CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #257 (10/23/2010)
Recapped: 10/23/10

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Match 1: Ángel de Oro & Ángel de Plata vs Delta & Diamante in the tournament final for a shot at the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Titles
Arena Mexico, 10/17/2010

  1. Angels

  2. Delta & Diamante
  3. Delta & Diamante

Winner: Delta & Diamante
Match Time: 15:18
Rating: good for their level
Notes: Tiger Hispano is ref. Entrances in preview, as usual.

1: Delta & Oro start, and Delta almost immediately has Oro standing on his head. Oro lifts up, rolls forward and goes for a sunset flip, but gets flattened by a Diamante springboard plancha. One two no. Diamante front facelock, Oro turns out of the armbar, modified armbar tirabuzón, Diamante escapes into a grounded chinlock, up to his knees, this isn't going anywhere. Crowd already whistling loudly at this match. Diamante tries a tapatía, but Plata breaks it up with a flying sunset flip. One two no. Plata and Diamante's exchange goes nowhere for a while, a lot of early pinfall attempts. Delta come in with an interruption plancha like his partner, then flips Plata to the apron and superkicks him there. Oro in, Delta avoids the first dive, but his springboard headscissors is turned into a powerbomb. Diamante brigs up that pin with a springboard sunset flip. Plata comes back in with a springboard plancha on Delta, stereo pins get 2. Loud booing & whistling here. Diamante and Oro dropkick the opponents out, start running for dives on the same side, realize they're both running, and start chopping each other instead. They stop chopping a couple bets before Plata and Delta come in with springboard moves to send them out. Delta & Plata have no problem going for stereo dives themselves – Plata's tope con giro has no problems,, but Delta slips off the top rope and has to hop back on for a springboard plancha. Delta picks up his partner and walks him back around the side of the ring, and Plata takes Oro towards his own corner. Delta and Plata in, though Oro quickly gets in a superkick from the outside and adds a quebrada. Diamante misses on his elbow drop to break up the pin. D & D get up, charge the Angels, and get caught – Angle de Oro bodyscissors into a mecedora, and powerbomb into inverted campana on Delta. That's the fall.

2: They're already going by the time the cameras catch up to the match. Delta has just dropkicked Angel de Oro, I guess. Corner whip, Angel de Oro flips himself to the apron, and springboard dropkicks Delta, who stood there watching much. Angel de Oro teases a dive, while Delta finds some women to pose in front of. Plata and Diamante are evasive for a while, until Diamante pulls off a reverse bodyscissors armdrag. Oro flattens Diamante with a back elbow. There are five people who care about this match, and many more who do not. But those five really care. Angel de Oro misses a clothesline, and Diamante slips from his shoulder into a casadora armdrag. Bounce up the ropes (and down, and back up again) twisting armdrag to send Oro out. Diamante slide out thru him just to taunt. Plata and Diamante back in, Diamante landing a springboard plancha, then a springboard dropkick. Delta out, Diamante in with a back elbow. Lots of clapping for yourself in this match. Plata recovers for his own walk up the corner bouncing armdrag on Diamante. Backwards rolls into an armdrag is neat, but crowd get s annoyed seeing another dive fake pose. All four end up in, with Delta tossing Angel de Oro into a messy Diamante powerbomb. He barely hung on. Delta drops Plata in front of the opposite corner, and they both go up. 450 splash and moonsault connect much better this week, and that's enough to tie it up.

3: Again, joined in progress. Oro superkicks Delta into a corner, but runs into a kick on his corner charge. Delta cartwheels into flipping over Oro's backdrop, and gets Oro with a middle rope headscissors. Running headscissors is far less smooth, but the cartwheel backwards leaning flip over the ropes into a headscissors comes off well and gets the biggest cheer of the show so far. Plata decks Delta on his tope.

