CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #253 (09/25/2010) 
Recapped: 09/30/10

Lots of Volador winning the bicentennial tournament clips thru the show.

Match 1: Metálico ©, Molotov, Sensei vs Durango Kid, Escorpion ©, Inquisidor
Arena Coliseo, 09/19/2010

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Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:25
Rating: OK in parts
Notes: Referes are Tigre Hispano and Rodolfo Ruiz.

1: Most obviously joined in progress match yet, with Metalico already rolling around the ground after being hit. Their mat exchange is interesting at least for Metálico standing up out of a cross armbreaker and lifting Inquisidor with one arm (and the other arm very obviously helping.) Also, both offer a handshake and pull back at the same time. Sensei & Escorpion try to set the record for most trips in a short time. Lots of armdrags for Molotov, but his rush for a dive is cut off by an Escorpion dropkick. Metálico tries to do the same to him, but Escorpion slaps Metalico down first. Escorpion charge Metalico, who’s still on the mat and just monkey flips Escorpion to the floor. Asai Moonsault follow up. Molotov wraps up Inquisidor with a step over heel kick and a submission, while Sensei gets his own submission. Wait, why haven't the técnico martial artist and the rudo martial artist fought before?

2: Escorpion flips on his face off a hamstring kick and takes a standing spin kick to the face to send him out. Escorpion is very confused by the whole thing. Metlaico and Inquisidor match up again, with Metálico getting his apron rolling headscissors. Durango Kid surprise Molotov with a step over spinning toe kick to the head, and the rudos deiced to all team up on Molotov from there. Starting the beatdown from a fair attack, how odd. Durango holds Metálico in the reports for Inquisidor’s running backcracker. Durango Kid pulls of the jumping armscissors into a cross armbreaker – that now looks like he's ripping off Alberto del Rio, but he’s be doing it a while (and Dos Jr. has too.) Inquisidor, having only one move, does it again but to Molotov, and then puts on a crab for absolutely no reason.

3: Rudos try a spot where Inquisidor catapults Molotov into a running jumping elbow smash from Durango Kid – except Durango totally whiffs. That was bad. Molotov has no idea what to do, and Durango pulls him over and adds a sort of running sliding knee. Backdrop for Metálico. Metalico tries to roll out, but Inquisidor insists on setting him up for a dropkick. Escorpion is the only rudo who doesn’t seem like a dork in this match. Rudos fail on double teaming Sensei. Escorpion is chopped out, Molotov springboard dropkick the other two. Topes from Sensei and Molotov to take out the two non-captains, and the captains ends up back in. Escorpion’s clothesline is caught and Metalico turns into a sort of inside-out double pumphandle powerbomb, with a back bridge for good measure. One two three.

Match 2: Mascarita Dorada ©, Shockercito, Último Dragoncito vs Pequeño Black Warrior, Pequeño Nitro, Pierrothito ©
Arena Coliseo, 09/19/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:54
Rating: good
Notes: Mascarita Dorada is wearing a traditional outfit, a white shirt, white pants and no shoes. Warrior has a Mexican flag skirt (which he wrestles in for a while) and gear. Shockercito and Ultimo Dragoncito also have the flag colors. Referees are Rodolfo Ruiz and the referee I always have trouble placing – Pompin?

1: Long opening battle from Dorada and Warrior and it's good. Warrior rolls around on the ground with Dorada for a while, then realizes he might not want a skirt for this. Warrior pulls off the same lift by one arm spot Metalico tried before, but it's a lot easier and better with Dorada. Warrior walks around with Dorada in a cristo for a few seconds, before readujsting and dropping him with a German suplex neatly. A big belly to belly suplex follows for another pin. Dorada multiple spin headscissors spots seem to go awry quickly, so Dorada puts on the satellite armbar instead - and the rudos rush into break it up. Nitro manages to take care of both guys on the apron by himself, though Dragoncito is patiently waiting to be hit for much of it. Dorada gets hiptossed into Warrior's toes. Warrior powerbombs Shockercito into the corner for one pin, and Pierrothito holds up Dragoncito for Nitro to finish.

2: Pierrothito lands a nice combo on Ultimo Dragoncito: corner clothesline sending him out, slingshot senton con giro back in. Rudos hold Dorada into the corner and try to convert his pants into shorts by tugging at the legs – they end up putting off half of one leg and almost all of the other side, leaving Dorada showing a bit of his underwear for the rest of the match, which everyone has some laughs over. Dorada, no pants and all, makes the come back, including a nice spinning headscissors on Pierrothito and a tope into a fireman’s escape armdrag on Warrior. Other técnicos immediately get pins in the ring, though both refs might have counted the same guy and Shockercito is confused for a moment.

3: Dragoncito quickly disposed of Mini Nitro. If their exchange went long, little of it was shown. Warrior beats up Shockercito and tries to start his own chant. That doesn’t work, neither do his corner whip. Warrior flips out of the corner, back flips, and gives Shocker the stops sign to she can dance. Warrior repays the favor so he can do his own pose. Shocker gets Warrior with a headscissors, and sends him running up the ramp with a tope. Pierrothito boots Dorada down as he comes in, but eats a springboard tope con giro from Dorada. Dorada bodyscissors armdrag drops Pierrothito on the mat, and Dorada adds a reverse tope on the run. Dorada chops and kicks Pierrothito down to size, then adds a flying arm scissors into a headscissors to send Pierrothito out. Ultimo Dragoncito has a pathological urge to tope con giro Pierrothito in these situations – luckily for everyone else, Pierrothito was in front of the ramp and no fans were killed. Nitro throws himself out on a missed charge of Dorada, and Dorada flies after him with an Asai moonsault. Shockercito brings Mini Nitro in for some reasons, but they just hang out in the ring waiting for Dorada and Warrior to finish things up. Dorada lands a big top rope spinning headscissors and an up an over sunset flip, just as Shockercito gets Nitro with a reinera. That's enough for the win.