CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #295 (07/16/2011) 
Recapped: 07/17/11

Match 1: Bam Bam ©, Pequeño Maximo, Shockercito vs Pequeño Olímpico ©, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Warrior
Arena Mexico, 07/10/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:47
Rating: good
Notes: Entrances. Shockercito's video is so old, he's still masked in it. So is Warrior, they just don't update videos. Warrior is in a Mexican flag skirt and has “Mexico” painted on his chest. He's a rudo. Olímpico makes belt motions. You have the belt, you shouldn't really need to make motions!

1: Pairs are Shockercito/Universo, Bam Bam/Olímpico. Last one is more of a battle, ending in a big slap exchange that sends Olímpico tumbling out. Warrior jumps Bam Bam with a plancha, takes him down on the run, and then connects on a enziguri him. Bam Bam seems to be aiming to hang himself on the bottom rope, but falls down short, this the mat, and rolls out. Warrior poses and Máximo jumps in. Máximo headscissors Warrior out straight, Warrior ducks down to avoid a dive, Máximo waits for him to get up, and Warrior turns into a kiss. Other rudos kick Máximo down, Bam Bam cause Olímpico to slap Universo, but Olímpico turns a corner headscissors into a faceslam for one pin, and Universo finishes Shockercito. Máximo gets back in too soon, having to run around the pins to take a stunner from Warrior. No idea why referee is counting that one.

2: Warrior is busy beating up Máximo on the ramp, so the ring girl just can't get thru. Rudos control the ring too. Máximo takes a big rolling bump on the ramp, and his ankle twists underneath him. That looks quite ugly, but keeps going. It's a long night for him. Warrior holds Shockercito upside down for dropkicks, and then drops Shockercito down so they can dropkick him all at once, and then all together a second time. That was harsh. Bam Bam gets thrown a long way on the rebound hiptoss. Máximo has to stand on the bottom rope to take the corner charges, which seems a bit goofy. Shockercito takes a dropkick in the ropes, Warrior tries for another, Shockercito moves, and Warrior goes all the way out. Universo tries, gets caught in the ropes, and Bam Bam immediately guillotines him. Reinera on Olímpico nearly as quick, and Warrior runs from Máximo instead of breaking anything up. Shockercito takes his time letting go of the hold, and Olímpico gets up very dizzy.

3: Bam Bam obliterates Warrior with a superkick to finish their short exchange. Shockercito gets Olímpico with a 61booo (mini boo) and a springboard headscissors. Headscissors into an armdrag sends Olímpico hanging in the ropes, and Shockercito nicely dropkicks him free to the ropes. Máximo's hair looks more purple than pink, now that I get a good look at it. Máximo/Universo is big on moves and not much of Máximo spots – flying headscissors and a tope takes them both out. Warrior stare at that for a while, as Shockercito waits for him to turn around and start fighting. Warrior charges, and Shockercito flips him with a dropkick to the knee. The two get in an argument about the legalizes of messing with one's hair. Warrior sidesteps a charge, and Olímpico gets bumped of the apron instead. Warrior takes advantage to thrust kick Shockercito into the ropes, Olímpico pulls Shockercito out – this is more natural set up than normal – and Warrior's slingshot legdrop is not very well aimed but connects. Olímpico and Warrior grab Bam Bam. Universo seems to have vanished, but Máximo is crotched own in his corner. Corner whip, Olímpico tries for the monkey flip but is set up on top, Bam Bam holds of Warrior with a superkick, and then goes up on Olimpico's shoulders, but Warrior joins him – and headscissors him off the top. Olímpico adds the middle rope elbow drop, and both pile on top for the pin. That was a win, for sure.

Match 2: Felino, Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas vs El Alebrije, Olímpico, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 07/10/2011

  1. Invasors

  2. Peste Negra
  3. Invasors

Winner: Invasors (2-1)
Match Time: 12:27
Rating: good
Notes: Zacarias and Cuije are with their teams. Peste Negra enters first, Felino with his mask and old gear. Volador has his claws, and is introduced as the most controversial in CMLL. Hmmmm. Ref is Tigre Hispano.

1: Olímpico and Negro start in, and Felino starts a Negro chant which the crowd goes along with very easily, so técnicos and rudos are pretty clear here. Those two don't last in long before tagging to Alebrije and Felino. Volador rushes into break up Felino's hold with a kick, so Niebla stands up Alebrije and slaps him down. Volador and Niebla want to go right there and then, so everyone clears out – except Alebrije, who is incapacitated by that slap. He's got item, because Niebla's going to pose a bit. Crowd solidly behind Niebla as they take turns posing in each corner. Volador pulls Niebla down and pulls him into a slap fight. Alebrije cheap shots Niebla from the outside before they really get going and the brawl breaks out then. Olímpico beats Negro Casas all the way to the announcers stage, then runs him back into the post. Volador superkicks Niebla in the corner, then Olímpico finishes off Negro for one pin. Alebrije slams Felino to set up the Cuije finish, and Cuije stomps Felino a few times after getting off the pin.

2: Invasors still in control. Cuije helping out a bit – middle rope low blow headbutt on Negro. Felino grabs the bugger, but the Invasors take him down. Felino's hung over the ropes, and Volador land the guillotine legdrop. Volador tracks down the parrot, ties him in the ropes, and holds him by the leg – Cuije gets boosted into the littlest Guerrero sit, but more hits the ropes and flips over to the ramp. Announcers lose it. Invasors set up a corner charge with Cuije, but Zacarias rushes out and spears him, and Pesta attacks the full sized guys. Felino 'rana on Alebrije is, uh, troubled, but enough to get one pin. Negro gives Olímpico a kneebreaker, then thinks the logical follow up is an inverted facelock. I'm not here to argue, just to state facts. Volador runs, gets caught, and runs away some more.

3: Niebla, Alebrije and Cuije are in the middle of wackiness when they pick up the match, but we're back in time to see Niebla catch his spit. Volador tries to attack him, and takes the backbreaker and is tricked into taking an Alebrije sit. Olímpico can't clothesline Niebla down, but Niebla sure can slap Olímpico down. Cuije tries Niebla, and his kicks actually bug Niebla. Cuije does the Niebla dance. Niebla, pounds him on the head, and then spins him by his mask, Cuije flying a long way. Felino in and Volador runs really fast into three straight quebradora. Felino finishes him with a kick, but gets dropkicked by Olímpico. Corner charge fails, and Felino headscissors him. Alebrije is handled quickly. Negro and Volador in a battle of high kicks, Volador winning via superkick. Whip, and Negro comes back with a spinning DDT. Volador sneaks in a jawbreaker as Negro picks him up , and holds Negro, only for Olímpico to accidentally slaps him. Negro picks Olímpico up, Olímpico stands up slapping, that gets him nowhere, Olímpico clothesline knocks Negro down, and Olímpico does – bad cartwheels? What is going on? That is the general reaction of the crowd too. Corner whip, Negro ducks the charge and Olímpico take the knee bump out. Negro follows with a silla to take them out. Felino in, Alebrije misses the dropkick, Felino manage to clothesline him over. Felino springboard tope con giro connects. Volador/Niebla – no, Cuije/Zacarias! Slap fight, Zacarias ducks one, bad dropkick sends Cuije out, and Zacarias with a an apron dive plancha – which doesn't budge Cuije. Cuije is just too strong, I guess. Anyway, Volador and Niebla in now for real, Volador flipping run, under, a clothesline, front cracker, posing scream, charge, and right into a Niebla takedown. Niebla starts to set up La Nieblina, but Volador pulls his mask and cradles him – ref misses the pull but is back for the count – one two three.