Clip, or Oro has broken a speed record getting back in the ring. Oro small package one two no. Diamante grabs an arm (second try), picks up Oro, backs him up to the corner (crowd frustrated), corner whip, reversed, Oro's punch is blocked, Diamante's is not, Diamante starts climbing, Oro stops him and climbs up – this a lot of back and forth – superplex. Delta and Plata come in with springboard splashes on their opponents, one two kickout. Clip again? Plata whipped to his brother, but pulls off the back flip escape this week, and then boots Plata into a double dropkick on D & D. Stereo Asai moonsaults connect. Replays.

Back in, Delta is backdropped into a sunset flip on Plata, and Oro hits the wrong man breaking it up. Delta sends Oro out with a headscissors, and Delta helps him hop to the top rope for his wild tornillo. That looked good. Delta runs up the corner, and manages a ringpost moonsault. Crowd at it's most tolerant of this match. Replays.

Back inside, Oro dumps Delta in the middle of the ring. Springboard senton giro, up into a quebrada, one two NO. Suplex – no, blocked, and Delta drops Angle de Oro with a Michinoku Driver. One, two, Plata breaks it up. Diamante gets Plata with a dropkick (who spins oddly to sell it) then picks up Oro. Whip, double clothesline misses, Diamante kicks Oro, and Delta climbs on Oro's back for a slow speed Code Red. Plat with a sunset flip on Diamante, but that's also only getting two. Crowd now loudly booing. Plata & Delta try 'ranas, one two NO. Crowd loudly booing. Diamante and Oro have another chop fight, Delta and Plata inside cradle them, one two three. Plata may have a had a foot around the bottom rope there, but Tiger Hispano wouldn't see it even if he tried.

Sounds jumps, so surely a clip. Plat with a bodyscissors cradle, one two no. Plat tries it again, hut Delta blocks it, and takes him over with a slow speed German suplex. It lands oddly, so Delta aborts the bridge and covers instead, one two no. Crowd, those who are cheering, seemed to behind Delta. Whip, reveres, Delta tries to go up and over, but but Plata blocks it and powerbombs him. Inverted campana? Yes – no, Delta gets an arm free, moves to towards the ropes, the breaks the other arm free to get to the ropes.

Another obvious clip, because now they're suddenly on the top rope. Super armdrag by Angel de Plata. Angel de Plata quebrada, two hand press cover, one two no. Angel de Plat sit up, puts his hands on his head, and Delta pulls him into a grounded crucifix, one two three. What a fail by Angel de Plata. Delta & Diamante celebrate.

Why does Delta have Antifaz's music?

Match 2: La Máscara, La Sombra ©, Máscara Dorada vs Atlantis, Dragón Rojo Jr., Último Guerrero © for the CMLL World Trios Championship
Arena Mexico, 10/17/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: fun
Rating: 12:48
Notes: Joined with the belt presentation.

1: One on ones to start: Sombra/Dragon, Mascara/Atlantis, UG/Dorada. Ultimo hits Dorada as he flips in and is all set for a mauling, but La Mascara cuts him off with a top rope plancha. UG spins Mascara around to send him to Atlantis, but Mascara smoothly headscissors Atlantis. Everyone else in, Sombra get the other rudos with a springboard dropkick, and Mascara launches himself at Atlantis with a tope. Inside, Sombra gets Ultimo Guerrero with something like an inside cradle powerbomb – that must be what Cesar's been calling El Brillante Driver. Cool move. Dorada pins Dragon with the Villano cradle, and técnicos wrap up the fall. Crowd boos.

