CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #248 (08/21/2010) 
Recapped: 08/21/10

Finish of Lyger winning the Universal Tournament, then his celebratory promo from Ras de Lona.

They're never ever taking Alex and Perro out of the open.

Match 1: Dalys la Caribeña, Luna Mágica, Marcela © vs Amapola ©, Mima Shimoda, Princesa Blanca
Arena Mexico, 08/15/2010

  1. técnicas

  2. rudas
  3. rudas

Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 10:57
Rating: OK
Notes: No entrances. Dalys & Amapola do the promos for their teams. Referees are Bestia Negra and Pompin.

1: Dalys & Amapola start with a long mat segment. Marcela and Mima are next – except Mima appears to be wearing Hiroka's old gear! Or something like it. I guess she isn't using it right now. Mima manages to boot Marcela to apron, but runs into a shoulder charge, and Marcela (kinda) gets her with a top rope flipping armdrag. Springboard dropkicks sends Mima out. Luna & Blanca have issues not running into each other, but a Luna headscissors sets Blanca up for Dalys' silla. Amapola fireman's drops Luna in position for a top rope Mima move, but Mima jumps directly into Luna’s feet. Luna puts on a camel clutch (!) while Marcela wraps Amapola in a straight jacket cavernaria. Crowd boos.

I'm fast forwarding this time.

2: Dalys blows a tilt-a-whirl escape on Amapola, Amapola stomps her twice, and everyone runs into fight and start the beatdown. Dalys is thrown around by her hair. Luna takes Amapola's senton. Mima missile dropkicks Marcela. Mima holds Marcela out on the outside, as the others finish up inside.

Someone probably should've taken the error message from Final Cut pro out of this show.

3: Marcela almost immediately turns it around, Booting Blanca on a corner charge, monkey flipping over her and under a double clothesline, and then clotheslines the other two. She doesn't need partners! With this trios, she's better off. Comeback stops just stop so Mima and Dalys can kick it out. Advantage goes to the kickboxer. Marcel helps out with a double underhook backbreaker, gets Amapola with a headscissors, and runs right into a short powerbomb. Luna dropkicks Amapola out, cartwheels, and gets dropkicked like always. This time it’s Blanca who hits her. Luna ducks a chop, chops back, whip, reversed, and Luna's sent into Marcela's dropkick. Luna is not moving, so we wait until she gets up so Blanca and Amapola can dropkick them both out. Luna's probably out of it still, because she fails to really catch Blanca on her double jump plancha (Blanca being a great deal larger than her makes this tough as well; not the best of ideas.) On Ras de Lona, they talked about Blanca hurting her arm on the landing, and you can see her grab it her. Meanwhile, Amapola goes thru the ropes for a tope con giro on Marcela. That leaves Mima and Dalys to break it up. Mima misses a clothesline, Dalys jab kicks her in the side of the knee, casita, shoved off, Dalys gets up and runs into a kick. Double underhook suplex one two three! Mima actually won! Not the captain, which the people producing the show don’t quite realize until the countout is over. Amapola makes it back in, but Blanca does not – she's rolling around grabbing her left wrist as the doctor checks on her.

Místico recounts past recent anniversary main events, which perhaps will remind him that he's been in more than two.

Loco Max and Rush sign for a hair match.

Match 2: Rush vs Loco Max in a hair vs hair match
Arena Mexico, 08/15/2010

  1. Loco Max double armbar/inverted Indian deathlock (0:33)

  2. Rush senton (2:30)
  3. Rush abdominal stretch cradle (9:26)

Winner: Rush (2-1)
Match Time: 12:29
Rating: eh
Notes: Rush has raided Sangre Azteca's closet. Metro is his second. Loco Max, ready to fight right now, strips off his Tuareg headdress and robe on the stairs and storms to the ring. Rush waits for him on the apron. Loco runs, and Rush calmly backdrops him into the ring, Loco Max crashing on the mat. This is going to be that kind of match. Skandalo is Loco's second. Bestia Negra is the ref.

