off his Welterweight title he recently won off Ringo. The Guapos win this match in a complete blowout. Shocker makes Negro submit to his reverse scorpion to win the fall.

Segunda Caida- More brawling until Ringo starts the comeback for his team. The tecnicos then start showing off in the ring. Villano and Shocker’s stuff was pretty in particular. Casas uses an armbar on Shocker, while Villano does a torture rack to Scorpio to win the fall.

Tercera Caida- This fall is over quick. Villano IV takes Shocker out with a great tope, then Ringo gets Charles in the ringuina to win the match. Afterwards some mic work ensues. Ringo wants a hair vs hair match with Emilio Charles. Emilio’s response gets bleeped out but I think he says no. Then Shocker takes a shot of the crack pipe and calls all the tecnicos Indians and says the Guapos are forming a new Aryan nation. Uhh…

[.75] A weak first and third fall, but good action in between.

Sicodelico with a twisting slingshot splash
Porky with a plancha off the apron
Felino with a top rope powerbomb!
Tarzan Boy jumps onto Satanico as Ultimo and Markus tie him in the ropes.
Ultimo Guerrero takes a flip bump on a kneecap dropkick

Now we get treated to the end of the main event of the EMLL PPV. First Perro says his goodbyes and thanks the fans…

Huge heat for this match. Crowd is on it’s feet cheering for Perro. Lots of interference from Mascara Ano 2000. Universo teases a piledriver and the crowd goes silent, but the ref breaks it up. The commisioner kicks MA2000 out of the ring. Perro does a lanza on the ground and then one off the second rope, but Universo gets the ropes both times. Now Pierroth’s son comes to ringside(wearing Pierroth’s old gold mask) and throws some water in Perro’s eyes. As Perro is stunned, Universo uses a sit-down piledriver and gets the three count. The crowd and Alfonso Morales wanted a DQ due to the illegal move, but the decision stands and Perro gets shaved bald as he lay unconscious.

AAA(From Leon, Cto.)-

Mascarita Segrada, La Parkita, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mascara Maligna, Rocky Marvin-

Primera Caida- The rudos attack before the bell but loses their advantage when Octagoncito starts countering their moves. Now the tecnicos start showing off their armdrags a bit. Parkita takes out Rocky with an asai bodyblock. Then Octagoncito dives onto Abismito with a 720 top rope moonsault!!! HOLY FUCK!!!! The announcers go apeshit for the spot. Segradita pins his evil double with a powerbomb to end the fall.

Segunda Caida- Mascarita and Octagoncito continue to show off their armdrags. Octagoncito is amazing as he hits an Oriental style-720 armdrag and later jumps vertically, then is able to kick off Abismito’s chest into a backflip! Abismo slides out of the ring and fearing a dive like last fall’s, jumps over the rail. Then out of nowhere really the ruditos take over the fall. Abismito hits a frankensteiner on the top rope then Marvin does a splash to pin Octagoncito. 

Tercera Caida- Parkita and Segrada quickly clear out the ring for Mini Abismo and Octagoncito who begin trading nearfalls. Now they begin going back and forth, switching teammates and tagging out a lot. Parkita does a huge moonsault dive to Abismo. Segrada blows a headscissors on Malignita(Who didn’t catch him) and then later it looks like he was to be whipped out into a tope suicida but he dives too short and Maligna doesn’t bother moving up. Awful. Octagoncito unmasks himself and gives it to Rocky Marvin behind the refs’ backs to get him DQed.

[.75] This was really good in parts, though I found Mascarita Maligna to suck and he blew quite a few spots. Mini Abismo and Octagoncito, OTOH, were spectacular and were putting out the quality of work they were back before Abismito idiotically turned face for a few months.

Abismo Negro, Mascara Maligna, Nuevo Pentagon vs Heavy Metal, Hijo del Perro, Mascara Segrada-

Primera Caida- Heavy and Pentagon start the match off with something foreign to AAA rings- mat work! Wow! Abismo and Perro Jr. then do the same, and lastly Segrada and Maligna(Segrada hits some impressive armdrags. Segrada gets the new Pentagon in Gory Special, while Hijo del Perro does a silla to Abismo. However, Pentagon holds on long enough for Maligna to enter the ring and break the hold. Maligna then uses a tapitia on Segrada while Pentagon rolls up Metal to end the fall.

Segunda Caida- Heavy does some armdrags with Abismo, then Perro throws around Pentagon. Segrada enters the ring with Maligna and immediately gets into the mask ripping. It looks like Heavy and Perro would do double dives on Abismo and Pentagon, but instead start fighting with each other. Segrada still manages to make Maligna submit to ‘la media cerrajera’(Octopus hold).

Tercera Caida- Rudos in control to start. Abismo does a viscous series of open hand slaps to Perro that sounded truly brutal. Segrada seems more occupied with Maligna than anything, as he throws him off the apron and rips into his mask some more. Metal and Perrito quickly comeback then once again avoid doing double dives to brawl with each other. In the ring, Maligna throws his mask to Segrada and gets the DQ win.

[full point] Wow, this was the first wrestling match featuring these guys in quite a while. They kept the brawling to a minimum of one fall and actually tried to work a serious match. AAA Mascara Segrada rules and is much better than the fat, old, original now.

Kickboxers vs. Diabolicos- Ok, no formalities for this match. It was all punches and kicks. I thought Pena realized that these kickboxing vs wrestling feuds are retarded and don’t work unless the kickboxers are messing up a tecnico’s “prettyboy” face. I guess not. One of the Diabolicos uses a stretch on a kickboxer to get the submission.

Overall: [2.75/3 for EMLL - 1.75/3 for AAA] EMLL showed it’s midcard off here so I am extremely happy with that as with the PPVs and lack of TV time nowadays we rarely if ever get to see anything besides the semi and main events. AAA had some good wrestling for once but that main event was terrible and is a complete step-back IMO. Part of the reason AAA often has these dumb feuds is because Peña never unmasks and rarely makes anyone lose their hair so the feuds often end out of nowhere.