2: Dorada's hair is really getting long. After a chop exchange, Dorada tires a springboard, and Dragon gets him with the best counter dropkick ever. Dorada gets flung to the apron, but comes back with an inside springboard headscissors. UG cuts him off from the dive with a back elbow. Flapjack. Corner whip, but wrong corner, and Mascara flips him to safety. Shirt off. Avoidance, Mascara headscissors, and Atlantis knocks him down. Sombra rolls in, but Atlantis silences him with two straight quebradora con giro. Atlantis is very proud of himself. Sombra whipped, flips, rebound armdrag sends Atlantis rolling out. Dragon Rojo in and yelling and running and spinning Sombra into a face first powerbomb. Dorada springboards in, Dragon avoids, clotheslines misses, Dragon flips Dorada back to apron on the ramp side, Dorada blocks Dragon's punch and shoulders him in the midsection, but Dragon punches the ropes out from underneath him on a springboard. Atlantis tosses Dorada halfway up the ramp and stomps him there, then whips him back to the ring so UG can toss Dorada back into a Dorada missile dropkick. That came off well. Mascara and Sombra both held on the ropes by Atlantis, and Dragon Rojo backs all the way up for a giant running sit. Rudos back in. UG loads up Mascara for a powerbomb, but holds him up there as the others rudos attach Sombra. Ultimo Guerrero Spinning Special! Dragon Rojo and Atlantis run around UG like fools, and Dragon drops both. I guess the técnicos gave up, though production couldn't mange to give us a wide enough shot to see that. Rudos raise their arms up, so I hope they won. Maybe it's automatic win for an awesome win?

3: Ultimo Guerrero spins Sombra out with a clothesline to start the fall. Atlantis into help – double suplex, no, técnicos stop that. Triple suplex? No, Dragon Rojo tops that. Triple suplex for the rudos? Both side try for it, both block, técnicos wins! Técnico cover, one two kickout. Triple dropkick sends the rudos out. Dives? Dives! Trio tope con giros! Mascara was ahead off the others at the far ropes, but somehow they to the near ropes at the same time.

Everyone pulls themselves to the ring, and Ultimo Guerrero and Sombra are about to have a stand off when Ultimo Guerrero wanders off to yell at the fans. Sombra whips UG to the corner, UG hops right up to the middle rope and calls Sombra up. Sombra follows, and tries a 'rana. UG blocks that, and just holds him there for a moment. Big throwing superbomb! One two Mascara smacks UG in the head to break it up. Mascara drop toe hold, casita, one two Dragon Rojo breaks that up. That was an odd looking casita, but Mascara made it work. Dragon Rojo fired up. Chop. Corner whip, reversed, Mascara charges in, Dragon Rojo flips him to the apron, Mascara fires back with a loud swinging kick. Plancha connects. 'rana, Dragon Rojo trapped and waving for help, one two Atlantis breaks it up. Whip, quebradora con giro. A second, one two Dorada slides in to break that up. Crowd boos. Dorada dumps Atlantis near the corner, stomps him, goes to the second rope, points up, goes up, moonsaults eats Atlantis boots, one two and Sombra breaks that up. Sombra dumps Atlantis in the corner of the ring, Atlantis starts rolling as Sombra goes to the rope – Sombra backflip onto his feet, standing moonsaults onto Atlantis, one two UG breaks it up. And we're back where we started. Literally – Ultimo Guerrero brings Sombra up to the second rope, and front superplexes him off. UG shuffles on top one tow Mascara breaks it up. Crowd boos. Every time! Mascara puts on a modified bow and arrow, and Dragon Rojo can't help but yell but while breaking it up. Dragon Rojo yells something, small package, one two Dorada breaks it up. Crowd – you know, I don’t have to tell you at this point. Whip, Dragon Rojo slides short, and kicks Dorada in the face. High ten for his partners. Whip, reversed, Dragon Rojo back into a quebradora. Dorada off the ropes, Dorada flips him to the apron, Dorada inside springboard back in, Dragon Rojo tries to cut him off with a dropkick, and neither comes close. That was very bad. Dragon Rojo quick up again, missile dropkick sends him out. Dorada out after him – el Brillo Dorada! UG misses a corner charge on Mascara, Mascara traps him in, Atlantis comes in and eats Somrba's plancha. Sombra up and charging, Atlantis him into an Atlantida, Mascara breaks that up with a kick. Sombra transitions right into a small package one two three. Cheers! Meanwhile, Mascara gets UG with a bodyscissors into a campana, and this one is over.

Cheers, then boos. Replays. And it's over.