1: Rush stomps down Loco Max and goes for a devastating chinlock. Fall graphic annoying and in the way but they do it here. Rush and Loco Max have trouble with a drop toe hold, try it again, fail again. Loco switches to a dropkick to the knee, a good idea. Loco locks the legs, grabs the arms, Rush accidentally frees his leg but gives up anyway. It's over like that.

2: Loco attacks Rush's left leg, as if he might have an actual plan here. Hard to believe. Loco uses a knee bar for an extended time. He's generally in no hurry, which is good because they have a lot of time after how short that first fall is. Loco max misses a corner charge, and Rush kicks him around. Rush actually limping on the bad leg for a couple seconds, which is about a couple seconds longer than usual. Back suplex, senton, one two three. The announcers did not believe that was actually going to be the finish, hilarious. Rush is still limping in between falls, and Metro and the doctor checks on his leg.

3: Loco Max clothesline Rush as the match picks up. Loco sits on top for a pin, but Rush rolls it over to throw bad punches. Loco shows off his skills by pulling Rush into an armscissors. Rush fights to keep his arm from being fully extended. Both up, Loco with a knife edge chop. Rush tries a clothesline, Loco blocks it, jabs him in the stomach, and suplexes him. Holding on? Yes, a second. Holding on? Yes, a third. Now loco lets go, and both are down. One two both roll a shoulder up. Loco Max thrust kicks sends Rush in the corner, and Loco stands on the middle rope to bite at Rush's head. Dropkick sends Rush out, and Rush runs – and then climbs out after Loco moves out of the way. Loco misses a clothesline, Rush high kicks him. Both being counted out. Rush in no hurry to bring it back in, so the ref stops counting to bring him back in. Rush suplex one two no, shoulder barely up. Rush drags Loco, stomps and cuts his throat. Rush not limping, not in a hurry. Looking around to see if the fans tell him know, but the fans are just booing, scattered. Loco gets to his feet, and to the middle rope to stop Loco, but Loco shoves him off and missile dropkicks him. One two NO. Rush picks up Loco, but Locos chops him down, and goes for the arm scissors. Again Rush beaks free and tries a half crab, but Loco won’t give. Crawling. Not crawling. Crawling – and has the ropes. Rush kicks at Loco, but Loco moves and chops him down. Whip, reversed, Rush lifts Loco in the fireman's carry and powerbombs him. Double stomp! One two kickout. Rush waves for support, and the crowd chants – LOCO! Rush realizes this, is not pleased. Rush lifts up Loco, almost loses him, and awkwardly drops him for an inverted powerslam. One two barely visible kickout. Rush covers again one two Loco barely gets his shoulder up again. It's not that he's getting it up at the last second, it's that he's hardly moving it off the ground. Crowd clearly behind Loco. Rush kicks around Loco, and then bullies him into the corner. The dynamic is not good to make Rush sympathetic here. Corner whip, Rush charges in, chop for Loco. Corner whip, reversed, Loco charges in and clotheslines him in the corner. Loco max backs up, points to the crowd, and runs into a double boot. Rush adjusts Loco, goes the apron, looks at the crowd – this time, a few are warning him – top rope senton con giro ends up missing. Loco had rolled out of the way, rolls back on top, one two foot on the ropes. Loco tries again, one two no. What does loco have left? Doesn’t look like match. Crowd chants for Loco, announcers mention it, and Loco nods his head. Open hand slap. Whip, Loco back sup, yells, charges, and gets backdropped to the apron this time. Rush's punch is blocked, Loco chops him down and heads up. Rush climbs the ropes with him, hooks loco, wait for it, superplex. Senton, one two th-kickout? I guess a kickout? Loco is barely moving here, they're almost going to get Rush over by bad officiating. In actuality, Loco Max's chants have never been louder. Rush runs Loco Max over with a shoulderblocks, stomps him, and angrily rips off Loco's elbow pad or something. Whip, reversed, Loco Max abdominal stretch, Mendoza cradle, one two three. That move is a sure thing here.

Post match is edited, but we do see Loco Max's son cutting his father's hair with the barber standing really close by and eyeing the razor the whole time. Rush celebrates on the microphone. There are some cheers for Rush, but another chant for Loco Max. Loco has about 3/4ths of his hair cut off when he suddenly jumps up, but that's all we see of that.